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  1. @Mofhas a block of land doesn't he? Be a bit less grass to mow? Lololol
  2. That said, it's not going to have metal mulisha/FOX etc stickers on the rear window either.
  3. Would it need to be registered as a goods vehicle though? User type NA rather than MA? And perhaps have more expensive rego? (Its over 40 years old anyway, but it's nice to know so I dont get fisted by some.power tripping nazi copper at some.point)
  4. Because I'm too lazy to look up the glazing rule, How dark is the rear window of a ute allowed to be tinted?

    Switched power

    Yeah, But it kinda relates to.what Clint was.saying.

    Switched power

    If you run an L series alternator on an A series motor.they dont turn off on the key.
  7. I could just bort that shit up and run the gauntlet.
  8. Decent sized box yes. But to be fair, its turning the fuel pump on. So it needs decent current carrying capacity?
  9. If I owned a north island based bike, I could fly in fly out. The week before nats. Then when I flew home from nats, I could move in to a bachelor pad, on account of the dissolution of my partnership with her indoors......
  10. The mrs vtec crx developed in intermittent fault like this. Apparently they were prone to developing dry joints inside the fuel pump relay. (It was hidden in an impossible location, I could hear it, but not see it) pulled it.out, and resoldered them and it never gave trouble again.
  11. Yes but some colours are easier to keep clean than others
  12. It's an engine bay. Engines are hot dirty dusty things. How much effort do you wanna put in to keeping it nice?