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  1. would be a bitch to get a bbq into though
  2. so you have no spark at the points?, did you try a new coil or a second hand one?
  3. dylan

    ballast resistor

    yep thats normal for them to get pretty hot
  4. problem found to be faulty condenser......... cheers fellas
  5. yea true that... it has an alarm and immobiliser also but that appears to be working fine when its immobilised theres no power at the coil and when i press the beep beep button there is power there
  6. alright ill grease the rubbing block and also recheck/set the gap tomorro night and yea i gave the points a rub with light grit wet and dry sandpaper before fitting them
  7. ah cant remember now but i looked the points gap up on autodata when i replaced them and yes set at the top of the points cam its been running sweet for the last month.
  8. my little hilux appears to have no spark out the plug leads about a month ago i replaced the coil,plugs,points,dizzy cap and rotor so these should still be fine yes?.. also i do have power to my coil and earth im gonna replace the condenser and earth wire in the distributer tomorro as it looks a little ratty any guidence on other things i should look for would be much appreciated!
  9. hey i think iv been to your house must of been when the previous owners where there nice shed!
  10. i bought round ones for mine there out of a landrover its just a round rubber peice with a bolt out either side an i chopped the old rubber peice off the mount then drilled into that mount put a nut on the other side and that has worked for me no longer breaking engine mounts
  11. well things have changed alot since my last post motor went good and i used it for my daily for a while then i revamped my suspension with new everything got a 2inch exhaust i got sick of the faded red so i primered it
  12. cheers for the help guys iv got everything pretty well sussd now
  13. oh sweet thats handy.. so the spline on my auto escort driveshaft is right for the 5 spd but i take it its the wrong length or something? becuse it wasnt mentioned in that thread?
  14. im really shit at using the search on this site so just after a bit of info or to get pointed in the direction of some info so ill need... modified sump gearbox crossmember driveshaft (i have auto 2 piece one..is this all g?) longer accelerator cable longer fuel line what else should i be looking for? also if anyone has bits already made up that there willing to sell im keen as any help would be appereciated
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