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  1. Yeah Ive ridden it on my CT with 125 on the same trip with @BLIZZO. I was about 500km into the trip at that point. Had a stack of gear and a 5L jerry can on the back too
  2. Fizzing for this one ! Will give the CT a quick service and should be sweet. We will crash in Renwick Thurs, Fri nights then will be keen to stay at same place as you guys in Nelson. Wonder if @moparmuppet is in town and up for a catch up
  3. With great sadness me & Rez will not be able to attend Wagnats this season. We both starting new jobs and got a bit too much on to be able to commit to travelling north for a few days of agressive relaxation. Hopefully instead we can commit to something like Hawkes Boes later in the year to make up for our lameness.
  4. Damn cool new car Cullen ! Suits the supremes quite nicely. Colour combo is solid too
  5. Yeah there is plenty of other options. Allthough not with as much punishing straight gravel roads but plenty of good options for sure
  6. Argh thats cool. Lawl Oddly me & Rez aint discussed Wagnats. We normally start talking about it months out due to the cost of gas and the ferry. We aint yet. We are both quite likely to be starting new jobs late this year / early next .The Van aint woffed , Ive got my next running race at the end of Feb. Hmmm. I Hope we can make this work
  7. Yeah thats common knowledge that there is a season of acccess thru the Molesworth. Guess we will keep a eye on the roadworks
  8. Have a bloody good time lads ! Keep up the posts and photos for all us of to envy ! Let the good times roll
  9. Another outstanding steed from the Garage of Blizzo ! Nice work as always brother. Enjoy those 5 days if bliss mate
  10. This is the guy you want to get your work done by
  11. Oh dude ! This was such a great read ! Love what you have done already Hope the compliance is easy peasy
  12. Great progress bro ! So good to see back down on the ground too. Are you doing a bit of panel and paint too ?
  13. Im in once again and will confirm Aaron & Mark when I see them next as well as they both enjoyed this alot. Aaron also has a new CT125 which he has modified alot. Me & Mark will be on our Green CTs. I might throw a new engine at mine between now and then.
  14. For me day 2 was the highlight! Those two trails were the best.
  15. Love ya work Clint ! That engine bay looks so damn good. Excited to see it progress
  16. Yes ! Im with Clint on this. Ive seen a few slammed ones on IG and has me feeling the same way
  17. Shit yeah ! Nice score. Reminds me of the old Christchurch days hanging with Jeff @anglia4and his CB cafe racer
  18. The 19" looks great and would make for better handling on the Maungatapu Track on the Molesworth road in the NY
  19. No one gonna be mad if its 50 bucks with the way we were looked after by the support lads and the top notch route you guys had planned. Cold beers and good bbq were so fucking good each day
  20. Yeah Im trying to figure out if it would be any better clockwise or not and Im feeling it wouldnt. Was such a great event and Im looking forward to it again. Would be mega keen for Nelson pub crawl on the satdee
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