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  1. Chris.QCR

    Kicker's C50

    Loving the high pegs mate ! Bike is looking rad
  2. Chris.QCR

    Honda chaly

    This bike is now in Christchurch owned by a mate of mine. Its had a few mods done since purchased back in Feb
  3. This thing still fucking rules. Pretty much been my daily since December most days. Jammed this Chinese CG110 copy front end onto the CT Triples. Disc brake is lush as fuck.. So are the forks. Need to powdercoat the lower legs and front rim black to match the rest of the bike. This is half way thru a 250Km gravel bashing mission with some mates yesterday
  4. Nice work ! I used to do this for a job and we used 0.9mm alloy sheet and just a little tweak with the hand folder to get the swage lines. Pretty cool plans. What toys ya gonna be hauling ?
  5. Yeah its more cost effective to Jam a ute and trailer full of bikes than take each bike across
  6. Im locked in and fizzing ! Such a good route and plan ya got in place ! Good times ahead
  7. You can check mine out @RUNAMUCK. Same setup pretty much and yeah the bash bar is between pegs and engine
  8. Holy shit this looks good ! Loving the constant updates too
  9. Im keen and locked in ! Whats this about a south island bike pest mission
  10. Super cool to see this thing progress KK ! Enjoy the shakedown rides !