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  1. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Chevette Has a Torque Tube yes, which effectively makes it a poor mans 3 link - by Default it controls the pinion angle throughout the arc of travel and at the same forward mounting point as the trailing arms so everything works within the same plain.
  2. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    It'll work, I'd done a 3 link setup with Panhard in my stockcar. Watts link would be nicer for you though, keeps the axle central alot more than a panhard - panhards move in a arc - moves closer/further from the guard through travel..
  3. Peugeot or Early Mondeo Steels are 4/108 Was hoping for K24 repower TBH lol
  4. KustomKreeps 49 Hudson - Discussion

    Was about to say those boosters a pretty fancy bit of kit. Drove a good customers Manual 210 Chevrolet with a 9", 454 and "normal" disc brakes - with "GM" single pot calipers - nothing out of the ordinary disc about the same as a XF falcon, and it stopped like it was fitted with Wilwoods and 17" rotors. Was extremely impressed with them. Dont they run a massive line pressure something like 2000psi? Apparently his was one of the first cars in NZ to have this setup and the LVVTA weren't very familiar with it.
  5. Kelvinators Mini

    Those castor rods, dont throw them out yet, some oldschool places used to heat and bend them slightly to give some adjustment to the castor - ie if it has a bit of a pull, the bent castor rod will pull the wheel further forward to increase castor...
  6. Welder buying spam

    Out of interest, does anyone use the heated regulators - with the C02 when doing large amounts of welding it freezes up ... ? Pain in the ass
  7. EFI_LSS VK 3.3 Build

    Hey Graeme, I have a leaf sprung hiace diff (rather than surf 4 link - easier to cut mounts off), with 5 stud axles you can have for $150 if you want
  8. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    Nissan is 12x1.25 Toyota 12x1.5 Falcon 1/2" HQ 7/16" Triumph should be 7/16" from memory
  9. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    What throttle bodies are you using? Should sound raucus indeed. How come the 4.1 rather than say a Barra or even AU-EL? Saw you driving past couple weeks ago with a big sheet of panel steel!
  10. Depending on what stud pattern you plan on running front & rear obviously..
  11. Been so long Im not 100% sure now unfortunately!
  12. Coming along really nicely indeed! There's a guy down here, Tubby that works at Supercheap Auto that has a 2.3 Twin Cam Chevette Speedway car, I think one motor was setup for methanol, the other for Av Gas - pretty much retired the car from use but he still has it.
  13. Usually 6-7 turns of thread is acceptable. Its not so much about how far it pokes through the wheel as alot of the Euro cars have a 5-6mm flange - usually from the brake rotor before the threads engage in the hub.. Dont want to go too long either as its common for them bottom out on the hub and hit handbrakes etc
  14. Rob, Whitley tune has a lovely A series Manifold for bike carbs.... Nice score Alex, look forward to updates!
  15. Vauxhall 13" Steel rims

    Viva HA, HB, HC Victor Mini are also 4x4"