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  1. Karls Nissan Bluebird 910 coupe 1982

    For what it's worth I have some replica R30 outer companion flanges for sale.
  2. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    So what was the source of the dribble dick injector syndrome? Just needed a good bleed?
  3. Because I'm such a great guy, I whipped up some of these for the black smoke.machine. @Carsnz123 will have to swap the gearbox and do the floor change conversion before we can fit these. Also please ignore the horrible welding on the end caps. They're not pretty, but they are glued.on.
  4. I mentioned this wagon to my dad last night. He said I saw that in Motueka! It's a pretty unmissable vehicle.
  5. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Or an AU? I got offered a dirt cheap 1990 sentra for $300 the other day. Rego til the 7th. But wof out in two weeks. And a bit of pox around the screen
  6. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    While the thought of ever owning or working on a British car turns my stomach, I do like the idea of be chauffeured in the back of one. Sucking back beers/bourbon and snacking on terrible road cuisine. please bring this car to Nats this year?
  7. flyingbricks 198? Holden WB Ute

    That fuel flap you have there might be the exact thing I require. May I trouble you for the outside diameter of the unit, and the pcd of the fixing screws please?
  8. Mr Mk1's 1200

    Never been thrashed.
  9. Mr Mk1's 1200

    I'm not suprised that pedal is bent. It's been stomped on quite a few times. I actually broke the first one. Smashed the foot hard down, and it broke at the pivot. Dad once reckoned he could hear the pedal hit the floor from outside the car. Not sure if he was was taking the piss or not. It's a cool story bro either way.
  10. grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Something to check is that it hasn't spun the damper. That will give you an erroneous baseline.
  11. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Not according to @- i5oogt -
  12. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Only need a mk one, a mk four, and a Hyundai Stella to complete the set!
  13. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Just imagine how many parts you can haul to and from Nats in this bad boy next year!
  14. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    I always thought that yellow one was someone's creation/bastardisation. But now i know better.