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  1. Keep in mind that some codes (ie drag racing) do not allow fuel lines inside the vehicle...
  2. Providin you use the correct fuel line, have no connections inside the passenger compartment and it must use bulkhead fittings at each end, it should be OK. But it must also be able to be inspected, so covered by carpet is a no go.
  3. Looks like a serious bit of kit and would probably be overkill for anything other than an uber mega slam. IMHO bolt on = fuck off. Be like Mike and weld it in.
  4. I died a little / a LOT on the inside.
  5. Unfortunately not, can only be used on a scratchbuilt vehicle with 1 row of seats or it requires motorsport authority card.
  6. Doing a bang up job boyo. Good on ya man.
  7. Got a week off work for a nice break. Spent a few hours today wire-wheeling back the whole back underseat area, etch priming and then sealing that shit. It was fucking exhausting. #shutupoldman Also stripped down the 304 to pull the cam to send to Voldo for a new profile and new roller valvetrain. Only broke one bolt, which was surprising, no evidence of overheating and looks top have been fairly well maintained over the years. Probably just high mileage if anything. But its getting a rebuild anyway so wont matter. Tomororow I'll hopefully start on sound deadening, but judging from t
  8. B-pillar wouldn't be a problem, more what is within headstrike distance.
  9. If you have anything hard within 300mm of the back of the seat then yes you will need a headrest, I suspect the cage will be your nemesis.
  10. I got asked about adaptors vs spacers the other day, so thought I would post the bit about adaptors here so they are both together Wheel adaptor design and manufacture 2.5(4) A wheel adaptor fitted to a low volume vehicle between the hub and wheel assembly to affect a change in the wheel stud pattern or pitch circle diameter, must: (a)be purpose-designed for automotive applications, manufactured by a recognised automotive wheel adaptor manufacturer or be manufactured by a person who is recognised by an LVV Certifier as: (i)being competent and experienced in the type of work being unde
  11. I hope you are planning on similar or lower stance...
  12. Excepting the case of the trailer that broke the drawbar and crossed the centreline and head-on'ed with a vehicle coming the other way.
  13. Have a half day slot booked every weekend to smash some work on the Commy. Ended up spending the last few weekend slots fucking around with moving lockup shit around. But it's all in good shape now and managed to get some more progress this morning. Stripped the rest of the interior out. Stupid me should have done this before painting the floor (I forgot to take out the sound deadining from under the back seat) At least I now have full access for rewiring the interior. Going to spend a couple of days cleaning, vaccuming and tidying up the interior before doing anything more in there. Ne
  14. From Seats and seat anchorages - NZTA Vehicle Portal
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