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  1. Does anyone have any experience with dash repairers down this way? Who's the best etc. Cheers..
  2. What was the consensus for good flow low noise/drone? Res then large barrel straight through or chambered muffler? I don't mind some noise just don't want droning.. For a zephyr 6.
  3. Pulled the front out on the weekend as I'm in chch for a month doing a shop fit out.. All ball joints to be rebuilt, calipers rebuilt, new h/brake cable, new bushes, lots of plating etc.. Should be much nicer to dive when it's all back in as pretty much every joint was fucked.. Made sure I took a photo of all the bits as I don't want a repeat of the last experience.. Spent the day driving round dropping everything off, that's the one good thing about a big(ish) city..
  4. shit that looks good with the v6 in there...
  5. Your dad has some skills.. Nice work.
  6. Or fly to Nelson.. Should be my aim to get the zed sorted for this, then I can prove to @Valiant my slamming skilz.
  7. That was highly embarrassing.. Halfway through overtaking a commonwhore and the engine splutters and dies.. Road leveling was pretty impressive given the size of the boulder on the road... But I'm a definite.. *edit.. Twas the other marque.
  8. Round two.. August 2022 Action shots of Bartlett creek coming over. In this shot you can see a white disc in the water, that's the top of the sewer inspection port that sticks out of the ground about 600mm (check the pics in the previous post) In full swing Right up to the gunwales Here you can see the water soaking through the joins in the chip board, This is where the water overflowed the road and stopped it getting any higher, this is where the wetland originally drained before they put this subdivision in blocking it with this road and providing a 250mm pipe to drain both the wetland and this end of the subdivision.. Good work TDC Looking back towards where our house pool is. This is another part of the problem on the other side of the main road, water just sits here and until this goes down it won't drain from behind us.
  9. Pics of the first flood.. This the day before showing the location of the wetland behind us if you zoom in below the three poplars you can make out a row of fence posts, they mark the location of the Bartlett creek and the source of the flash flooding. In this pic you can see by the top of the water tank a gate in the distance this is where farmer has blocked Bartlett creek with a 300mm round culvert that can't handle the jandle and blows it's load all over the paddock behind us. In this shot looking to the left you can see in the distance a large poplar, it also comes over there. It was fun and games initially.. But in reality getting woken up at 11pm to evacuate isn't so fun.. Looking back up the drive to the rental which is about 150mm higher than ours, the council has a lot answer for, like, why the fuck let our house be built lower than the front house?
  10. Right, some back story, It's a pretty convoluted novel... My apologies in advance. Roll back to 2020 while we were still finishing our place in chch, and Rosie's parent's had rented this house whilst they were having their new house built, the owner (Pete) had come up with a subdivision plan to split the property into two blocks, 320sqm (ours) and 360 for his block, total land area being 809sqm with the rest being taken up by a share drive.. The rear outlook was over farmland with a wetland directly behind us (unbeknown to us at the time it was to be part of a local subdivision and had plans to be filled in and 70 houses built there, the council had deemed it a wetland and unsuitable for building which was being contested by the developers.. Classic, they don't learn..) Rosie's parent's then decided they couldn't afford to buy it so they asked us and we said no. Fast forward to September 2021 and with houses going ballistic up here it became an easy zero mortgage option that we decided to pull the trigger on. So once we were 99% finished with the reno in chch we packed our shit up and came up here to rent it short term until the subdivision plans had gone through. 6 weeks later the first problem arose, fleas in the carpet (ughh) so we pulled everything up and de-flead the place, no sooner had we had everything back down then the first rains hit over Waitangi weekend causing said flooding from the wet land behind our place which is exacerbated buy Bartlett creek bursting its banks behind the wetland (another sharn in its own right) and a partial evacuation. But it went back down three days later and we shifted back in. Whilst all this was happening I had started to have second thoughts about buying such a small property (that flooded), and up came a property directly in front of the in laws with 7500sqm which we agreed to buy with the brother in law and offered a mill which they declined (greedy cunts took a mill two years later).. So we stuck with what we were doing. Around June/July a sunset clause came into effect on the sale and purchase agreement and in conjunction with a subdivision fee that Pete wasn't happy paying (unless we wanted to pay it) caused the subdivision to stall but he gave us the option of buying the property outright and while I was away Rosie gave him an offer that was to much and he accepted it. It was an exceedingly wet winter with near constant flooding from the wetland behind us and in August we had the biggest rains so far causing said creak to burst it's banks into the wetland. That flood came right up to the floor boards and caused them to cup. The only thing saving us was the fact that the wetland overflowed into its original drainage ditch (which the council has surreptitiously blocked with concrete causing more problems) but we evacuated, I made it onto the evening news and we pulled out once again. There's also a lot of stuff going on in the back ground with regards to previous large subdivisions being built on the wetland and associated problems but alot, if not all, the flooding stems from known council blockages and bottlenecks, with another subdivision being put in on the hill above us draining directly into the creek behind the wetland. This has been in issue since about 2007 and has been fought backwards and forwards ever since between the developers, council and local residents. Long story short the council and developers can up with a plan to put a bund along the creek and stop the flash flooding of the wetland, but it still will take a long time to drain as its all pretty low lying.. Our plans were to lift the house anyway and get out of any flooding problems.. But after pulling out again we put a couple of offers on other places that fell through and by May 2022 Pete came back to us with a plan to get a crane in to lift the house and put a new foundation in etc blah blah. We said instead of that well offer you 40k less and you can wash your hands of it, two months later he agreed (but for 35k less) and we struck a deal which was settled on Monday. So, plans are, move fences to expand our part and shrink the rental area right back, essentially maximise our space. Lift out house and land and renovate (to a point) both houses, put a garage in, master bedroom in its own building outside with the laundry etc with it. These are all big plans but it may be better to do the bare minimum and just rent both.. We'll see, anyway.. Pics. So this is the original subdivision plan, ours is the back house with zero parking, an easement right through it and the need for a second water tank only for firefighting. As you can see it's set up to prioritise the front house. Our plans, rough obviously, but move the parking for the rental up the front, by cutting a section of fence out and moving over to the edge of the pergola you can just see, in this pic the fence in the middle on marked in red but we've moved it to 1m from the rental which gains us 200sqm put in the garage/ carport and link the sleepout with a deck. The big red arrow pointing to the garage next door is where the zephyr and 121 are (in exchange for services).
  11. The plan is to raise the house and the land around it depending on costs etc, but in the 2011 floods it had about 250mm of water through it and thats worst case scenario, so we're gonna go up about 4-500mm. Both properties either side have a higher ground level than us as well to we get runoff from all sides, but we'll lift the ground level higher than them so we stay dry..
  12. Two years in the making and on Monday we finally take possession of the next house project, well, actually two houses.. You may have seen a couple of pics from when we first shifted in about two years ago, namely this one.. Looked pretty bad but it never made it inside the house, we partially evacuated but we're back in two days later after the water went down somewhat but it was a particularly wet winter/year in general and we spent the better part of 6 months with water continually at the back of the section and under the shed at the back. After it did it again in the big August rains we pulled out of what was to be this house subdivided from the front house and offered a price to buy the whole place. But after being out again at the beginning of last year we pulled out again. After looking at multiple other options that for some reason fell through we negotiated a reduced price on this and decided to take it, it is actually in a nice area with a great outlook.. A bit small for 6, 4 wheeled projects but meh, we'll see what happens.... Updates and more in depth analysis to follow.
  13. Nice... looks like a red dwarf.. At "some point in the future" I have this 10hp Broomwade to reco.. Think it was out of a mine
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