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  1. This 100% I intensely dislike new vehicles, especially when they have cameras and sensors that bingbong when I do something it deems as wrong I had a day at work where I had to road test 2 cars , one was a tesla, the other was a really rough holden 1 ton with a grumpy LS and shitty old T10 4 speed Tesla was nice to drive but the holden was fun, to the point of if I had to choose one as a daily, it would be the holden
  2. If it has methanol in it , it has to meet all requirements for a fuel system So every one I have certed has 'water only' on a sticker on the tank, passes cert and nobody ever puts methanol in it ever at all because that would be illegal
  3. It's impossible to give a minimum thickness as offset, design, type of caliper mounting all influences how thick it needs to be. Basically it shouldn't flex. You can weld it to the diff housing but not to the bearing housing if it's cast or forged , and has to be tig/ndt, so it's often not a practical option
  4. Yea, because of that guy and the incidents he caused, NZTA came down on all certifiers and vehicle inspectors like a bag of sledgehammers lvv certifiers had it pretty easy as we have had a robust system in place for a long time but repair and heavy was a bit of a free for all and every certifier was basically on their own with no checking what they were doing Since then it has got a lot tighter, wof included
  5. There is a cert system for heavy vehicles, there's probably a different threshold for things like turbo swaps than for light vehicles LT400 is the name for heavy vehicle certification
  6. over 3500gvm- sorry cant help you, i know nothing of the world of heavy vehicles apart from knowing that getting a gvm lowered is not possible, you might be able to body swap a old body onto a truck chassis, im pretty sure thats been done before under 3500- what you are talking about doing is doable. i have done a couple of mini kenworth truck bodies on chev silverado chassis where it might get tricky is doing an old body on a new truck chassis but if the chassis was from a truck with a higher gvm than 3500- if the weights all work, you might be able to do it but i dont know if lvvta would allow that if you used the chassis from a 3500gvm truck like a dyna or something then that would be ok, no different from using a hq ute chassis or l200 etc
  7. Like a calf feeder but with innies instead of outies
  8. ha wof guy was actually right it was a car i certed, it had 37s on it but wouldnt pass the brake test so it had 35s fitted for final check, i still had photos of it
  9. you could also use it to wind up the facebook barries "i added this schraeder valve to my oil filler cap so i can pressurise the oil system for cold starts"
  10. it sounds great! if you shut your eyes its like listening to a 911 hooning past regarding your oil filler cap, would adding a small valve to equalise pressure be a solution? ie a tyre valve, press it to let the pressure equalise, check oil level
  11. ^ correct. if everything matches then we only have to inspect the things that have changed since last cert- apart from a basic safety check to make sure everything is in a safe condition sometimes there are issues with cars that shouldnt have been certed in the first place, or theres something that should have been on the cert that isnt, then we have to figure out if it was done at the first cert , or if its been done since. many scratch built certs are light on details- as the thinking back in the 90s- if its modified, needs cert. so if it has cert plate= its certed this is actually a big headache now, as the years pass and the expectation of what has to be on the plate has changed, now people have problems at wof time for example i had a customer ring today who had a certed vehicle fail on tyre size being over 5%bigger than oe. certed for bigger wheels. with the new data discs the tyre size is listed the old plates did not have that. now the wof inspector wants proof it was certed with the tyres it has fitted
  12. roger seat belt solutions 0274981041
  13. airbag removal- for each seating position where a bag has been removed, a new belt must be fitted- its meant to be a web clamp belt but these are getting hard to find so if a web clamp belt is not available, supply a letter from a seatbelt supplier saying the web clamp belt is not available, and fit a new dual sensitive belt and matching buckle dash one- you can leave the bag in the dash, just unplug it fitting non airbag dash is fine funny fact about air bag removal- theres a form to fill out, its a legal document basically saying i told you not to remove the bag and if you die its your fault not mine it must be signed and dated, and a witness sign and date as well. i always put an arrow pointing to the bits that have to be signed and info filled in, and tell the customer to read and understand the document every. single. time. its either not signed, or the witness hasnt signed it, or theres no address etc generally, people who remove air bags to fit an aliexpress fake OMP racing car wheel, are mentally deficient
  14. Have you got somewhere you could attach a vent pipe to the engine box? Ie something like a 3" flexible hose with a fan in it to suck the hot air out when you park?
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