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  1. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Fuck sake. Traffic leaving Wellington is pretty much toast. SH1 blocked by truck rollover, SH2 blocked by 2 trucks colliding. Traffic is going to be tooooooooooast tonight. Expect a Yowzer spec arrival from everyone leaving Wellington after work. "State Highway" Interislander is the only way out of the city in a car at the moment.
  2. KKtrips

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Packing a 6 pack of Elle's finest...
  3. KKtrips

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I want to go but new job and no leave up my sleeve.
  4. KKtrips

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Anyone that was passengering from Auckland able to take a boring Euro diesel from Auckland to wherever you're all meeting before the ride? Chris Morresey will bring it to me from there.
  5. KKtrips

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Give it a warm up this weekend.
  6. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    List of entries and payments. KK - Paid Shaz - Paid Yowzer - Paid Mourning Cupcake - Paid Steelies Goat - Paid Dogwatch - Paid Geophphy - Paid Seedy Al - Paid Bizzo - Paid Kicker - Paid Ms Kicker - Paid Beaver - Paid UTERUS - Paid AllTorque - Paid Lovechild - Paid ShavenYak - Paid Shakotom - Paid Kateums - Paid Testament Lowlife - Paid BigValueBuddy - Paid Hayhole Baby K
  7. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Does this? https://www.facebook.com/events/1026516797528825/
  8. KKtrips

    KK's Honda Cub

    Fucked my back at the end of August, taken a few weeks to get my back sorted enough to bend over to do the twist and shout. I spent a couple of hours mocking up some more tonight. Tomorrow handlebars and weld on the rear guard... Not sure if I want to rock the leg shield or not, easy enough to make the call once it's nearly finished though.
  9. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Updated entry list as of right now.
  10. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Don't forget to register if you are coming. Cheers
  11. KKtrips

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Also 2-3 Feb is Leadfoot Festival
  12. KKtrips

    KK's XE Falcon Longroof

    A tad over 6 months later, water leak is now fixed and to boot I scored a clean sheet WoF today. Even gave it a wash. www.boringandreliableretrocars.com
  13. KKtrips

    Boozin Da Bayz - mk5

    Yay it's a Friday this year
  14. No they aren't recorded anywhere. However cars are pretty decently photographed during the cert inspection so if you change the wheels and have a whoopsie then it will pretty easy to figure out they are different. If the wheels have the offset marked on the wheels via a casting or even a sticker, then you can be pretty confident that would have been captured in a picture by the certifier. But if there was no evidence of the offset at cert time and you only changed the offset marginally and had the same looking wheels then it would be harder to tell. Even though it's pretty unlikely thst subtly changed offset wheels would have that much of an impact on the safety of the car but substantially changed offset wheels would definitely be noticeable to look at when compared
  15. KKtrips

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Entry list on first post you rapscallions. Get your entries in. Make Hawkes Bay Great Again!