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  1. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Super stoked to get givn this and a awsome poster today from a total gc will hang in sheds wall for sure
  2. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    The ol girl realy punched over her weight at syds run. 2hr delay at ferry long day from palmerston north to christchurch. Bike had no issues just cleaned the plug half way thru cant really b happier with it. Now ill go home pull down and make her abit nicer roundbthe edges
  3. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Miiint done my last ride today before syds run replaced the plug gone over everything hopefully we are algood to go. Have a few days down south too which is cool 1st time gona be down. Just gotta pack up my spear bits and some tools and head down
  4. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    So im thinkn man if i had a frame i could have another running fa50. The small bike world neva seizez to amaze me 20mins after thinking that i collect a naked frame. Will put the loom on it now and will get it running so i can test the motor out. Then ill pull motor out. And sell the frame with a few bits on it to someone who wants to build one up. But will give me a good indercation on whats the motor like.
  5. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Score for 150. Good comp running motor Two rims and tyres loom coil guard spedo cabel spedo unit with ignition with key too front forks. Air box no lid tho Prety happy ol banana has workn spedo and a ignition with key no more ragy switch hahha.
  6. Prety decnt big ride today did super well cant really ask for much more from her really. Still on hunt for a better condition tank. Then mite take into see what she needs for a vin
  7. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Gots bord wonderd how the leg sheild off my other fa50 would look on this monstrosity. Now dunno wich one yo have it on haha
  8. Heres some cool nerd stuff. The ol girl parked up probably longer than ive been alive hahha
  9. And doubles as storage for dairy supply runs
  10. Ahh looks bit better cant see the temp tank
  11. Haha cheers had to have it. Great little runner too
  12. Funny story... So i sold my yb125 last year and today brought another almost exactly the same.... Great runner starts mint runs great. Regreted selling the last one. So this little jem will be my around town bike stoked as. Needs a tank clean but happy as
  13. Dragged outta the shed today. Ran mint. Prety keen on some lowering springs Now needs a oil change ect
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