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  1. Fitness is a funny thing. Even the fittest fucks I know downplay how fit they are. Some of the guys I ride with are bloody fit. It's always me, (And sometimes @Mof bringing up the rear.
  2. This reminds me of the last night of nats. @fletch and I were taking inventory of how much drink we had left prior to the commencement of the last nights merriment. We both agreed that it would be astute to procure an extra box of do-bros "just in case". And then we both said in unison, Because there's nothing worse than running out!" Great minds think alike I tells ya. Only thing worse than having to be a scabby cunt trying to scab drinks is being a shit cunt and denying people charity to those who have run out in case you run out too. The amount I'm drinking atm, I'd be lucking to finish one box. Also, I got sold an expired box of 440ml bo-bros at the liquor store there one time four years ago. would not trade again.
  3. Bring them to hamns someone is sure to need them.
  4. Snickety?
  5. And perhaps some mountain biking @yoeddynz @Mof?
  6. With minor work you can invert the front spring hanger for free low. Then it's best practise to correct the pinion angle by adding tilting wedges between the spring pads and the leaves. The dowel is long enough to keep everything captive. From memory mine added an extra 6mm of slam too.
  7. Remind me to pour you a single malt Sam. I have one I'll be opening specially for the occasion
  8. Big week of late nights to fix fail sheet?
  9. Did you find the nylock nut off the rear exhaust mount with the bolts that we're on the air cleaner? It was stuck in my spanner and thus was not left down the back of the car.
  10. Catering was top notch! How far along did you get after I left?
  11. It was sold to a guy I know, who then sold it to his younger brother. I think his brother may have had it advertised a while ago. Not sure if he ended up getting a sale or not though.
  12. I'm right out of condition. I've had two boundary roads, one speights, and one three boys since July 1. defo good to be out of the habbit of drinking for no reason.
  13. I just parted with a huge wad of shekels and had my diesel heater serviced. That will be legit AF to have under the carport.
  14. Ive seen that engine before. Be interesting to see how it goes. Not telling you how to suck eggs, but the needle and seats in bike carbs (some bike carbs at least) are only intended to withstand gravity pressure. I inspected the vehicle this engine was removed from as a persective project for dereged_Leppa. I dont recsll exactly, but I'm quite sure there had been some measure taken to prevent fuel flow from swamping the carbs. just another pitfall to be aware of I guess.