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  1. Wow fantastic crimping on the battery cable
  2. Yup talked to the local certifier again and he was alit more helpful this time. Have dorm and they have passed crack testing so @kpr must know what he's doing with the ol tig welder.......
  3. Is there a place online I can get the form? Don't really want to use the whangarei certifier. So plan to get them tested with a form and find a certifier in auckland or Hamilton.
  4. With cracktesting of welded struts. Do I need to get the forms for what kind of testing they need to do from the cert guy or will the crack testing man provide the right forms? Will the cert guy need a way of identifying the struts afterwards because once cert is booked in they will obviously be painted?
  5. Some krispy guy narked on him from memory. But his presence is always felt in ya build threads
  6. Luckily that shitcunt @dave is a good cunt and super like amazing or otherwise fuck that dude aye
  7. Dude that's a nice looking nardi ya got there.