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  1. Took radiator to be flow checked and it's fine. Looks good inside where you can see, no corrosion or whatever. Cut the tanks and made it a triple pass. Still temp climbs. Not as fast as before but it's still climbing. Tested both thermostats to make sure they open about where they say they will and also to make sure the bypass blocking plate on the back of the thermostat reaches the hole it's supposed to block. One was better then the other so I put that in. It's still getting hot, just does it a bit slower now.
  2. yea so the thing i welded up was a threaded hole where a gauge sender went. the only part of the water circuit that i have changed is the hot water feed to the throttle body which is now blocked. it was a 6mm pipe. also the UZ has the thermostat in the return line sort of. its fed hot water at the back of it from the water bridge between the heads and as it opens it blocks a bypass hole with a flange at the back. so technically the thermostat is in the return line but its kind of not. the head gaskets have bigger water holes on one head than they do on the other and im assuming thats done to force flow across from one head to the other at the back water bridge.
  3. Also I really appreciate your input team. Im sorry if im coming across as a bit curt or short but I am incredibly fucked off and really angry at not being able to fix this. The radiator guy hasn't has a slot to look at my radiator until now so I'll take that up to him now and hope like fuck that's been the problem. Fuck, I really hope it is because I'm running out of things to try.....
  4. It turns nicely by hand. If its eating itself that would have been evident in the oil filter but that showed nothing untoward
  5. today i took the oil filter off, cut it open and had a look. took it to the engine builder for confirmation and he agreed there was nothing in the oil to worry about. put a new water pump on the motor which has a sightly bigger impeller which sits into the block a bit deeper and that made no difference. im starting to lose my patience with this
  6. The thermostat is in the return line like a few toyotas. I jacked the front of the car way up and burped it with a funnel fitting into the radiator filler neck. Ive done this three times. The sensors removed fron the front water bridge are cold start trigger (hasn't been used since I installed the link about 6 years ago) and the temp sender for the autometer gauge which is now in the rear water bridge.
  7. just checked the photos and the head gaskets are definitely on the right way round. water pump is genuine toyota, i would hope its made correctly. still scratching my head on this one....
  8. the fan is deff running the same as it was before as none of the wiring for that has changed, only the triggering for the relay has changed. thermostat in non genuine but ive run the motor with and without a thermostat and it made no difference. seems to be a bit of pressure in the radiator hoses as well.
  9. so, ive removed the serpentine belt and run the moor without the supercharger running and it made no difference. the rate at which it gets hot is quite alarming. the water bridges are hot within a minute. it takes no time at all to get up to 88deg. Adam went over the fuel map and the ignition map and couldn't find anything that would cause it undue heat. i will get someone else to check that ive set the base timing correctly but im fairly sure its right. ill take the radiator to be flow tested then cleaned and re tested tomorrow but i really dont think the radiator is the problem. the motor gets hot way to fast for it to have anything to do with the radiator. i wonder if i put the headgaskets on backwards or something? do you think that would do it?
  10. Yea I'll get the radiator cleaned for sure.
  11. firstly thanks for your input everyone. deff some things to think about/try. i tried knocking the idle back as far as i could and it made no difference. its already rich and retarded a bit for the running in period. im loath to put more fuel into it, its already borderline bore washing as it is. the radiator and both hoses deff get hot so there is flow for sure. when it first gets to 88 degrees (from cold) the fan will pull 2 degrees out of it and switch off but you can see the inlet temps rising slowly and the next time the fan kicks in it cant keep up so there is deff flow through the radiator and the fan is doing something, just not doing enough. the radiator cap seems fine, its not weeping or anything. more questions for you to ponder and give me your thoughts on, the head gaskets are stock toyota, do you think the cooling ports in the gaskets should be larger to allow more flow or do you think that toyota knew what they were doing and fucking with the hole size would just make more problems? i will try and run it tomorrow with the supercharger running and see what happens
  12. I have no idea what three hundred and two tune is.
  13. Heater circut is connected and open. Jacked the front of the car right up and bled the cooling circut with a funnel type water reservoir into the top of the radiator. Radiator hoses the same as its been for 11 years with no drama.
  14. removed thermostat and no difference. inside the manifold (under the supercharger) temps are about 45 deg.this creeps at about the same rate as coolant temp.
  15. i spent today fucking around with it and i did find that i had the bypass valve plumbed wrong so it wasn't able to bypass air at idle. that did bring the inlet temps down but this thing is still getting hot. thoughts? what do you think could be causing it to get so hot? its basically the same motor sitting idling and the temp just creeps up. same radiator, same fan. its not making any power yet but the temp is still rising. it heats up really quick the supercharger gets real hot as does the whole motor the fan kicks in but it cant keep up, the temp both of the coolant and the intake air just keeps getting hotter and hotter. im 99% sure i put the head gaskets on the correct sides. the base timing seems to be right. i dunno? what do you think? ps, dont post in this thread, chuck your ideas in the discussion thread (link in sig) thanks team.