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  1. Skip to 11.30 and it might be of interest to you, Im wondering if its somewhat similar given its around the same vintage..
  2. Do you mind me asking how much/where did you get the flare tool from? Having done enough with the usual $35-50 toledo special over the years I can appreciate those ones like you're using
  3. If you're coming down to Chch Im sure I have a roll of the muffler packing in the garage you can have Alex
  4. Damon @ Rockyauto or Simon @ palmside would be the two blokes Id trust with the carb
  5. Weirdly just saw one on my lunch break the other day; https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/737405721698954/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aad380dd9-862e-41a0-9713-dd4d3a85a1e6
  6. Do these have build/id plates on the LF lower windscreen area ontop of the edge of the dash where it meets the screen? (like on Chevys?) Thats the actual american Vin rather than the NZ alloy type one.
  7. https://www.andysautosport.com/learning_center/vehicle_specs/f-body_vehicle_identification_number_(vin)_decoding/ For the full break down. I quite enjoy doing this on the stuff I've owned
  8. From what it looks like, you're pointing at the "kick panel" I usually have a look on yearone/summit/ogpi etc and try decipher what the yanks call each part - heaps of things seemingly have well different names to what we'd call them. If you need any steel parts, I cant recommend Retroautoparts thoroughly enough - you can pick up the Parts or he'll bring them in, generally for less than the cost of the Parts online overseas. Must be some good F-Body groups on facebook to join too for advice? Thats a big 10-4 Snowman lol
  9. @browndog would be your man on here Hogan. Weirdly I just found this one on Marketplace and sent it to him on PM https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/718723943565868/ (Also in chch)
  10. ^ In your size there really isn't bugger all selection Semi Slick https://yhiautomotive.co.nz/Product/1049469/NANKANG-AR1 https://www.dtm.co.nz/tyre-range/tyre/WEBT-NXSUR4G https://www.dtm.co.nz/tyre-range/tyre/WEBT-NXNFSPR (not released/in stock yet) Little more road based for casual enthusiast https://yhiautomotive.co.nz/Product/1050366/NANKANG-CR-S Street https://yhiautomotive.co.nz/Product/1049480/NANKANG-N729
  11. ^ I ran the soda crystals in the Gemini back when we used to live in the same street Bart. I think I ran them in the car for a week, then dumped bottom hose, rinse/repeat and It ran clear. The Gloria just had 45min of back flushing when I got that (whilst running, dumping straight into the farmers paddock) - and it'd been parked for 15 odd years or whatever it was. Then it ran clean, however ultimately the Water pump impellor was rusted away & radiator still needed rodding out. I would just about put the shitty one back in and run it up to temp/cycle a few times with above concoctions then dump/back flush?
  12. If it helps any, you have a couple of manifold choices - theres a RWD Camaro/Firebird Manifold that has a forward facing throttle body. There's also a high rise FWD Plenum, but the upper plenum bolts to the lower manifold and can be flipped to rwd, from a Buick Lesabre Both are being used now by Stockcar guys over here since injection is now allowed..
  13. Not much help but down Whitehall st I noticed a Capri under a tarp.. Street Viewed it for you, #3 Friendly knock might be able to allow you some templates to be made Also, Chris Leigh from Kiwi Auto died, however he retired from running the place Afaik, and his son Blair has been running it for a couple of years now. Maybe just shut down for Christmas/New Years?
  14. Why not remove it and fit a -An fitting in place? Or have a piece of tube spun to replicate?
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