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  1. Choice ! Prob needa the pipes de coked to get back up to that orginal top end
  2. Damn cool bike ! There is a old boy down here that has one that turns up on small bike rides and it sounds so cool ! Just sold a n.o.s headlight for one of these for $120 and that was probably pretty cheap compared to what I know others had paid for them
  3. Stripped down to get some parts powdercoated. Then got fuel fitting to weld to tank and plumb up with new fuel filter. Then fit a couple plugs to the loom. Then final assembly with lots and lots of Nordlock washers & Loctite. Should Coincide nicely with this bike going classic on Jan 1st 2020 and I can actually afford to register it
  4. Chris.QCR

    Kicker's C50

    Damn this warms my heart to see a wild looking cub in the build and to know its being built with good mates surrounding each other and helping each other out. Stoked its running now mate !
  5. Now its done Featuring a new tall pipe from Rumbler Jesse and a suicide shifter I whipped up out of parts. Stoked as fuck with how it looks now too
  6. Bummer ! Whip down to your local bike shop and get a universal kit and steal the inner out if it and solder your ends ti the new inner. Does this bikes shake rattle and roll like a Harley Motor ? My Ironhead was shocking for rattling everything to bits
  7. Best get a wof on the Econoline soon then ! Have done no repairs that I said I would do over winter. Have not brought any more equipment to improve my camping exeperience. Have not saved a cent for fuel and ferry costs. But not to worry ! We are coming to relax
  8. From a distance it looks Stock. Nice work mate
  9. Hey @Steelies take the bike lock along and give to Alan or Niki to bring down next week. Chur
  10. Me too. Gonna start planning the logistics of the event again soon and book some time off and all that carry on . Need to still get a cooker too
  11. This thing has been reliable as fuck and still makes lots of noise and goes hard for what it is. Decided to add a vintage sissy bar ive had for awhile. Next up is a suicide shifter
  12. Im about to buy some new forks of Alixpress after seeing a mates ones that looked really good. Maybe you could try there for some new ones
  13. Ah im in Hornby So dead reg and Unknown motor with some other issues. Id offer ya $300