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  1. ^this x2 The disc looks pretty fucked (looks like it should have grooves in it which are worn off so it's probably done heaps of kms It's a gamble to reuse the pressure plate because you could fit it and do 5km or 50000 km before something breaks
  2. Not heaps of low down torque but that makes it quite nice to ride imo. It seems to me that if you stay in the 1500-4000 range it is quite sedate, smooth, is still quick enough to get ahead of traffic etc If you use the other end of the tacho it goes pretty good though. I'm quite keen to run it at the drags, apparently they are good for mid 11s stock with a lighter rider, I'd be pretty stoked if it could do high 11s with a fatty on it
  3. if the cert matches then it should be OK I have had to get reprints of cert tags when a dereg car gets re reg and ends up with a new 17 digit vin number instead of a chassis number though
  4. In theory, yes. I can't think of anything like minimum dimensions or things like that that would prevent you from being able to do it However there's probably a lot of things that may trip you up, and make it a lot more challenging to build than a "normal" size car You would want to do a concept approval first before you start to make sure there are no legal issues with building something that small I doubt a Chinese made quad bike frame would get through cert, so you'd probably have to start from scratch there Because it would be registered as a new car, it would need things like a lap diagonal seatbelt, so it would need a suitable structure to mount it off, then you need to allow for interior impact zones, so that might dictate how small it can be internally tyres would need to be suitable for road/ car use and load rating, so you might be limited to what is available like 10" mini tyres? This is by no means a complete list of potential issues, just things that come to mind off the top of my head And at the end of it, it would still cost a similar amount to cert it as any other scratch built vehicle so there's a fairly high 'entry cost' despite the rest of the car being cheap to build There was a guy who tried for ages to get a quad bike legal that had been built from a wrx. From memory, the biggest stumbling block was , 4 wheels= ma class, car. So has to have a round steering wheel, and lap diagonal belts. Both of which change the whole look and design of the vehicle
  5. Bum tidied up a bit Rack off, stickers off, rego and wof moved out of the environment, guard chopped off a bit shorter, plate moved up. This will do for now Once I move the exhaust I'll do some small indicators and reg plate lamp and get rid of the guard completely
  6. Exhaust is very quiet and I'm not a big fan of twin muffs up high , I'll probably change it to a single side muff. It does sound cool though, it's got a bit of a lope at idle which should sound good with the volume up a bit Adult video story was just to add to my yarn, but based on real life events There used to be an adult video shop in east tamaki that was on my way home, a fun game was to drive past and if there was someone going in or out, toot and wave like you knew them
  7. I decided I wanted a bigger bike, I'd been going over all sorts of different options for ages but ended up leaning towards something japanese and reliable I went into a harley dealer once but felt weird, like when your aunty sees you walk out of an adult video store Thanks to @MACKAZ for having a look at it for me , it was in whangarei so I got biketranz to deliver it Pretty happy with it, I always find it interesting to see how the type of vehicle it is, influences how you ride/drive it. I thought a big bike may encourage riding like a diddle and going 1 million kph everywhere but this is the opposite, because it's so smooth and torquey it's quite happy bumbling around at the speed limit, whereas DRZ kind of ends up brappp everywhere because it's not very smooth at lower rpm It's about as exciting to look at as a mid 00s camry though so I'll do some cosmetic stuff so it doesn't look like I'm on my way to a Ulysses club run
  8. Boot sealed up which was a suckful job but done now Tank and pump in , started on fuel hoses
  9. Not really, but there might be a reason, like the floor or tunnel gets really hot
  10. cletus

    diesel spam

    Possibly not want you want to achieve but I'll add it anyway, on my townace I blocked the egr it didnt idle very well after that so I removed the throttle plate but left the actuator and shaft there all hooked up so the ecu thought it was working It ran a lot better and used less diesel
  11. Sweet! I like the colors you have used on the engine
  12. That looks too nice for using in the dirt now haha My dad used to manage a couple of forests in Auckland for Carter holt , dirt bikes were always verboten in the forest, dad used to chase the locals out of there fairly regularly, until there was a mishap, I think he got charged with dangerous driving or something once
  13. 79 is when rear belts became a requirement, so technically, you won't need them. Good idea to fit them though, if the holes are there already.
  14. Yeah I think that would be OK to modify or remove , add some sort of strength back into the join another way
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