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  1. Have postponed this and will put up a fb page for updates
  2. Whats this other meet and how long?
  3. This crept up on us.. hasnt been anyone showing interest on this one. ive just posted up on the new year '22 Facebook page to gauge interest. See how that goes today. https://m.facebook.com/events/252878233640663?view=permalink&id=300694275525725
  4. Re bolts. They be metric for a start. Easiest would be wind a similar size bolt in. If it screws in then assume its a match. Then measure the outside diameter with calipers to give the size (it'll be slightly under ie m8 measures 7.85mm or so) and measure the thread pitch with a pitch gauge or can use calipers. Measure 4 or 10 threads etc and divide by the amount of threads. Generally theyll be m5x.8 m6x1 m8x1.25 m10x1.5 m12x1.75 which are metric coarse. But there may be instances where fine pitch are used, so best to check. 8.8 grade is a minimum for new bolt strength. You tend to stretch lesser spec bolts. Re engine sump, its been a while and could be wrong but im thinking you have a corolla version sump fitted to new engine. They're longer north/south and sit on the crossmember when put in a kp. Check your orig kp sump for comparison?
  5. Chur. Trying em out with a brochure or 2. have found theres a heap more auctions found on the actual yahoo site than what buyee search finds. Any progress on the project? :p
  6. So you've bought off buyee.jp? rate it good?
  7. Just a heads up on this. Bit of a casual last minute meet instead of the usual hype. Sunday 16th Jan 2022. 11am - 2pm ish. Hooton Reserve carpark. to the left as you enter Mills Lane off 270 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Nth Shore, Auckland. Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/events/252878233640663 Wont be as big as previous due to covid concerns and minimal advertising. Previous and future meet deets here jap-olds.nz Usual premeet spots at greenlane McD's or old westgate outside starbucks. leave around 10.40am.
  8. Been requested heaps. So here we go. 3rd April 2022. 11am - 2pm ish. Weekend before easter. Any conflict of interests?? Likely hooton reserve again or cornwall park. Haven't been there in yonks and has shade. Same kinda deal as the new year meets that i do.
  9. Bonus of 3ph is the 415v which means less amps and smaller power cable for same weld output. The two 3ph transformer welders i have actually only use 2 phases and no earth. A similar 300A single phase machine would need something like 80amp power feed. our place has 60a fuses.
  10. I got a mag base, a finger dti and plunger dti off aliexpress. The variable adjust mag base was actually pretty good. Plunger dti also good for the price but the finger one was a heap o crap. Notchy in travel and didnt always return to centre. prob ok for checking runout but i wouldnt use for precise measurement or zeroing job on cnc.
  11. So this is happening today... i didnt click post so my bad for late notice. This annual car meet is held every 3rd Sunday of Jan in Auckland NZ. 2022 is on Sunday 16th January. 11am - 2pm. Hooton Reserve carpark. Albany. Admission is free. Spectators welcome, please park separately if not bringing a nostalgic ride. Covid is in the community so please be respectful, wear a mask, keep your distance. The event is aimed loosely toward pre 90's Japanese and Euro vehicles. But this is not strict at all. Bring what you've got. Have a yarn, check out other rides. No booze, no skids, no stupidity, keep it legal, that's all we ask (this is so that we can return to venues). Venue: Hooton Reserve Carpark, Albany, North Shore, Auckland NZ => https://goo.gl/maps/UEjWvoVDSdJLjbAo7 Cruise to Event: If people want to cruise together to the event. The usual spots to meet are 10.15am at Greenlane Mc'D's carpark or old Westgate shopping center outside Starbucks (tenpin bowling) carpark. leaving 10.40am which is dictated on the day by the people in attendance. (Gather yourselves together and make the call). See you there! And please, use sunscreen link to the facebook thing: => https://www.facebook.com/events/252878233640663
  12. Ah man, this makes me envious. parked outdoors and it hasn't rotted to pieces. Good to see yours on the road! I tried a bunch of wheels and found the rear can tuck a fair amount (8") under there with the correct offset rims without guard rub, limited by the leaf springs. Fronts, not so easy. Helps to wind in some neg camber on strut top if you can get away with fitting camber plates. Settled on 14x6.5 fronts and 14x7 rears til i find some 8's.
  13. noice noice. Good size for the home shed. Did you manage to score some tooling with it? chucks? 3 jaw, 4 jaw, face plate, dead and live centers?
  14. direct link to some of the media Saret vision https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=170366216345385&set=a.3547135222001784 Mike Geater's walk around Media by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mediabymatt/posts/3578428212282854?__cft__[0]=AZXJovRiUEcUU5v29s819hGcw4c4WM_hXWL1eo2jl60e1NxKqWEqVD0UnAIR3BixF9NorIRBd7Eg1bzpsyexLmxIPpGJ2Py7fr79AFGwvifJy1v_7FLaKQc3GTFyB-3AZYZssdB-Jw3MIu6A9fE0B9MKGDqoi_ZCViIrYJK1dMhZig&__tn__=-UK-R G Omori Nakazato
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