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  1. 3d printed ITB Manifold and Link G4+ MORE ZING Essentially i am just rebuilding my old AE86 that ran KPRs cams, but in a shitty new Altezza body.
  2. Whats your reason for going? I see Mazak have a stand their this year.
  3. Short Bonnet Zoomies Chopped Carbon Nylon 3d Printed part - was a test print off my new printer to prove i should buy it. So I did
  4. Ive been making junk for my junk car Also made ITB to head atapter that takes this manifold. Idea is mechanical throttle ITB Altezza, just to see if I can. End goal is Zoomies out the bonnet while pinning 2nd gear around Evergreen Race track.
  5. Just scrap it man, its cool. Im negotiating a whole nother shell complete at the moment.
  6. I don't know when I will be able to get it as we pack up to move house etc etc bunch of life in the way. But I do want to have a crack at stitching on a rear!
  7. Been pretty quiet on here lately, still sifting around, still drifting every 3 - 4 weeks but its rinse and repeat except the last 2 months ive been driving the new Evergreen track at Meremere I have had a couple of wall tags though... First outing March 4th Fixed up for second outing April 2nd Second outting.... So ive been teaching myself panel beating.
  8. Olds-Cool Drags When doing burnouts all i could think about was how expensive the tires were!
  9. Dumb sticker i designed for December 23rd to hand out.
  10. Linkage and deetails? my misses would love the idea of me owning one of these sweet whips...
  11. Shit bricks this is cool. After being at the drags on sat, im keen as for one of those 3 wheel beasts.
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