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  1. You might be able to give yourself a bit more clearance with an Allen head bolt There isn't a set minimum but I'd aim for at least 5mm . If you have to run spacers anyway it's not a big deal to space it out a bit more
  2. cletus

    Cletus' 68 Plymouth Valiant

    Some more progress. One thing I have learned from the job I do, is sometimes it's better to pay for someone to do stuff instead of having a go and making a hash of it myself. Both front floor pans had some rust on the top side which I don't have the skill, gear, or patience to do a nice job of. @RXFORD/ Matt at tin tricks in east tamaki is a friend of mine, he picked it up and fixed the floors, while it was there he deleted the heater motor and hose holes in the firewall and made a new part of the inner guard which gets rid of an ugly bit where the battery box used to live, and made it match the other side. My photos are a bit ham but I'm stoked with how it turned out
  3. The decibel test is done with the engine not 'loaded' ie in neutral, take it up to the test rpm, start the meter reading, then let it drop back to idle
  4. retail price is $580 for a basic cert inspection, plus hoist hire at a workshop if necessary extra set of wheels- there isn't a set price for that, stuff like that I base on how long it takes and how helpful the owner is. Ie if theres another set of wheels in the boot and I have to swap them over myself, then it would cost more, than if the owner swaps them while im doing the paperwork
  5. the way I interpret it, if the exhaust met the decibel requirements in the open position, you could have the switch inside the vehicle and you could change it whenever
  6. Yep that's how I read it. So if it passes in 'open' mode it should be ok
  7. 2.1 has the requirements for what you are talking about
  8. Bear in mind that is the rules for certification - so a reset spring requires cert- there's nothing allowing a reset spring in the wof modification threshold Also reset coils are not often very good- you remove travel but the spring rate remains the same, and often people get springs reset because an aftermarket spring doesnt go low enough Leaf springs have the advantage of being able to add more leafs to up the spring rate
  9. still have the category for doing them, but we now refer noise certs to someone else for a few reasons. the main one being it was costing us money- I worked out over a 6 month period, just under half of the people booked in didn't turn up. because im mobile, I had to organize a site to test at each time, and at $50 if it failed, we were not covering the time it took to drive there, and people would still moan at the cost because the test was pretty quick if it failed it started getting in the way of other work so we gave our meter to one of the guys who is based in a shop, it makes more sense to do noise certs based from one place rather than battle traffic
  10. yes if you follow the requirements in here airbags abs removal
  11. exhaust cert is a completely separate process, to regular cert for everything else as you describe, book it in, get checked, pass or fail from my experience when I was doing noise certs/testing we charged $50 if it failed, and $250 if it passed, that included the sticker and a certificate, which we have to put the car on a hoist and measure/sketch the whole exhaust system, check for leaks, make sure it is secured correctly, etc. as far as I know now, most of the guys doing noise certs charge $300+ whether it passes or fails ported rotaries are probably the worst to get legal of everything for a couple of reasons. the whole time I was doing testing I can only remember 2 ported n/a rotaries that had legitimate exhausts that passed without some sort of "temporary" baffle or something to shut it up for the cert. you don't have to get stickered for noise to get a noise cert, anyone can get it done any time, and a wof inspector can ask for it if they think its louder than factory. I suspect there will be a lot more noise certs being asked for now that NZTA is clamping down on wof inspectors when the noise testing thing came in, it was quite common, id get a lot of calls about it, over the years it has died off. sometimes ill get a few calls on a Monday about it because the cops have had a weekend of handing out stickers baffles can be removeable, theres nothing saying it cant be, the only rule around that is the exhaust must be designed so it requires tools to change things
  12. cletus

    chris' scoot hoard

    Is that hub for a gy6, ie a 125? Or a qmb139? Or are they the same hub for both?
  13. Any of those would be ok, I used big rivets once