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  1. Yeah I like plaster (am an ex plasterer) but I'm fucked if I can understand why people put plaster over weather boards like that.
  2. If I'm not traveling, I shall.. Won't be os tho.
  3. Seen it, potentially driving to golden bay next weekend so won't be there.
  4. Fuck, that was quick.
  5. Yeah I don't agree with that. My 121 passed three wofs in a row over the space of 2 years and I wouldn't say these guys were dumb. Last thing my hilux failed its 6 month on was tyres and that was 2+ years ago.
  6. Where is the car located? The garage out my way I use for wofs does a lot of old school stuff. I rate them. Bromley Auto.
  7. Yeah, there's heaps of parts in the states for us made stuff. But who knows how long it'll take to be delivered. Last thing I bought at the beginning of the year to 7 weeks.
  8. Got some things on the last day of lockdown.. So got onto nailing. Had to do the gaps at 4mm which was double what I would normally do but that fit all the boards without me having to rip one down.. Missus started oiling Finished it this arvo.. Fuck it was cold, my last favourite kind of weather. Only problem now in the steps look shit and old..
  9. Yeah it's really good stuff, well worth the price.
  10. Then it rained.. So I spent some time inside cutting things off the list.. Finally did the panels above and below the oven Also the finger handle on the door just to the right of the oven. As I mounted all the handles horizontal this would have looked wack with one handle vertical. Took me 4 years to put one on. Routed a slot, Finger pull.. Moved a light that has irked me the entire time we've been here. For some reason originally we weren't gonna put in a kitchen extractor so set the lights out for that, but to get code we had to have one which made one light redundant.. Extended the led cable as its low voltage. Then spent a good part of an hour trying to get a piece of wire from one hole to the next, had about 4 photos I could look at to see what was in the way.. Still couldn't get one across. In the end I could just get my arm in the hole to feel where the wire was going and then from the other side with a bread knife and my arm in the other hole I could touch the wire. So made a hook, feed that through then a hook with another bit of wire and somehow managed contact... It was a total cunt, at one point had me wondering why I fucken started.. Lights better anyway and my ocd is satisfied. Also filled a gap at the edge of the bench that I fucked up when I installed it.. Cut a fillet, Epoxied it in. Can still see it but hopefully once I silicone around there it won't be so noticeable.
  11. With that finished I got onto the balustrade and finished decking. Decided that I should make an effort to copy what I did at the front door. This pile, Recut, Trimmed somewhat.. Turned into this. Had some rough sawn 100x50 which I used for the handrail which, surprisingly after a sand with 40 grit comes up nicer than the planner gauge 90x45. Feels softer on the hand and also had less splintery bits. At this point I also ran out of copper nails (sigh*) so had to order some through miter10 delivery which was 3 to 5 days... Def looks better anyway.
  12. Oiled and in, Then I put some heavy polythene I had left over from the foundations all those years ago one the frame falling into where the gutter will be, also the some nailing on for decking around the outside. Cut some drainage pipe in half for the gutter. Can see the the capping and ply falling into the "gutter ". Outlet, hopefully it works.
  13. So... Spent a good 4 days redoing the back deck. I guess it's because I always like to fuck things up for my future self.. This was another of my just throw it up and not really think about what I was doing jobs.. Old setup, Easy part was stripping it, took all of 30min. So as to make the underside dry and useable I decided to put some plastic with fall into a gutter between the house and deck, This is the last of the capping that goes under the deck, just extended it with treated ply which I then oiled. Gutter should pop out here, can see the ply which I also put fall on away from the corner. Main reason for this is its where we put our bikes. My seat sits where this junction is and my cracked seat gets wet which then wets my ass. Decided I should prob add these bits in here..
  14. I need to do this also so bought a 300x400mm plastic mirror from the warewhare.. Have yet to make them and mirror its still sitting on the kitchen table where I left it 2 months ago.
  15. By the time you've done all the hanging panels, the body of the car will be nothing.. Plus you'll have mastered paint application by then too.. It doesn't take that long and you then don't constantly have left over media appearing while you're painting. Keep it up.
  16. Finished up the threshold, can see the addition but you always would.. Might stain the whole lot a bit darker.. Also put the trims up to hide the soffit joins.. Soffit before, they don't lol bad in the photo but there's some height differences and gap variation.. The photo has a wack bracing setup cos I didn't want to waste any timber on it.. Typical idiot I was getting a wedge out of a bucket by the front door and totally smacked my head on the cross bar knocking the entire lot down on my head.. Knob.. Luckily the trim stayed up glued by the 11fc, my initial thought was I had and I was spewing as once 11fc goes everywhere its a cunt to get off.. Makes exceptionally good glue tho. Tomorrow I'm gonna take all the spare timber down to store at my old lady's place, then make a start on the back deck..
  17. Also got up and had a look at the roof.. Not sure what to do if anything.. Has some minor damage to the edge and quite a few collapsed tiles.. Needs a paint too. Also got to clean up this mess, but now have an extra 7 days..
  18. Made the surround for the califont yesterday and finished it today, has a 25mm gap all the way around so hopefully it's ok. Doesn't seem to get particularly hot anyway, even when it's been cranking for 10mins. Dowelled and lightly glued the sides on, Just 11fc'd the top on, also routed some slots on with side for the bottom cover. Then discovered I couldn't slide it in because the cap below was in the way..... Sanded some off so it just slides in. Oiled. Finally did the taps as well, wanted a brass plate against the timber but couldn't find one so used a brass nut instead. 100%? Yeah almost.. Just got to finish the threshold.. and... Put two bits of timber over the joins in the soffit above the front door (something else I forgot) pretty simple.
  19. Yesterday I made the gas bottle gate, spent to long extending the back door threshold and making a surround for the gas califont.. Gate, just sitting there as in my Haste last Tues I forgot to get hinges. Offending threshold, discovered it was actually rimu and not cedar which makes it easier. Rummaged around in my wood stock and found this mystery block from a ship in the early 1800s (came from an 1830s cottage in lyttelton we restored a few years back. Bloke who built it made all the windows and framing from timber he ganked from the ship repair Dock. Cleaned it up, pretty sure its rimu. Make it work, Epoxy the bitch in. Still gotta sand it as I forgot today.
  20. Three harley carbs.... Aren't they a 45mm?
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