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  1. Whats your reason for going? I see Mazak have a stand their this year.
  2. Olds-Cool Drags When doing burnouts all i could think about was how expensive the tires were!
  3. Linkage and deetails? my misses would love the idea of me owning one of these sweet whips...
  4. Shit bricks this is cool. After being at the drags on sat, im keen as for one of those 3 wheel beasts.
  5. Ran a Drift day Oct 21st (if you follow my altezza thread in the Other section you will see) we took the Carina but im apprehensive about giving it too much shit near the barriers. Still gave it a good drive though;
  6. @KKtrips Forums said you sent me a message but there is nothing in my inbox. Hit me up on facebook Nic Tauroa
  7. Hey Guys, I rented the track for my birthday in September and my associates that drift have all bailed on me, unfortunately I cannot cancel my day however I can move it to October 21st. To give back to Oldschool for all the meets, Drags, BBQs, and good yarns over the last 8 years I have been a member, I would like to offer you guys a relaxed as day to come and have a bash, do some skids, enjoy a BBQ and get some basic pointers down at Meremere. This will be a super relaxed day, doing cone work in the large open area. The greener you are the better. I dont care what care you bring, could be new, could be old, just has to do a skid. NOTES: Car must have, seat belts and windows, you must have a helmet, extinguisher isnt required but recomended. Track rules, Hit the Armco you pay for it, Do a burnout or skid on the yellow lines or return road $1000 fine, doing standstills $1000 fine Gates open at 8am, Driver breifing at 9am, driving by 9:05am. Lunch at 12, closed track until 12:30 Pack up at 4pm, gates closed and locked up by 5pm Entry $130 Final Payment Date October 13th leave a message below, PM me, text me 021 794 705 if you are interested. If you are a Joe Manji Superstar, and want to just slalom up the track all day YOU WILL BE BORED as I want to give everyone who has never had a go at drifting, doing a doughnut, doing a figure 8 seat time to get comfortable and enjoy themselves.
  8. Didnt realise how little the car was until I saw this. Stoked photos keep turning up haha.
  9. I just realised I havent given much of a rundown! In Sept 2016 I destroyed a gearbox at Hampton Downs, literally turned 3rd gear super smooth. December 2016 we went to oldschool drags with new gearset in W58, I did 3 runs and it got a whine, my old man did a run and she blew a oil line for the oil relocator February 2017 we bought a R151 gearbox and in March 2017 fitted it, I was going to do a Timelapse, recorded it all but forgot to do anything with it. April 2017 I bought the Altezza and started drifting in that (another thread), this went for recert and failed on a bunch of stuff one being steering too heavy - powersteering needed to be fitted. June 2017 we sourced a rack and got it rebuilt, I found some electric PS pumps as factory manual pump would not fit. Also got Traction brackets, adjustable 4 link, adjustable panhard rod and T3 caster arms July 2017 We got GSS to come and sort the lines while I mounted up things behind the guy (literally yesterday). made seat rails and fitted Bride, and 380mm Dish steering wheel with quick release, This saturday I am taking the car to Nothn Fancy Drift day at Meremere to to give it a run in and see if we fixed stuff.
  10. Nearly a year, But we still work on this thing! Piecing the interior back together AGAIN. I dont fit in the NZKW seats properly with a helmet on so I have this reclinable bride on super low rails for me to use. New Powersteering system in the boot, this will be boxed up but we are just getting it running at the moment. Lines under the car and R151 on the left side with new Gearbox mount. Powersteering rack fitted vs manual rack. The 1uz put a lot of weight over the front and make it very difficult to drive. No way we were gitting the powersteering pump in there. Alternator has been relocated up 200mm to clear exhaust manifold for turbo. Drove the car last night, first time without a missfire. She makes 361hp at the wheels, at 2800rpm. Shes face ripping fast, and super super easy to slide. Tires feel like butter and they are RE002's! Drifting this weekend in the Rina, cant wait.