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  1. AE25

    Steelo's 1985 AE85 Levin

    Download and print out the matching pinout for your ecu (post it here too so we know what you're referring to). do the same for the ae92 ecu loom if possible. Could work it out from the pinout, but without knowing how it works it'll confuse ya. getting hold of a toyota yellow book workshop manual for the ae9 would be great, so you can understand the electrical systems. The alt wiring size should be fine unless youre running a big sound system or electric power steer, then the current draw increases heaps and youd want a bigger batt and alt anyway. the extra draw from a fuel pump and injectors arent huge. You'll be splicing out the alt wiring anyway as its on the other side of the engine. Also you're going from an external regulator to an internal. you can use the existing wiring but will need to change the lengths to suit the new position. could always upgrade the big white alt wire to the B terminal if you find the ae9 wire is bigger than the ae85. its in the ae9 engine loom anyways so youll prob end up using whats there and make it connect to the existing 85 alt loom or run it direct to battery, where ever that may be. If the new alt has a sense wire, then you may find it needs to be added in. external regs dont usually have it. its one of the 3 wires in the alt 3pin plug (not the charge lamp or ig wires) ant it also connects to the battery. Yeah you could just connect it to the big B terminal but youll get a lower charge voltage under load. i havent personally done ae92 loom yet, but if its anything like ae101/111 youll have extra stuff to deal with like a starter relay, which if wired correctly also connects to the STA pin of the ecu. The diagnostic plug has a few extra wirings in it but i cant imagine youd ever notice a weight difference by removing it. you can check things like if the oxy sensor is faulty without having to tap into a wire somewhere or the back of the ecu.. its right there on the firewall etc.
  2. AE25

    Steelo's 1985 AE85 Levin

    Hmm i can help as ive done a few. Are you in the south island? To help us help you, tell us what exactly you want running on this thing. Pretty much all the engine loom wiring has a purpose unless it was originally an auto. Ie: are you going to run the diagnostics plug? Are you going to use a circuit open relay? Do you want power running off the correct relays as intended by toyota or are you adding in some? do you want to extend the ecu loom or add in a firewall junction plug? Do you want the dash to flash error codes? Are you changing alternators - the type may determine how to wire it. Circuit open relay are piss easy to source from a wrecker. make sure it shows a diagram on the side of the circuit inside and see that the pins are easily identified (labeled 30, 86, 87 etc). and get one that has a plug and some wiring off it so you can splice into it. Ideally you'd source ae86 full car loom and swap the lot but yeah, not easy.
  3. Pics up on the facebook page. meet started off a bit quiet with a sprinkle of rain on the drive in. Didnt rain though, plenty cars turned up and i ended up getting sunburnt, again. was a good meet! some dickheads ripped up the tarmac though on the way out. not cool
  4. Westgate meet point edited to starbucks
  5. 12th New Year Jap oldschool meet. 20th January 2019, 11am - 2pm Massey Uni, University Ave, Albany Auckland, tier carpark outside 'the ferguson'. This is an annual event held on the 3rd sunday of January. It happens to also be Kumeu Hot Rod show weekend. Loosely based on classic Japanese and Euro oldschool cars . pre 90's preferably.. But that is not strict at all. Bring your car, have a yarn, and wear sunscreen coz she's usually a scorcher! Cruise to event, meeting at either Greenlane McD's or old Westgate outside starbucks 10am ish, depart 10.30am. Those in attendance make the call when to depart. No booze, burnouts or stupidity please. Facebook event here map of carpark,174.703518&spn=0.000955,0.002064&t=h&z=20 Past events here Hope to see yas there!
  6. Id suggest option 2 on the rear arch patch. easier to hide the weld when it's on the arch and flat panels are more likely to warp when welding (would pretty much guarantee it will). Dab each stitch weld with a damp rag to cool it and weld in different areas to let the previous weld cool. otherwise that panel will buckle.
  7. Looking forward to tomorrow! Might even be an icecream truck
  8. When: Sunday 21st January 2018. 11am - 2pm. (starts thinning out by 1pm usually) Where: University Ave, Massey Uni Campus, Auckland. middle tier carpark outside 'The Ferguson' bar. Cruise meetup points at the usual places... Greenlane McD's and Westgate outside ASB, 10.15am, depart 10.30ish. Someone in attendance gather those there and make call to depart. For previous meet galleries and FB posts..
  9. AE25

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Re chain tensioner... just checking that you know it is adjustable? rattle upon startup can often be cured with a tighten. 5kg of force on the spring loaded piston in the end of it should move it 0.5mm. (after rotating the crank clockwise to put the chain slack on the tensioner side). also the tensioner are cast iron and break easy so no tapping or leaning on it. Do you has 18rg workshop manual?
  10. sweeet meet guys n gals. cheers! and even the weather turned out well considering the carnage the preceeding night eh. ps.. alistair your 20 fricken rules!
  11. Accuweather saying 55% shower at 1pm so good to go.
  12. fixed! apparently can't change a private event to public. lesson learnt.
  13. facebook page up