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  1. Got a LH xe door mirror at the kumeu rod show. Mine is smashed and it seems that all the ones I’ve seen for sale are $250. I saw one at the swap meet today and the one dude said $150 for one which I replied to as a fair price. Then I wandered about and saw one randomly in a pile in another fellas parts and asked how much.....$30. that stuff makes the all the time worthwhile to be looking at the piles of spares at the swap meet.
  2. Cheers pal - keen to see pics of your old sled. I want to do an honest resto that is in keeping with the 80s. Wont be over the top but should be cool hopefully. Well, at least I will think it’s cool haha.
  3. My chrome "skull caps" have arrived for my 12 slots..... How good .......photo's not uploading again
  4. Here is the super hard to find XE Fairmont bonnet. It came up for a price I couldn’t refuse so grabbed it. Then the headlights came up for grabs cheap (usually $700+) so I grabbed them. bonnet needs some loving but not too much. Also I managed to upload the pic of my beige interior (in my single garage that’s full to the hinge end). last pic more inspiration.
  5. Hahahaa yea - if only I kept the RIVAL plate. maybe the artist formally known as Rivalrx?
  6. Cheers boss!!!!!! I want to start piecing together a nice 351C soon I just bought some chrome 'skull caps" for the 12 slots and I actually can't wait to slam it.....when I get some space at home to actually have the car in the same city haha. It's currently in Hamilton tucked away This is the look/stance I'm looking to achieve. The side mouldings, louvres and S Pac lower lip really make them look killer IMHO. I'm super lucky to have sourced a XE Ghia Fairmont bonnet and headlights too - you can see in the attached pics the headlight width.
  7. Build thread link https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/forum/10-projects-and-build-ups/&do=add
  8. Discussion thread link So.....I sold my 618 Coupe and now it's time for an 80's V8 build. 1984 Ford Falcon GL (de reg) 4.1L 6 cylinder and 3 peed column auto Was metallic blue however it's been painted white as it was used for a pilot vehicle for a house removal company, hence the roof lights (now removed). It's been in a shed for years and I can't see much in the way of rust in it, which is a bonus. It does drive, as we jimmied up a direct fuel feed to the carb (unsure of gas tank quality and old fuel) and all the lights work. Cheviot 14x8 tridents (
  9. Awesome!!!!! It’s gone to a lovely person and I know it’s going to get loved and looked after. I look forward to seeing it about the traps out and about.
  10. The car is sold now onto my XE project and some 90s jap goodness too. cheers
  11. There are a few options aye. I have an XE falcon to build up however it all depends on the sale of the coupe. Not too bothered if it doesn’t sell
  12. Cheers team - just testing the waters really. If no sale, no drama and I keep it safe and sound. it really does have all the big ticket items an rx2 coupe has and the majority of ones in NZ are missing these impossible to find bits. I can’t see better out there for sale with the pics receipts and videos to back up the build. That and legal 100%. it scares me to think what’s under some of these flash paint jobs out there.
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