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  1. The bottom one is a satsumo castanet. Very popular model in the west North.
  2. Progress. Not finished yet but getting there. Interestingly enough the one with the biggest bend in it, third from the right, is the one I didn't cut.
  3. I'll make an exhaust for it if you want.
  4. in my experience there is a difference between the cheap and expensive electric fans but not enough to solve your woes i reckon. if its getting hot and you've got two ,fairly small TBH, electric fans on there then upgrading to the most expensive fan you can fit still wont fix the problem. larger diameter makes a big difference too, if you can fit one 16" fan - somehow- rather than two 11" fans that would be better. youd need a shroud and shit but yea bigger is better.
  5. ^ I'm talking about difficulty in sticking things up your bum of course?
  6. So getting coilovers for this is turning out to be a bit difficult in that everything had massive lead times in the region of 18 weeks. So I bought some yellow speed ones. I've got yellow speed brakes on my blue car, have had them on there for about 4 years or so, never has any issue with them and so I took a punt on their coilovers. In the meantime I thought I'd make a slightly custom grill for it. Because there was a cheap grill on trademe. I want to "delete" the badge, so they'd what I'm doing.
  7. it did, i was there. right now things are all up the shit and we had to be sensible. that meant not buying that place. no matter, we'll find another.
  8. This was the house we were trying to buy, https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/property/residential/lifestyle-property/auckland/papakura/ardmore/listing/3601740942
  9. We did not buy the new house. Not bummed, its a bad time to be selling a house in AK.
  10. we'll need to live another 6 lives to pay off what we are trying to buy.
  11. Can you get me a contact for the seller please? I can't access marketplace for reasons I haven't discovered yet.
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