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  1. Oh nice man. Yea fora cheap tydy up bro cant complain
  2. By no means a mint paint job but for 40bux i mean algood haha
  3. New side skirts on. Started making one colour
  4. Yuus gots me a proper spoiler. Think ive sused some better side skirts. Then just gota get off my backside and prep for paint
  5. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Oh the lil mini bike now has a frount guard to stop the mud spiting at the kids at high speeds. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Next is. Breaks Seat cover Paint Last picture of my smallest human to show to show just how small this thing is hahaha
  6. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Thanks man shes laugh to ride haha
  7. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Few lil things done.. Been up and down street a few times now seems to run drive prety well fora 3hp. Once kids get use to it ill buy a bigger motor. Iam a fat man hahah moves me prety well. Fixed up a proper throttle so can ride without hand on carb haha. Has a average break but seems to work for now. Made a clutch guard folds in behind clutch on the back side. A better front wheel. Will soon pull all apart once i think everything it needs is done. Then will paint
  8. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Fronts on clutch chain sprockets on. And we even road down the road. Prety happy will button up few things then paint
  9. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Brought this frames bit crap but look at that front end.. And wheels go will put onto the mini bike yuus
  10. Sorry man sold a wee while ago
  11. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    After the lil falla demanded lights hahah the best i can do but must say looks cool in a alien sorta way hahha
  12. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Had to make a extra long alen key to take bolt out to rip out the springs. So the mini people can touch tbe ground. also makes it more level looks lots better. Have a clutch chain sprockets on there way to make the lil rocket fly haha. Iam after a proper front end but this will do 4 now
  13. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Got a little briggs and stratton 3hp Runs great brought a clutch chain sprocket combo to make drive
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