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  1. I'll park my car right at the end of the drive to keep everyone on the road.
  2. I'll probably sink a dobro with you that day Darryl. (Only so I can lambast you for your terrible car choices Edit, my mrs away then, so things could get out of hand/ my place
  3. That's a mere 10,000kms to the east. I know a fella over there. Technically it's only 9,250kms from uncle Jake......
  4. On the Vtec thing, I was thinking back to that Honda guy video earlier in this thread. If you had two sets of injectors, (one set delivering into the trumpet like he did) you could probably use the vtec as the change over from standard position to outboard ones. Then at lower speeds it wouldnt suffer from fuel sticking to the walls etc. Even without ITBs, secondary injectors could probably be mounted in the side of an FFP, aiming into internal trumpets within the plenium. /semi ling.

    Power files

    I just came here to say I got an email from toolshed saying their powerfiles are only $99. But then I see that's what they were when I bought mine. 100% would trade again. I havent used it that much, (still chewing through the 10 belts that came with it) but fuck these things are the shit.
  6. Can it hurry the fuck up and be time for this ride already?!!!!
  7. Those graphs are hard to read on my phone. Any chance of a spreadsheet showing the result from each tested configuration?
  8. Feel free to tell me to go fuck myself, (I'd be offended if you didnt tbh) but thinking about this whip, Once you're finished with it, you into cash, and pump that into.paying someone to finish the body on your 110. Maybe you to OS nats 2013. (Os 20th anniversary)
  9. The video of it laying a fat skid isnt loading?
  10. I envisage most of the chch peeps.will shoot up there after work thurdsay, and stay the night. (Limitless accommodation options) then we'll meet (probably at the end of jollies pass road) and send it. Karl and I visited the people at the alpine village apartments on jollies pass road a few weeks ago. (Aka the camp where OS Hanmeet used for be held) we asked them about the likelihood of us being able to leave vehicles there while we're away. But they're in the throws of negotiating the sale of the lease on the Camp. They're going to stay in touch with Karl. We'll ask the new owners about it. Failing that I've got a few other leads. That camp it close to the ideal start point. Those alpine apartments may be a cost effective option for Thursday night too. Edit, No J-5 ranch.