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  1. Hey, Is it the shock absorber mount fouling the rim, or the ends of the U bolts? (Its hard to tell from the photo) as those kits are often "one size fits most" its usually a thing to need to trim the ends of the U bolts. Also with new U bolts, its critical to retighten them after a bit of driving. (They have a habbit of stretching a wee bit after some use. Im a big fan of using nylocs on them because i knew a kid who had them stretch, and the spring washers lost contact/the nuts fell off. (Might have been sloppy assembly practice too)
  2. I concur. Ive used sika adhesives that make shit to blanket look like shit off a shiney shovel.....
  3. The coolant/block would have heat soaked aftwr it was shut down, so the fan would have run to dissipate that heat.
  4. Im sorry, But i cant not post this here. /ling
  5. Loooong whistle! Fuck yeah this thing is cooler than the other side of the pillow!
  6. This was a theme on the maruia moped melee too. (Hence why i was ripping on him)
  7. Ive been in negotiations with a north island osgc to use a spare bike. Aside from that its just a few plane rides, and a few nights accommodation to book.
  8. Also, Expressing interest. A couple of things would have to work out. But im a solid maybe.
  9. Please assemble it the night before, and dont test it untill the actual ride. This is the Richard we all know and love!
  10. 6 stud wheels are the best. Literally that extra stud moves the decimal point in the price tag over at least one place. Its insane how worthless they are.
  11. Nah its an old datsun. I wont spam up your shit with any more idle chatter.
  12. Thanks man. I have a car where it was started but not finished. And i was wondering how your plates attached.
  13. Sick car bruv! Any chance of seeing more pics of where the strut tower plates attach 5o the forward chassis tubes?
  14. Is that the you tubers filming themselves when we blew past?
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