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  1. Yea, potentially, i have got a nice new replacement EMS panel to weld on in that position, and not so keen on modifying that or the body lines too much. I have wheel spats too, which would hide the whole wheel. Still Confident i can move the whole subframe back with solid offset bushings, or new mounts. Or just move the wheel backwards with arm adjustments.
  2. Bit slow on progress lately. Removed the factory springs on one side, to see how much suspension travel the factory struts have. Looking at buying some boss airbags to weld onto them. Its motivating to see it so low again. And the rear wheel being too far forward, doesn't look tooo bad this low.
  3. Have also made a start on modelling the new fuel tank. Created a 3d scan of the trunk, with 100 photos and Autodesk Recap. Super easy, and accurate, when scaled. Only 60 litres now, instead of the factory 85litre that no longer quite fit (and very, very rusty)
  4. While trying to sort out the seatbelts I test fitted the rear seat. it still fits, but the chevy rear window, and parcel tray is lower than the lexus. So the Seat sat up in the glass. Pulled all the leather and foam off. Bent the frame to new shape using some homemade tools. Re-trimmed, and should be sufficient. Still look too big and plush for an old chevy. But the comfort should be an ok compromise on looks. Front seat Fitted too. This is raised all the way up. Goes much much much lower. Our Certification man came around to have a look at all the projects. From what i hear, he was stoked and shocked at how well this was all working out. And is happy with progress and future plans
  5. Filled in the tops of the sills, few smaller holes and a larger gap in the front footwells to fill. Cut the front cross member/radiator support off the ls400. As i have ordered a aluminium 1954 Chevrolet radiator to fit in. and took some time to start fitting the fenders and bonnet. Picked up some mazda 3 wheels. 15x6 50p with 195/65 tyres. Old man has some 54 belair caps that fit them, or i will get some moon discs. Front wheels are still not tucked under as much as i would like. But with the guards pumped out a bit, some adjustable upper and lower control arms, and potentially changing the offset of the front wheels ~10mm. It should be fine.
  6. Bit of a change in plans too. here is some hints. On the Hunt for some of these wheels off a Honda CRV ~2002 Or other 15x6 5x114.3 wheels with a positive offset between 50 and 60 (the lexus Track width is a bit wide, oops) Also after another 1994-1997 ls400/Celsior, for suspension arms, cross members, rear subframe, and transmission. if anybody knows of a low km one that isn't rusty. And 1989-1991 Ls400/Celsior Calipers (front and Back), please
  7. The trunk is coming together great, The Chevy supports come down beautifully onto the pinch weld around the Lexus rear wheel wells. I need to purchase the tail pan replacement panel from EMS. Plug Welded in place. The 85 litre Petrol tank doesn't quite fit. due to the trunk hinges. But like most of the Lexus, is full of rust. So smaller aluminium tank will likely be made to fit between the strut towers. And seam welded the parcel trays together. Couple of filler panels to be made around the strut tops. Back seat still fits. It just sticks up into the rear window a little, but should be easy to reshape the top, to look correct and fit.
  8. Then made 10 brackets, 5 per side to live in the sills, and join the two cars together, The Two cars were then welded together, Couple more brackets up front, and to hold the front of the door hinges. And today, the first filler panel on the firewall. Rebuilding the 2x rear Bonnet hinge mounting points.
  9. spent well over 200 hours on this recently. Have had the body on and off countless times. Trying to get it down low enough. The sills are now as low or lower than the Lexus floor. Just the exhaust hangs lower. But that will all be tucked up. Started Filling holes left in the Lexus, Plated over, then cut open again to create clearance for Chevy hinges. The LH sill on the Chevy had been repaired quite well in the past, The RH sill however had not, so i cut all the rust out, and wire brushed it back to nice metal, Folded up a new panel welded it in.
  10. @64valiant Ohh interesting, Did you upholster one recently? I have no door card stuff at all. But it is a long way off yet. Haven't even decided if this is going to be two door or 4 yet. That said, if they are no good to you, id be definitely interested.
  11. Same, i would have done similar in a uzz30, best car i have ever owned (while still being a piece of shit with 300,000kms on the clock, and constantly something wrong with it) The cruise control up and down hills at 104kmh was a beautiful thing with the 1uz. I think so too, hopefully do this old rusty heap, of a Chevy some justice, despite all the blasphemy.
  12. Yup, Would be uzz30 soarer seats of similar age to the lexus. Yup, mk4 might be an option, but the back seat should be great in the lexus, and i would prefer the heavier , electric, luxury lexus/soarer front seats. Have just uploaded some concept photoshops to show what i expect it to look like.
  13. Bit of spare time, spent in photoshop and came up with something to aim for. Just do not look too closely.
  14. That had not crossed my mind, i have got a couple of replacement panels, and looking at getting a couple more if the us dollar ever improves. It will be left in oxide red primer for quite some time. I expect it to be fairly rough and mongrel in appearance. Somewhat along the lines of my brothers pickup, but rougher. While still keeping it looking like you would expect a slammed kustom 54 chevy to look like. And impossible to tell its on a lexus from the outside. Still on the fence about two dooring it too. Would make it so much stiffer, welding up the rear doors. But i would need to find some soarer/sc400 doors to allow access to the back seat.
  15. Not much chevy left. 50mm to drop further, few more little bits to cut out. Looks weird as hell. but seems to be working so far.