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  1. a.track.called.detox. there was a lot.of.toxins.seeping. out my pores.last year.
  2. Yup. It's gonna be lush a.f. I need to get more rides in to build fitness for the hungover as fuck bike ride.
  3. @Cazza Have you considered treating yourself to.a relaxing weekend in Hanmer? Well don't. Hanmeet instead. I'm running out.of.ideas of people to tag in this thread. @nigelwade @Andyling @Brock-Lee @Dolan @Rusty @anglia4 @Evan @piazzanoob @rustisize @RWB @NZford
  4. And the brightest light you can find. The forest can be a scary place at night.......
  5. It makes the pool.soak really.good. Last year after a massive massive night of overindulgence. I sucked my camel back dry, and didn't piss once. I was pretty rooted afterwards. But it felt great none the less.
  6. Bit yeah we wake.up, dust our selves off. Then go.for a ride. Not even Anton Cooper could keep up with Alex. But he's really kind and waits for the rest of us to catch up. There was really only one climb last time that was a gut buster. (I wanted to cry when Alex said "hey, let's do that one again!" And everyone agreed.
  7. Dude I ride every Monday at 6pm at bottle lake. @Mof usually comes too. Bring the brightest head torch you can find, and a bag of chips/couple of beers for after.
  8. Come to the dark side. It is your destiny........
  9. @EpochNZ Have I yet? Sign up, get amongst
  10. Tell me.Moar about these diodes? I'm thinking I'll go.for one of.those pocket sized jump.start power banks for a cell.
  11. Diodes. My very very limited understanding of these is they only allow current to flow one way? Say I have a 12v cell. And I want to keep it charged by taking a feed off a circuit. The circuit is only live sometimes. When it's not, I don't want the cell to feed power into that circuit. As it would both power it up needlessly, and further discharge the cell. Which defeats the purpose of being tee'd into it in the first place. Would placing a diode between where it's tied into the feed and the cell allow it to take charge, but keep the energy stored in the cell to do only the job it's there for? If so, what kind? @h4nd, I'm quite sure this is your field of expertise?
  12. Karl's eb civic discussion

    Karl has a manual accord stored at the promised land anyway.
  13. I've been badgering @crazytim to come. On fb. He's just down the road now. (Laurence) I'll badger him some more.