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  1. So, I still own this It got used for a daily for about a year or so, and I made a few more changes to it - t3 knuckles and modified the tension arms for more caster. And changed out the rear end to an 4.11 F code center from an mx73, with an Altezza torsen. Here's a terrible, old, cellphone picture of it about then; A little later while I was taking a short break from possessing a license I pulled the windscreen(s) out to fix up the rust that was coming along nicely in the lower corners of the rear screen frame, but didn't actually get around to actually doing that for a long ti
  2. project - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48358-fongs-82-carina/
  3. Moving on After motor was in took care of the radiator and plumbing, jammed an electric fan in there etc, got it to a point where i could run it. Next was the wiring - bribed my mate with beer and promises of work done to his own carina, he came and worked his magic on the, pretty haggard loom that came with the motor. Had it running by that evening, after a couple of small hiccups along the way. After that, I went through and cleaned up some of the looms dodgy bits, an example; Got some wheels, ssr casablancas, 14x7 -1. Wouldn't mind them b
  4. Hi everyone, been lurking around for good while now, thought I might put up a thread for my carina. It's a 1982 ta63, suited me because it had a t50 and was efi, I had enough stuff lying around to put a 4age in it easily enough. Bought it about a year ago off a certain Older Southern gent (cheers kyteler). Brought it up from invercargill over a couple of days, drove super nice didn't skip a beat Rolled around in bone stock glory for a few months, then grabbed a (very grubby) silvertop/link g1 setup a friend was selling. Cleaned it up a bit, made
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