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  1. Ah man, this makes me envious. parked outdoors and it hasn't rotted to pieces. Good to see yours on the road! I tried a bunch of wheels and found the rear can tuck a fair amount (8") under there with the correct offset rims without guard rub, limited by the leaf springs. Fronts, not so easy. Helps to wind in some neg camber on strut top if you can get away with fitting camber plates. Settled on 14x6.5 fronts and 14x7 rears til i find some 8's.
  2. noice noice. Good size for the home shed. Did you manage to score some tooling with it? chucks? 3 jaw, 4 jaw, face plate, dead and live centers?
  3. direct link to some of the media Saret vision https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=170366216345385&set=a.3547135222001784 Mike Geater's walk around Media by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mediabymatt/posts/3578428212282854?__cft__[0]=AZXJovRiUEcUU5v29s819hGcw4c4WM_hXWL1eo2jl60e1NxKqWEqVD0UnAIR3BixF9NorIRBd7Eg1bzpsyexLmxIPpGJ2Py7fr79AFGwvifJy1v_7FLaKQc3GTFyB-3AZYZssdB-Jw3MIu6A9fE0B9MKGDqoi_ZCViIrYJK1dMhZig&__tn__=-UK-R G Omori Nakazato
  4. haha yes yes. newborn baby life.... been meaning to post this on forums. Tomorrow guys! 270 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Auckland, opposite MT10. carpark to the left of reserve. https://goo.gl/maps/4RyQ39CiPr35L8QM8 2021 facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/262888545178729/ Hope to see yas there
  5. Cheers all for attending. Yeah sorry was late notice posting details, but the date is always the same 3rd sunday of January. (kumeu weekend). next new year meet will be 17th Jan 2021, put it in your calendar? Check the facebook link in first post, theres some pics in there already. Also looking to do an autumn meet this year, end of march or easter weekend. This page is usually updated first once i organise a meet ----> http://jap-olds.nz/
  6. Tomorrow! Weather is mint. Theres a bunch of cafes across from the entrance at 'the goodside' so park up and grab a bite/drink. See yas there!
  7. Venue is Smales Farm, off northcote road, Auckland. Same place as 'caffiene n classics'. Next to air nz building. https://www.google.com/maps/@-36.7858577,174.7542176,17z Has coffee and food on site, just across the road at Goodside. im parking up, grabbing a coffee then hanging round the carpark for yarns.
  8. The Annual New Year Japanese & Oldschool meet 2020 11am - 2pm Sunday 19th January 2020 Venue: Smales Farm, off northcote rd, Auckland. (On the north shore). Cruise points, meet 10.15am Greenlane McD's or old Westgate mall outside starbucks (mall with tenpin). Gather together and make the call when to head off 10.40ish. jap-olds.nz https://www.facebook.com/events/804363923396447/ This annual car meet is held every 3rd Sunday of January in Auckland NZ. (put it in your calendars as i tend to organise these last minute) For 2020 it's Sunday 19th January. 11am
  9. Another plug not often mentioned in conversions is the oxygen sensor check plug. usually found near firewall on exhaust side. it's a 2pin plug that connects to vf pin of ecu and e1 wire. Its not critical to the engine running but keeping it means you can diagnose a faulty oxy sensor. or even shorten wires back to near the ecu under dash where it could still be accessed.
  10. Ah sweet theres quite a few wires that may need to be integrated into the dash from the engine loom and that cluster diagram shows what connects where. Assuming with the 3au gone you'll be replacing the original engine loom that has oil pressure switch, water temp sensor and coil wire to tacho? Also adding in the check engine light and speed sensor from dash to ecu (gains 500rpm on the limiter at speed, well it did on a 20v anyway). Theres a plug near the ecu plugs on the engine loom that connects to the dash wiring, and all those things listed above and possibly the STA and COR might part
  11. If using ae85 dash wiring... do you have a wiring diagram for it? i had a bit of a google but only found ae86/4age stuffs. ie original toyota workshop manual to download and engine manuals https://www.hachiroku.net/servman which covers the efi wiring but couldnt see reference to the 3au emissions ecu specifically . its reasonably easy to trace wiring once you've got a matching diagram to follow But id be wary of splicing into power to an ecu that is half disconnected from the engine without knowing where the wiring comes from?! (Emissions ecu). Generally a fat white wire going into a
  12. Download and print out the matching pinout for your ecu (post it here too so we know what you're referring to). do the same for the ae92 ecu loom if possible. Could work it out from the pinout, but without knowing how it works it'll confuse ya. getting hold of a toyota yellow book workshop manual for the ae9 would be great, so you can understand the electrical systems. The alt wiring size should be fine unless youre running a big sound system or electric power steer, then the current draw increases heaps and youd want a bigger batt and alt anyway. the extra draw from a fuel pump and i
  13. Hmm i can help as ive done a few. Are you in the south island? To help us help you, tell us what exactly you want running on this thing. Pretty much all the engine loom wiring has a purpose unless it was originally an auto. Ie: are you going to run the diagnostics plug? Are you going to use a circuit open relay? Do you want power running off the correct relays as intended by toyota or are you adding in some? do you want to extend the ecu loom or add in a firewall junction plug? Do you want the dash to flash error codes? Are you changing alternators - the type may determine how
  14. Pics up on the facebook page. meet started off a bit quiet with a sprinkle of rain on the drive in. Didnt rain though, plenty cars turned up and i ended up getting sunburnt, again. was a good meet! some dickheads ripped up the tarmac though on the way out. not cool
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