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  1. Is it a spacer? Or an adapter to fit a mazda shaft onto the hunter diff via changing the pcd? It's not something that is covered by the standard, the wording sort of suggests that you wouldn't be able to do it, as technically you are lengthening the shaft via a spacer, but the wording is intended to prevent someone cutting and joining a shaft incorrectly In my opinion if it's made out of a suitable material and is not too thick and has the right bolts with lock washers etc and it spigots into the driveshaft and pinion flange then it would be safe, it's the same as a wheel spacer or adapter You might want to check with @KKtrips
  2. This stuff is the automotive equivalent to alison holst sausage rolls, keep making the packaging forever
  3. Good job there Peter. It must be satisfying knowing you can big block around the place for much less cost than before. Are you going to do some spark related trickery like with the vg?
  4. Vespa. A while ago I got a aliexpress knock off carb for it which was a little bit bigger It had some casting flash and stuff like that that wasn't very good The base wasn't flat The throttle slide was sticky I fixed all that stuff and took a punt on the jet it had in it and it went ok, moved the power up the rev range enough to notice, it went better However it had issues with what I thought was the throttle sticking and pulling lots of lean sounding revs I was trying to find where the problem was, it wasn't the throttle, it was getting airflow from somewhere though, and it managed to select first gear by itself and fuck off into my toolbox, broke the brake lever off and knocked the steering out of alignment All fixed now , spare parts bike to the rescue,and I put the original carb back on. Stupid china.
  5. Matt from tin tricks did some more work for me on the inner guards and firewall so it looks much better . Today it got dropped off at autoblast for underneath and the engine bay to get blasted, primed and underneath painted with 2k epoxy
  6. There are allowances for old cars if you cant get the anchorages in the allowable area, as generally it's still safer to have a seatbelt in the wrong area than not have one at all
  7. Pretty tricky in a EH from memory, I think the pillar is too far forward or too small ? I'd have to have a look you might have to put it below the window
  8. Have had varying reports of owners liking and not liking air bag helper springs. Last guy I dealt with ended up taking them out and getting uprated leafs put in instead When you have a bag taking the load and the spring not doing much the axle can get a bit "floppy" as the leafs are separated they dont control axle rotation as well Also if its COF I dunno what the rules are or what wof cof rules are like over there but usually air helper springs need LVV cert I'd probably fix the springs if it was me
  9. Would really depend on what sort of car/subframe/ area of the body you are talking, but if it's only a single layer panel like a floor or firewall section then the body would be better to modify.
  10. are the only ones that have been consistently good, they are made in nz
  11. Correct. 30mm max for adaptors Dont buy cheap ones
  12. Do you mean thread the chassis? Or the bit in the picture? If you mean the chassis then yes you could if it was thick enough and you use the right size bolts and lock washers etc
  13. Should be ok , theres only one place in nz that can re web belts legally at the moment, I think there was a link a couple of pages ago