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  1. yetchh

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    We used it for cleaning old buildings back in the UK.. Stinky shit, special with no mask.
  2. yetchh

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    I don't think I've seen any converters with hyroflouric in them, they've all been phosphoric.. That shit is lethal anyway, you need an antidote if you (for some fucked up reason) want to use it..
  3. yetchh

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Just paid now..
  4. yetchh

    Fancy new school engine won't go?

    When I had to get my 5mg going initially it wouldn't start without gas down the tb..
  5. yetchh

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Getting on to it...
  6. yetchh

    Rust Worm

    Learnt from the best..
  7. yetchh

    Welder buying spam

    I have a cigweld one, can almost see the pool haha.. But it's also a little slow to react so I have shut my eyes temporarily when I start a weld..
  8. yetchh

    Yetchh's zoro MKIII zephyr build

    Double post.. Might as well write a list of things to do -Re-core radiator (unless there's a drop in replacement) -Balance driveshaft -Sleeve clutch slave as it leaks -Fix a small spot of rust at the bottom passenger a pillar -New exhaust -Get wof then drop springs @Valiant
  9. yetchh

    Yetchh's zoro MKIII zephyr build

    Not much to update other than in trying to find a voltage leak spent an hour trying to find a fuse box only to discover there is no fuse box.. fucken poms.. Turned out to be in part an old switch the previous owner had installed for spot lights and also the shit stereo that was in there.. The only thing I've done for the last 2 1/2 years is the old man's funeral.. Figured the cops wouldn't pull it over in a funeral procession.. (reg on hold)
  10. yetchh

    Rust Worm

    Had the same with the roof of the zephyr. Multiple passes with phosphoric acid/scotch bright/prepsol and had pitting.. Was black from the acid so I made sure it was very dry and epoxied it... Hasn't come back yet.
  11. yetchh

    1976 Mazda 121 MaT Resurection

    Another year, another wof and year's reg.. Ready for her annual road trip all the way to hamner and back..
  12. yetchh

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    I looked at a barra conversion.. But I think they're too long, and you can get pretty good power out of a worked 6, 220 odd hp
  13. yetchh

    Ben's mk3 zephyr discussion

    Are you gonna twin crab it?
  14. yetchh

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Is crazy how power steering changes the whole feeling of an old car.. I put power steering in both my 929 and 121 and the difference was phenomenal, just parking blew my mind as they were both heavy recirc ball boxes with a small steering wheel which made parking a cunt, as bad as my fj55 cruiser. Power steering for lyfe..
  15. yetchh

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Fair call..