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  1. I've been researching it for ages, but like Cletus said, until the costs come down it's a bit of a pipedream - because it is pretty much a besoke job for every car it's going to stay costly unless you can find some modularity sort of thing, then costs might come down. For example EV West in the states do a lot of VW/Porsche repowers and released a bolt in SBC engine conversion last year. But still at the spendy end, and every car is going to need a bespoke battery set up. Unless we just creative commons the designs... https://www.autoblog.com/2020/10/02/ev-west-tesla-motor-conversion-chevy-ls-sbc-mount/
  2. Ask me about the place I spent over 2k with to get my ute up to wof standard who after taking all that then said they didn't really want to do a wof on it coz they were getting audited soon. Actually don't ask me. I'm still pissed off.
  3. These are all the kits I wanted as a kid reading Scale Models International in the Mt Roskill library. I cleaned out under my house and found a fishbin of kits I've been hoarding including two of these - https://www.ebay.com/p/1337658165 quite happy tbh
  4. I'm assuming you chose to either stow it or set it up? You can't switch it between the two? I always wondered about that kit when I was a kid
  5. Someone may find these interesting... https://instagram.com/the_scaled_marketplace?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. I spent 3 hours on the weekend with my kid sorting out the hinge pin on the driver's door. Even took the guard off to tweak the hinges. Yelled at him when he called it a fender. Good weekend tbh.
  7. It has an exhaust. A new radiator. A new thermostat. New LCAs. There's a new PS hose in my garage. And a spare water pump. Needs the Park lights looked at. Alignment. One day I will share the long and interesting story of the workshop I took it to. Today I'm just going to pick up some scaffolding so I can paint my house. Unlegal. But still convenient for moving things.
  8. You might see someone around here pick up the thread or start their own...
  9. I'm thinking about selling this. Had a wof. Reasons it might not get the next. Headlights aren't working. Don't know why. Suspect switch. RH rear outer door handle is jammed. These things went bung since last wof. Can't remember when that was. I suspect last Summer.
  10. This came back from the mechanics on Friday. It went in about a month before lockdown 1. I dropped off the rebuilt carb the last day before we shut down to level 4. He spent months tuning it between covid outbreaks, then another couple weeks sorting out the fuel pump problem. I drove it home. He didn't fix the fuel pump problem. It needs an exhaust. Has rust where water has been sitting. The cheap shitty chinese tonneau pools. CBF levels extreme.
  11. Mine is down at Lyndale Motors getting sorted because i was having a mare. I got a guy off FB to send me some pics that kinda help. I can forward them to you.
  12. I'm so confused right now. You're injecting it, with a custom set up using an assortment of Falcon parts?
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