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  1. So mate gave me another moped with same wheels amd same engine even amd it runs even. So gona pull apart as it heinously yuk looking. So gon swap exhaust. Few random bits n bobs mirrors gona keep engine wheels all that sorta stuf as it all works not bad fora freebie stoked
  2. When everyone is being so serious and u wana just take the piss hahah
  3. Watch out all the real mvp is hea hahha
  4. Sisy bar all made same holds jerry can perfect and a box off beer hahha
  5. Oh the moped of hotrod cracked its record this morning with burt Munro head to bars aerodynamics of (DRUM ROLL PLS) 63kms it took from milson round about too the 4■ but 63km prety happy with that. Put some 95 in it cleaned the plug clean filter practically salt flatt bike now hahaha
  6. So when u gotta move piles of broken around but home alone hahaha
  7. My stupid fone but you get the idea.. Filter.. whaaaat for a year and a half ive been rocking chopped siv mesh with hose clamps.. so this is a big upgrade hahah. Hopfully ride it tomorrow looks so much better. Now next job sort this break situation out or go old school rears only hahhahaha
  8. Ah so 1st ride withe new break resivor breaks feel great stoked. After about 50kms i start to notice theres random droplets on my bars and tank. No shit... Sight glass on resivor is leaking wtf actually is going on hahah. Omfg the comfusion sargar continues once again. So after replacing one resivor for another for the other to leak in the exact spot as the last is alittle bit of a total pain in my fart box. But on the plus note. Breaks feel 1000% better. And for short term some gasket marker over the leak should get me thru until i sorce a new glass ah this bike always gives me somthing to do sad face
  9. Ahhh nearly there.... New resivor on had to cut and thin down my leaver to work and move mirror to other side to work.. as new old resivor sits odd but all on ect But has no identification on what fluid eaither 3 or 4 dot to use. I havnt had to top up in ages and kant remember but have both 4 and 3 dot here so f knows. Google time
  10. Not sure would only leak after awhile bit pressure was always piss poor haha. But a guy in a social bike club im in has sold me 1 im picking up on thursday so no biggie just frustrating
  11. Ah the frustration sarag continues.. Went to ride my bike today gess what.. break fluid everywea..... ME NON COMPRENDAI AMIGO ME NO UNDERSTANDO HAHAH. In odd Mexican accent lol. So frowing that pile in the bin and on the hunt for a new or old but working break res until the next chapter in this odd saraga continues
  12. So after more investigating ive found my break res wasnt leaking but my break line was slightly loose just enuuf too seep a tiny amout under hard load so happy tighten that went for a ride no worries stoked
  13. So took bike for a 100km ride today ran faultless stoked. Get home and think ill give it a wash..... And notices a odd mark on tank.... Sight glass on break leaver seeping fluid on to tank.... and has eatn my clear in 2 spots..... hahaha for f sakes man But positives bike ran great no issues so new break resivor as old 1 dose f all anyway atlest i was wantn to redo tank agian due to not been overly hapy with the finish ahhhhhh motorbikes
  14. Look out manawatu look out... Speed demon we have here haha. Found a spedo for thoes top speed runs wohping speed of 57kmh in the words of the almighty rick flair..........!!whhhhhhhhhow!!............ And extra 35hp atlest electracal tape head lamp for thoes truely sketchy speeds