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  1. Pretty damn jealous lads ! Looks likr a fucking ripper of a good time ! Well done organisation crew !
  2. Yeah about 07 was Jennifer st. Me and Rez just got engaged from memory and about to have our 15 wedding anv. Yeah that party was something to remember for sure. My 1200 wagon and 330 coupe were in the garage. Good to see you got this 1200 wagon Bart. I remember being in awe of it when it was being built. And also helped drop it off to the Barn with all of Hayden & Brents dattos. Aint seen those two cats since the Akaroa cruise days.
  3. I mostly finished it. Drove it. Sold it for more than it owed me and lived happily ever after. Got a cat named Spanners with 3 legs thats happy as. Fun fact the old photo of this 4dr 1200 wagon has the back end of my Blue 2dr Ke70 wagon in it.
  4. Nice work on the Van as always Blair. Looking forward to seeing it all decked out. You had the Pontiac Wagon and 52 ? Chevy too as well ? I always loved your 666C10 truck
  5. Thanks Mof for sorting out a epic route and Bart for just always fizzing ! Also in advance Harry & Karl for support as you guys make it awesome Im looking forward to this event ! Some amazing roads and views ahead So much goes into organising these sort of events esp the routes and organising the support lads and we appreciate it.
  6. Got a room that sleeps 3 or even 4 for $200 if anyone is keen. Cost me 299 but no refunds leave me outta pocket. Not attending now sorry as this was a ride I did with Aaron and its just too soon
  7. Yeah that one got me too Josh ! Looks fucking ace dude !
  8. Alot of Fridays roads are really quick and flow real nicely
  9. Still goes hard. Makes all the great noises and is sketchy as fuck to ride. Still use for across town missions where I cant carry shit on a pushy.
  10. This thing still goes hard for what it is ! Well over 20k on the Lifan 125. Getting harder to start and possibly now starting to burn oil but still sticks with bigger bikes on the twistys and takes everything thrown at it as per the last two years of top of the south gravel adventures. Was gonna strip it this winter and rebuild with new engine but probably wont . Its likely the only ride it will be on each year as I prefer to cycle to work and run on the weekends but when I do ride it I fucking love it
  11. So another 2 years passed and I said goodbye to this unfinished project. Is it for sale ? came up in conversation with my mate Hogan who has built two oustanding Ironheads in the past couple of years . Yeah everything is for sale and for the right money Ill happily see it gone. Hogan had a mate who wasnt up to speed with working on bikes bit knew what style he wanted and turns out my bike was his style so a deal was done and its now getting finished by Hogan and then passed onto his mate to enjoy the chopper buzz. My life has taken twists and turns over the years and the chopper thing hadnt really been exciting me for some years now so was to happy to see it gone and the money invested into a bathroom reno.
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