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  1. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Just imagine how many parts you can haul to and from Nats in this bad boy next year!
  2. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    I always thought that yellow one was someone's creation/bastardisation. But now i know better.
  3. Carsnz123's Rusty Datsun talkie talkie

    The man who puts an M90 on an LD28 will become a coal rolling god.
  4. My two cents, Those O rings really only work so long as the guidethis.e nice and snug. Once your guide develops "bonus tolerance" it works less well. Maybe you could use some umbrella type seals from something else? And regarding lapping in the valves, I would advise against doing this. Ive seen two engines where a nice tight valve seal led to lots of blue smoke. The poor old rings couldn't cope with the extra vacuum.
  5. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    Then if we could lure a certain white big block ap5 out too there would be a trio of pure ap5 lushness.
  6. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

  7. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

    You used that? Awesome!
  8. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

    But what would you expect for a mercedes engine aye.
  9. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

    It goez Nungarattlenunga nunga rattle rettle Whiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Burrrrrr. (With a huge cloud of thick black smoke, as some hot chick in a suzuki swift with her window down at the lights found out lol) Actually goes hard for what it is.
  10. Felixx's Anglia

    Bring them to hamns someone is sure to need them.
  11. Felixx's Anglia

  12. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal - Discussion

    With minor work you can invert the front spring hanger for free low. Then it's best practise to correct the pinion angle by adding tilting wedges between the spring pads and the leaves. The dowel is long enough to keep everything captive. From memory mine added an extra 6mm of slam too.
  13. Felixx's Anglia

    Did you find the nylock nut off the rear exhaust mount with the bolts that we're on the air cleaner? It was stuck in my spanner and thus was not left down the back of the car.
  14. Felixx's Anglia

    Catering was top notch! How far along did you get after I left?
  15. It was sold to a guy I know, who then sold it to his younger brother. I think his brother may have had it advertised a while ago. Not sure if he ended up getting a sale or not though.