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  1. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    Nissan is 12x1.25 Toyota 12x1.5 Falcon 1/2" HQ 7/16" Triumph should be 7/16" from memory
  2. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    What throttle bodies are you using? Should sound raucus indeed. How come the 4.1 rather than say a Barra or even AU-EL? Saw you driving past couple weeks ago with a big sheet of panel steel!
  3. Depending on what stud pattern you plan on running front & rear obviously..
  4. Been so long Im not 100% sure now unfortunately!
  5. Coming along really nicely indeed! There's a guy down here, Tubby that works at Supercheap Auto that has a 2.3 Twin Cam Chevette Speedway car, I think one motor was setup for methanol, the other for Av Gas - pretty much retired the car from use but he still has it.
  6. Rob, Whitley tune has a lovely A series Manifold for bike carbs.... Nice score Alex, look forward to updates!
  7. Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    ^ Clint beat me to it. In relation to your shaking steering wheel, I would damn near put money on it those tyres have flat spots from sitting in the same place for too long, unfortunately you can't fix it once it has started. Easiest way to check for you is bolt the wheels off your other Rover, before forking out to have them balanced. They do look quite old too? Nice find on the dizzy, Im surprised the previous owner hadn't tried it himself!
  8. Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Banter

    Nice finds, I personally would be inclined to use a Black Seam sealer for the cracks - and if you want you could use that for edge sealing the wing when you put it on. Have a look at some panel paint supplier stores, I think you can buy rubberized bumper paint?
  9. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    TBH I've found it a quite common problem Not being funny, but the Yanks sometimes do a Drivers side spring, and passengers spring with slightly different lengths/tensions. I've re-bushed a entire 60's Impala, springs, balljoints and had the exact same problem, made it better than when it came in, but had to put spring packers to level it properly unless you want to pay to have the springs either stretched or compressed to match. The easiest and most reliable way is to Fit a Urethane Spring Packer under whichever side spring to bring it back up. This will most likely be on some ratio as you're on Double a arms - ie 10mm packer might equate to 20mm at the tyre to guard.
  10. Discuss; //
  11. Yea, Rob from Whitley tune drew it up from a flange file, and I gave him all the port spacings, and sizings did a couple of trial 3d mock ups for carb angle/clearances and then he cast it. In theory he could go and make another exactly the same if someone ask as all the hard work has been done!
  12. So, with the help of a friend, finished off the throttlecable for the manifold. Decided I'd make a log manifold for the vacuum ports off the carbs, used seam sealer on some factory plastic pipe and capped the end- hoping for the advance and maybe boosted brakes but who knows how well it will work.. Whitleytune Manifold fitted perfectly, looks very smart indeed - I've had it blasted after being machined. Back of the manifold after being surface ground flat. Running the original intank lift pump. After the first fire up it was leaking out the carbs, and had a puddle under the floor. I left it for the night, came back in the morning to find I'd left the barb fitting loose from where I'd put the inline filter & hose, and the carbs were most likely leaking from sitting from a sticky needle/float valves. Need to balance them properly, however for 5 min of running they are running beautifully - better than the CIS unit ever did in my ownership.. Cannot thank Rob enough for his work and persistence in making the manifold, and friend Gary for his help modifying the original cable to work. Can even shut the bonnet without it hitting anything! Discuss; //
  13. Isuzu 4xe1 twincam - more power than a 4age
  14. Surely that must've come from Shane ? Towing Vauxhalls around, and parked outside a Radiator shop?
  15. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    We can do Cobra springs for around $160 + freight to you? Normal retail is $220 - even that is cheaper than $300 odd someone has quoted you. Sorry no personal experience on the Coilover welding though