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  1. Got a drill press but I think it's a bit light for valve springs..
  2. Yeah, was just looking at a couple of vids, not sure how they go with multi valve springs as they look to only catch the outside spring leaving the inside ones still under pressure.. Unless there's a type that gets all springs.
  3. What compressors do you guys find the best? Had a set of the classic g clamp style but I'm not sure what happened to them. Keen on a set of the on engine style.. Which are good and which are shit? Any opinions? Cheers
  4. Neither really, they're actually pretty cool. Really simple, to stroke the 1600 out to 2007 including crank, heads, piston/barrels and machining will be sub 2.5k.. Try doing that with anything else..
  5. Gives them to me too.. I think this was imported with the stuff, it's from the UK.
  6. Be the other way around bro, picked it up from mine and dropped (there?) somewhere.
  7. Whoops.. not sure as to why I took so long to start a discussion. Good things take time according to the cheese ad. Project
  8. Heads are fucked.. Cracked, Cracked Crack close up.. Cracked in between spark plug and valve.. These are in the same place on both heads So that's pretty annoying but to be expected.. Gonna have to split the case to clean it out, no point doing this only for it to fail later on so with that in mind stroker crank and 1776 barrels should give me 2007cc. Just have to bore the case but also have to bore any heads that replace these.. might as well get a new set already bored for bigger barrels, 9 hundy for a pair ready to bolt on bar bit of port work I want to do. *sigh* Prob about time for this..
  9. Shit.. that's good. Yeah it's been a bit of a struggle to find 15"tyres for under $350.. Specially that size.
  10. Black hole swallowed the rings.. These bits came clunking out of the sump plate.. Not sure if I should pull the whole case to bits or just flush it.. That's where I'm at for now, need to pull the flywheel, shoulda done it before I pulled everything else really. Endplay is. 04mm which is apparently within spec, the other beetle motor has a full 2mm endplay. Prob needs a full rebuild.
  11. Pulled the heads and barrels today.. One very unloved motor.. Guess which one had 0psi.. Ruh Roh.... Somethings missing..
  12. Hey bro, how much were those tyres?
  13. Went to buzz bug this arvo to borrow a kombi Bell housing, ended up with a small pocket haemorrhage... Also did a compression test.. front two cylinders 125 each, not bad, Rear two 90 and...0. There's ya problem.
  14. Good old Clint.. Stoked it's going good..