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  1. Aubs

    Aubs fr50

    My idea of what im gona do something similar
  2. Aubs

    Aubs fr50

    9Whata score got givin this over weekend. It didnt run swapd couple bits with some my spears. And she runs ran up down road leaking gas like a sive but still ran prety decnt considering. Crome isnt to bad sud polish up ok. Gona modifies it abit i figer shes bit ruf and missing bits so why not.
  3. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    A mix of the new rear sprocket and slightly taller rear tyre shes perfect geard absolutely stoked
  4. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    All fixed now
  5. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Had quiet the blow out
  6. Aubs

    Aubs old minibike

    Matching wheels now eeeek
  7. Been bugging me fora while frame had some surface rust so pulld fairings off and did some rust treatment. All back together went fora hoon
  8. Found this spoiler on market place with a mint boot lid. Mine had some rust and spoiler was abit taty Last picture just wet cause a wash think mite just chuck a clear coat over the black
  9. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    Took down to Wellington for the 2022 dgr ride. She did awsome no issues at all cruised along the motorway about 70kph comfortably. Prety much all done and dusted build wise now maby a new chain and sprockets for piece of mind for syds run latter this year
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