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  1. Yeah as above I was also about to say. The grooves were originally used down so the timber could breathe and didn't rot between the connections. Somewhere along the line some suit decided it was good for grip and is now policy to have it up. From my experience it can be fucken dangerous when wet with less surface area for your shoe to grip, especially when in a shaded spot. Hardwood is even worse and on some jobs we've had to put put sand down to make it safe (while we're there anyway). We used antislip tape along the front edge of any steps when we built our deck, mainly for oldies.
  2. I was thinking more like putting one in those paint mixing machines they have at bunnings/miter 10.
  3. Wouldn't fairly severe vibration work too? Or more ultrasonic spec.
  4. The amount of times I've spent hours making shit only to realise it won't work...
  5. I was thinking of doing the same sort of thing as you, albeit merging before the flexi. After doing a heap of research a bell mouth seemed to be the better idea so as to reduce pressure post turbo and having a separate pipe for the wastegate was pointless. As long as the transitions from turbo to exhaust are nice and smooth with no sharp bends wastegate pipes are best left for externals.
  6. I'd bash the dumpy before fucking with the booster..
  7. That is exactly what I was about to say...
  8. So what would those meager flaps actually achieve?
  9. That's what happens with friends.. Specially when your lifes full of shit.
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