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  1. Sh1t update - bought a set of XE Fairmont Ghia rear window chrome, as the povo spec Falcon is missing this. It’s actually a pretty useless purchase as I’m going to be running louvres but hey, it’s how I roll. I left the spare rear screen behind with the seller as I’m tapped for space and it’s literally the last thing I need in “storage”.
  2. Ohhhh cheers Clint!!! Might go and pay them a visit when the lockdown lifts.
  3. Whilst the 09 is in a semi lockdown, I thought I’d wire wheel the borgy and see if I can clean some of the crud off it. It’s far from done but I’ve removed about 16 cubic metres of shite off it. I will get some bundy and re run the brake lines in a while and more than likely bin the discs for new vented ones. it weights a tonne and I have zero space in the shed at the moment, so it’s not that easy to work on. I try and aim for a small bit of progress every other day and that tends to keep the spirits up. I still need XD - XF hand brake cables f
  4. If anyone has xd - xf disc hand brake cables, let me know please. cheers
  5. I’m not one to pass up on a deal therefore I’m pleased to welcome to the family, my XE Fairmont LSD with disc brake diff. now I can fk off the open drummie and upgrade.
  6. Has anyone had experience with using T5 box on a 351C? Will it handle the jandal? Tremec is another option however the cost is substantial.....but they are rad. Or I go C4 and cruise
  7. Louvres - an essential part of an 80s falcon
  8. When it rains, it pours NOS XE Falcon LH wing mirror - unobtanium. I'm stoked
  9. Got a LH xe door mirror at the kumeu rod show. Mine is smashed and it seems that all the ones I’ve seen for sale are $250. I saw one at the swap meet today and the one dude said $150 for one which I replied to as a fair price. Then I wandered about and saw one randomly in a pile in another fellas parts and asked how much.....$30. that stuff makes the all the time worthwhile to be looking at the piles of spares at the swap meet.
  10. Cheers pal - keen to see pics of your old sled. I want to do an honest resto that is in keeping with the 80s. Wont be over the top but should be cool hopefully. Well, at least I will think it’s cool haha.
  11. My chrome "skull caps" have arrived for my 12 slots..... How good .......photo's not uploading again
  12. Here is the super hard to find XE Fairmont bonnet. It came up for a price I couldn’t refuse so grabbed it. Then the headlights came up for grabs cheap (usually $700+) so I grabbed them. bonnet needs some loving but not too much. Also I managed to upload the pic of my beige interior (in my single garage that’s full to the hinge end). last pic more inspiration.
  13. Hahahaa yea - if only I kept the RIVAL plate. maybe the artist formally known as Rivalrx?
  14. Cheers boss!!!!!! I want to start piecing together a nice 351C soon I just bought some chrome 'skull caps" for the 12 slots and I actually can't wait to slam it.....when I get some space at home to actually have the car in the same city haha. It's currently in Hamilton tucked away This is the look/stance I'm looking to achieve. The side mouldings, louvres and S Pac lower lip really make them look killer IMHO. I'm super lucky to have sourced a XE Ghia Fairmont bonnet and headlights too - you can see in the attached pics the headlight width.
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