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  1. When you yank the 5k out I’ll be interested in purchasing the engine. rad van too
  2. Anyone done a diy post flow adjuster set up on there mig? inhave the boc smooth arc 180 and it wastes so much gas when welding panel steel. The welder has zero adjustment for that.
  3. Let’s clarify things. My arms are the bottom ones
  4. You mean kamo to maungakaramea haha
  5. Tang and add extra springs maybe?
  6. Hey buddy can you please keep your comments to the discussion thread. Bloody starlet people
  7. Alright let’s see those questionable modifications. Featuring @ajg193 signature lift kit
  8. Epiphos will protect bare steel if inside until panel work is done. And then clean it off properly and epoxy the steel
  9. Sounds like you need a 4k with a 3/4 race cam to achieve these goals
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