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  1. Mounting the fuel tank was today's job, got it mostly done, little bit of welding left to do. Fuel filter and pump will go in the spare wheel well and I'll make a cover that goes over the top of the well I need to sort a sealed cap and a spill ring, and an extra fitting on top for a return
  2. Front brakes ready to bolt on VJ spindles, new discs with 3mm off the od thanks to @RXFORD, then @RUNAMUCK kindly supplied some wheel studs to replace a couple that got mangled on the way out, reco surf calipers, new wheel bearings, aussie valiant lower ball joints which have a shorter steering arm for more hektik drifts, and repco had some new dust caps
  3. Yep. Easier to make that legal than in the boot too
  4. The legal way to do it is take to a tsda Get them to remove it Do paint etc Take back and they refit chassis number
  5. Kia ora te spanners Your waka will need to be looked at by a certifier , plate removed, sent back to LVVTA who then update landata so it doesnt say its modified any more. Chur Bleh
  6. Cert rules for lights.
  7. I had those on my last years crapcycle They worked ok, I never even died once Had enough grip to bottom the side stand bracket cornering a couple of times
  8. You would then need a cert for structural modifications/speed holes
  9. Are you sure they are 6mm? They look like 8mm from here
  10. I had an argoshield owner bottle filled by these guys a couple of years ago
  11. Weak or broken valve springs can cause odd things to happen at certain rpms, although if it was that it probably wouldn't rev to 6k with no load
  12. cletus

    KwS's TVR

    I had the same issue with hose I got from GSS , lasted longer than a month , but it was still rooted after a year or so
  13. When we do a cert check the first thing we have to do is make sure the ID of the vehicle matches what it should be etc If any vin number or chassis tag has been tampered with or removed or recorded incorrectly the vehicle has to get referred to a tsda to get confirmation that it's all correct Unfortunately even something like removing and refitting the vin tag to paint the engine bay seems to tar the vehicle with the same brush as if it's been stolen and new tags put on