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  1. Will you have to weld a mesh of sorts for "grip" or make a knurling of some type? Pretty cool project Tom
  2. Ow wow, didn't think it'd been that long since the last update, apparently it has.. So this time last year, I took it to Damon @ Rocky Auto, got him to pretend he was taking it for a wof and to make me a list (before putting it through for cert) . He wired in the electric fan for me, suggested I correct torque tube angle and couple other small jobs. Took the opportunity to fit up the Front Gaz Adjustable Shocks to match the rears.. Seeing as the Rostyles were illegal about 2 months after I had had them made all those years ago, I've been on the lookout for some suitable rims for Certification. Back in lock down I found a set of 5x 13x7 ATS Classic's in Germany, with the help of ebay and Google Translate I purchased them. Ended up waiting 5 months before they arrived, having to pay a premium for shipping, but gotta pay the cost.. Had them garnet blasted, diamond cut the face & lips, and then powdercoated & masked up. To keep it legal I had to fit a set of 215/50r13 Nankangs One of the other things Damon picked up on was the filler neck didn't seal with the radiator cap (standard type) so ordered a nice billet unit from summit racing. Fitted it up this afternoon and took it for its once yearly drive around the block, first time with proper pressure in the cooling system Discuss: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20250
  3. Man that is some super tidy work indeed Do you do that for a job as well?
  4. Also, found this today...
  5. You're a sick man, but my hat goes off to you for your knowledge of all the parts and keeping it going! I remember there used to be a couple of sedans getting around owned by a husband/wife that had superlites in Chch from memory too?
  6. Why not just run a domed head cap screw, that should give the clearance you need;
  7. Hey mate, I saw something and then went on a tangent and did some research.... This will wet your wicket,50826
  8. Nah should be ex North Island its common enough... Nankang have made that size in the past too Give me a bell tomorrow and I'll check
  9. I have that running a 247ci Falcon I'd say for race uses just replace them every season or two?
  10. @ Simpson I have run for the last 5 years and in the new car a Vision Battery, gel type The first one lasted 2 years including the sitting around in the offseason's, with a mig splatter hole through the top.. They're only about $105
  11. CUL8R

    Holley carb talk.

    Check the jet sizes too, and float level? From memory I think you won't want to be much more than a 72 mains, cant remember what the idle jets were Edit, 65 will be closer for a stock engine
  12. Any photo's of it? Slim chance but one of my best mates had his stolen last year, they spent 45 min pushing/pulling it from its locked place at his work
  13. Nice work. Motorbike chain too bulky for space constraints? / You've already done it now. From what I know of its the whipping that kills the chains normally - which is related more to the tensioners failing than anything else Could just run a oil pressure feed to your ECU, that way if it drops below x psi it goes into limp mode / warning light if you're paying attention Will you have a guide down one side of the chain, and the other with the tensioner? (Pic below is of a gemini setup, 3 is the guide (I think steel backed with a teflon sort've thing) 4 is the tensioner arm, 2 is the spring loaded tensioner
  14. Nice work enjoying it already!