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  1. it's so sweet. I really like it.
  2. they look way better splayed out for sure. I did look at yahoo japan for a good long while for the real deal. But price was prohibitive even for rinsed ones. I'm stuck with the dick/mirrors i'v got for the next little while. Function wise they are fine.
  3. "attach using the self drilling screws supplied in the kit"
  4. How good. Who remembers the orange quest 4 lux on bags and v8? That's all I can think about when you say notch..
  5. I think the being Black on mine doesn't help. But i'm fairly low on the giving fucks. It rather laugh at them than pull them off. It's bothering me less and less with every hour. + I can see behind me now.
  6. @kyteler yep as far as I know they are a common one to stick on the 330's here is the base of mine... that will be the give away as to what they are off I guess. I have had to doctor them a lot to get this fit you get the general idea. (plastic)
  7. Good call but the mount section of the mirror has a very round fender to mould to. Probs not as tall as the D21..
  8. Need to get a sticker made.
  9. No idea. Karl found them for me at a swap meet ages ago. They are Nissan but. But I'd also like to know what they came off. No doubt off a smaller datsun.
  10. here is a pic of another I found. The mirrors are obviously not the same. But they are still big and sticky outty . meh what to do. Roll with it I guess.
  11. been umming and arreeing about fitting up fender mirrors. It's a real fuck trying to look behind you with 1 rear view mirror in a bigger vehicle. I had been doctoring up the mounts for the mirrors I have. Today I bit the bullet and drilled some holes. right or wrong they are on there now. They do change the look of the car a lot and they look massive to me. I wonder what they are actually off ? Anyway they work as good as fender mounted mirrors can. Not sure can always pull them off I guess.
  12. well shit. a crack test every year should catch it right before it happens ?
  13. It's worth a note/disclaimer that the car is imperfect. But it's now fairly presentable. It's a real cruiser. Dead quiet to drive in. Fairly hopeless if you want to go very fast. But goes up the river with the family on hot days, Drives out to see @moparmuppet when he is not at sea, Parks up at the beach. Good for long open road trips. Just generally slopes town around @ 12L per 100. It was never men't to go down the certification route. I also don't mind about it being auto. I just hope the value of these big under powered birds starts to lift a little.
  14. 195/65/14 I drove the tyre men up the wall. Tried to fit the 205's and they looked like balloons. Rubbed to the max. swapped them over to 195's. found the threw bolts on the rims gently clipped the caliper as the bolts were upgraded due to chowdering out from M6 from M8. Had to sort that. Adding to tyre fitter stress. The extra long wheel studs were what really broke his Camel on his straw back. I nowhave a little bit of rub with kids and a load of fuel on the back right on the big bumps. Not sure if I should try to unbolt and push things over a tad or just give up clearance the inner lip a fe
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