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  1. that looks like a thing that might work. but you're right, burnouts might be compromised and we cant have that.
  2. forgot to mention, a supercharged 1UZ pulling hard at 7200RPM sounds pretty ace.
  3. tidying a few things up with the tune. i had no speed signal so the ECU didn't know if we were moving or not. with an E throttle that makes quite the difference. so i put a wheel speed sensor in the back so now it knows we are moving. the other major thing that needed sorting was the rev limit, it was set too low (6500) and it was pretty harsh. so now th rev limit is a more excellent 7500 with a really nice cut that just works. lots of little things were made better in regards to coasting to a stop, the fan coming on, part throttle curse, just more drivability. the other thing that we did was add a bit of timing up top which coupled with the higher rev limit it made 275 killer wasps at the tyres. keen for drag day TBH.
  4. Also, say hi to a few people. We're a friendly bunch and always full of shit yarns to make you wish you'd never asked.
  5. and yip, then i painted it. now got the back of the boot lid and the boot seal area to finish and i can start priming the outside. 2020-11-17_08-09-25 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-17_08-09-18 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-17_08-09-11 by sheepers, on Flickr
  6. rinse repeat for the other side. 2020-11-16_07-25-21 by sheepers, on Flickr
  7. Richie came over and gave me a hand to prep some bits and then, i painted a thing. 2020-11-07_03-58-20 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-07_03-58-14 by sheepers, on Flickr
  8. thought i would paint the door shuts and all the little inside bits. took door and front guard off and disassembled door. the door seals are totally fucked so i had to come up with something to replace them with. i had some celica ones for the blue car so i tried them. the ends are completely different but they are almost the right length so i decided to make them fit. the ends are pretty terrible tbh but i got no choice, they are better than what was on there. it meant i had to redrill all the pin mounting holes and weld up all the original ones. so thats all done and the door inner is ready for some primer, hell, i may even wet lay some colour on it if it looks flat enough after primer. 2020-11-03_08-23-20 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-03_08-21-24 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-03_08-21-18 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-03_08-21-10 by sheepers, on Flickr
  9. i've pretty much removed all the shitty non stuck red from the car. i need to tidy up a few bits before i can think about putting primer on it but im pretty close. this is very weird, every car i've ever painted needed months and months of rust repairs and panel work before the primer tin comes out of the cupboard but not this time. i have found three dents in it that have been filled with bog without event the slightest attempt to remove them so ill fix those. i also found a whole bunch of bog on the front left corner, which i removed to find absolutely nothing wrong with the steel underneath. like, nothing, its the correct shape, no dents, no rust, nothing. it just had bog on it. not sure what to do next, i need to take the screens out and fix two 5mm holes i found but there isn't any other rust that needs fixing that i've found so far. as i say, this is all a bit weird, im not sure how to proceed. 2020-11-01_05-57-24 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-11-01_05-57-32 by sheepers, on Flickr
  10. gettin more done. front guard was silver at some point. has a smack in the front corner which was never even tried to be fixed, just fill it with bog. so i go that out and its pretty good now. ill keep removing the crap paint to get it down to factory red/primer. then i guess ill chuck some epoxy primer on it. 2020-10-29_09-41-33 by sheepers, on Flickr
  11. the symptoms you describe are classic leaking crank seal type shit, thats why im thinking it might be that. does it have a breather in the crank case? you could put a bolt in it so it cant suck in from the crankcase and that might tell you if the seals are shit. classic scooter trick that one, crank seal fucks out, chuck a bolt in the breather and your good to go (a short distance before it shits itself properly)
  12. im going to suggest crank seal are fucked.
  13. ah yip, you can get them new, guess ill have to do that. cheers anyway.
  14. wat. got any 3.7/3.9 CW&P you dont want? dont need the whole LSD, it would be nice, but at this point im just trying to find a lower F series ratio.
  15. so, now its time to paint it. its been re-sprayed some time in the long distant past and from what i found sanding back the roof i think the reason it was re-sprayed is because of some problem with the original paint. there are fish eyes in the paint that go through the top coat and all the way down to the factory primer. its obvious that this car was painted factory red, then another coat of red was laid over that and these is a defect that shows in the first layer of primer. anywho, so far its been alright getting the old paint off, long may it continue. 2020-10-27_08-29-57 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-10-27_08-29-46 by sheepers, on Flickr