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  1. Fuck man, looking epic.. Can't wait to have one of my shit boxes in there haha. Love this portal.
  2. Id just like to have a job that meant I could daily my shit, but still get free gas.....
  3. Yeah.. He is retired tho right? No dependants/mortgage? Gets a pension.. The opposite of my situation, I'd be doing what he's doing in a heartbeat if I was able.
  4. Thanks for the offer Gov, don't think I'm your man. Apart from the fact that I can't take time from the castle at this point.
  5. It was locked from the end of the paper road when I was there a month ago.. Also, might have to push your bikes for a bit of you do the Bossu Rd to Birdlings flat.. The gravel is fairly enveloping.
  6. Just bought one of these for glueing 6mm Corten.. Then just realised it also does lift tig. Might have to buy the tig gear and give it a go.
  7. Molasses is real good at getting rid of rust.. It also supposedly doesn't dry the metal out in doing so.
  8. It's a good feeling when the found is done and legal..
  9. In the same state its been in for the last 5 years. I gave it an oil change when I was off work last year and realised that the radiator I should have re-cored in 2010 has a massive split in it so I'm getting a new one made. Needs a new exhaust and clutch master and slave to be sleeved. Would still get a wof easy enough though.
  10. Umm.. About time.. Although I can't talk..
  11. Wasn't in the end, they'd already checked the site the week before for the container company we were using. Decided the drive was too steep to get the container of the deck. It was just to store the kombi in for 6 months whilst I wait for my painter. Its now at classic car storage in Woolston, 100 bucks dearer than the container for 6 months with the added bonus of the owner, Tony, being a fucken good cunt.
  12. Sure it didn't have something to do with that massive chunk outta your rim?
  13. Talked to mackleys on Tues the guy reckoned they could drop an empty container 16m which is more than enough to get it to where I want, just waiting someone to come out and check the site, dispatch reckons they're under the pump.
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