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  1. Stumbling my way thew Lift kits for the coil spring independent front end modern day 4x4. Think ranger, Prado etc... I can see spring spacers and ball joint spacers are just terrible. Not the way to go. A lot of vehicles in AU solve the issue with replacement upper control arms a better way to go (imo) To regain the geometry lost in the lifting. Do we have any brands of upper control arms that are passed into out system here in NZ that have ticked the box's and are ok to use ?
  2. Seasons greetings mate! I feel like I'm repainting the whole car sometimes. Haha But my thoughts are just to touch all the parts I've been working on back to green. I'm not sure how hard that is or how much it's going to cost just yet.. A bit worried
  3. bit of a update for Jan, been pritty quiet on OS to be fair. But i'v had a bit on. been putting a bit of effort in to get this to the next stage. Decided the bonnet is too much for me so it can go off to someone who knows whats going on.
  4. @RUNAMUCK @brocky41 Yea the bonnet is fizzing under where the 2 panels join at the front It be happy to cut the stuff out on the top but it's the join where they sandwich together that I think will need a more cearful hand. Be nice to get it semi sorted. But like you say it will just bubble again out the seam. It has been filled with rust kill now.
  5. It's been a good summer winter chugging all over the place. I'v noticed some bubbles here and there. The bonnet is of concern I'll never get another one. So lets look at some rust. A true feature of H330's rear seam wheel arch where the back joins on corner of a door bonnet full of filler. yay
  6. self healing brake rotors. Now there is a opportunity.
  7. It is a true beauty a bonnie and a joy forever.
  8. @moparmuppet I cant remember where you said to put these.... but they are here. You can take care of explaining all the good bits.
  9. scooters


    fantastic thread... I'm a bit basic on 9"
  10. saw this thought of you Jag barrys are something else,
  11. scooters

    diesel spam

    @smokin'joe Toyota service requirements state that the big and mains get done every 100000kms, in all 1hz, 1hd-t, 1hd-ft and 1hd-fte motors just plug a oil gauge in run it back into the cab and watch it for a few weeks. No better data logging than eye balling a gauge every time your in it. or whip the sump and pull a few mains and big ends for a wee look. if it's looking shaky bearing roll !