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  1. Very few car forum posts would include motel/hotel hardware and connectivity photos. I suspect weirdo french car forums would. Love it!
  2. Post it all man, if things are being done neatly with good photos it'll be a good read.
  3. There needs to be an "Epic Roads" thread made and stickied!
  4. I've just been watching a million docos on WW2 and I feel like if the russians rolled a million 4age powered hiluxes when pushing the krauts back then the war would have been over a million times earlier cos the germans would have just run scared It sounds like 17 chainsaws being dropped 8 floors into wet concrete, sensational.
  5. I reckon the hatchback versions of these (not Radisich, just TX5?) were a great looking car Can remember seeing these for sale brand new on the lot in the mid 90s, thought they were pretty rad. Great concept.
  6. Love builds like this. Great attention to detail, generally excellent photos, and a slight obsession with cleanliness (even with things that will be dirty instantly/can't be seen). Keep it up!
  7. Jesus fuck that caused some hearty irl lols
  8. Man that paint came up mint. Tell you what isn't mint though... the Papyrus typeface used for that Henry Ford quote. Christ on a bike that's up there with comic sans/worse
  9. Nothing to do with tone - the literal reading of what you post is pretty clear. What I was trying to say is that I am basically the definition of a loser according to most people, but I'm happy. You have a lot more going for you and you're not. Something is wrong there.
  10. This has been going on for years man. I've called you out on this shit before and got told off by various people on here for it, but it honestly looks like the tide has turned. Either sell the fucking things or go see a doctor to sort your head out. Or both. No human should be so reliant on some internet cunt saying they did good. Something has happened to you in the past to make you think that approach is appropriate, and while that sucks, you need to take some responsibility for the sake of your credibility and dignity. You're not a victim mate, understand that. You own multiple rad cars, a house, have a great job and live in the best fucking country in the world. I have like $200 to my name, get paid fuck all, am almost 30 and still studying/reliant on my family/the government, own a fucking shitbag of a car with no WOF or rego, am losing my hair, can't get a tinder like to save myself, had some fucking shitty things that no person should have to deal with happen to me in my life and I don't give a fuck. I went and talked to a professional when things got bad and sorted it out. I find joy in opening a shitty lion brown on Friday afternoon or looking out my window at a rad as shit country or just nailing a crisp cover drive in backyard cricket. And that's just me, some white asshole living in Wellington NZ. Think of all the people in this world who find satisfaction in shit like having clean water or not being murdered walking to school. Get some goddamn perspective. Fuck you are frustrating as all fuck.
  11. Your impeccable taste remains, your Richness. Not much else can be said - for me, this thread is about watching and approving, rather than offering opinions. Good shit.
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