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  1. Fixed is fixed! It passed wofs like that. /job done.
  2. 3M aluminum foil tape smoothed over really tight, and sprayed with colour match paint. I literally once fixed a rust hole in an AP6 regal in that exact spot by doing that.
  3. That's how ford made them. The zhorst would have been installed before the rear axle most likely.
  4. I found the whole car to be like this. I guess it's unfair to compare something with 20 something years more r and d, but K series yotas or A series dattos dont suffer from these ills.
  5. Nice to see one of these being saved. OS has a long history of love/hate for the mighty and venerable pinto engine. @- i5oogt - is your man for Cortina parts and advise.
  6. Yeah I'm calling fake news on that. The time that a team of OS boes had a working bee on it, I was actually amazed by how user unfriendly the whole thing was. To get to anything, you had to remove 12345678 other things. And each bit required 123556 other bits to be taken off first. As I recall, to replace the rear seal of the gearbox, resulted in us needing to remove the exhaust manifold from the motor, and unbolt the entire exhaust system. We owned an Anglia estate when I was a kid, (it had belonged to my grandparents) and I recall dad saying that everything got in the
  7. Like someone who retrofits tunable efi to a bog stock engine?
  8. Superb. I have another car where the papers say Ps10, when the tag says p510.
  9. Who is the TSDA? My car has a data entry error. (The papers show the engine number as the chassis number. (And the engine number again as the engine number) the body tag shows the engine number (as per the registration papers) and also the actual chassis number. It's clearly some herp-a-derp has monged out and entered the engine number twice when the system was digitized. It's pretty straight forward. But the last thing I need is a registration related ball ache.
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