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  1. mutiny

    mutinys fxr

    Thinking about moving this thing on is anyone is interested
  2. Well I've been driving this round a wee bit since getting it's warrant. It's running pretty good. Great for throwing the bike on. Been dialing in a few small things that have been bugging me. Just small oil leaks , rattles and the like. With all the new suspension, steering and tires it actually drives pretty bloody nice. Next on the to do list is a new exhaust
  3. Bit of a bitter sweet update. After the last monthly meet the 2l decided to run a bearing on the way home leave me stranded on the side of the motorway. I managed to source a gamble na 1600 motor of a friend so whipped that in and after the legend himself @RUNAMUCK worked his wizardry swapping out the dizzy and timing the motor up I was back in business again . Have taken it for a wee drive around the block and the motor seems to be happy enough. Old water pump was shot so picked up another and slammed it in. Oil change and some new plugs and hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on in I also put some guard mirrors on it. Damn they're useless but they look the part
  4. Beem working on this thing pretty flat out. Done a bunch of interior work and just rebuilt all the steering components. Everything feels a lot tighter now . Not too far away being ready for a warrant
  5. I was just meaning sometime before the 7th if anyone was keen
  6. Anyone interested in doing a wee impromptu daylight savings spitfire square meet ?
  7. Just took this for its maiden voyage. Zero travel in the front . 50 percent of a exhaust. So bumpy and so rowdy. Love it . Still a shit load to do but darn it's a good feeling
  8. Progress is coming thick and fast now. Motor back in . Gearbox back in . Got it running today for a short moment. Seems to run like a champ. Waiting on a new waterpump then I can get it up to temperature.
  9. Have new ones on the way and should be here in the next few days. Thanks anyway though
  10. Engine bay is all painted. Have re installed loom. I've manage to get the motor unstuck so hopefully it'll be a runner. Will let the paint harden for another week or so before I try and chuck that back In there. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Still so much to do though. Whole brake system needs going over. Will have to try source a brake and clutch master
  11. Bit more progress. Got doors and bonnet painted. Have slapped it together for some inspiration. Most panels need to come back off. Have started prep on engine bay and hope to have that painted in the coming weeks Damn it feels good to be making some progress after it sitting in the way for so long. If anyone has any leads on a 2l MA motor flick me a message
  12. Thread dredge from a million pages back. I do still have this . Went hard over the holidays and got a few panels painted. Made a start on the deck ages ago. Still a bit to finish off.
  13. spotted this from a mile away while out walking the dog yeterday, looked tough as fark, well done josh
  14. Last one was great. Hopefully my bike will be back together and ride in
  15. mutiny

    mutinys fxr

    Still havnt got the alloys fitted. Machined up some spacers and installed the new wheel bearings. Need to machine my front rotors down to fit the alloys so that's on the back burner for now. Trying to decide to get them powder coated or not. My new intake showed up tonight. 92 was a intersection year for the evo motor. Some came out with head breathers some were bottom breathers. For some reason mine has been set up both so have set up the top breathers into the intake and am going to route the bottom breathers to vent out under the bike. I've been riding the crap out of the bike and loving every minute . Super reliable considering it's not far off ticking over 100 thousand ks.
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