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  1. Yeah I swapped a 521 cab onto a 720 chassis with discbrakes and a Z16 column change. Was rough as guts and never got it legal. Was sold quickly amongst people before some guy tried to drive it between citys and got stickered and never heard about it again.
  2. Ferry Booked ! Van repairs done. Just gotta go get wof later this week and we on !
  3. Damn @Mourning Cupcake ! with that and Rose' day we should be in for a good time aye !!
  4. Still havent got Wof. Im not one to leave it till the last minute but looks like I am
  5. Hey @DeyonP We attached heaps of 1/2 " extensions onto the ratchet and universals and got to the bolts that way. Then lots of wriggling the starter motor itself out the back to remove.
  6. We heading up Tuesday from Chch with intentions of a 9pm sailing then thru to campsite and some wild time in the morning then leaving Sunday morning to catch sunday arva ferry
  7. Mt Patriarch is so awesome. Would have to be over 20 years ago I rode up there on my DT175 with my Dad
  8. I need to finish Van repairs and also get wof
  9. Hoping to also have a decent crew from QCR as well. A few CTs and Monke Bikes
  10. It will be minutes and alot less money if you put a Lifan in it
  11. Can you bring this to Molesworth please Dave. I wanna ride CTs together with you
  12. Loving the high pegs mate ! Bike is looking rad
  13. What tent are you brining next year @Bistro ?
  14. This bike is now in Christchurch owned by a mate of mine. Its had a few mods done since purchased back in Feb
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