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  1. I think day one is the longest. I can cover 200 kms too. I was thinking of taking a 1ltr bottle of gas just in case.
  2. We're going to whack a 20ltr on one of the back up trailers. But you might be in for a bit of a wait if you run out of gas. (I seem to recall you were pretty well up there on the te urewera ride) I'd recommend trying to carry some extra fuel yourself if you can.
  3. I'm sure we'll get buy. There were 32 bikes at last years NI bike pest. And we coped.
  4. How big are they? We have two 70 series cruisers with trailers. Maybe bring garbage bags to keep the dust off them if they need to go on a trailer?
  5. We're going to give them.a spreadsheet of rego numbers of vehicles being left there, and payment in one lot.
  6. $40 if you wanna leave your car in the off street parking we've arranged. $20 if you dont.
  7. I've been there. It's a dark, scary place. Longest two years of my life.
  8. Hmmmmmm. Fuck knows where they are. Maybe I should look in the plastic container with the rest of the shite out of them.
  9. Bit of a long shot, But does anyone have a 17" (I think) tube that they're not sure of the origins of? I bought one for this ride, but now that my bike and I are home, I dont know what happened to it? With the epic deathmatch molesworth ride looming up fast, it'd be nice to have the spare tube I already bought, rather than needing to buy another spare one.
  10. Clearly the answer is K-jet conversion........
  11. Also i feel you've made an incredibly poor choice in which car to buy. But I do thoroughly enjoy your build threads. (I guess it's more about the journey than the destination) I'll be snacking popcorn quietly somewhere at the back.
  12. That mirror is a dawson Reid. 5hey were popular 5o be fitted to cars sold here back in the day.
  13. Hey @- i5oogt -, any chance of an updated list?
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