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  1. cletus


    How do you straighten them? Big press? Or heat /weld in scientific positions?
  2. X ray laboratories. Much better price than sgs too
  3. cletus

    Air bag suspension chat

    I havnt seen any of it in person so I dunno... I had a look at one last week that had china bags and valves and that was really throw it all in the bin and start again Most of the air suspension setups I have certed have had better quality parts, and self leveling systems The way the rules are written, it's very difficult to get a system to comply without a self level system
  4. cletus

    Air bag suspension chat

    Looks like chassistech/airbag They have been selling bottom of the barrel air bag stuff for a long time
  5. cletus

    Bens Scampy scamp

    With your discs, did you re use the wheel studs? They are a bit weird eh
  6. cletus


    And grab a xf diff cover and chop the watts linkage pin off, that is a poor man's pick a part combo to try and make a valiant diff more resistant to making bang tinkle crunch noises haha
  7. cletus


    Good chance it is 25 spline. I used to look for xd-xf ute or panel van diffs to get 25 spline lsd centers to put into valiants, utes often had 3.23 ratios, sedans if they were lsd were usually 2.77 which had a different offset ring gear mount surface which didn't work for any other ratio
  8. cletus


    XD sedans were leaf springs, XE XF sedan was 4 link, all utes and wagons were leafs though
  9. Vespa. Have fitted some tyres that will be mildly better in dirt& gravel, already got a cargo rack and bag sorted, and have got a fuel can that fits in the space between my feet.
  10. Hey Con, I remember this from the mopar forum, you still have your gasser ve as well?
  11. cletus


    My employer has a hot rod that is bare steel, has been for a few years now. It lives inside most of the time, he has to rub it down with scotch brite and puts stuff called keyphos on it, he probably does that a couple of times a year. It sometimes gets surface rust when you touch it from sweat, or if it gets driven in the rain All the bits that you can't get to are painted so the seams don't rust
  12. Usually no problem if it's just a single skin radiator support panel.
  13. I guess if you could make it meet the requirements to be NA class then that would be possible
  14. Could you use a rubber mount that already has a locking system? Another way could be to make a 'hook' that catches the engine mount bracket