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  1. @RXFORD are we gonna be racing hiaces?
  2. Did you finally make a 3/4 race cam?
  3. We need to see trial fitment of the 02s I reckon
  4. This @RXFORDguy goes alright on the rust aye, if only he had a ratty old hiace to fix up………..
  5. Just get Michael and dingo to smash a few durries in the general direction?
  6. Might have to give ya fancy snap on box a squirt in the colour so it matches bro haha
  7. Too much for the internet to see
  8. @kpr could have been daubrey aye cobba
  9. Yup I have a spare pedal Box that has clutch and brake cylinders
  10. I’m pretty sure I have one in my shed. I’ll have a look after work
  11. If the price is right I might. I’ll pm you my number.
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