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  1. Keen, it'll be my last hurrah before heading Stateside.
  2. You can also combine the accounts. (or I can)
  3. Looks like the hose needs to be rotated 1/4 of a turn anticlockwise (on the square), are the hoses routed correctly? Are they the correct hoses for the vehicle? You don't want to be taking any meat off the calliper, it could be tricky to prove that it has not affected the stength of the calliper, even though a finger in the air test says it will be fine, I wouldn't.
  4. See Note 4 (or 5, I can't remember which - I looked at it earlier today), I have a stick on plate on the front of my Prius and I will be using that as an out if I get poked by my WoF inspector.
  5. I would love it, but nah, I'm also decluttering at the moment.
  6. They have to have an ADR compliant label on the bullbar.
  7. A dealer would only sell factory bulbars etc which will be airbag compliant.
  8. NZTA and sensible are mutually exclusive.
  9. In my opinion, vehicles once they reach a certain age should be able to have all the driver assist, ABS, airbags etc removed, just because getting parts for them if they go bung will be impossible. But it probably needs to be longer than 14 years, cos my Prius is nearly 14 years old and its just broken in.
  10. I need to do a Facebook post on LVVTA page about he Bullbars thing but I put off doing it on a Friday because I wasn't mentally prepared for the pushback over the weekend.
  11. Sweet, they definitely did not do them when I was looking a couple years ago. Crane did them but they were well over a thousand bucks just for the cam. I wrote this response before you posted above but it might be worth saying for others knowledge, if its a cam designed for a flat tappet and you use it with roller lifters, it will fuck the roller wheel, a flat tappet cam has a very slight side to side slope on the lobe to rotate a flat tappet lifter and a roller lifter on a flat tappet profile will mean all of the valve spring pressure will be concentrated on one side of the roller wheel. It might be OK, but I would be not wanting to risk it.
  12. @Vk304, I did not know Mace made a roller cam for the Iron Lion? When I was researching for mine, all of their 304 stuff was for flat tappet cams.
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