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  1. Oh dude ! This was such a great read ! Love what you have done already Hope the compliance is easy peasy
  2. Great progress bro ! So good to see back down on the ground too. Are you doing a bit of panel and paint too ?
  3. Im in once again and will confirm Aaron & Mark when I see them next as well as they both enjoyed this alot. Aaron also has a new CT125 which he has modified alot. Me & Mark will be on our Green CTs. I might throw a new engine at mine between now and then.
  4. For me day 2 was the highlight! Those two trails were the best.
  5. Love ya work Clint ! That engine bay looks so damn good. Excited to see it progress
  6. Yes ! Im with Clint on this. Ive seen a few slammed ones on IG and has me feeling the same way
  7. Yeah just swap over drivetrain over and enjoy now
  8. Shit yeah ! Nice score. Reminds me of the old Christchurch days hanging with Jeff @anglia4and his CB cafe racer
  9. Love your work as always Pete !
  10. The 19" looks great and would make for better handling on the Maungatapu Track on the Molesworth road in the NY
  11. No one gonna be mad if its 50 bucks with the way we were looked after by the support lads and the top notch route you guys had planned. Cold beers and good bbq were so fucking good each day
  12. Yeah Im trying to figure out if it would be any better clockwise or not and Im feeling it wouldnt. Was such a great event and Im looking forward to it again. Would be mega keen for Nelson pub crawl on the satdee
  13. Whats the deets on the Hill Climb ? Reckon there is room for a couple of old boy Rumblers to fly in and thrash someone and fly out ?
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