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  1. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Explored some more roads of Banks Peninsula with a couple spare hours last Sunday. Kaituna Valley and McQueens Valley then finished off with Gebbes Pass and Port Hills summit rd. Bike ran like a dream but had discovered that im gonna need to wear earplugs when riding because the deafness is starting to hurt when finished riding. LOUD PIPES LOOK RAD
  2. Chris.QCR

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    We left some beers behind on purpose. Felt like we should have left more for you GC organisers
  3. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Cheers bro. I also wish I had a chance to catch up with othere GCs like yourself. You ran a top notch event mate. Really enjoyed it aye
  4. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Then arrived back in Christchurch 6pm on Monday. Unloaded my bike. Loaded my gear back onto the rack and rode 20km back home again. Have just washed the bike. Tensioned and lubed the chain. Cleaned out carb and air filter and now im riding it to work tonite. Fucking hands down my favourite bike build so far. Reliable as ever and have already got plans in next week or 2 to explore the southern bays of Banks Peninsula and in Feb the Molesworth Station rd from Seddon to Hanmer
  5. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Then coming down into a valley between bays I got the gas stutter and ran out of fuel. Pulled over. Removed helmet and vest and pushed the bike over 2 hills before getting onto the flat where there was a motorcamp. I pushed the bike to the office and pushed the buzzer and a old boy came out and I explained my problem and he was more than happy to help with a couple litres of fuel from his tinny fuel tank. I was back on the road and came across Aaron the next bay over pushing his bike. Explained what just happened to me and that ive got enough fuel to get me to Opotiki and I grabbed his empty can under my arm and I rode to Opotiki and filled up and heading back to the boys by which time everyone had been fuelled up and was heading west again. All was well and we loaded up back at J5s for a group photo before hitting the road for Wellington
  6. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Then we headed back towards Opotiki and I snapped a few shots along the coastline
  7. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

  8. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Day 3 was a early start so we could go check out the East Cape Lighthouse. Really fun road there and got some cool shots of the bike in its element
  9. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Day 2 was alot of fun with the detour forestry road. Lots of slippery mudd and good times chasing others. Once back on the sealed roads leaving Tolaga Bay my carb started to stutter again. A quick carb clean on side of road with Regen @64valiant and @My name is Russell and I was moving again at pace using Regens 200cc slipstream to take me over 100kmhr and smash some Kms catching up to the pack. Got me to TeAroroa and I parked the bike up and chilled for the night before a early start
  10. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Leaving the Rere Falls I popped a sick wheelies and slammed down too hard on my AliX foot peg mount and gave it a tweak to the point my side stand wouldnt work so upon arrival to Gizzy rode to @Raizer place for use of his vice to straighten the mount and a quick carb clean to remedy a stutter a few hours earlier.
  11. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Day 1 of East Gape was wild. Drizzly on and off rain did not wipe the smile off my face. Got used to my loaded up bike quick and could easily pass most bikes and get up the hills with little effort. Alot of fun on the Motu Rd
  12. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Once arrived in Papamoa we chilled for a hour or so then unloaded the bikes and headed into the Mount for a perv. Then went to see @MopedNZ at his work . Had a lot of looks while riding around the mount and settled on a nice bar on the main street where we drank Heinikens and ate a bloody nice Seafood platter. Then @64valiant & Rueben turned up and enjoyed a beer with us before we rode of to our Hosts bike workshop for a perv at Jetskis and New KTMs. Then we had a real good thrash on some back roads from Tauranga to @HighLUX place and then a quick ride back to Papamoa warehouse for some wetweather gear and bbq supplies for tea that night. Bikes were packed back up on truck for short journey east to @johnnyfive place for the start of the EastGape ride
  13. Chris.QCR

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Well quite alot has happened to this in the 3 weeks since I got it on the road and running. First of all It ran well without issue but wasnt happy with top speed. After speaking with the main man @BLIZZO he kindly lent me a 22mm Carb to replace the 19mm that came with the motor. All jetted to suit my motor. So I bolted it on and it ran like a dream and instantly gained 13km top end which puts it around 95kmhr. I was happy as Larry and 1 week out from having to load it onto the truck to head north for East Gape I started smashing shakedown Ks. In 8 days I put close to 1000 trouble free Kms. I was happy. The day before loading it up was the Smash Palace bike show so I gave it a clean and polish and with the new seat from my mate Josh Cook it was looking a million bucks. Got some good feedback from people at the show liking the subtle mods and the colour choices. Next day I rode out to Rolleston to load bike up and got a punture. Craft knive blade end into the tyre. So quickly changed the tube out and loaded it up. We left Christchurch midday wednesday and arrived in Papamoa 930am on Thursday. Here is a photo pre loading up
  14. Chris.QCR

    Kicker's C50

    Super cool dude !!!!
  15. Chris.QCR

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Yeah id say 70 -80 percent of the bikes were Illegal in some way