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  1. Aubs

    Aubs fa50

    Soooo brought new carb played around and she runs prety gooood yuuus. Even road down the street and back... So now..... 1...sort the breaks 2...sort lights 3...genral tydy up
  2. Aubs

    Aubs fa50

    Success... Ive started swapn bits i want over.. Had running shes got a wrong carb on has a pit bike carb on it as that what the guy had on.. Gona take the carb or the parts bike. Hopfully its in ok con but going of the rust and how bad parts were on it i might buy another.. But she starts and smokes like a 70s porn star that what matters
  3. Aubs

    Aubs fa50

    So i had a vmoto milian And a pgo moped both didnt go... And swaped them for another fa50.... BUT this one ruuuuns yuus. So the new plain is to simply pull of the good bits of the old 1 and put on this one choice
  4. Aubs

    Aubs fa50

    Yea hopfully will tydy up nice
  5. Aubs

    Aubs fa50

    So i was gifted this little gem in a trade. Dosnt kick over. Both wheels were seized. Breaks dont work. Has rust. But is sorta a good start hahah. So got home alredy un seized wheels thanks breaks. Pumped up tyres. Now to try to figer y wont kick over. Maby buy anothet motor. Thankfully was moreless free
  6. So new cdi ment to be a racing one hahaha. Didnt make much difference maby elmo was alredy too racebike spec hahaha. But to be fair it did help alil with take off less splutter on take off. So 12buks not to bad. Brought a vmoto milian for 70 bucks took of ths rack and couple things and sold it to a friend hahah much more stronger amd sturdier than the last 1 i had
  7. Yes pls i dont have many people to pest around with in palmerston
  8. Yea thats me i live along thoes ways. Thanks shes not bad eh
  9. Old girl chugging along nicely. On the hunt for a battery cover
  10. Nothing like freezing your but off early morning for no reason on motorbikes haha
  11. Hoping someone can help.. Iam after a battery side. Side cover so dont have to hold my battery in with cable ties hahha. And some mirrors. Also took for a ride today super happy with her. so touch wood she keeps beeing nice haha
  12. So 1st real ride on the yb125. Went prety good prety happy. Road for about 30 40 mins chugs along quiet nicely so. I gess just look for the missing battery cover. And clean tank inside. And clean up some serfsce rust under the seat
  13. Brought this tonight. Everything works runs prety good Fairly tydy shes a jem soooo plains are.. 1.Some fresh fuel 2.give a good clean polish crome 3. Have taken for a quick ride went well. But give a good run and see whats the go 4. I have a tail light lense so will chuck that on too