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  1. So entered this ol thing at the Smash Palace Bike show this yesterday. Seen a bike show near Gold coast earlier in the year and all the bikes had thier own displays so took some inspiration from it and I created a display that was fitting to and a Monty Python skit Im a LumberJack and im ok. I work all night and sleep all day. Quite fitting for me as ive worked night shift the whole time ive been building this bike. So I scored some wood chip from work and a few rounds and put a Axe and Saw into them and had this as my displaye. I won MVP of the show for my display which I was quite surprised about.
  2. Bart is the only one im aware thats attending from Christchurch. Not sure about his transportation plans
  3. Looks super great and im sure would be the ticket for getting around on !
  4. Bit gutted not to be heading up this year but cant do em all. Relieved im not gonna have to pass 30 of those riders 50 times over the weekend though. Looking forward to photos and storys See some of you lot at Whagnats
  5. Me with the QCR contingent My C50. Aarons long dog C50 thats longer than two Monkeys of Jesse and Harriets then Hogans wild Dax & Zains wild Chaly. Took out 5 of 7 awards at the show before the ride. Great event and well worthy of interisland travel
  6. So I sent my bike up to Auckland a few weeks ago for this Labour weekends @MopedNZ CCDMM Honda Ride and had so much fun with like minded dudes. Clocked up about 200km over the weekend exploring the whole city and from south to West and also out to Piha as well. Only issue was a snapped throttle cable but I carry spares on all my bikes and I was only 2 blocks of Queen st behind them when id fixed it and caught up on Ponsonby rd. Alot of fun riding in a new city. Here are some photos Ive taken and others by @MichaelJFox & Buggy Robot
  7. Lookin good bruv ! Yeah those side covers look great !
  8. Ah man thats a shame they did that. I feel like the swapmeet is on steep decline. Me and my Mate would be amongst the youngest regular site holders and there used to be a que of 100 for a site and this year thay had 80 empty sites. Our Sunday was better than ever though despite the numbers being down
  9. Me & @Geophy went looking for the OS parkup but couldnt find ya. Great to meet up with @bathcollector and also @gazguy dropping by every hour to stash stuff at our site. I sold really well over the 3 days. Brought a pre unit box for my drag bike project. 2 matchbox Vans. A Totara tree and two species of Lancewood trees. Stoked as
  10. Just shelve it like PPSC does with everything these days
  11. Yeah can usually park big setups like that in either carpark but Kustoms car park would be easier and closer to the display
  12. Sssshhh. Just come on up. Ill be there friday till Sunday and stayinf out there for some barry yarns