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  1. Borrowing it for an event in a few weeks. Already talked to Jono
  2. Just checked OS for the first time in ages now, too late and have plans for this morning. I want to get to this or burgerfuel at some stage and I need to grab the EzUp off you too @73crownwagon
  3. Ooh that explains the dents and filler on those rear arches ! We were wondering about it.
  4. I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement or pressure associated to this purchase*
  5. Yeah, I found the current owner whilst browsing Facebook a while back and have had a few yarns. He got it off the guy I sold it too. Doing my time again, Would not bother with the injection. Not enough room unless I had the budget for more intense fab work, but then I would likely chose a better motor altogether.
  6. EURON8

    Engine cert.

    Just make sure the mounts are everything you are using are up to spec and not made by Old Barry Industries for yesteryear. You'll need driveshaft hoop(s) and shit too. And CDLs post re price seems right
  7. That's funny, I used to work for a tool wholesaler and we had a huge range of flex hones in stock at all times. Most retailers wouldn't have had them in stock but could probably have got one for Saturday morning. Maybe they stopped bringing them in. Good to see the engine going back together!! Excite!! How about that visor huh? Flash guy
  8. Also, don't put the life of your engine in the hands of those shitty little guages on regs, we have had a few that have read 20-30psi out so now we set with a decent external gauge and usually double check with the tuners gauge at dyno
  9. Fuck you seriously I finally caved and requested to view this yesterday and buy it. Got email today from guy saying it was sold and collected and driven to whakatane. Thought of you. Serious note. When time comes to sell I will purchase okay.