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  1. Yeah its more cost effective to Jam a ute and trailer full of bikes than take each bike across
  2. Im locked in and fizzing ! Such a good route and plan ya got in place ! Good times ahead
  3. You can check mine out @RUNAMUCK. Same setup pretty much and yeah the bash bar is between pegs and engine
  4. Holy shit this looks good ! Loving the constant updates too
  5. Im keen and locked in ! Whats this about a south island bike pest mission
  6. Super cool to see this thing progress KK ! Enjoy the shakedown rides !
  7. Im out for the second year in a row. Start new Job next week and need to keep the travel local . Will probably scout out a top of the south mission when it warms up again
  8. Looking great bro ! Alot of hard yards on this one ! Will be great to be able to enjoy it without worrying about panel and paint again
  9. This is lookin so damn cool slammed! Keep up the good work
  10. That Engine and Gearbox detail are perfect ! Nice work
  11. And by cables I mean brake lines
  12. Im gonna go down this route for my cables.. how did you go about getting them exactly what you wanted. Size fitting and length ?
  13. @cletus Its lower in the photos than it actually is. The lowest part of the frame rails are about 120mm and lean angle on these tyres means they will let go before pegs even get a chance to scrape
  14. Actually forgot that I need to buy all new Deutz plug terminals and a proper crimper as I have soldered my wires to my terminals and a few have broken as Ive since discovered this is not the correct method
  15. Righto. Got down on some Covid Rego and now Im gonna try finish it off and ride it with No wof while I Iron out any issues
  16. Love this car bro and your plans ! Was a bloody great day out at Harrys. Such a top bloke and yeah him and his boys sure know how to find a bargain Stoked ya found a chassis mate and local too !
  17. Im gonna sort out the last few jobs real soon. Ol mate @Kimjon had been inspirational with the regular updates. Im gonna shuffle my shed around tonite and get it into a better spot for working on
  18. Jesus ! Making me feel better about my Ironhead. The purchase and Build owe me about 6 - 7 K. Im digging what you guys are doing though. Wish I had the motivation to finish mine off
  19. Gonna chuck down and expression of interest in this one aye. Will see how Employment and the year pans out
  20. Thats pretty awesome mate ! Stoked for ya. Keen to see more adventures