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  1. ok, got things working a bit better, so here's some details. New window felts, to clip in when paint hardens. Also might get new door glass, this one is scratched up by the old felts... Bailey Channel rubbers. Arty Sparkly unfocussed
  2. Tumblr isn't performing so well, but you get the idea. I made some progress.
  3. The Bronze

    Beach Hop 2019

    it's next week eh?
  4. This is 'painted' now. Pics when I've figured out the best angle to hide how average the paint is.
  5. The Bronze

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    They're quite different in terms of bolt-on stuff; I had a bit of a look for my XB, and adapting stuff involves heaps of fluffing around. You can buy a bit of stuff out of oz for the pre-xflow 250 but the dollars creep up relative to output, especially in comparison to a xflow or later upgrade.
  6. Noob question on CoFs: Working on a friends camper, and we've gutted it. Can we CoF it with no interior, and then do the camper related stuff later? Figure it's better/easier doing that while empty and repairable. From what I picked up on the Civil-ian thread that's the way to go.
  7. The Bronze

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    its not a car show, its a faux-american lifestyle party. seems appropriate to me.
  8. The Bronze

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Did you buy this? Can I?
  9. So went to the shed last night and had a fuck around, tried a Metric 8x1.25 in the hole to see if that'd be a good next step up, perfect fit. Think to myself "Oh, you're the next guy. Fuck me." and did a reassemble with the starter in and torqueing the bolt. But, it doesn't torque. Pull it out, look at the gunk in the thread. It's been filled with some sort of JB Weld/Knead It shit. So I'm looking for a 3/8 UNC tap. CarbideNZ look good but are in Palmerston North and I'd be keen to do it tonight. Anyone in auckland we'd recommend?
  10. I'll know. The next guy. Fuck him.
  11. One of the bolt holes that hold my starter in place is shagged. Should i attempt to retap with the same thread or drill out and step up a size? It's imperial thread so retapping the same means buying a set, stepping up I could do with my metric set. But, prefer to do it right...
  12. The Bronze

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Is there no official OS contingent under a banner or anything? Wheres bloody 3ontheTree when you need him?
  13. The Bronze

    Wtf no kumeu thread yet??

    Shit. Imagine if I finally had a legal car. Just need a LR XB door handle.
  14. Sanded and repeated. Halfway through the gun decided it didnt want to fan so swapped to my el cheapo and got it finished. Quite a mission.
  15. Rented a compressor. It packed up halfway thru my first side. Supercheap backup to the rescue. Then the gun clogged up. But, got a coat of primer on. Tomorrow i unfuck all the fuck ups a bit and hopefully get it almost primed. I know tigerstripes e'rywhere, and the tailgate is as warped as a warped thing. Thanks.