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  1. CUL8R

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Chevettes and gemini's, piazza's have a rather simple way which I think would be easier again for you to adapt/make your own. The cable is one piece from one caliper to the other. It passes through the V block with a hole through the centre - this enables the cable to pull evenly, which it adjusted via the long threaded rod - just adjust the jam nuts either end to suit Hopefully the photo makes sense.
  2. Thats fair moving Richard, glad you're getting some decent use out of it over summer!
  3. CUL8R

    Alarm Install - CHCH - Recommendations?

    Good to hear! Ive dealt with the owner for years even before he started the business and nothing was ever a issue!
  4. CUL8R

    Alarm Install - CHCH - Recommendations?

    I'd recommend Glen @ GRC car audio, Josh @ JC installs, Richard @ Soundworks. Have dealt with all 3 for years without issue. Last time I priced something Josh was the better priced..
  5. CUL8R

    scott's 260c H330

    Never ran a chin spoiler sorry
  6. CUL8R

    scott's 260c H330

    No decent photo's of the rocker cover, however you can see it here. I brushed oil on the raised parts. I just painted it and put it in the sun to be honest, two coats. Then wiped the oil smeared areas off to leave the raw alloy raised parts..
  7. CUL8R

    Daveyc's 1974 hc viva

    Just put shorter shocks in it, keeps it captive and the height you're at...
  8. Scott @ RO Jones always looks after me and does a great job at a very fair price
  9. CUL8R

    Daveyc's 1974 hc viva

    Don't live by the park in St Albans/Mairehau do you? Thank Christ you got rid of that grill arrangement! Nice work, impressed with the interior coming back up as good as it has
  10. @ Josh, last car we did for a work Colleague he needed to get a Pre Cert Wof done, which they failed (in this case for coilovers) He needed 3 signed copies of the wheel alignment report - however that is because of the coilovers. From memory Don & Ian want them done even if its lowered on Lowering springs if the vehicle is below 100mm. Anything radical or scratch built then it has to be disassembled and run through bumpsteer with them.
  11. CUL8R

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Chevette Has a Torque Tube yes, which effectively makes it a poor mans 3 link - by Default it controls the pinion angle throughout the arc of travel and at the same forward mounting point as the trailing arms so everything works within the same plain.
  12. CUL8R

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    It'll work, I'd done a 3 link setup with Panhard in my stockcar. Watts link would be nicer for you though, keeps the axle central alot more than a panhard - panhards move in a arc - moves closer/further from the guard through travel..
  13. Peugeot or Early Mondeo Steels are 4/108 Was hoping for K24 repower TBH lol
  14. CUL8R

    KustomKreeps 49 Hudson - Discussion

    Was about to say those boosters a pretty fancy bit of kit. Drove a good customers Manual 210 Chevrolet with a 9", 454 and "normal" disc brakes - with "GM" single pot calipers - nothing out of the ordinary disc about the same as a XF falcon, and it stopped like it was fitted with Wilwoods and 17" rotors. Was extremely impressed with them. Dont they run a massive line pressure something like 2000psi? Apparently his was one of the first cars in NZ to have this setup and the LVVTA weren't very familiar with it.
  15. CUL8R

    Kelvinators Mini

    Those castor rods, dont throw them out yet, some oldschool places used to heat and bend them slightly to give some adjustment to the castor - ie if it has a bit of a pull, the bent castor rod will pull the wheel further forward to increase castor...