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  1. Never fear guys, If covid takes your fun away, you can always come south in march. By then we'll all be double 5G upgraded, and they'll give up on lockdowns.
  2. Well I've finally caught up on a year and a bits worth of build. I look forward to seeing this on the molesworth ride!
  3. How about a wee back track to the Te Puia springs pub? (Not actually sure how far that is from this years route tbh)
  4. Oh, Nice door cards. Really should have gone for Camo though. Pity they're illegal because cyclists cant see them........
  5. This thread needs the title changing to reflect the new owner. nice door cards! shold have gone Camo though. (Pity they're illegal because cyclists cant see them)
  6. Is it the same as spirits of salts? That's some acid shit I bought from a paint from to fizz concrete f Before epoxy painting it.
  7. I cant remember where it came from. Might have been given to me by a guy with an RX4.
  8. I found this at mums today. I think it's either early RX, or datsun sunny 4 speed. I cant remember which. Can any of you fine chaps confirm which it is?
  9. I'm not sure if I should say thanks for letting me relive the memories, or fuck you, cos now I got fomo for this years ride? Whynotboth.jpeg
  10. Chris Mirabito did a dyno comparison on a hemi 6 with and without the mechanical fan. It was something insane like 8-12hp! Those arent clutched though. The old mans '68 Fury has the same radio too iirc. The knurling on the thumb wheels matches the outside of the light and wiper knobs.
  11. Someone who's handy with a camera needs to come on the molesworth ride. I'm in awe of the film making skillz. I struggle to take a legible photograph......
  12. They get a really nice ride once you exceed 90mph. The faster you go the smoother they get. I think it's the air getting under the front lifting it.
  13. Thats beautiful!! Top tip, dads was a factory slant too. The top speed is a tiny bit higher with the foot just off the floor. Having the kick down not fully kicked down squeezes a few more miles per hour out of the stinky old bw35.
  14. @cletus Sell your chev truck and buy this! Also, Pics of VF coupe too please? My old man has owned this since '81 or '82. I've run a 12.5 in it.
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