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  1. Nah man. Those photos are from my place
  2. Yeah people are still wanting stupid money for rusty de reg flat deck ones . Last time I was in reefton I spotted like 6 just rotting away in paddocks
  3. Want to swap a standard chassis for a notched one?
  4. Pffft t series. Chch ain't that fancy
  5. Just picked up this old girl off a mate of mine who had owned it for about 12 years. It's going to be a hell of a lot of work to get it legal ago. He built it as a bit of a skid hack and not alot else. Has a 2l in with with a bit of head work and a cam in it with a 5 speed box. Has been c notched which I'm not sire of i will continue down that route or hunt down a factory chassis . I've got the grill and head light surrounds to throw back on which should make it looks a bit tidier Anyway on to the pics
  6. I might set myself a mission to purchase a old car before then and come say hi
  7. Any gcs on here in blenheim possibly able to have a look at a vehicle for me ? Payment can be in liquid or money form
  8. Not sure if it has been covered here but I'm gonna ask anyway, Aside mounted number plates on motorcycles. Legal or no? Have been told not legal but sure as shit see a lot of them
  9. Yeah it's the black 12a one on trade me
  10. Unsure of this has been posted in here or if you've seen it. Skip to 10.25
  11. I think you just use one of the 2nd gen ball joints. Pretty sure original marks stayed on. I may have detailed it in one of my build threads. Been a long time now Edit. Nope didnt record details.fuck my old thread of my b1600 is garbage
  12. You still running left hand thread on the left side? When I put discs on the front of mine I used the opportunity to take the studs out of the old drum being replaced and put them on the rear to have normal threads all round
  13. Think I spotted ya today on maidstone road. Looks cool man. Canopy really sets it off I reckon
  14. Have you had a look at the light strip outside in natural bright light? I have one on my bike and it's pretty dull. I always take it off and use the factory light for a wof