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  1. well then, 3 years has flashed by. in that time the 51 has been in storage a bit and ive driven it a bit. done a few things to it but nothing major. it continues to run well despite it having a 4M for an engine. things done to it are, re-valved the shocks to give a better ride (was a bit "bouncy" before) rebuilt the driveshaft uni's because they were fucked replaced the front tire that had a lump in it and caused a vibration on the motorway. new set of plugs coolant flush the standard oil and filter changes new battery and thats it. drove it to leadfoot over the weekend and it went perfectly. here are some pix of the adventure. last minute warrant, 2019-02-05_07-29-27 by sheepers, on Flickr played chicken with a truck, 2019-02-05_07-29-36 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-02-05_07-30-00 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-02-05_07-30-16 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-02-05_07-30-28 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-02-05_07-30-58 by sheepers, on Flickr
  2. sheepers

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    glass corp part number ATC056.
  3. sheepers

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    Windscreen clips can be bought from glass Corp. There are the same as Holden ones, when I go out to the shed I'll find the part number.
  4. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    yea its not the end of the world. my legs pretty sore and its all a bit shit really but ill just have to do what im told until i recover fully then i can get back to building cars.
  5. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    ive got a sore back. well its actually my leg thats sore but its a pinched nerve in my back thats causing it. ive been ignoring it and its been getting steadily worse but today i went and saw a specialist and i have to stop working on cars, or anything for that matter, for about the next 8 weeks, which blows. if i keep ignoring it ill wind up in back surgery and problems for the rest of my life so i aint going to be doing much for a while. dumb because i wanted to take this car to leadfoot. dumb.
  6. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    did a bit more. cut open the sill to have a look at the inner piece which was a bit rusty so i cut it out and made a new bit. 2019-01-05_03-17-08 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-05_03-17-43 by sheepers, on Flickr then it was on to making a new outer skin. i cut the whole bottom off and just made one patch to make life easier. i made the arch lip and welded it on first, then stitched it all in. 2019-01-05_03-17-29 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-05_03-17-52 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-05_03-17-58 by sheepers, on Flickr still got a few little bits to do but its nearly finished. tomorrow is my 45th birthday so im not sure if ill work on it tomorrow or not.
  7. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    despite spending half the day fucking around with the stupid washing machine i got some more done. i didnt take and "before" pictures which i really should have, oh well, cant do anything about it now. so i cut the rusty bits off the outer skin and reveled the inner which was in pretty good shape. one hole but the rest cleaned up with a bit of grinding. made a patch for the inner skin and glued it in. i also made a new lip for the inner skin because it was a bit fucked and the spot welds were a bit fucked as well. 2019-01-04_05-46-21 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-04_05-45-55 by sheepers, on Flickr made a new bit for the bottom corner of the inner skin. 2019-01-04_05-46-04 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-04_05-46-13 by sheepers, on Flickr then i made the patches for the outer skin. the MS75 has a 45 degree angle bit on the lip so i made that on the bench and welded it up before welding the patch to the car. its way easier that way. 2019-01-04_05-46-40 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-04_05-45-45 by sheepers, on Flickr as usual i didnt take enough photos. so tomorrow ive got to finish that little triangle bit and some small patches in the bottom of the sill then the rust is finished except for the boot floor.
  8. sheepers

    wanted to borrow: M20 Tap

    sorry, only have M20 x 1.5 die nut and M18 x 1.5 tap.
  9. sheepers

    wanted to borrow: M20 Tap

    hang on caller, ill go have a look if ive got one.
  10. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    finished Richies starlet and it came up mint. so now i can do more on this. i finished the last little piece for the drivers side but didnt take a picture. then onto the pasingers side. started by making a new bottom for the spare tire well. 2019-01-02_04-50-21 by sheepers, on Flickr then i made the little triangle bit to finish off the rear quarter. needed to make a new inner bit and a few little pieces but it all cme together nicely. 2019-01-03_03-13-59 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-03_03-13-50 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-03_03-13-42 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-03_03-13-34 by sheepers, on Flickr 2019-01-03_03-13-26 by sheepers, on Flickr i started on the wheel arch and ill carry on with that tomorrow.
  11. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    spent today buttoning up the drivers side rear quarter. the other MS75 i bought off Tom came with a full boot cut that happens to have the rear quarters attached. i had a dig around the boot cut rear quarter and it looked to be in pretty good nick so i cut the piece i needed off the boot cut and welded that to the coupe. the eagle eyed among you will notice that the sedan rear quarter is slightly shorter that the coupe, making the back of the wheel arch further back in the sedan than in the coupe. ill make a little piece to bring the wheel arch in line and its done. saved me heaps of time. would have been a few days making all the innerbits and getting everything fitting and welded up. this was way quicker. in other news i put the back bumper together after paint and its a fucking abortion. im fucking embarrassed as to how badly i got the curve wrong between the sedan bumper and the coupe chrome top piece. i dunno what to do with it. either ill re-do the whole thing of just slap it on and fix it when i paint the whole car. not sure but i am sure that its too bad to put a picture of it on the internet. Richie's starlet is arriving here tomorrow to get the engine bay painted so ill be a few days doing that before i can get back into this. i really want to get this thing complied and drive it around, its fucking rad. 2018-12-28_04-22-16 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-12-28_04-22-24 by sheepers, on Flickr
  12. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    got most of the engine swap on Richards celica done so now i can get a bit more done on this car. finished the bumper and front valance thing. theY needed a bit of rust repair and a bit of fucking around and now their painted. i used a protech clear that ive had for ages and ive never really liked it. it goes on like its dry and i end up putting to much on to get it to wet out properly which resulted in a run. no big drama but these things happen. oh and also, MERRY CRISSY!!!!!!!!!!! 2018-12-24_03-31-57 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-12-24_03-32-18 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-12-24_03-32-05 by sheepers, on Flickr
  13. sheepers

    Doof Doofs

    are you running an amp thats triggered off the electric areal blue wire instead of the aux switch blue wire?
  14. sheepers

    Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

    air cleaner details. because, everyone wants to know details about a 4M air cleaner. this particular one is a very early one which has the vent pipe coming into the bottom and also the sides of the thing are part of the top, rather than the normal ones which have the sides as part of the bottom. the later ones also have 3 clips round the edge. this one does not have that, so its aesthetically more pleasing, you can picture it in your mind as you're doing your yoga. im glad we've had this talk. 2018-12-12_05-18-48 by sheepers, on Flickr
  15. sheepers

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Yea man, thanks again!!!