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  1. Every tile job has that one cunt.. Bit of grout, Siliconed and taps on.. Have to get longer screws for the power point. Full of shit. Still have to do the tile trim and kick panel but I'll wait till the end to do those. Had a break yesterday and did some other shit. Today I'll disassemble the kitchen and sand/epoxy those bits, finish the trims etc and then the interior is done.. Fucken yay.
  2. Fuck.. Glutton for punishment..
  3. Siliconed the sink in last week end Bit of weight, Came up good. Then installed the hospital taps I scored but left under the house to corrode for three years before realising. Came up good with a bit of foil and vinegar considering.. The plumbers tape is only temporary, will use hemp on it when I do it proper. Nice to be able to wash my whole arm without having to use the shower.
  4. Fuck I'd love to go to this but I'm booked out on hausewerks..
  5. Cheers bro, yeah I just used heaps of silicone grease, the gasket for the overflow was about 5mm too narrow either side for the housing it fits in, que more silicone grease. Stuffs pretty good at stopping water..
  6. Yeah comes up pretty good, still had the occasional air bubble but not too bad.. (nice pun by the way) She's a hack job m9.
  7. Then today I rebated the sink into the bench, Got the sink in the right place and traced it with a .3mm pen, Rout the line off so I have a small margin for error, Took a while to get it to sit right as you have to massage the edges to straighten them and leave no lip between the sink and bench but it kept rocking, then I remembered the tags for the clamps, and cut the corresponding wood out.. Bit of epoxy to protect from any water ingress, Came up better the the kitchen anyway.
  8. Bit of epoxy.. Did it a different way this time as the window squeegie was a bit unwieldy. Last time I recoated the kitchen bench I used just a nook and cranny roller but it's a bit slow spreading the stuff around so I bought a new 90mm hog bristle brush (last time I used an older one that kept leaving bristles behind so didn't use it) which made it better for spreading everything, especially into corners and along walls, then I could finish with the roller. Would have been nice if there was a thinner foam roller as the epoxy would soak into these ones and get hot really quick.. but meh,
  9. Final install, All together, Whilst waiting for the glue to cure decided to put the draw faces on and handles Classic chinesium, very last mount on the very last handle Final prepsol to clear any greasy kids fingerprints.
  10. Late night epoxy.. Had to sand back the main parts of the bench so I could glue them sand the joins and have a seamless epoxy topcoat. Also had to rout a biscuit slot as the only way I can put them to together is to slide them in.. Love having a table saw.. Can just cut up any size or thickness I want.
  11. What's the minimum now? I'm not sure if I'll pass my wof anymore as heaps of stuff now needs a cert that i've previously been getting wofs with.....
  12. Nah 121 cosmo, I have a left hand side one as well off a series two rx5 that I'll attach one day.
  13. Xa falcon mirrors must be a common 70's design, my 121 has almost the exact same mirrors but the are two piece instead of one..
  14. All of a sudden even basic cabinetry had got really expensive, the company I got all of this from also didn't have and sort of broom/utility stuff so I ended up having to buy one from homejob10.. Still cost 400 and had to cut it down 100mm as it was too deep. Was pretty painless in the end. Plumbing sorted, Cabinet in, Sides on and shelves in This is the stop end of the main bench (the bit above with the round splotch) wall was a long way out of plumb as you can see by the line so I just butchered the back 3rd of the panel wi
  15. Got started on the last of the interior finishing after the hols, had ten days before I went back to work (ended up wasting most of it) got a fair bit done amongst other things. Continued the ply theme on in the kitchen as by now the bench top is no longer temporary (hah) It got a couple of pics of the kitchen, but suffice to say it took a bit longer than I originally thought. I guess that's how it is with bespoke shit that you don't originally plan for. Was I big help having my bro in law there, he does a lot of shop installs so knows the tricks. I set th
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