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  1. cletus

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    @Valiant has kindly offered me a lift, so I shall represent the north island
  2. strangely, I have a question for this thread if person 'a' puts rego on hold for the minimum of 3 months then sells vehicle to person 'b' after 1 month person 'b' then puts rego on the vehicle, rego then starts from the date of change of ownership, this is on the nzta website does person 'a' get a bill for rego because it was on hold for less than the 3 month minimum? the reason I ask, is I bought a bike with reg on hold, I put 3 months rego on it, but the date of expiry was 3 months from when the reg on hold ran out, not 3 months from the date I put it in my name. so I got nearly an extra month free.
  3. you would need to re cert again later with the different seats anyway.
  4. probably easier and quicker to fit a loop, than fluff around proving you have fitted a 318 shaft that was out of a factory 318 car then pay someone for a dyno run
  5. correct
  6. there is a track width requirement Wheel track 2.2(7) A low volume vehicle that has four wheels and tyres, must have a front wheel track, measured from centre to centre of the tyre treads, that is within 20% of the rear wheel track.
  7. if its a m3 engine and m3 box and matching m3 driveshaft and its not modified and you can prove it, correct.
  8. you will need to fit a separate set of anchorages for the center belt. it gets tricky with the other belt mounts because they were done so long ago, they probably pre date the cert requirement, but proving that will be near impossible if theres no declaration, so it will be better to re do all the anchorages as per the standard, and cert it Seatbelt_Anchorages.pdf
  9. cletus

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    also registering interest in two wheel based shenanigans
  10. Yep do able if it's all done correctly
  11. If you could prove that you have used the turbo spec drive shaft and it's a bolt in and not modified and the engine doesn't produce more than 50% more power than it did when it was in the s13 to start with I don't see how it couldn't meet the 'interchangeable drive shafts' part