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  1. Fuck this is deeply rad. One thing regarding construction - are you worried about deformation/twisting on those verandah posts? What timber have you used?
  2. Smaller tyres look rad, but fuck that front guard is distracting. Any plans to paint this thang?
  3. Project threads are best when they're working toward an ultimately successful deadline. DO EET
  4. Run it on 98? Fuck that Any reason for olive drab? I reckon spend a couple weeks on body work and paint it something nicer. Seems a bit of a waste, especially when you look at those examples with nice paint
  5. Will that engine make it move all good? My old man used to have one of these in white, traded that shit in for a VN which he reckoned was the worst car he's ever owned, promptly traded that in for a brand new Corona or some such which he raped. In the tail pipe
  6. Zebediah, More along the lines of getting an education and holding down a respectable job, and I suppose it depends on both his idea of an insult and his propensity to care of my opinion. I shouldn't react to your little jibs as I know you're young and they are mostly in jest, but I think I've found a good middle ground as of late On topic, I'm surprised at lack of pics of tastefully (or otherwise) modified versions of these steeds in this thread. I understand Australians have probably ruined most of them, but surely a few exist?
  7. My contempories provide no reason to be confused. They are neither old woman nor fools.. (well most of them arn't anyway ) I also have a desire to do something different. You may not be aware but I have owned the car for 5 days and I have spent those 5 days getting it legal and lower than standard so I can take it away to Hawkes Bay this weekend. Making it a Custom worthy of Barris/Roth/Astill in 5 days is just not going to happen. (Maybe I need Discovery Channel coverage and then it would be a mandatory stupidly short deadline ALA American Chopper/Hot Rod...) I admit when I started this
  8. FYI - it does NOT have cut springs.. I also believe that only fools and old woman question a job before it is completed.. (not sure which bracket to put you in) lubs you Mr XXX - like I lubs a banjo playin sister Interesting response. Don't make the mistake of confusing me with your contemporaries Good to hear re: springs, what else is left to do? My angle is, why not do something different to this? I'm sure it'll look fine on stock width steels, but do you want fine?
  9. Sorry, but that just looks like an old piece Commodore with cut springs, which I suppose it is.
  10. Just maori up some bands onto the 13s, slap some low pros on there, remoe springs and roll with success/drivetrain on the road behind PS big steels are not the go. 14s max
  11. Off the chisel cunt, mean Need more of these on here, well done
  12. I've found reading and watching other peoplesprojects helps keep me motivated on my own shit. So I reckon it would be awesome to have a stickied thread of cool projects from around the world that we can all watch. If mods could consider stickying this? And No spam or replies I reckon, just links or pics. I'll start with an LS1 power Civic http://ls1tech.com/forums/showthread.ph ... ge=1&pp=20
  13. Any of the SOHC turbos use the wide block like the N/a carburettor? This way I can use my existing gearbox
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