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  1. Pretty much the same conclusion I came to. Here's a pic showing how close the exhaust ports are to the steering box with a V engine fitted. Think it's only a 60degree V so pretty narrow too
  2. Have put a 1gzfe in ms55 and doesn't fit very well. Not saying it can't be done but hits steering box and drag link arm. Also about your chassis numbers for some unknown reason on all my old crowns the number on the chassis rail and body doesn't match.not much help bit seems to be the way they are
  3. Was just looking through your build thread and happened across a post where yourd installed a kenwood bluetooth amp . Looks exactly like what I'm after. I know the model number bit doesn't appear to be readily available in nz. Mind sharing where you got it from. It is listed on Amazon australia for about $700 kiwi delivered
  4. Hah. Yea that's the guy
  5. Side sharn. Used to car pool with a chap with a gtir in the early/mid 2000s from whakatane out to kawerau every day. About 60km round trip and old mate thought he was a race car driver. Pretty sure he pissed off everyone else on the road. Did go well to be fair. Think it ended up getting Tboned at the Tauranga turn off. @vintage grumble may remember him. Replaced it with a s14 silvia
  6. Hadn't really done much with this. Mostly because it was just rubbish to drive. Bit the bullet and got stuck into doing an engine transplant. Brought a well used ms123 crown for the running gear. Gave the engine a paint job rebuild and proceeded to fit it into the coupe. For the most part it bolted in. Had to modify the crossmember and make a new driveshaft as the transmissions are a different length. Lots of small things need modifying as the coupes engine bay is about 100mm narrower and a 100mm shorter then the doner crown. Biggest battle was getting the wiring loom intergrated into the existing car loom, definitely not one of my strong points but muddled my way through. Replaced the steering box with a new one I got off yahoo,so stoked, made all the difference to the feel of how it drives. Happy days
  7. I know of 6 in nz with a couple others that have been cut up for parts
  8. Can't wait to see some more progress on this. Love this model crown! Any photos of your other coupes and sedan? Keep up the good work
  9. 16 years ago I had one of these. Went well. Had head gasket done.i believe they had plastic locating dowels for the head that would get brittle and break and the head would shift . Lots of torque steer Replaced cvs a couple times. Rear engine mount and once the rear sway bar pulled out of the chassis All in all hell of a lot of fun for the price
  10. Thanks for the input guys. It's just round the corner so might as well just pull it out and then well know for sure.
  11. Can anybody help me with what diff is in a old Hiace van Ive been looking at? Just picked up a diff out of an old Hilux G142 code on the tag so G series 4.875 ratio 2 spider non lsd, easy. Looking at this Hiace and on the Tag under Trans/axle it says "UNIT.521." and 0-12 further across from it. 1980 model with an 18r in it Any help would be great cheers
  12. Long story short brought a couple of sprockets and a drive chain for one of these engines off rockauto with plans to adapt to another toyota engine.Relocating oil pump on a 1gzfe using a lay shaft to make it a mid sump layout. Cheep as, no worries if doesnt work bit in looking into it I see that oil pump on these is timed too the crankshaft and I cant for the life of me find out why. Its a trochoid design pump , Any suggestions, is there something im missing?
  13. Jump forward a couple of months and almost finished. A few small things to do and iron out some of the electrical gremlims, not much of anything works to be honest. Have a ciggy lighter and am radio so thats the essentials covered. Other things like lights , electric windows, gauges, horn, wipers basically everything electircal needs some work. Ill round up a few more photos of the interior and bits and pieces and chuck up here at some stage
  14. Thanks for that. Still unsure as to requirements because car has never been on the road in nz. Might just put them all in and see what comes of it. An easy fix if there no good
  15. Dunno if this is the right place to ask but here we go Got this old crown almost finished Jap import well need complying shortly 100% stock, Whats the legalities/requirements for the seatbelts? Planning on fitting the originals, have multiple sets and in decent condition for front and rear. Similar to falcon or holden design lap belts of the same era. Has suspect looking design where you can unclip the front belts and tuck the shoulder part of the strap up onto the hoodlining and it becomes a lap belt only. I guess for aesthics being a coupe. All belts have toyota markings, date of manufacture and what ever standards they meet on there little tags sewn too them. Are these acceptable or well they need updating/oviously some sort of modern inertia belts going to be safer but meh
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