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  1. yeah it came with the bluetop and original t50, along with pretty much every factory part to return it to stock; and the engine bay has had no drilling or cutting and all the aftermarket parts have been fitted with brackets attached to original mounting locations the plan is to rebuild and mildly work the factory bluetop, or if its too far gone ill find a smallport redtop. either way definitely 16v. Im somewhat predicting that i may go down the whole expensive "period correct" rabbit hole with this car but we will see!
  2. oh and does anyone have experience with what off the shelf springs i can get for the rear for some slam? ive got a second set of front struts on the way to turn into coilovers
  3. oh and dont worry im not driving on those factory shank and washer nuts, it was just a clearance test for the brakes and all. more updates to come! lots of details about the motor thats in it that i need to document somewhere
  4. ok ok ok i admit it, it only took me 72 hours of having the car home before i had three sets of wheels for it, i have a problem clearly and the problem is guard gap (and a slow leak on one of these tyres)
  5. Build Thread discuss if ya want! anybody in excess supply of w series speedo drives. Im gonna figure out the diff ratio and the current cog tomorrow. oh and im on the search for a panelbeater with skills greater than mine to tackle some of this rust as i care about this car more than most ive owned (the rust isnt bad its just in tricky spots and i dont want to fuck it up)
  6. and whats the first thing a silly young man does with his rusty old toyota! (aside from reassemble all the bits the previous owner hadnt gotten around to) He buys some meshies for it. in this case i got a pretty good deal on some Hayashi 504's which to me are a bit ugly but will serve as great wheels for some track tyres in the future (if i dont manage to swap them for something better before then) The monster truck level guard gap leaves a lot to be desired right now but priorities are gonna be reregistration first (shouldnt be too hard, most of the way through my checklist already)
  7. Heyo oldschoolers its been a while! After a long ol time living o'erseas (6 years in Malaysia) im back in nz, and what is one of the most important things someone needs when they get back to New Zealand? Buy a rusty old toyota of course. So here is my 1985 Celica AA63 its glory, and on the day i picked it up!
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