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  1. yetchh

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    ^this +1
  2. yetchh

    Escort/XFlow idling issues

    What happens when you pull the idle screw right out?
  3. That shits awesome but your mating surfaces have to be true as fuck..
  4. yetchh

    POR15 full of shit!

    In my experience, sand blasting works the best for surface prep..
  5. Ball joint looks substantially different from the original..
  6. yetchh

    Rock hard brake pedal issue help

    I had an issue like that when I bled the crown brakes a while back, no idea what it was but blew air through the system backwards and it fixed the problem..
  7. yetchh

    diesel spam

    OK churs..
  8. yetchh

    diesel spam

    Does anyone have an idea which water pumps are the best for a 1kz? I've been reading and it seems genuine Toyota pumps leak from new, any ideas? cheers
  9. yetchh

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    Yeah, doesn't smell the same tho..
  10. yetchh

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    The black ones work ace..
  11. yetchh

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Feck that looks nice..
  12. yetchh

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Spare 30k?.. I don't.