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  1. Link or ban cunt.
  2. And with a link driving it, it made that pinto go hard for what it was. ..
  3. Those TBI are close, but not quite same as a Weber. (Little bit of slotting required to make it fit, or so @nismo.capri told me.
  4. I've heard mixed reviews about them too. Plus they're American, so probably not as good as a multipoint with a link and a decent tune. Might return better fuel.economy than a carb though.
  5. Motor already has a cam. The "dull bit" (hes exaggerating there by the way, it swings O's harder than anything else I've ever been in) is the three speed tranny. More.gears would make better use of it's already ample torque. Plus as a fella who lives out in the country, a taller open road cruiser gear would reduce fuel consumption, and make the ride more pleasant for those inside it
  6. Back before '95 when the wof rust rules changed too. There used to be some turbofucked cars getting around down by the beach.
  7. Ling, But as a kid my mates folks lived on the parade. They had an ms65, a Toyota grande, a 180b wagon, and two datsun sunny wagons in the time I knew him. They all boiled up with massive rusty scabs like leprosy in only a few years.
  8. By week three a bottle of gas, and a roll of mig wire will be hot property.
  9. Or how close it lives to the ocean.....
  10. A shitpost/sharn is in the thread title. /You brought this on yourself. (Consider it payback for unsolicited Facebook tagging with AU falcons)
  11. Valiants (Especially pre VH) have fucking tiny trans tunnels. That box has unlimited girth where an ap5 tunnel has no space.
  12. Anyone know how the power control switch works on a mig? My dads mig only run 37a whether it's set on one, or five. Hes just replaced a ton of other bits on it. (His sparky found some.shity connections on the board too) user serviceable parts, or buy a new one? (Whenever that might be possible)
  13. What kind of bucks do these gearboxes sell for? A quick Google found some.aussie blokes talking about them. They agree that the r150 has a 5th gear made of glass. They run more overdrive than the H150 box, and if they get hot the gear explodes.
  14. Also I wouldnt fret any about a weak fifth gear. It's not like you'll be smashing into it. Even at the drags you'll never see top gear.