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  1. Yeah Im also a big fan of your Fiat saving journeys ! This one is pretty damn cool ! Keep up the good work mate
  2. Had a great full bike gear train run there with @Willdat?
  3. Yeah that was from Aarons bike and got wrung out and reused on Marks bike Mine also split so Im now going ahead with adapting a factory CT90 airbox up to my Mikuni carb for trouble free river crossings
  4. Just tighten that front axle and its good to go
  5. Come down for a Peninsula ride @Chunky_t. I reckon I could organise a 2 day overnighter in Akaroa exploring all the great gravel roads of Banks Peninsula
  6. Yeah Banks Peninsula has some great gravel roads
  7. So Aaron just brought a new CT125. Fucking excited for him !
  8. Yeah that would be my dream little moped rig. Still step thru. Still in keeping with small bike styles..injected and 17" wheels so can chuck some goldenboys on and a good rack to carry ya gear. And wont need a auxilliary fuel tank because so economical
  9. I vote Bart. I just attended and rode wildly all weekend and helped out on a few repairs where I could. Jump at it though because print media is cool . Ive got a shelf on the bookshelf at home with the dozens of magazines Ive been interviewed and featured in and its a good feeling and good to show the kids
  10. @governorsam on his GN smashing thru the river. Was impressed with how well it performed off road
  11. @Whoopeecocksmashing thru the Jollies Pass River crossing on his sweet Yoshi Pipe
  12. @Truenotchon his sweet MX100 which I really enjoyed battling all weekend long! This must have been just before the clutch cable snapped
  13. The one and only Vape Yeti @WankBankA100 punishing that A100
  14. @Pee Dubs on his oh so sweet CB400. thanks for stopping and helping with my Throttle cable replacement and @Moffor the brakeclean and help too ! Sorry for the punishing half throttle ride after that until I realised I needed to adjust the slack out of the cable
  15. @Chunky_t riding the least approriate bike as he did the whole ride. His extra few CCs than me made up for the lack off suspension and brake he had
  16. My bike parked up overlooking the Maitai Dam just below the Caretakers house next to the gate. It was at this point @RUNAMUCK caught up to me and we had a great ride all the way out of Maitai Valley
  17. Me and @Whoopeecock parked up to laugh about the speed hump on the way down with the young fellas whose name I forget coming down.
  18. The Maungatapu Saddle. Some relief after some intense riding on the way up. It was at this point here that Mark & Aaron who had taken the sealed road over the Whangamoas from Pelorus to Nelson checked into our room. They said it was the smoothest sealed road they had ridden
  19. It would be a struggle on a twist n go with small engine. I watched the new monkeys struggle thru alot of the ride and they had clutches
  20. Righto. So massive thanks to Bart & Will for organising this ride and route ! Really was the most amazing intinary and roads. Then a bloody good on you guys to Harry , Karl & Mof for being the best support crew a group of riders could ask for. Having suitable vehicles and skill as well as a good onboard kit to help anyone out with any issues. And then cooking everyday and handing out cold dobros. What more could you ask for. Then thanks to Aaron and Mark for saying fuck yeah to riding all the way from home and back. Gutted Aaron couldnt make it the whole way homr but ga
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