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  1. The seam sealer replicates factory. It lasted 30ish years before it first started turning to shit and I figure it won't be my problem in the next 30 years cos I doubt I'll last that long or at least be senile enough they won't let me drive. I'm stoked with the colour.
  2. Got a small update from the panelbeater today. Fucking STOKED with the outcome Discuss here From To Looks amazing - in my untrained eyes anyway
  3. Correct, pivot must go through the pedal, not welded to the end. No, pedal cannot be heated and bent.
  4. Yes, brake pedal can only be welded for the pivot and where the pedal pad attaches to the pedal arm. Must be TIG welded, and must pass NDT and include a report from the testing lab. See your certifier and ask them for an F008 to be filled out so the test lab knows what they are testing and what standard they must use.
  5. You'll soon be able to get it for free. Also to be fair, they are 2 seperate commodities, if you got the free PDF version then you have 2 copies of the manual.
  6. To be fair, the price increase was not our call, but NZTA gave us money to update the standards faster and some extra project work (among other things) They said they would put XX% of the amount we needed to do the extra work, provided we made up the other ZZ%. So after they gave us the money then they insisted we made up our ZZ% through a plate fee increase. (trust me its not very much money when you see how much NZTA blow on consultants and the like)
  7. I have a full album of Clints nutsack from multiple angles and reflecting from shiny surfaces.
  8. Get ya bluetack out. Also, if you can't fit them in the door frame then they will still need to be in a prominent position where they are easy to find and check. They cannot be hidden.
  9. We have tried a lot of doors and not one that we found gets close enough to be a problem. They are less than 8mm thick. (7.5mm to be precise - I just measured one)
  10. I don't think so, more around the door catch, so they can be found easily by a WoF inspector, the Police or other authority. They are not meant to be hidden away.
  11. No, they will be mounted inside the door frame unless there is an incredibly compelling reason not to.
  12. /what Clint said. Also it should stop the guys who borrow a set of wheels/insert name of part from their mate to pass cert and then switch them back as soon as the plate is riveted to the vehicle.
  13. Yep, should make it easier for certifiers because they won't need to get the vehicle back to fit the plate. The tag will be fitted at the time of inspection and livened up once the cert has been processed as OK.