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  1. photo props Amy - I take shite pics cheers for the beer and chat Amy and Stephen.
  2. Took the sled to Reunion last weekend. The weather fri sat was awesome and there sure were some nice cars there. no issues and it ran like a dream all weekend
  3. Forgot to post this - cheers for the hoon in the imp Alex and Hannah! Was awesome to see you guys in December. that imp is a rad AF little sled and as for the shed set up on the land - epic. that Mazda Ute on the hoist was a thing of beauty too @maxted
  4. Reiterating the build thread info - the car has a road tune and the 51 IDA is singing right now. fresh WOF yesterday check Reunion this Friday to Sunday - can’t wait. who else is going? Come say hi
  5. Update - rod tune complete and now the 51 IDA is singing. If anyone is off to Reunion next week come say hi - I’m there Friday to Sunday. The brake master sht itself and leaked on the RH chassis rail.... I ordered another master (Mazda 808) and we bled it last night. That and found that I was missing a lower rear calliper bolt so I’ve replaced that. fresh VTNZ WOF today.
  6. All certed reg wof as of the end of July. Needs a WOf end of Jan haha. Man they come around fast. reunion in a month and a bit so game on
  7. Beaut Ute! Saw it on the hoist the other week.
  8. Out and about for the Kiwi Rotary cruise last Sunday.
  9. Yea it’s there for options if needed. Im more of a fan of the original bonnet but for shits and giggles it’s cool to have the options to change it up if needed. The only door cards this car is getting will be the new black repro ones haha camo.....psshh
  10. This photo uploading gig is really trying my patience...
  11. I actually like the rude rude as white bonnet look haha. 2pac likes it and that’s all that counts.
  12. Bit of the old grease on the top of the IDA filter then lower the bonnet gently down, capturing the initial lower outline of where the cut needs to be. I need to get a couple extra bits to complete this like the thin black trim for the hole edge. My original red bonnet will remain mint so that I can chop and change the look at will. I noticed it was vibrating towards the front at 100km therefore I had a good look at it when I got home. The factors glue holding the frame to the skin was separating. Now we pumped a load of Wurth glue in the areas of concern and it all should be sweet after the glue tacks off.
  13. So this happened today - purists please look away. I have a spare RX2 s2-3 bonnet that has just been gagging to have an IDA hole cut into it.... this was the result