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  1. This update makes my happy! I've been trying to.whisper my poison to Greg. I can't imagine an easier car than an A series Datsun.
  2. SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    I gave the guy I sold the yellow peril spare 5hp briggs. From memory all it needed was a con rod. A guy on the Briggs forum said he'd give me his spare rod from his raptor motor, but then his roof was leaking, and his son went to rehab. So in the end I gave up. Thing to remember about 5hp Briggs is that you can run the piston from an aluminum bore block (cool bore motors the seppos call them) in an iron sleeve bore motor, but you can't run an iron bore piston in a cool bore block. The cool bore pistons have hard chromed skirts, and an iron bore slug will gall the bore quick snap
  3. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Hock them off on fb. Lil Jonny would be all over that shizz
  4. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    @EpochNZ Hanmer meat M9.
  5. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    A quick look at page one of eBay. Au showed one for $304aud.
  6. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Find a cheaper m90
  7. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    Is it too soon to begin tagging (pestering) users to come to this?
  8. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    If it doesn't have a belt, you're wearing a dress mayte
  9. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Following on from our yarn at Nats, it's definitely time to make some more torque.
  10. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    I think I should like to join in on an activity such as this. Bugger all chance of me having any cars going by then. But a more pressing concern is replenishing my sharn vault in time...........
  11. Damn Richard! This thing is going to be fully Hektik!!
  12. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    I think those are more to get the oil.unto temperature quicker? Or so someone
  13. Ours is actually an 86. Its definitely a loop charger. They were the same up to 89 when they changed the crank seal. Ours is a small bore motor. 2.7 litre. Fuck it was a thirsty whore.
  14. I wonder if it would fit a 1985 Johnno? There's quite a few bucks in the new lower unit gears and rebuilt tilt ram.
  15. What flavor? I've got an OMC 225 with a rebuilt lower unit and a coozed power head