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  1. Problem with ignition switch maybe? Loses power to coil when cranking?
  2. Was the crank too far gone to grind, or you can't get bearings undersized? Good excuse for some improvements anyway.
  3. since photobucket has turned into a bag o' dicks i downloaded all the good pics and deleted it. to celebrate heres some burnouts i did when i was cool and had a turbo still
  4. Did you manage to find another tyre the same?
  5. straya cunt
  6. This, every valiant I have had has needed everything in the front end doing. i prefer original type rubber bushes over nolathane ones after using both types
  7. Cool car. It's amazing how many different body styles they had back then, and all change again the next year
  8. Upper ball joints- I looked at buying a socket for that purpose but as well as the cost, there are different sizes as well. Might be worthwhile taking the arms to somewhere like autolign and just get them to fit? I have borrowed a socket to do them in the past and they are tricky to get in straight / not cross thread them
  9. Not really an update, but I've owned this old sausage for 8 years this month. I might do something about the front seat next, it's never been very comfortable. And do some rustproofing after seeing pics of bart's vg, ha
  10. Shouldn't need high stop light, it's only MA class needs them. There was a recent change in the rules anything pre 90 doesn't need them
  11. Car looks good! Is the rear spring that offset at ride height?
  12. Went to hamilton today to pick up this fine specimen. It's a 8.8 ford diff out of a 91-99 explorer. There are a few reasons for using this. They are cheap ish, have discs and a decent handbrake setup , lsd, 31 spline axles, same diff as a mustang so plenty of aftermarket parts available, and if you narrow one axle tube 3" and use 2 short axles it makes it just the right width and pinion offset for a valiant. I do have a 9" that I was going to use, but it has already been narrowed but not enough. New housing and axles was going to be 2k, plus rebuild the diff and get a lsd center, plus brake conversion, was probably the best part of 3.5- 4k. And yay, wheels fit over the brakes.
  13. It looks like this now, a guy I know bought it off Chris
  14. Sweet. I'll be interested to see what you do with it!
  15. I did not know that, thanks!