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  1. Found some factory tips for sale. And put on some bar end mirrors. Running pety decent now
  2. Cheers bro hard to tell by pictures but has some prety cool flake in ut when the sun hits
  3. Shes running mint now. Tips are temporary but shes running mint soooo happy
  4. Cleaned up carbs smacked on some random tips and shes rideable now went down street felt good stoked as now to sus its lil quirks
  5. Possiblely gona be the worst financial decision of my 2021 haha. Just brought today. As non runner. With a can of u better start or eles in a can and more than enough back fires it actually ran and reved out fine. Had to turn off as was making me deff hahha. Still been a egg to start but atlest ive had started today. Probably will have too pull carbs off and clean or maby the fuel line somewea blocked abit.
  6. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Finally got this thing set up well enough to fell confident in riding for a decent amount of time. Jusr been susin all the small stuff. Had my gps spedo on and got to hit 70kms was prety sketch hahha but fun.
  7. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    yea the seat really tydys it up. It runs ok with the pod not amazing tho iam trying to sus a factory air box. It bogs at full open but. Runs fairly sweet
  8. Aubs

    Aubs ct110 postie

    Starting 2021 rite like pesking palmerston north early morning
  9. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Sooo close to the dream hahah just need a rear guard now
  10. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    New seat is mint no rips yuuuus
  11. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Banana ridn a banana
  12. Aubs

    Aubs ct110 postie

    Old vs new. Think looks a 100times better. Gona buy some metal polish and give the crome some love
  13. Aubs

    Aubs ct110 postie

    Yuus new guard to replace this crazy rusty thing. Quick paint chur cheers jasper
  14. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    The mighty fa. After the last few rides ive been a lil sus on the oil pump so ive gone pre mix seems alot happier so chuur. Also after riding last weeknd a certain banana hahah decided to completely conk out and wouldnt start so rebuil the carb and wala helo full of crap. All cleaned out running mint. Mixing the premix 50:1 dose that sound about rite?? Cheers guys
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