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  1. Sure was man. Had to put about 6,000 psi in the tyres as I was committed. Would tandem it next time for sure.
  2. All good here mate - thanks for asking I want to sell all my cars and pursue my dream of getting another XY Fairmont.... for that to have a chance of occurring, I need to sell the XE and my WRX Type R that is lurking away in the background. Game on now I guess
  3. Hi all - I’m thinking about selling my pretty clean xe de reg runner. I will be officially listing it however for those old schoolers that might be into it, PM me. $10k for the complete car on bickies - might be getting it live and reg wof but then the price will jump. ALL other bits are extra I will do an official post in the coming weeks in the correct thread area etc. All the pics and info are in the build thread. 0273000380
  4. D Day - I went to collect the XE from Hamilton today and bring it to Auckland the 265s proved to be too wide for the trailer by 2”S so I had to do the bolt to the wreckers for spec savers/steelies. Managed to locate 3 and we got the bastard on the trailer. I could only find 3 steelies/space savers and that was just enough to get the job done - albeit with a square cut out the front one to fit the hub haha Sacrificial lamb The poor single axle trailer made it home after a type pump and weight re distribute. Note - if you are using a trailer, check measurements prior, check tyre pressures and fill the spare room just to be safe! Also check the load rating so that it’s safe to use. Lessons learnt and yes, it made it. Anyhoo, it’s in Auckland and will be at my new house in 3 weeks.
  5. Cheers mate - they have all the goodies there. I'd love the correct seat material however I'm happy with the ol tan. I guess it would be rude for me no to get a set of the ESP remake centres and the gold too
  6. I’ve been spitballing factory paint options for a while now and love the factory metallic blue look….however I think I like the 2-tone look a bit better. Charcoal and Snow White as seen on some XE ESP’s from the factory. Even the OG 18” yea bud Simmons looks killer on this Pretty sure this colour way with the Spare tan interior will look pretty smart and the fact my car is a low spec GL Falcon, I don’t mind doing a tasteful tribute to the mighty XE. They even have the repro moulding kit too which is rad! Hopefully I’m picking the XE up from its barn this Saturday and bringing it up to the 09 for a decent tidy up and clean when we move to our new house. I should be able to crack into this build a bit more soon so watch this space
  7. They are 14x6 I think. Oh cool, I am keen as when you are ready to let them go. Happy to pay etc
  8. A bit of random wire wheel action - not a bad result. Yes it’s the same wheel and that’s after about 15min on the ol drill. I'm currently cobbling a set of S Pac XE rims together (you all know I love my wheels). if anyone has any of these wheels kicking about, please PM me.
  9. Now the fun part - all those new and rebuilt parts getting plonked on with the care and grace of a brain surgeon.
  10. Thanks pal - my hinges are all sweet. I appreciate the offer/gesture
  11. Oh sht the bed that's cool! Cheers for sharing mate. I move into my new house at the end of May and the mighty falcon is going to be in the shed....FINALLY and mush to the absolute disgust from my wife. Plans are to just clean the b-jesus out of it and hoon out a few coils on the springs just for the shed aesthetics. And to make some room, I will add on the bits that I have stashed: Louvres Mint front lower bumper and S Pac lower lip Replace both tail lights Replacement door mirror Put the better rear bumper on and pop out the rear quarter dent the best I can Fairmont bonnet Fairmont headlights Cut-down falcon grille I love the light blue interior however the tan interior is rad also and I think will pop against the factory metallic blue that I will be painting it. Either way, the bucket seats and floor console will be going in and I can re trim the seats to suit what colour I decide to roll. I bought a used set of 245 50 14 eagers in the weekend $84..... and these will be going on the prostars for more shed aesthetics.
  12. It’s not quite winter but the snowflakes have started appearing… I saw these bad boys on FB and had to do what it takes to get them. These were meant to be on a brand new EA Fairmont from the dealership however the buyers opted for other alloys. These came with the car NEW and have been in their boxes in a shed ever since. The only thing different to these vs XE Fairmont Ghia are the Ghia ones have a black paint behind the spokes and the faces are machined. Also the ghia alloys have a fancier centre cap which as luck has it, I scored NOS Ford genuine ones last year. I’m selling my old snowflakes x5 (pic 1) and will be stashing these unobtanuim units in the garage for a while. They even came with new wheel nuts….
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