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  1. I really need to just lay off the online purchases….but I can’t. Picked up this mint XE front bumper that will get a good clean up and will go on the car with my S PAC lower lip. Here is one of my spare prostars on my XE Fairmont Ghia disc lsd rear end
  2. The last things I need is more wheels…..however I never thought I’d ever own a set of 14x8 Prostars until today. and to make matters worse, last night I hit the buy now on trademe on a pair of 14x8 prostars for a price I can’t say no to. the below car is the look I’m going for and I have the Eagers too.
  3. Cheers man - looks like it is the wrong one for the XE. Appreciate you looking into it for me. The C4 is for the 302W and it appears that I have sourced one incl cooler, lines, blue XE console shifter and it's been rebuilt. I might even be getting the d shaft as the current owner is going Tremec.
  4. Greetings - I have sold some old bits and pieces and now I'm in the market for a C4 trans if anyone has one kicking about.
  5. Cheers Clint. That all makes total sense and I will follow that process too. I will give you a holla down the track when I'm near cert time. Awesome!
  6. Cheers bruv! That’s a question I’ve been asking myself, as I’m in no hurry at all to get this done. The way I see it is I have 2 options: 1 - get the car back in the system as is by doing the bare minimum and then do the V8 conversion. 2 - convert it and take it to get re registered. It will fail on no cert and then I can do it all at once, albeit with time constraints (if any). Pretty sure getting it on the road and back in the system as is, is the most likely plan of attack. Then get the cert once conversion is complete. Keen to hear other folks views on this so fire away.
  7. Uh oh…..sh1t just got real. I saw a Ford 302w for sale on FB market place and I swooped on it, albeit after some serious convincing…… ”no fk arounds” ”first in, first served” So after a $500 non refundable deposit, I secured the deal and picked it up from the Tron a few days later. Engine is a 5.0L from an EL XR8 and already has been changed to NA which is ideal for what I need. 190,000kms apparently and it’s meant to be a runner. For $1500 I will take my chances. Think it has a Holley 600 and Edelbrock intake with a dizzy. Ideally I wanted a 351C however this is a cheaper option and I can always stroke it to 347ci. Next is a C4 auto or maybe I can be tempted into a manual conversion.
  8. I saw these NOS or new old stock XE Fairmont Ghia centre caps on FB Marketplce for $60 and couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked and they are NOS therefore I snapped them up, as repro are like $72aud each! one day I will reco the snowflake 15” rims and these can take pride of place. I do love NOS goodies
  9. Oh definitely keen to see a build thread. Out of interest, what would you want for the manual pedal box?
  10. Haha classic. Cheers for the comment bud. the diff hat upgrade sounds like a goer!! Cheers for that. Keen as to make tweaks like that for better handling. regarding the 4.1, I plan to get it going as it is now (for starters). the v8 can come down the line
  11. Bit of diff tidy up today, between the rain drops. I can't wait to move the carAuckland so that I can at least get started tinkering on it. Can't to put the 12 slots on it and slam it too. Before slamming, I might look to take it for a re vin at some stage too. After some new brakes and address any issue that rears up. Get it back live in the system so that I can get it under side blasted to give it a bit of a birthday. I'm ejecting the bench seat and will put factory ghia buckets in (albeit tan colour) and I will have the seats are trimmed Caribbean Blue as it is now.
  12. I also paid $50 for Fairmont Ghia speedo (usually $200 plus) as this has the rev counter where my povo pack Falcon only came with an “Econo Gauge” which appears to work on vacuum when you plant your foot and shows you how uneconomical your driving is. What a great invention that was I gave the speedo a but of a clean up too and it's ready to be put in.
  13. Long time no see - the XE is still tucked away awaiting the loving it so deserves. Hopefully I have found a place in Auckland to dry store it, so watch this space. I'm gaghing to get into it and start the tidy re vin process. Today I thought the XE Fairmont LSD disc rear end needs some love, so I got it outside and gave it a water blast. I also yanked and binned the old discs and brake pads as the diff weighs a tonne and I news to make it easier to move about my crowded shed. Next move will be to prime and paint the housing, buy caliper rebuild kits and new rotors with new hard line too. One slide pin is giving me issues in the caliper so sing out if anyone has a spare Ford one kicking about. I finally got my Ghia Fairmont bonnet and 12 slot mags with new eagers up from Christchurch to Auckland. Happy days
  14. Sh1t update - bought a set of XE Fairmont Ghia rear window chrome, as the povo spec Falcon is missing this. It’s actually a pretty useless purchase as I’m going to be running louvres but hey, it’s how I roll. I left the spare rear screen behind with the seller as I’m tapped for space and it’s literally the last thing I need in “storage”.
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