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  1. Thanks for that recommendation - that's cheaper than the options I'd found. I'm quite constrained in terms of workshop space so don't know if I'll have room for the stand, but looks like a good Christmas present. I've been a bit inspired by Project Binky so keen to try doing something a bit different in the load space. I need to change the spare wheel well anyway as the standard one is too small for the spare wheel now it has 12" Revolutions.
  2. Right, enough lurking; here's my project thread. Finally. Here's the discussion thread for my build. So I bought this on TM from someone in the Hawkes Bay. It was originally mustard/baby poo brown but the PO had painted it yellow. So its always been known to us as The Banana Car, but it won't be yellow once I've finished with it. This is what it looked like in its prime: Later, I dropped in the obligatory 1275 from a Metro I bought just for the engine, and vented disks and quite neat grey leather seats from the same car. It's got a set of Phil Deane's extractors, a 2"
  3. More to follow, just wanted this link to put on my build thread.
  4. Dunno how I missed this thread for so long. This is exactly what my next project is going to be: an adaptable self-contained camping trailer. No loo though in my plans. Something like this: This above pic shows it half erect; the roof keeps folding to provide a sleeping surface. And a bit like this: I'll be basing it on the trailer I built a couple of years ago: My version's going to be different from the concepts above though. My idea is the roof folds over, opening the already attached tent and form the sleeping platform to the side, but the trailer is open
  5. This is the last one I did a couple of years ago (Pic of rally Mini at the bottom of the post). The one before was the SAS Land Rover that was sort of painted pink, aka the Pink Panther: Working on a Revell 1/24 Routemaster Bus, which has stalled for a couple of weeks as I have to make all the seats...
  6. If I remove my cert plate for sandblasting, can I just pop rivet it back on afterwards?
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