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  1. CUL8R


    How should you measure the universal size? To get the 1310, 1330, 1350 Going by photos my STRANGE one looks like a 1350 but pay for me to measure up first Thanks for the pics
  2. CUL8R


    Thanks, have nearly finished assembling my Moser Floating 9" with Strange.. Finally got to take the 9" that I'd mocked up out of the car Need to find a donor driveshaft to chop up for the universals, or stump up the big bucks lol
  3. CUL8R


    Out of interest, are there any driveshafts that you're aware of that share the same universals with 9" Ford (ie bolt in with u bolt style) Im guessing Explorer or Falcon perhaps?
  4. Depending on the model helmet you have, it might have a couple of fine tune adjusters inside of the helmet by the lens? My Cig weld one does at least, - as thats why I binned my old helmet, kept getting blinding at the start of each arc
  5. I've heard of people taking chassis to powdercoaters (think industrial scale) to have their steel chassis stress relieved in the powdercoaters ovens - let it "cook" over night then slowly come back down in temperature. Worth a shot, and your item is a whole heap smaller...
  6. Been meaning to Post, keep it up, really enjoying seeing more of the processes going in that would otherwise be passed by!
  7. Chevettes and gemini's, piazza's have a rather simple way which I think would be easier again for you to adapt/make your own. The cable is one piece from one caliper to the other. It passes through the V block with a hole through the centre - this enables the cable to pull evenly, which it adjusted via the long threaded rod - just adjust the jam nuts either end to suit Hopefully the photo makes sense.
  8. Thats fair moving Richard, glad you're getting some decent use out of it over summer!
  9. Good to hear! Ive dealt with the owner for years even before he started the business and nothing was ever a issue!
  10. I'd recommend Glen @ GRC car audio, Josh @ JC installs, Richard @ Soundworks. Have dealt with all 3 for years without issue. Last time I priced something Josh was the better priced..
  11. Never ran a chin spoiler sorry
  12. No decent photo's of the rocker cover, however you can see it here. I brushed oil on the raised parts. I just painted it and put it in the sun to be honest, two coats. Then wiped the oil smeared areas off to leave the raw alloy raised parts..
  13. Just put shorter shocks in it, keeps it captive and the height you're at...
  14. Scott @ RO Jones always looks after me and does a great job at a very fair price
  15. Don't live by the park in St Albans/Mairehau do you? Thank Christ you got rid of that grill arrangement! Nice work, impressed with the interior coming back up as good as it has