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    Datto_610's Suzuki FZfiddy

    Just a thought. was it running with no air cleaner in that vid? Two smokes are jetting from the factory to have an air filter on. in my experience running without one they'll be a bag of dicks/not wanna go any good. (I had one that wouldnt start with the airbox off)
  2. Paint filters must be much bigger holes no? Because paint is much thicker than coffee. My recolection was it was a vert slow process getting used motor oil to pass through one.

    diesel spam

    Tis true. dip the oil on a car that's been sitting for a very long time, and it'll be clean as. probably less likely with a fancy pants modern synthetic. Theyre designed to trap the impurities in the oil and lock them in.
  4. Those booking websites clip.the ticket too. I always find what I want, then ring them.directly and $ave.
  5. For $9 it's a risk I'll take*. *Teyre actually more than $9 now.
  6. A top quality Chinese over range variator can work wonders too. I fitted a $9usd one to my dio and it went from 58 up to 72 flat out.
  7. When I hear "stree magic" my ears start ringing after riding @petereteps one like 2kms last year.

    School me on rocker adjusters

    If your cam has had the shit ground out of it, a taller lash cap helps to correct the rocker geometry. IE bring the rocker arm further up, so it's not sweeping past the point of good geometry especially with more lift from a big cam.

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Hence why I asked for more pics too. does it have these? (Sorta looks like it does ) sr20 one shown for reference

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Have you got more pics? For something that has a sweep motion, the contact patch between the tappet and the valve seems awfully small?
  11. Yeah m8. I looked at a big block scooter, but it didn't handle like Ronnie the Dio. So it was no deal. Good chance I'll have my spannie on by then too. Are you bringing Sue again?
  12. Ha! I bought a jacket with inbuilt armour a few weeks ago.