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  1. Im alil broke atm with kids back at school but cheers will get done at some point
  2. So from my new nifty 50s parts bike ive swaped on to elmo.. Headlamp and garnish and centre plastic and spedo my rear tyre with the red wheel gotta flatt so got a spear on heince the black wheel
  3. So i brought a 1980s nifty 50 amd it came with a parts bike so though id put some bits of the parts bike on elmo i think i like it
  4. Sad face so got smurf to crank over and it has little too no compression.. So dose anyone know wear to get some rings from. I do have another parts moped that dose go but was always a noodle too start
  5. Prety happy with it
  6. So brought this little falla today 1980s Honda nifty 50. With a few spears was all in bits ive put back together to see whats missing all seems to be there motor turns sounds like has compression. So ill change fliuds and give it a try too start if it dosnt. Ive got a parts moped that did run a few months ago before used for parts so will use that motor if need be
  7. So alil bitta stuff been going on. Swaped startermotor from parts bike Fixed up a few small dumb things and.. sticcccccccckers hahha. Other side coverd in alsorts aswell just the seats base. Fone wont let me upload the other photo but. U get the idea
  8. Quiet happy with red bits
  9. Happy xmas all. Ol girl done me well over xmas road everyday ive had off wich is 5. Palmerston north to marton via feilding thru to wanganui. Alsorts of random runs. Then wanganui tru to rongatea to palmerston north again not bad for not having thoes stickers hahah. No issues at all prety happy
  10. hada blast in the new industrial park new roads no buildings. Racing along with mates good times
  11. So wasnt happy with old style fairing on the new moped but my parts moped seems to be the same so put togever think with paint will look ok nothing wrong with 2 mopeds
  12. So brought another moped been bored out to 80cc and goes alot quicker than the old one. And has rego.. so pulling apart old one to make the new one look better as its plastics are over. The over moped was dereged so makes scence. But other moped will be used as a toy for mates ect
  13. Good day at the feilding harley1st bday. Bike ran like a champ. Fixed spedo cable but my gage internals are fried sounds yuk. Lucky a mate giving me 1. Be nice to know how fast im going bring on next year maby a wof hahahhaha well see
  14. So sadly the moped run down Wellington was cancelled sad face. So me and my little people did some parts swaping prety happy with front wheel. Made some little mounts for skate bord. The little people like taking them to the park down the road so will make one for other side can almost see park from my house but means dont have to carry for them hahah and i think looks kinda cool. Run been postponed till feb so look fowrad to that. But for now more up and down the street with kids cheers