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  1. Classic car storage is sweet, got a kombi in there.. 35 a week tho.
  2. How are the bearing saddles?
  3. Like a walking stick with a sword..
  4. Are you sure they're the right size? I've always found frost plugs fairly easy to install..
  5. Fuck.. I've gotta come to this one but potentially may be driving back from takaka..
  6. Put the mezzanine in yesterday.. Perfect hidey hole. Still got 7.2m of room.
  7. Yeah my later ones have two holes on the left..
  8. Kinda looks like an early mazda..
  9. 8th Oct 2021 another move.. As we are relocating to golden bay soon we needed to start moving things so I can pull down the tunnel houses to sell the house. Bought a 40ft high cube container in Nelson (supposedly b grade but when I got up there I discovered a rusty hole in the side.. cunts) and had it shipped to golden bay storage where it costs a measly 2 pints of speights a week for rent. Cue move... Extraction.. (here @yoeddynz you see the winch pole flexing) Then as per usual, metservice decided out was going to rain the entire time I was undertaking this endeavour, hence the wrapping. Finally managed to get out of chch at about 3pm yesterday arvo. Thankfully we arrived about 7.5hrs later in golden bay without any incidents. Apart from it raining almost the entire way up and totally shitting itself in the bay. I could only find a massive 7x7m tarp which inevitably loosened itself and wore some holes so once we made it I had to put an extra blankie on to keep her dry (for the most part). Got woken up twice during the night with torrential downpours. But as luck would have it metservice was wrong about the persistent rain and this morning the sun even came out. Pulled the tarp off to let out air out before it goes in the container for an unspecified amount of time. And in she goes, bought a bunch of 1kg silica packs to hang in there and deal to any moisture that develops in there in the mean time. Also need to jack the container up of the wet ground and put a polythene sheet under it. Going back up there in a week to build a mezzanine floor to store more shit (and pick up the kids which we left with the grandparents). I also had to have the above transporter built as every trailer I looked at was too wide to fit in between the container doors. This has 10mm either side and just fit the landau on with standard rims. Tows fucken great too, so we had lunch then drove back to chch..... Edit*. This car has now travelled more than 3000km. Without a motor....
  10. Whew! 9 years between posts.. Nothings happened except its been moved a lot.. First from my garage into a storage unit mayish 2012.. Then that got too expensive so it went to my mates garage in cashmere around sept 2015. It wasn't ideal as it was slightly damp being close to the river and a semi dug in garage. In payment I repaired his shit art deco wall. Then in 2018 I decided I'd worn out my welcome there and put another tunnel house on my property to store it in. Way drier that the garage and less worrying for me. But the tunnel house is still just a means to an end. And eventually our house is being sold so.........
  11. It'll look the shiz when you finished.. I have a little soft spot for timber villas. Ours was no different either, amazing rimu floors covered with carpet and Cork tiles.
  12. Yeah I like plaster (am an ex plasterer) but I'm fucked if I can understand why people put plaster over weather boards like that.
  13. If I'm not traveling, I shall.. Won't be os tho.
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