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  1. My 351c a an 850 edelbrock on it when I got it, mild 226/236 cam.. all literature said it's too big but it went good.. ( 180km out of a 65 liter tank wasn't so good) ended up putting a 650 mighty demon on it as the 850 ran out of puff at about 6k.. (?)
  2. Did you have your foot flat?... Full noise..
  3. Have you had the front guards off to check for rust?..
  4. Noice xc.... Same old story, have a wagon that has sat in my garage since 2011 after being flagged at the border with rust. Mortgage + two kids and house means it could be there a while more haha
  5. I'd totes be keen to have a sub 1300cc track car if and when they finally build the circuit at kohatu/tapwera.. And have a big enough garage...
  6. Sub 700kg is the key, even lighter once you remove the interior. It's funny, just watched all the was on the ga City last night.
  7. This ^ Plain old D shackles are the best bet.. We use the size you have on your trailer safety chain, a single trailer d shackle will hold a couple of ton stone easy (disclaimer)
  8. Whilst this was going on, missus and I finally decided on a colour to add to the oil (blackball), so she started the back of the house.. Had a bit of a second thought when she stained the uprights that are mac thinking we should have left them natural for a bit of contrast.. To late now tho, in saying that, they go darker than the pine boxing so maybe it won't be so bad..
  9. Then came around the front of the house to close that in.. Had to put in a few gates to access all that space. If you look close just to the right of the yellow bin you can see a black spot on the foundation, the water line I also had to move, paid for that one tho. Framed Gated, Clad, Gated...? Because this boxing warps so badly I have to install the gates without hinges then clad over the lot, let the timber shrink then cut the gates out and hang them = fucking around..
  10. So with the inside 99% finished in the second week of April it was time to carry on with the outside. Progress was a lot slower than I initially imagined (typically) put down to the fact that I had to complicate things with the installation of access gates.. Anyway, got some more boxing on.. And gates installed Then came around the back of the house, my intention was to allways have a shed for the gas bottles and something around the califont to make it look less shit (whilst complying with the regs of course). In my haste to get compliance I made some stupid deci
  11. Kitchen finished (besides the extra little bit of plaster and skirting from the aforementioned fuckup) Another place to store crap.. (note the off colour cupboard doors)
  12. Shit, that time went quick.. Pulled the kitchen to bits Took longer to epoxy than the laundry as there were so many little bits and double sides.. Reassembled only to find...... Somewhere along the line we managed to get it out of alignment with the rest of the bench.. My ocd couldn't handle it and I had to pull it all out again to realign it, would've killed me if I didn't.
  13. The only mitsi I owned (and my dad before me) was a gsr cordia that blew a hg at 360kms. Pretty solid I thought. Sold it for 300 in 1998. Regrets.
  14. How's lift tig? It easy to use to get good welds with it or is hf the only way to go?
  15. As much as this equipment piques my interest.. Did anything become of the oldschool ferrymead train inspection?
  16. When I think of 80's bathurst, this is what comes to mind..
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