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  1. Man that car park incident would boil my piss
  2. Yep copper nickel or normal steel tube is ok, straight copper tube is a no go. stainless has to be done by a pre approved company or person
  3. Bolting clean painted parts on with new bolts is satisfying
  4. Yeah that works good. Apart from one bolt that didnt want to go in its home it was a piece of cake.
  5. Drag day 12th December even if you are not competing, is a good time
  6. I like the fact that you could not find the right vehicle to suit your needs so you just made one. Good work!
  7. Yes, does require cert for welded parts like that. You can fit bolt on things like strut braces without a cert though This has all the stuff you can do that does not require cert
  8. Should be fine, strengthening the factory structure is never usually a problem unless you start modifying areas forward of the suspension mounting and messing with how a vehicle crumples in an accident That doesnt happen very often though as theres not usually any reason to
  9. No, I did some internet research last night and ordered a nippondenso type one off rockauto
  10. Today's job was to bolt the trans to the engine, fill the converter, figure out what starter I need, (there are Australian and US spec starters with different size pinion gears, mine needs a us spec one so that's good cause can get a gear reduction one off rockauto) , make a dipstick tube fit (fingers crossed this works with the firewall and exhaust clearance which is fuck all) , bolt the crossmember on and knock up a trolley to put it all on. The plan is to lift the body up and roll everything under the car to fit it, to avoid damaging painted parts
  11. No problem. It starts out quite small but it gets much bigger once erection is complete
  12. For sale if anyone is after a tent that needs wofs
  13. I'm going to fight you like an upset teenage girl , crying and slapping you
  14. Must be a bmw thing , saw a woman driving a bmw SUV yesterday with wires hanging out the edge of the front tyres
  15. Yeah that's the worst thing about china tyres, I have some cheap 265/30/19 on my falcon which are terrible in moist conditions