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  1. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    all working now. 2019-04-15_08-43-48 by sheepers, on Flickr
  2. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    got the tail lights back in and the bumper on. the gaskets that go around the tail light holes were all fucked so i bought some closed cell neoprene strip from para rubber and stuck that on. it worked a treat and now the tail lights are all sealed up. 2019-04-14_03-38-29 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-04-14_03-38-22 by sheepers, on Flickr also found this cool manufactures sticker/QC mark on the back of one of the door cards. 2019-04-14_03-38-13 by sheepers, on Flickr so yea the back end is starting to come together, got an issue with the brake lights not working properly but that will be something minor, im pretty sure they all worked before i pulled it to bits....... 2019-04-14_03-38-06 by sheepers, on Flickr
  3. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    painted the boot. its not great tbh, got a couple of runs in it but its only a boot i suppose.... 2019-04-13_06-22-45 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-04-13_06-22-53 by sheepers, on Flickr i also painted the dash. it was looking a bit shit and the sliver edging was all fucked so i had a go at masking the edges and using some chrome spray paint to bring it back to life. it came out super awesomeo! im really happy with it. the chrome isnt "chrome" as it was but its pretty close. sure looks way better than it did. im giving it a turbo win out of ten. 2019-04-13_06-22-37 by sheepers, on Flickr
  4. sheepers

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    all nissan water pumps are the same. just go into buntings frightfully dapper auto parts emporium and ask for a nissan water pump. sorted
  5. so the T3 ones sometimes push the circlip out and the bearing moves in the housing. once that happens they're fucked, you gotta buy another top plate (T3 will sell you just the plate and not the whole assembly) but if its just the bearing fucked you can replace it without to much drama.
  6. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    i gave the center console a tidy up and a coat of paint. 2019-04-07_11-14-14 by sheepers, on Flickr then i climbed into the boot and started prepping it for paint. managed to get it ready without to much back pain so i decided to try and paint it. 2019-04-07_11-14-36 by sheepers, on Flickr came out really good so now i can put some seam sealer in the gaps and sand it all up ready for some colour.
  7. From what I know of Richie's H220 I'm going to guess that the caliper is the same as MS65 crown if that's any help to you. The is other toyotas that share that caliper but I can't think what it is, maybe early Corona?
  8. sheepers

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Na, the traffic was real bad, I think someone went tits up in great north road so I didn't make it. Went out there this morning but there was no one there
  9. sheepers

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Mint, cheers for that. Might go see them this arvo/ check out your car
  10. sheepers

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    who are you using for compliance?
  11. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Yea I checked if it was ok first. I'll give it a go
  12. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    i bought an inversion table and i pick it up tomorrow. how long did you spend upside down? did you go all the way upside down? fucked if i know, im just going to hang upside down and wait for my back to be fixed. or i pass out, whatever.
  13. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Thanks team! I'll give this hanging upside down a go and see what happens.
  14. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    Peter the rust defeater finished the boot. hes done an amazing job and once i tidy and paint it all up you wont be able to tell its been replaced. 2019-03-12_07-29-34 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-03-16_05-02-02 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-03-16_05-02-41 by sheepers, on Flickr with that done there was only one small bit left to do and the car is rust free so i did that. it took me two days to make this small piece and weld it in. i can't do to much really before the leg tells me its time for a rest so yea, progress has slowed somewhat. 2019-03-17_03-42-44 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-03-17_03-42-53 by sheepers, on Flickr that last photo isn't very good. anywho, the welding is now finished. Nick the sparky came over and sorted out putting relays into the power feeds for the electric windows so the switches don't take the full current. so that done and choice. now i need to get the heater core reconditioned and install some new ball joints and tierod ends and then try to get it complied . it'll take a while but i should be able to sort all that in between whinging about my leg/back.
  15. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    thanks guys. yea its shit but it is what it is. ill do what i can.