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  1. cheers for that. im 99% sure it has a vent on the gearstick mount plate doohicky and ill check that it actually is one. points to note, it was fine for 2 years then it just started leaking for no reason so fucked if i know?
  2. so, everything is out and I've puled the bush out of the gearbox. i had to make a tool to bash it out. i measured 0.06mm float between the driveshaft and the bush. i dont see this as being an issue and i cant see how this amount of play would cause the lip seal to leak as soon as you drive at motorway speeds. got any ideas as to why it keeps pumping oil out the rear gearbox seal? the seal i put in it isnt a directional one to be fair, however it is the correct size and ive put 3 different ones in it and its shit itself every time. there is no drive line vibratio
  3. went for a cruze. it was great. 2021-05-16_03-06-24 by sheepers, on Flickr
  4. things are pretty great with this car. just got to sort out the seats and some carpet but thats for another day. i bought some new rear disks for it a while back because the ones i had were turbo fucked. minimum thickness is about 11 mm and one was down to 9. so yea, in they went. not a big job but still. 2021-05-01_12-59-34 by sheepers, on Flickr 2021-05-01_12-59-28 by sheepers, on Flickr
  5. pulled it to bits and got it ready to remove the motor. ive ordered some parts which willtake ages to get here so im in no hurry. i thought id tidy up some stuff while im waiting. water return pipe from the turbo went into the original spigot and the second one was just blanked off. it looked a bit dumb so i pulled the stainless tubes out, welded up the holes and welded a dash 6 nipple on lower down. 2021-05-09_07-04-13 by sheepers, on Flickr 2021-05-09_07-04-05 by sheepers, on Flickr then i thought id make a
  6. oh, hi!! so yea things have been great with this car. except the output bushing on the gearbox is flopping around and subsequently the output seal is leaking and flinging oil all over the exhaust. this is shit. the gearbox has only done a couple thousand Ks since it was brand new from Toyota. apparently this is fairly common on the new R154s which fucks me off even more. I've fucked around with changing the seal multiple times and all the other usual checks but it just keeps on leaking. cool. so to fix it i have to take the motor and box out because of the whole massi
  7. car went to the paint shop to get the runs out of it and get the final cut and polish. i went and picked it up last night and it looks amazing. anywho, today i wanted to fix the exhaust where the flex joint had worn through because its the lowest point and its had a fucking over judder bars and whatnot and subsequently has a hole it in. step 1 - jack up your car. this is where things went wrong. 2021-04-25_02-55-42 by sheepers, on Flickr car slid off the jack on the way up. given what could have happened i got off extremely lightly. it b
  8. hey also, what are some good "mig welding 101" type videos on the you tubes? I've got a couple of guys here that want to learn and id like to get them to watch something as a basic introduction first.
  9. bought some carpet and put it on the box. then i put it in the car. fuck me, the hype over this sub is all fucking real. what a fucking unit! 2021-04-12_08-00-53 by sheepers, on Flickr 2021-04-12_08-01-00 by sheepers, on Flickr
  10. ive had this Boston 12.5LF sitting around for a while so i decided to make a sub box for it. i had to make it a weird shape so i could get it right at the back and still close the tailgate. 18mm MDF with bitumous tape (basically the same as sound deadner) over the joints on the inside. ill cover it in either carpet or maybe some stretchy vinyl then its done. i need to make some sort of way of holding it down in the right place but also i need to be able to move it out of the way if im putting something large in the back. ill think of something. 2021-04-11_03-23-
  11. remember a thousand years ago when i bought a link dash for this? well, the instructions for a link dash are fucking shit, if you ever buy one know that the indicator icons are referred to as "warning lights" and the indicator icons that are described in the instruction manual, badly, are just icons that don't work on every display skin. anywho whilst trying to figure this out i powered the wrong pin on the plug and something went bang. it took them two and a half months to fix it but its fixed now so i got on with the job of installing it. its now mounted up and working so
  12. No hairdryer. Got it. Also I have some more chrome centre caps coming to replace the black ones.
  13. spent the day finishing the belt seal install and putting the door trims and whatnot back on. i had to cut the steel bit to bend it so it would fit around the curve of the back window. this resulted in the rubber lip being a bit distorted from bending it and its find of all over the show. does anyone have any tips on how i can get the rubber to change shape a bit or relax it a bit so it sits against the glass? 2021-04-03_04-58-57 by sheepers, on Flickr
  14. That is indeed a pisser. As a side note my dad did not have one of these. However my uncle did and I remember going places in the back. His was white with red seats and it was pretty rad if I recall. Lingpost.
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