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  1. Fenders Painted and Fitted Up. Fitted up a moon disc to the alloy wheel too. And the Painted peaked bonnet.
  2. Rebuilt the old cnc router. Runs heaps more reliably now. Brought some 50x50x3 aluminium extrusion at put it to work on some brackets. Finished and painted. With the Valves and sensor fitted. Mounted into the trunk.
  3. Used some 1/4 inch rod to make a start on a basic hood peak. After stripping it of primer again. The black is CRC aerosol rust kill. Its so easy to use and seems to work really well. Bit the bullet and put the sabre saw through the fender, to try and create some more wheel clearance. After some pondering I bluffed my way through filling it in. Sprayed some primer over it, temporarily to see how it went. And pretty happy with the result. Its not perfect. Like the rest of the car. But its not terrible.
  4. After stripping the roof of filler and many layers of paint. We found it was quite damaged. Matt made quick work of smoothing 90% of it out. We sprayed some more PA10 on And the bonnet almost fitted up. 3d Printed a prototype shifter gate cover. Should work alright once cast in aluminium. Couple of speaker grills and high stop light we cast are almost finalised too.
  5. Stripped the many layers of paint off the roof today.
  6. Cut and reinforced some better speaker holes in the parcel tray. And purchased all new seatbelts so was able to make and have Matt Tig in some OTT anchor plates.
  7. Thanks @MRWEST . Yes, was pretty good to stand back and see all the misaligned guards and bumpers haha
  8. FYI Moondiscs are coming soon.
  9. Plumbed up some lines and tee's temporarily. and managed to get her off the hoist. She's not quite touching at the sills. x-member and sump is well up off the ground. above the sill height. The front doesn't seem to have as much travel as I would like. only picks it up about 80mm off the ground?? Moving the strut inboard further on the lower control arm should help this. hopefully without making the front too stiff.
  10. A cast boss kit. With factory lexus cruise control stalk in place. Cast straight off a 3d print with no prep. We didn't even bother putting it on a plate for the foundry. Scaled up to 101.2% Contraction. Came out absolutely perfect to within 1/2 a mm. Dad also cast up the dash cluster a few years back, when he built his belair. Both with be dark rough sandblasted finish, with a polished lip. Finished welding in the gas cap. And shaving all the door handles. Not the flashest. But should do the job.
  11. Na. We don’t have a strouds. and yea. I need to buy some barbed hose tails. Instead of using the cut up crimp fitting. So will try some 90 and 45. Hopefully I haven’t cut the hoses too short now.
  12. Installed the rear bag's bulkheads today. Not overly happy with the hose routes. But they don't touch anything through the suspension travel. I believe the flat spot I drilled through is for the Optional factory air suspension on the ls400.
  13. @Evan They are www.titon.co.nz fittings that www.compressedaircontrols.co.nz here in palmy sorted for me. Mine are the Female. So 3/8 NPT Female on one end. 3/8" push connect on the other. Was pretty stoked when I found them, as my existing hose threaded straight into them. pretty sure they available in 1/4 and 1/2 too
  14. Didn’t have the factory headlight buckets. So brought some Narva plastic universal buckets. They were a little small to fit the screw holes in the guards. And also didn’t accommodate mounting the trim rings. So I 3d printed a couple of adaptors in PLA. Worked well enough for v1. 80s lavender eyeliner trims on. The radiator and hoses are coming together. Seems like it will work. Just a little tight for space. Beneath we relocated the outlet to the side. I Cut a hole in the Grill support bracket, and welded on a "c" shaped tube. So the large lexus loom could be cable tied up behind, and be hidden by the grill. The boss airbags came with some huge 3/8" airbrake hose, with pre crimped ends. They are WAY to long. Almost Twice the length they need to be. So I cut them down. And will add a new barb on the cut end, or a screw on brass air brake fitting, or have a new end crimped on. Unsure yet. This is the Left hand side. Going forward and up through a bulkhead DOT push connect fitting. And this is the Right hand side coming forward and up through the bulkhead. (yes 2nd attempt at position, due to touching tyre.) You may notice the air line passes behind the strut on the left hand side. This is because Boss Suspension decided to make all the struts the same. Not in pairs. Not stoked on this fact. My OCD likes symmetry.
  15. Thanks @kyteler Yea its coming together amazingly. would highly recommend to save a rooted classic. Hopefully not much more to sort before cert is possible.
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