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  1. What year is the bike ?
  2. Was super rad to meet you and get a ride in on the tray of the Hilux ! Your photos are outstanding ! Keen to see more
  3. Your setup had always been one to envy. Mainly for the Water world sail awning Manu Costner
  4. Who took out the great prizes ?
  5. One of my favourite ones. Very chilled. Lots of great people. We got home at 5pm today. Long drive home for sure. 200 Litres of fuel all up for our 1300km journey. Thanks for the Bridge hangs, River float, Great Yarns, Platter feeds, Nikis Cheesecakes, Geoffys Burgers, Neds Garlic Yoghurt, Building Custom matchbox cars, All of the sun & Swims, mental health yarns with so many mates, Runs with Sean & Rez, Watching Bizzo & Loz putting up the tent , Kickers Camp Setup, Alans Lounge, Lee bringing me a Camo shirt. So much more
  6. Just about there. Filled the tank again haha.
  7. Dang I left my sunglasses one behind. Requesting anyones booze boxes please dont throw away so I can aqquire to cover my screen up . Thankyous. Currently waiting in ferry que. Much love from the south
  8. Haha we still havent sorted our curtain issue out we had 4 years ago. Same with the rust for that matter. But we do have frozen water bottles
  9. One last shift of work tonite then off at Midday tomorrow for a super long drive day and night to Wagnats
  10. Absolutely hanging out for a swim
  11. Thats bloody good to hear that you want to spend your limited spare time in your wagon with this great bunch of folk. Yeah bring the Mrs and a few coldies and ya togs. Good times ahead
  12. Currently packing my bag and checking lists
  13. I hope this means what I hope this means. Would be splendid
  14. Just brought one today from Toy World. Maximum relaxtion in mind