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  1. yetchh


    Hah that was you selling it.. Damnit. If id known I would have bought it. Should have posted here earlier, I actually asked you a question about it on the auction before this.
  2. yetchh


    @johnny.race what's the deal with the truetrac lsd's into a 2006 hilux rwd drive diff. Are they a straight bolt in? (with preloading of course) are there any other things needed parts wise? Sick of spinning one wheel all the time, there's a hilux 3.58 lsd on the tard for $1100 but for the price I thought I might as well get a better option.
  3. Why do they do this? They do the same thing on the 1gr but not only that, when the computer senses any issue with air inlet temp it over fuels and pulls timing out to ensure engine safety, but it just makes it a slow thirsty pig with a bad rep.. Especially when towing.
  4. Ah yeah.. I offered to buy that, had a 265 hemi in it.. But his brother who was on his death bed in hospital was still gonna do something with it..
  5. When I set up tps on my link the values were round the wrong way as well but I think it doesn't matter as long as it has a range from 0 - 100 up or down. That was an after market ecu tho.. Could be different for oem.
  6. I feel your pain.. None of my close friends are particularly into to cars (not like me anyway) I find myself being asked advice on which car to buy and if it doesn't like up with their thinking they go their way anyway, latest was should I buy a v8 disco or a v6 prado.. Obvs the prado for a long list of reasons 1st one being the the disco is British.. Nek minute what's on the street? A fucken disco!? Was very cheap to so I'll give him that but.. Ygwypf.
  7. If my experience is anything to go by, future Pog won't be happy with present Pog.
  8. They're reserved for 51's only.. With bash mod.
  9. That is an 808 even @ajg193 would be proud to own... Good Times..
  10. Practical as in .6 of bm12 in the back?
  11. I've been down the hot hatch route before.. No lamentations
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