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  1. Check what it's doing live, some sort of logging feature would be good to. Mainly for timing and afr.
  2. Hello, looking at a couple of the bluetooth dongles and apps. What are the better ones to get? I did look at a scan gauge but I don't want to spend that much to check a few things. Do most of them come with their own android apps or are there better combinations found on play store? Cheers.
  3. Fuck, I've got so many of those..
  4. I've got two cigwelds, 220 amp mig and 140 amp mma/tig inverter.. Have had no probs with either, both will weld up to 6mm. I bought the mig about 6 months before they brought out the multi process replacement.. In typical fashion..
  5. Kao doesn't really like moisture, kinda collapses like candy floss.
  6. So really we should be running one 3" hotdog all the way from the manifold?
  7. Just 91, trying to save money hah, after doing multiple trips to chch and back there seems to be zero difference in economy between 91, 95 and 100.. They redesigned the whole air box for the later 1gr's also the exhaust manifold is different with a different location for the o2 sensors. When I finally get the cai I'll do a bunch of testing to see what the gains(if any) are. Managed to drop it to 9.3/100 really working the downhill coasts and engine braking. She's hard work trying to sip fuel, find myself unwilling to smash the pedal for fear of increasing the literage. Bring on the drop in fuel prices so I can drive normally (probably won't). Edit* actually managed to get it down to 9.2 on the dash, 10.48 in the real world.
  8. Apparently for the 1gr it is.. The whole air filter setup is pretty whack. Just waiting on a reply from a Toyota parts place in cali then I can hopefully bring in the trd cold air box.. And cut consumption by 2l/100. I'm somewhat skeptical..
  9. You would think so, but then the placement of the air filter and subsequent replacement in later models suggests otherwise. Also how come the 2gr gets much better economy for more hp in a heavier vehicle..
  10. Exactly.. Maybe it's something to do with being a truck engine and trying to keep the engine in its torque band.. 1500rpm its already at 85% of peak.
  11. OK, so now that I own a gas guzzling 1gr-fe 4.0 v6 in a time of rediculous prices, I've really taken to babying it around trying to increase the fuel economy, best I can manage for a tank around the bay (mix of low hills, 50, 80 and 100km) is 9.4l/100 on the trip computer which in the real world is about 10.5-10.8. I do know that they over fuel these engines but also the factory air filter is very restrictive and sits right on top of the motor suffering heat soak which causes a lot of the over fueling issues. But one thing that annoys the shit out of me is going over the takaka and coasting downhill in gear it'll still use between 4 and 6l/100, unless the revs are over 1700ish. I've also noticed that at idle it'll sit at 650rpm but if your moving at any speed the revs double even if your in neutral. So if you cost in neutral at about 80km it uses 3-5 l/100. My plan is to buy a trd cai out of the states which apparently will take on average 2l from the above results whilst giving me an extra 20+rwkw. At 1k delivered I need to do 15000k before I'll see the holes in my pocket close up. It's also had a stage 1 ecu flash. I wonder why the engine is tuned to use fuel coasting in gear and if that's something they could tune out.
  12. yetchh


    Hah that was you selling it.. Damnit. If id known I would have bought it. Should have posted here earlier, I actually asked you a question about it on the auction before this.
  13. yetchh


    @johnny.race what's the deal with the truetrac lsd's into a 2006 hilux rwd drive diff. Are they a straight bolt in? (with preloading of course) are there any other things needed parts wise? Sick of spinning one wheel all the time, there's a hilux 3.58 lsd on the tard for $1100 but for the price I thought I might as well get a better option.
  14. Why do they do this? They do the same thing on the 1gr but not only that, when the computer senses any issue with air inlet temp it over fuels and pulls timing out to ensure engine safety, but it just makes it a slow thirsty pig with a bad rep.. Especially when towing.
  15. Ah yeah.. I offered to buy that, had a 265 hemi in it.. But his brother who was on his death bed in hospital was still gonna do something with it..
  16. When I set up tps on my link the values were round the wrong way as well but I think it doesn't matter as long as it has a range from 0 - 100 up or down. That was an after market ecu tho.. Could be different for oem.
  17. I feel your pain.. None of my close friends are particularly into to cars (not like me anyway) I find myself being asked advice on which car to buy and if it doesn't like up with their thinking they go their way anyway, latest was should I buy a v8 disco or a v6 prado.. Obvs the prado for a long list of reasons 1st one being the the disco is British.. Nek minute what's on the street? A fucken disco!? Was very cheap to so I'll give him that but.. Ygwypf.
  18. If my experience is anything to go by, future Pog won't be happy with present Pog.
  19. They're reserved for 51's only.. With bash mod.
  20. That is an 808 even @ajg193 would be proud to own... Good Times..
  21. Practical as in .6 of bm12 in the back?
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