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  1. Long story short brought a couple of sprockets and a drive chain for one of these engines off rockauto with plans to adapt to another toyota engine.Relocating oil pump on a 1gzfe using a lay shaft to make it a mid sump layout. Cheep as, no worries if doesnt work bit in looking into it I see that oil pump on these is timed too the crankshaft and I cant for the life of me find out why. Its a trochoid design pump , Any suggestions, is there something im missing?
  2. Jump forward a couple of months and almost finished. A few small things to do and iron out some of the electrical gremlims, not much of anything works to be honest. Have a ciggy lighter and am radio so thats the essentials covered. Other things like lights , electric windows, gauges, horn, wipers basically everything electircal needs some work. Ill round up a few more photos of the interior and bits and pieces and chuck up here at some stage
  3. Thanks for that. Still unsure as to requirements because car has never been on the road in nz. Might just put them all in and see what comes of it. An easy fix if there no good
  4. Dunno if this is the right place to ask but here we go Got this old crown almost finished Jap import well need complying shortly 100% stock, Whats the legalities/requirements for the seatbelts? Planning on fitting the originals, have multiple sets and in decent condition for front and rear. Similar to falcon or holden design lap belts of the same era. Has suspect looking design where you can unclip the front belts and tuck the shoulder part of the strap up onto the hoodlining and it becomes a lap belt only. I guess for aesthics being a coupe. All belts have toyota markings, date of manufacture and what ever standards they meet on there little tags sewn too them. Are these acceptable or well they need updating/oviously some sort of modern inertia belts going to be safer but meh
  5. And because nobody ever has just one got it a friend
  6. Couldnt get rubber for a coupe so brought multiple sets for a sedan and cut and joined to suite. Had to laugh when i saw the bag the rubber came in( toyota general parts) Spent hours polishing the rear screen with autosol as the copper strips in the demister wire thing had all corroded and gone green and come out of the glass , Come up good but can still make out faint lines where they where. I talked to the old guru at the local glass place I use and he said they used to lay them on as the glass was still curing and thats why it looks like its in the glass and not just stuck on top. Fitted stainless looks lovely
  7. Finally got the car back from the upolsterers. Looks decent, got the boot done as well. Had a crack at covering the dash in vinyl which came out ok. Want to get a proper moulded remanufactured dashpad but the dashboard place needs the steel frame to make a mould off which is a bit hard because its welded in so have to cut the bulkhead out of a car and take it to them for that to happen. Otherwise continue on with putting it back together
  8. Blasted and painted anything I could. Pretty tedious work bit real happy with the result. Think from memory I replaced the bottoms of those inner guard things because they were all rust fucked too
  9. Sandblasted the fuel tank and was rusted from the outside in. Ended up brazing up the holes and putting gas tank sealer stuff in it.Was nice and clean inside bit wanted to seal up where id been welding. Seems to have worked a treat.
  10. all out of order bit found more photos of rust repairs to boot floor , inner and outer rear guards, just everywhere really
  11. Anyone had any experience with refurbishing steel chrome wheels. Talked to old barry at chromers and they used to do plenty of them . Have to machine the centre out, chrome the barrel then reweld. Not willing to touch now cause of the libility welding wheels. Elite wheels in chch are happy enough to weld them but cant do the chroming. Any suggestions welcome
  12. Had all these thoughts. Cause jap import going to get it complied with original running gear and drive it. Then build up a spare chassis with engine and brakes etc