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  1. Why no petrol? It’s not like you’ll be moving it every day
  2. FYI @MRWEST Povo spec US model FCs had 4 stud brakes - not sure what diameter the rotors were vs 5 stud but rockauto might be your friend here...
  3. 12a bridgy, modgies, supertrapp
  4. Evan


    Yeah going over epoxy. There’s a very slight wavey-ness in the panels where the replacement piece has been welded in (read: lower door skins, lower section of rear 3/4s) need something to try and smooth that out so seeing what people have had success with. not sure where you draw the line between between high build primer/polyester filler/bog/paper mache?
  5. Evan


    Was waiting for you to chime in with Protec haha, got a link for which type/model number specifically? Catalogue List seems to be as long as your arm..
  6. Evan


    Anyone got any high build primer recommendations?
  7. When I looked into it ~5 years ago I only found 3 types of 15in tyres that were manufacturer rated for a 10in wide rim, there's the Pirellis(?) that go on the back of a Countach/ 930 Turbo. some other high sidewall tyre and the only low profile tyre I could find was the Avon Semi slicks that go on the back of the fancy pants Caterham - these were $500/piece from memory. just a side note if you care.
  8. @Roman please DIY some superaccurate thermostat controlled oven that has ramp control. Post PowerPoint slideshow displaying results pls.
  9. Evan


    Autoblast from memory are $275+ GST/ hr. I got a text from them last month saying they were doing 15% off their rustproofing system for the month of March, if you go that way might be worth asking if they’ll still honour that.