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  1. Vinegar Hill on the weekend closest to Watangi Day (and usually a few days on either side of the weekend too) and it's a roll up, set up, chill out kinda deal.
  2. I hope that grease isn't too tacky or it'll absorb all the road dust/grime/crap and make it yuck to wind in about 2 years time. Personally I would have gone for a grease like spray on lithium grease.
  3. It doesn't say in the article but it looks like in your photo that there are 2 points of contact for the window to attach to the regulator and that the points are independent of each other once the cable is withdrawn - so personally I would put them at a known point on the winder (like fully up or fully down) and then mark on the tube where both of them sit before pulling the inner cable out. That will mean you can't paint the tube unless you have some other way of getting the mark to stay visible after you have painted and before reassembly.
  4. First Question - https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=335018 (steps 14-16) Second Question - VHT do a REALLY good vinyl paint. I got mine from Repco but probably plenty of places to get it from.
  5. I hope if you are ditching the Hemi then you are going to put in something grouse like TD42+T Safari running gear.
  6. Fill out a second form for her and put down your username, submit payment using your username, then PM @- i5oogt - and tell him you have 2 entries and expect them both to be paid in 1 payment. (if that is what you are doing)
  7. Yup. I bought 4 of them. But forgot the dimpled glasses.
  8. preferably not - but I'll consider anything right now
  9. No, but good idea. Will keep it in the old grey cells if current avenues are fruitless. Was next on the suggestion list from the panelbeater. Would be mucho aprecciato if you could do this for me.
  10. Shop did it. Just get them to send the part to Spiro and tell him to send it on with some Melbourne heroin stuffed in the bulb holders.
  11. Not 12 slots- factory steel mang. Yes definitely!! We thought we had one but turned out it was for an XF (which is different of course LOL)
  12. It's on the mend - yay insurance!
  13. Bring Zephyr for a lowering in the snow...
  14. Coming this year Thomas?