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  1. My good friend will said woah the route even passes through 'New Zealand'
  2. Im going to try very hard to have a suitable bike by the time this comes around That route looks incredible.
  3. Was just admiring your chaser and had a thought to mention that your cassette player likely just has stretched belts, any old barry hi fi repair place thats been open for long enough should be able to help with generic replacements. Often if you just pull a few other cassette players apart youll eventually find the lengths you need.
  4. damnnn what a sick car, id offer but id be way to tempted to drive it everywhere and my mate has not one but three EF civics clogging my driveway right now. Always happy to help with an airport pickup or dropoff though bro!
  5. yeah i figured its a club liability caveat i just thought it would be funny to call the friendliest group of people i know fascists. Foaming for this event though. Have made a plan to deliver my Suzuki Swift GTI to my bush block so i can bring that instead of the boring CRV
  6. registered and will pay shortly. "all cars must have a wof and reg" feels a bit fascist
  7. Imma sit down tomorrow and figure out how I can make this trip work to my advantage somehow will likely be flying into Blenheim and bringing some boring vehicle unfortunately. edit: Or should I fly to chch and get a ride with @RUNAMUCK
  8. posting to express interest, should be around the south island a bit this winter. always keen on intents sharns
  9. I have a set of four Toyo T1R in 225/40/14 you can try if you wanna get real small with the tire diameter, another 7.6% smaller than a 195/50/15. Guess 14's wouldnt clear your brakes though? slight aside though; why do all your graphs have a "Blue Dragon Childrens Foundation" watermark?
  10. Thats a really good point man i hadnt considered my aw11 as a potential driveway hack i might end up doing something with that
  11. in the mazdanine there are two single mattresses that can make a queen, downstairs theres bunk bed and the couch and if desperate a foam mattress on the floor. so up to six in theory. And noise control couldnt find you even if they wanted to haha
  12. Another thing to mention is that the Cabin is now available for rent. The driveway is somewhat Awd access only in the winter or after a rain but even a toyota carib or honda crv would be more than enough. If this cant work for you there is a short walking track up a hill from a car friendly parking spot on the town boundary. Rental rates arent decided entirely yet but have currently been going with $400 per week or $80 per night and my guests seem happy. Can do a smidge cheaper for oldschoolers of course. At these prices its the cheapest off grid cabin style accommodation in the region . The power is solar, the water is rain, the kitchen is gas and the toilet is composting. Off da grid as they say. Live Laugh Log Cabin
  13. Definitely. Once im down there full time i will have my own annual event too.
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