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  1. Excepting the case of the trailer that broke the drawbar and crossed the centreline and head-on'ed with a vehicle coming the other way.
  2. Have a half day slot booked every weekend to smash some work on the Commy. Ended up spending the last few weekend slots fucking around with moving lockup shit around. But it's all in good shape now and managed to get some more progress this morning. Stripped the rest of the interior out. Stupid me should have done this before painting the floor (I forgot to take out the sound deadining from under the back seat) At least I now have full access for rewiring the interior. Going to spend a couple of days cleaning, vaccuming and tidying up the interior before doing anything more in there. Ne
  3. From Seats and seat anchorages - NZTA Vehicle Portal
  4. Use the correct doubler plates to mount it to the trans tunnel and get it certified. The standard you need is to follow from half way down page 27 - https://lvvta.org.nz/documents/standards/LVVTA_STD_Seatbelts_& Seatbelt_Anchorages.pdf
  5. $2500-3500 last time I looked into a buying a complete T5. I did a conversion on my Commy with a W56, 2nd hand Dellow bellhousing and new clutch, not including the gearbox rebuild, custom cross member and driveshaft mods, I was in the deep end of $2000 just for the core parts.
  6. Vehicle has been changed since declaration and won't match. So it requires cert. Anything that matches the declaration will be assessed to general safety requirements and recorded on the plate as such. Anything not listed or that does not match will need to meet current requirements.
  7. Exempt Class A is farm vehicles that have to cross the road every now and then. Probably some struggling cow cockie registering his 2019 Audi Q7 on the cheap because milk solids only gave him a high 6 figure take home pay last year instead of a low 7 figure.
  8. H* factory manuals are small AF gearboxes so can't put a tonne of power through them, if you can handle not 5 or 6 spd, then an Aussie 4 spd would be the go. SBC and Holden bellhousings are very similar. 2 bolts different IIRC. If you need 5 or 6 speed then get the best you can afford, they are all going to need some modification and all pretty much equal.
  9. I've found out since starting at LVVTA that the button style are actually droop stops and not bump stops. Bump stops must be progressive and have the ability to cushion.
  10. Minimum of 40mm suspension droop (unless some really lightweight thing like a Lotus 7 replica) Spacer requirements start from page 17 - https://lvvta.org.nz/documents/standards/LVVTA_STD_Wheels_&_Tyres.pdf Spacer requirements for all wheels 2.5(1) A wheel spacer fitted to a low volume vehicle between the wheel and hub assembly, other than that fitted as original equipment by a high volume vehicle manufacturer, must: (a)be purposed-designed for automotive applications, and either be manufactured by a recognised automotive wheel spacer manufacturer, or be manufactured by a person who
  11. If you are after a set of Tridents for this beastie... 7" front and 8" rear. Then give me a PM.
  12. My magic 8 ball says "I dunno", but if I had to guess, someone probably had a friend at the post office back in the day and got the name changed in the system. Daytona Beach Buggy's are kit cars and they always have met the definition of a scratchbuilt vehicle If it was built before 1992 it should have a declaration, if it was built after 1992 it should have an LVVV cert. If it doesn't have either then whoever is inspecting them for a WoF should get a kick up the ass. If it had a declaration but it's registration lapses, it will require cert for the rego to be re-livene
  13. You make me want to cry.
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