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  1. Yeah I've seen something from qa1 confirming they can go either way up no problem
  2. Can be certified, I've done a couple, both needed work around the sway bars to stop them getting tangled up in other things Crack testing was not required on the ones I've seen
  3. Engine mounts are one of those things that there are so many different combinations of shapes and sizes that its impossible to have a set rule on how they must be done But as a very general rule, 3mm steel with gussets. You can come up with a design yourself no problem, post up or send me a pic if you want some input on if they are ok or not One thing to remember when designing mounts, is if the rubber breaks, the engine should not be able to rock over and jam the steering. So for example if you have limited exhaust manifold to steering shaft clearance, you may be better to use a locking style rubber mount instead of a round cotton reel type one
  4. I'm sure I've heard @sheepers declaring his fondness for British engineering many, many times
  5. I think the pics were from I just did a google image search for "sb mopar toyota transmission " or something like that I'm not a big fan of that crossmember, the fact it has the holes closer together would put more stress on a part that is quite thin in that area
  6. Same levels of technology as 3.9 ea falcons and TBI 305 chevys IMO they are designed to be cheap and easy for Americans to bolt on. Putting an ecu where all the heat and vibrations are seems like a recipe for failure as well
  7. *waits for barry to call asking if we can cert his 56 f100 he imported from america so he can take it to the supermarket *
  8. Cool little truck! Is the cab the same as a b1600 of the same era?
  9. Have sampled a few cars with solid mounts, the less cylinders they have the more vibratey and annoying they are, if it's a racecar it probably doesn't matter though
  10. After our phone sharns I did some investigation Peter, and found there is a bell housing option to bolt a toyota r box on to a small block, use a v6 Dakota manual bell housing
  11. Had a customer ring me this morning, I had already told him yesterday we can do a cert on essential service vehicles but we have to be able to prove it They cant prove it is so he said 'cant you just say you checked it yesterday?' No. Boss also had some dude ring him on Wednesday assuming he could drop his car off at bosses house for a cert while the lockdown was in effect
  12. Yes moving the rack down is do able. You definitely want to get a certifier involved from the start so they are happy with how you are moving it down and what you do to sort bump steer issues Some types of tie rod droppers are not legal, some are.