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  1. Have confirmed, draft standard says 25mm max.
  2. A driveshaft "adapter" between 2 different PCD's could be a problem, but a driveshaft "spacer" has been accepted before, as Clint says, providing they are suitably spigoted and made of a single suitable block of material with appropriate fasteners. l. I think we specified it is a maximum of 25mm in the draft engine drivetrain standard revision which is in the proof reading stage right now. I'll take a look tomorrow and see what it says.
  3. 8 = Holden 12 = 8 Cylinder Premier or LS Monaro 69 = Sedan 9 = ??? (if this is an HQ then it might be a Q) N7 = Assembly Plant (might have been New Zealand?) 09568 = Vehicle sequence number (off the production line)
  4. I really don't get any argument for not having seatbelts. IMHO you want as good as you can get into them. Recently I saw a photo of a 60's Cadillac in NZ that had a minor accident and hit a lamp post at less than 20mph and barely dented the bumper and bonnet. (maybe pushed it in 3 inches). The guy hit the steering wheel with his chest and died.
  5. That's OK, I can just make my own and put your name on it...
  6. No, unfortunately, he is about an hour and a half drive from my work. 2 hours from home. You driving it over?
  7. The DynaSar will be NA (probably). So must have - dual sensitive in the front outer - lap in the front middle - dual or single sensitive in the rear outer - lap, static, dual sensitive or single sensitive in the rear middle edit - sorry I thought you were asking a question about what type of belt you had to fit.
  8. Cannot do. Photos and paperwork is the property of NZTA. Can provide a copy of the cover page only. Which you should have anyway. Though the information on the cover page will only explain the abbreviations on the cert plate.
  9. No different to people faking plates/declarations as they do now. Expect a trip to court wnen you get caught. This has been thought of and there is a mitigation in place. Not sure if it is my place to say though. Also people will be able to access the info without an RFID scanner. You will require 2 codes to be entered manually in place of an RFID scan. It won't be a number plate as one because they change.
  10. KKtrips

    KK's Honda Cub

    Progress, all the last bits and pieces came together tonight. Ended up hard-tailing the ass end cos tyre guard clearance might be an issue with my fat ass.. Tasks left, need to true the front wheel cos it is a little wobbly and the tyre is so wide that it rubs a little bit on the inside of the fork legs. But not so bad it will be a major issue. Also need to get a little bit of tube to finish hardtailing the rear end. Got it on the ground and running, put it in gear and rode it under its own power about 2 metres but to go riding required outside moving cars and it was dark so no go tonight - still going to call the small move under its own power a victory. Oh yeah - the idle note is the perfect pop pop pop pop pop with a healthy rasp when I give it a twist.
  11. KKtrips

    Sound deadening

    Same Buying some soon-ish
  12. That last pic of yours is pure sex Alex, I hope you are going to run a pair of 40 IDA triple throat Webers from an early 911 on the Goldwing motor.
  13. Also search pillar bolt - from memory they are sold in NZ by a company in Chch https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EARLY-HOLDEN-BARREL-BOLT-B-PILLAR-SEAT-BELT-MOUNTING-BOLTS-2-BOLTS-/264184270301 BTW - don't buy aluminum ones