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  1. Second was the first of a couple I need to do on the shit passenger rear 1/4, Ding coupled with a shit hole for holding the trim, they screwed right through to the tub on the other side so I plugged up that hole too, Had a small delay whilst test fitting the patch and dropped it through down into the sill about here, Took me fucken ages to try and get it out, thank god for dad's veterinary tools Not to fussed about these repairs, my panel work isn't good enough to replace the arch as needed so I'll just settle for getting rid of the rust and shit bits for now/ever.
  2. Had a bit of time to spend on this so I did a couple of rust repairs, 1st was a couple of holes in the pass A pillar, there's a bit of an issue I discovered above and below this this in the wiper plenum and floor which is gonna take some figuring but I'll start with this, Cleaned up as best I could in there and got some rust kill, primer on it, most of what you see there is rust from the cut piece, gonna fill it with cavity wax eventually..
  3. If they weren't so light they'd be more of an anchor than a 4m
  4. Bought one of those widow repair kits just before lock down with the view to repairing three stone chips in the front screen. Two half moon cracks and a semi bulls eye/star crack. All was going well until.. The last 2mm of the last crack to repair, small amount of pressure from inside and pop. Fucking spewing. I've been paranoid about this particular crack doing this the entire time since the revin and it all came down to me.. Thousand dollar mistake.
  5. Had a crack at pulling the ding out of the roof without pulling the headlining out.. I bought one of those little 45mm suction cups from supercrap, they, are, shit. Couldn't even get any suction on a flat pane of glass let alone a flat panel. Decided to try the hot glue technique and initially it was shit too as it would barely hold on, then I discovered I had to warm the panel that it was sticking to as well now it sticks like shit to a blanket.. Had one more go doing it with the sca sucker and managed to pull half the ding out but that was it. That thing is shit. Welded a nut to a washer and glued that on, then screwed some threaded rod into it and made a rudimentary slide hammer. Works good but I ran out of time. This is the ding, have no idea how it got there it just "appeared" when I got it out of storage. This shot is obviously when I stripped it. And this shot is after I hit it with the strip disc. I did manage to push some of from the inside but the rest is to far up inside the structure to get to without removing the lining, not to keen on that. Today's effort, the bigger ring of glue is the attempt with the shit sucker. This is the first attempt with the washer that I heated up and melted into the existing glue, first pull definitely moved it but it takes 10min each time you reapply as you have to wait for everything to cool down. Works pretty well tho, I'll have another crack at it tomoz.
  6. Mine used to get wofs with rust in the gutters. Palmers rd
  7. Yeah, don't take long for cars of that vintage turn into beroccas.. Same thing happened to my corona.
  8. Wd40 and pallet wrap bro.. Its a the next logical step from a tarp.
  9. Actually just to get some epoxy on it initially, then finish repairs I started.. I'd quite like to pull the big dent out of the roof too.
  10. Gave it a coat of wd 40 before I wrapped it, tried to keep it away from the seams as much as possible but it did the trick, theres a couple of panels that I didn't do but even they aren't as horrific as I thought they would be. The worst of the surface rust is here, But is pretty minor. The roof on this garage was totally poked so mum had some new iron out on last summer.. Soooo much drier in here now which I guess helps with corrosion. This door wasn't coated for some reason.. Still, not bad really, just surface shit. Another shot just because.. Fuck I've got too much shit..
  11. Had a bit of a tidy up today so as to make some room.. Forgot to take a before shot but this pile of shit, Was all over this, Much like this, Under that pile of shit (and car parts) is another car.. Anyway, pulled some of the pallet wrap off that I covered it in to stop rust, And she looks pretty good considering the last time I touched her was almost 4 years ago, couple of bits of surface rust from a dripping roof but otherwise should be good to go. The only hold up could possibly kid duty in these strange times..
  12. I find the 151 ok, 1 is a little low but it does have a 4.55 rear. By the same token 5th gear feels almost non existant but with say a 3.55 rear it should be a lot better..
  13. Luckily my clutch master and slave arrived on time, put them in this morning and even had my 7 year old daughter push the clutch pedal for me to bleed them.. Stoked. Just have to readjust the travel, they seal a bit better than the old ones.. Now to just drive round the block lots..
  14. Annoyingly, whoever the fuckwit was that hired the car transporter yesterday morning, decided not to bring it back when they were required to so consequently I was cut off. Reeeeally annoying considering how much would be done in the next 4 weeks.. *sigh