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  1. Still goes hard. Makes all the great noises and is sketchy as fuck to ride. Still use for across town missions where I cant carry shit on a pushy.
  2. This thing still goes hard for what it is ! Well over 20k on the Lifan 125. Getting harder to start and possibly now starting to burn oil but still sticks with bigger bikes on the twistys and takes everything thrown at it as per the last two years of top of the south gravel adventures. Was gonna strip it this winter and rebuild with new engine but probably wont . Its likely the only ride it will be on each year as I prefer to cycle to work and run on the weekends but when I do ride it I fucking love it
  3. So another 2 years passed and I said goodbye to this unfinished project. Is it for sale ? came up in conversation with my mate Hogan who has built two oustanding Ironheads in the past couple of years . Yeah everything is for sale and for the right money Ill happily see it gone. Hogan had a mate who wasnt up to speed with working on bikes bit knew what style he wanted and turns out my bike was his style so a deal was done and its now getting finished by Hogan and then passed onto his mate to enjoy the chopper buzz. My life has taken twists and turns over the years and the chopper thing hadnt really been exciting me for some years now so was to happy to see it gone and the money invested into a bathroom reno.
  4. Yeh this is cool mate ! Nice work
  5. Looking so damn good ! Andrew is such a GC and has amazing workmanship
  6. Cheers to @RUNAMUCK for leading the way organising this event ! Thanks to@- i5oogt - for sorting the online forms and payments and also taking care of the whole crew cooking the bbq feeds @JustHarry For being a GC on the bbq and driving support all weekend ! @ThePog for driving support in your sweet rig and and also looking after Craig on the Saturday and also teeing up your Sister to cook us up such a mean feed ! Was such a treat after such a long day! @Willdat? For your epic route creation on Sunday Loved all those twisty gravel and sealed roads. @Pee Dubs For your route choice on Friday. Loved it all and my favourite sealed section was from Tumbledown Bay to Waikawa Cheers to Aaron for trucking our Bikes up and once again sharing some great moments together. As well as another solid one with Mark ! Stoked my workmates @NZChaddy& @Spud1man enjoyed the weekend even though Craig broke his collarbone. Was solid as always to see the North Islanders back on the Mainland ! Loved it ! My CT will be back with a airbox next year to sort my dust issues and some fresh tyres. Will also carry all the spare parts haha. Enjoyed helping others continue on the adventure !
  7. Postman Steve. His return crossing was super wild but didnt capture it
  8. Most of the way up the hardest section of the Porika Track. My favourite off road section of the whole weekend
  9. @sentra took awhile to figure out what I was trying to achieve / catch up to me
  10. Got some rolling shots which was a bit tricky but worth it This one of Aaron on his CT125
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