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  1. Awesome!!!!! It’s gone to a lovely person and I know it’s going to get loved and looked after. I look forward to seeing it about the traps out and about.
  2. The car is sold now onto my XE project and some 90s jap goodness too. cheers
  3. There are a few options aye. I have an XE falcon to build up however it all depends on the sale of the coupe. Not too bothered if it doesn’t sell
  4. Cheers team - just testing the waters really. If no sale, no drama and I keep it safe and sound. it really does have all the big ticket items an rx2 coupe has and the majority of ones in NZ are missing these impossible to find bits. I can’t see better out there for sale with the pics receipts and videos to back up the build. That and legal 100%. it scares me to think what’s under some of these flash paint jobs out there.
  5. I’ve been working on the build video during the lockdown. I couldn’t find free music I liked so that’s something to look into for the next time. the car is for sale too on Trademe....
  6. I used arrow wheels Kelston - 90% of outfits that claim to do this generally run a mile as they don’t want anything to do with it. 114.3 to 110 I went to and Arrow were sweet and did a great job. it also comes down to how much meat there is to drill and the thickness etc. wheelfixit didn’t want a bar of it when I called them (as they claimed to do this for $18 per hole on their website iirc). place in chch was down to do this but can’t remember them - was as an engineering place
  7. photo props Amy - I take shite pics cheers for the beer and chat Amy and Stephen.
  8. Took the sled to Reunion last weekend. The weather fri sat was awesome and there sure were some nice cars there. no issues and it ran like a dream all weekend
  9. Forgot to post this - cheers for the hoon in the imp Alex and Hannah! Was awesome to see you guys in December. that imp is a rad AF little sled and as for the shed set up on the land - epic. that Mazda Ute on the hoist was a thing of beauty too @maxted
  10. Reiterating the build thread info - the car has a road tune and the 51 IDA is singing right now. fresh WOF yesterday check Reunion this Friday to Sunday - can’t wait. who else is going? Come say hi
  11. Update - rod tune complete and now the 51 IDA is singing. If anyone is off to Reunion next week come say hi - I’m there Friday to Sunday. The brake master sht itself and leaked on the RH chassis rail.... I ordered another master (Mazda 808) and we bled it last night. That and found that I was missing a lower rear calliper bolt so I’ve replaced that. fresh VTNZ WOF today.
  12. All certed reg wof as of the end of July. Needs a WOf end of Jan haha. Man they come around fast. reunion in a month and a bit so game on