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  1. Had a great full bike gear train run there with @Willdat?
  2. Yeah that was from Aarons bike and got wrung out and reused on Marks bike Mine also split so Im now going ahead with adapting a factory CT90 airbox up to my Mikuni carb for trouble free river crossings
  3. Just tighten that front axle and its good to go
  4. Come down for a Peninsula ride @Chunky_t. I reckon I could organise a 2 day overnighter in Akaroa exploring all the great gravel roads of Banks Peninsula
  5. Yeah Banks Peninsula has some great gravel roads
  6. So Aaron just brought a new CT125. Fucking excited for him !
  7. Yeah that would be my dream little moped rig. Still step thru. Still in keeping with small bike styles..injected and 17" wheels so can chuck some goldenboys on and a good rack to carry ya gear. And wont need a auxilliary fuel tank because so economical
  8. I vote Bart. I just attended and rode wildly all weekend and helped out on a few repairs where I could. Jump at it though because print media is cool . Ive got a shelf on the bookshelf at home with the dozens of magazines Ive been interviewed and featured in and its a good feeling and good to show the kids
  9. @governorsam on his GN smashing thru the river. Was impressed with how well it performed off road
  10. @Whoopeecocksmashing thru the Jollies Pass River crossing on his sweet Yoshi Pipe
  11. @Truenotchon his sweet MX100 which I really enjoyed battling all weekend long! This must have been just before the clutch cable snapped
  12. The one and only Vape Yeti @WankBankA100 punishing that A100
  13. @Pee Dubs on his oh so sweet CB400. thanks for stopping and helping with my Throttle cable replacement and @Moffor the brakeclean and help too ! Sorry for the punishing half throttle ride after that until I realised I needed to adjust the slack out of the cable
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