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  1. Think I spotted ya today on maidstone road. Looks cool man. Canopy really sets it off I reckon
  2. Have you had a look at the light strip outside in natural bright light? I have one on my bike and it's pretty dull. I always take it off and use the factory light for a wof
  3. mutiny

    Nissan key fob

    Yeah they are programmable. They look like this
  4. mutiny

    Nissan key fob

    My partner just got a 2005 pulsar which only has 1 nats transponder key. I'm looking to get a spare and hoping to find one of Ali Express. On the back it says Siemens vdo 5wk4 876/818 433mhz. Ali comes up with some but there is 2 different code types. How would I distinguish which I need. Cheers fellas
  5. I think i might have a factory maza stereo blanking playe if you want it Edit. I totally do
  6. mutiny


    Hi fellas. Wanting to paint my trailer. Its been painted before but it starting to show surface rust. Whats the best kind of paint to give it a coat of paint for cheap. Wanting something hearty . Not to concerned about finish
  7. oh man i use to see the old boy driving round in this nearly every day. boot open with lawnmower hanging out the back haha
  8. Yea nothing came up with codes
  9. so im fuckin amateur at this stuff but had a look today. fuel filter runs to this here he is without the cap and this is at the other end of the fuel rail and this seems to feed the fuel filter. anyone know what it is? like i say im a complete amateur with fuel injection and all help is appreciated so yeah what should i be lookin at etc? or is it just easier to put one of these in?
  10. definatly starts a shit load easier if i hold key on for 4 seconds then start it. so fuel priming issue,. what does that leave me to check and how do i check it?
  11. I was meaning more of a photo or similar . Fuel priming issue still leaves a lot of unknowns
  12. got an example 8 ball? have heard the same method can diagnose a faulty fuel pump. might just have to take it to a mechanic and get a diagnosis
  13. Will give it another try tomorrow. Once it's running and I turn it off. If I fire it back up straight away it starts mints. What's you guysthoughts on it being fuel pump and is there a way to bench test it
  14. Are you sure it's t1 and te1 ? Did that and came up with nothing . Should I do it in the same plugs as the photo? Put new plugs and a fuel filter in with no results hmm
  15. Thanks for the quick replys fellas. Yeah have a new fuel filter to put in will do one night this week. Air filter is mint battery is new. Car cranks over fine just takes a long time to fire Have done about 200 ks in it so it's had a bunch of new fuel etc Unsure on running fault codes will look into it tonight.