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  1. Those brackets are lush. Project Binky level.
  2. Well done on not scrapping it when you saw the extent of the rust! You are a brave man!
  3. http://robgray.com/graynomad/wothahellizat/wot2/index.php
  4. Cool project. I have been wanting to do a MAME cabinet for years. I have a couple of HDD's with thousands of ROM's on them. Allegedly.
  5. I need a FSU resistor for my climate control e36 in case you are chopping one up. This post brought to you by wild turkey.
  6. This is a great read. I drove the company mondeo turbo diesel wagon from Stratford to Taumaranui a couple of years ago. Epic road especially on a Wednesday morning. The only other traffic were camper vans who were very courteous.
  7. Time for more ccs mate. Chuck a set of triumph 2000 pistons in!
  8. I have a E36 328 sedan that has done just over 280,000 kms, and lately it seems a little hesitant at low revs. Never thought about looking at VANOS seals. It is a single vanos M52B28. It has been super reliable, I have had it since 160,000. The only major I have had to do was the ABS pump. Goes round corners real good too.
  9. I lived for a while a in very chavvy part of a very chavvy town in the UK, the greasy spoon diner on the high st had rolls of various gold chain on the counter, selling by the CM. Classy.
  10. Great result, well done. This has been an interesting thread.
  11. Try this link: http://www.basisnz.co.nz/Products/Accessories/AEROSCREEN-%28190-100%29.aspx
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