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  1. I ran them on a number of engines. Copper head gasket cement between the block and the shim, and a permaseal head gasket on the other. Ran up to one bar of boost. I did suffer s few failures, but they were all detonation related. (Shit fuel, and too much boost/heat) My last engine now has a turbo on it, and is going strong in it's new life.
  2. Re your CR issue, Might pay to see if anyone makes a "head saver shim". ACL used to make them for Datsun A series motors. They're meant to be used to drop the CR after you've had the head skimmed too much/too many times. They came in .030, and .060. (.75 and 1.5mm) They do rape your squish/quench though.
  3. Since last year, I've acquired a smallish overnight bag which I can bungy cord to my little pack rack. I have no need for a sleeping bag, tent, or bed roll this year. So I wont be attatching my home made luggage rack. I can fit my 2ltr fuel can and tools in the under seat storage. And probably a few snacks too. And I'm tossing up finishing the front rack I started to carry some booze so I dont have to go without at the lake the first night.
  4. I think I heard that you need to lock tite the butterfly grub screws in? Or maybe that was the "new" webers?
  5. Setting a lower limit might make it worse. (As I understand it) limmie bashing, powet on/power off/power on/power off (mang-mang-mang-mang) causes the crank to flex more* *might not be the case, I've been known to be wrong.
  6. Theres a very long thread at skylines Australia about oil pumps. It was up around 379 pages when I read it. (Around right years ago) the crux of it (back then) was that a crank collar was a must, and that with a lot of hitting the limmie /limmie bashing the harmonics cause crankshaft flex. Since tje N1 gears are sintered metal they break when flexed. @DJZ had an N1 pump in his rb26. And those gears broke, while pulling big revs. Cost him a crank grind, but fortunately not a new BB turbo. What I took away from that thread was that actually the Nitro pumps were thw pick of the bunch. Sorry I don't have a link. If you search N1 you might find it. It's probably north of 500 pages now.
  7. ling up your thread Chris. I'll take some pics later. Probs need some mechanical parts too
  8. ZX/city movement? I dropped mine a couple months back and broke the plastics. I had a guy lined up to sell me some, but I ended up buying two more dio's off him in bits.
  9. I just read this whole thread tonight. Do you still have any dio parts in your hoard?


    After combing Aliexpress endlessly, @furyimp has found one of these. He's bought the last one, and hopefully it should do the trick. (Apparently the sandvik version of this same tool is $700!)
  11. Looks the goods man. I'm suprised more people don't do it tbh. what size is your hair dryer?
  12. Headlight for tails would be great! And use the high beams for the stop lights. #tailgatersgetfucked.........