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  1. Epiphos will protect bare steel if inside until panel work is done. And then clean it off properly and epoxy the steel
  2. Sounds like you need a 4k with a 3/4 race cam to achieve these goals
  3. I think that’s what he was talking about. will look into finding some cheers for that.
  4. He just showed me a picture on the Lvvta book. I’m just struggling to find them online to buy
  5. The local cert guy wants us to put “tube nuts” in as the upper seatbelt mounts. When I google them I can’t find anything. Does anyone have a link for something similar?
  6. So I have a ke20 with a leaf spring rear. It has 50mm blocks and I’m going to reset the leafs so it will have 70mm drop over all. I will only have about 25mm travel between the diff and the bumpstop in the driveshaft tunnel. Will this fail cert?
  7. Well theres only one way to find out mark
  8. Probably lost a few kws when you removed that sticker though?
  9. Looks like player two has entered the game with space x on launching gc to the moon.....
  10. Cool when can we book it in? I assume working brakes won’t be necessary ?
  11. I think your cert plate is invalid bro? They don’t seem to include your fully hectik lift kit? Any body lift more than 50mm needs to be certed aye
  12. Fuuuuuuu your mate baz rebuild that one co?
  13. 6 years no update? Gummmmmmmmon
  14. Dudley

    How to get low

    Cut the springs? If it’s double wishbone you’ll be able to cut a heap of coils and still be captive
  15. @cletus this will past cert aye?
  16. Let the mayhem commence
  17. Is there any Toyota strut that will bolt into a ke20 and raise the ride height but still allow me to retain factory brakes/hubs ? o
  18. Wipe some epiphos on the bare steel. Seems to keep surface rust off quite well on bare metal cars while we work on them
  19. If the loop is open won’t it put it into defect though? #ampacjunklyfe
  20. Lol safety defeats the purpose of paddock hooning
  21. Strap gc to the back and then jump over the bmw?
  22. 1 day pffffffffffffft gummmmmmon
  23. Who would have thought all the cars at your house and Ol gc is the reliable one ha
  24. Dudley


    I have tried paint stripper and it didn’t really do anything. Seems wet sanding is the only way
  25. Dudley


    Yea cutting paste didn’t work ether. have tried thinners , crc , brakekleen etc fine sandpaper seems best so far