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  1. So mounted the basket wich I think super dope. And used some of the front guard that i had to cut to cover the gap under the light. Gave it some rear breaks wich work ok. And mounted some foot pegs further back. With floor bord still there. Just for a more better position. Gona make a cover for the gap under neathe the seat. And paint the rear panels blue. Or many repaint the whole bike. And wheels.
  2. Cheers man I enjoy changing it up every now and agian
  3. So got bord and painted the tank and rear fender and exhausts. Havnt put on the sisy bar as of yet want too make it better. But likening it without it hmhm. After all the tidying up a couple rides. And the startermotor craped out hahha oh well in lockdown anyway..
  4. Over the last few months have done loads of rides and has been great
  5. As started at the start of lock down
  6. Gota make up a panle to cover the gap in between the floor bord and seat and under the light but getting there
  7. We are running.... So now a hybrid of a newer honda i think anyway and 1980s nifty.. Newer moped frame then a newer motor wich was given too me. And cutting my parts nifty frame and welderd. That onto the new frame to accommodate the nifty rear panels and tank. As the nifty frame wouldnt take the newer motor. And the nifty frame is prety shot really Taken for a small ride up and down my driveway a couple times fells good. Still not finished will finish up tidying her up.
  8. Im alil broke atm with kids back at school but cheers will get done at some point
  9. So from my new nifty 50s parts bike ive swaped on to elmo.. Headlamp and garnish and centre plastic and spedo my rear tyre with the red wheel gotta flatt so got a spear on heince the black wheel
  10. So i brought a 1980s nifty 50 amd it came with a parts bike so though id put some bits of the parts bike on elmo i think i like it
  11. Sad face so got smurf to crank over and it has little too no compression.. So dose anyone know wear to get some rings from. I do have another parts moped that dose go but was always a noodle too start
  12. Prety happy with it
  13. So brought this little falla today 1980s Honda nifty 50. With a few spears was all in bits ive put back together to see whats missing all seems to be there motor turns sounds like has compression. So ill change fliuds and give it a try too start if it dosnt. Ive got a parts moped that did run a few months ago before used for parts so will use that motor if need be