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  1. Theres a terrific shit yarn attached too. (Best told over a beer)
  2. I stayed at a motel within walking distance of the springlands tavern for the Onamalutu valley fire back in 2013. They had pub nosh, and beer in jugs.
  3. Callum can do the legwork and find the most succulent Chinese meal in marlborough for us. Consider yourself tasked @Chunky_t!
  4. I dont really know what dining offers Blenheim/Nelson have tbh. I like eating food in places that sell beer in jugs tbh. Or just some beige food with some cheap beer from the supermarket works fine too.
  5. Bog is very hygroscopic. It pulls moisture from the air. Where its laid over bare steel, the paint eventually gets a chip/scratch in it, which allows moisture into the bog. The moisture lies against 5he steel, which enables corrosion. As steel rusts it spawls/swells. This forces the bog away from the metal surface. The filler splits, and more water gets in. Nutech is somehow different, and doesnt absorb moisture. But I'd just epoxy it before adding filler.
  6. Ling, but I've stripped heads for scrap before and just beat the retainers with a hammer on a crooked angle to ping the collets off. (Wear safety glasses)
  7. Reckon we do the same direction as the first year. I prefer the motu heading back the J5s
  8. Does anyone else have mad dry lips? Mine are like sandpaper
  9. I didn't know it was coming, jumped enough for some bourbon and cola to splash out of the can.
  10. I nearly forgot to Include @Dolan in the extra special thanks accolades for hauling my new steed south too! Thanks Buddy!
  11. I was thinking more for the CT90. The tyres on that are untra old and perished.
  12. That detail still needs to be sorted. The people at 5he camp where we used to hold Hanmeet (with whom @- i5oogt - enjoys an excellent rapport) reckon they almost had the place sold. But we'll either approach the new owners, or find somewhere else. Might be a small cost attached to that.
  13. I wanna say A+++++ 100% would trade again. Thanks to each and every one of you specimens. EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA special thanks go to Mark for collecting me from the plane station, giving me the penny tour, and stitching me up. Jamie for the ride to J-5s, and back to the plane station. Mark Again (and Max too) for the epic catering. (Seriously, that shit was next level commitment) J-5 for being the hub that enables us all to come together. Hugs, high 5s, and handshandys all round!