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  1. Also you'll be fine to hot work the ends to shape it. It won't cause localised crystallisation to badly in something that small.
  2. You won't be able to harden a length like that after you've shaped the ends so get a bit of spring steel already heat treated from somewhere like CMI.
  3. heres the pics that i couldnt post yesterday. 2020-06-22_07-55-31 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-06-22_07-55-58 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-06-22_07-56-05 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-06-22_07-56-12 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-06-22_07-56-22 by sheepers, on Flickr
  4. hard to say exactly tbh. temps did drop once we'd sorted the timing issue, but they were getting better all the time. the more load and running it saw the better it got. so maybe a combo tight new motor and timing issue caused it? i did learn that you cant use the trigger wire to the coil as the trigger for your timing light because it gives a false reading. i dont know by how much, couple of degrees i would imagine. but it is false.
  5. fuck man, i did like a million skids on the way home from the dyno.
  6. sounds pretty ace when your driving it too.
  7. well then, many happenings have been happening. firstly my good Mate Adam strapped it down to his dyno and he had a go at tuning it. the fuel pump died and it was making 15PSI which is way to much for a poor little M122. so i pulled the fuel pump out and replaced it with a walbro GSS341 and i made a bigger pulley for the supercharger. while i was at it i put the colder thermostat in it. put it all back together and this morning i went back to Adam's dyno for another go. everything was working so we set about basic setup, this is where i discovered that id set the timing wrong and it was retarded by 15 degrees. dont know how id fucked that up but i had. explains a lot.............. so anywho with the timing right things progressed well and the thing made power without getting hot so thats solved. pics/video can tell the rest of the story. EDIT - flickr is being a dick and wont upload any pictures. it made 250RWKW and the torque is literaly a straight line at 280 foot pounds. but youtube is working so heres the vid,
  8. I'll be there. Burger get in my face.
  9. Hit them harder.
  10. The injectors are probably just stuck, happens all the time. Just give them a bit of a wack then pulse them with 12 volts off the battery with a couple of fly leads. They should free up.
  11. Theres a new burger fuel in point chev with a decent carpark out front. It's a bit of a lottery as to weather ot not its empty. Most nights by about 7.30 it's fairly free but then some nights it has cars in it. Could be worth a try?
  12. did another 300Ks in it today, got in a mild traffic situation/has to slow down a bit on the motorway and it was fine but TBH it was not stopped traffic. i do feel like its getting better though. weird looking picture of car contains bonus steam trains. 2020-06-01_03-30-37 by sheepers, on Flickr
  13. And as ive said many times it's got two temp gauges and they both correlate.
  14. Na, it's pretty good and the recovery system seems to be working fine