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  1. Bought it, probably paid too much but I've missed out the last 2 I've seen for sale
  2. Thanks mate, I've messaged him.
  3. Panelbeating all sorted, signed off by the repair certifier. Really happy with the work that Delray did, would highly recommend. I got them to give it a sand and coat of epoxy primer too. Now just need to sort the boot and a few wee bits that need a light skim of bog. So much better than what was there previously.
  4. I have recently had some work done by Delray and am really happy with the work. Friendly and regular updates on the work, would recommend
  5. What paint have you used for the leaf springs?
  6. Unfortunately, I've got an office job so don't have any free time over lockdown. While the body is at the panelbeaters, I've been working on stripping the front valance and gaurds. Front valence wasn't too bad. Wee bit of bog, but I was able to mostly straighten out the wee dents without too much trouble. Can't say the same about the guards. Looked fairly good, but shitloads of bog and some horrendous repairs. Unfortunately there is a support for the guard, so I can't easily get to the back of the indented bit. I will have a go at welding on some tabs and pulling it straight. Don't mind a wee bit of bog, but that is taking the piss. Cut out the shitty bit at the front first, will sort that bit out first.
  7. I decided that if I bogged up the rear quarter and sills, it would always annoy me. Planning on keeping this car, so wanted to get it right. After I'd finished stripping the car I took it to a panelbeater, who is doing an awesome job so far. Getting a repair cert done at the same time to try to make re-vin as easy as possible. So far so good, but covid has put a bit of a handbrake on getting it finished off and back.
  8. I paid $350 for them, manifold is homemade but should do the trick. I saw those, wee bit pricey but they're the first setup like that I have seen up for sale so probably worth it. A mate of mines dad said he went from twin zodiac zeniths to triple SUs back in the day and preferred the SUs.
  9. Got a container of bolts, nuts and brackets vapour blasted and zinc plated. Really happy with the result, certainly beats manually cleaning them with a wire brush and painting. Got the brake MC rebuilt by Undercar. Been busy with the strip disc removing all the paint from the boot and body. Found a few less than ideal repairs, covered with lots of bog. Considered just bogging it back up, but decided it would always annoy me if I did so going to get it fixed by a panelbeater. Will get the crushed sills fixed properly at the same time.
  10. Got the fuel tank painted in 2K black. Took the front and rear windscreens out and doors off. Fortunately no rust around the window frames which I was a bit worried about. Now working on the boot area. While I'm removing paint, sound deadening and rust I've got some of the diff mounts in the electrolysis bath to clean up.
  11. Got the fuel tank back. First pic is before it went to the radiator shop. Had the remainder of an existing liner in there, so he had to split it and sandblast to get the new liner to stick. He also knocked out the worst of the old dents, so I am happy with the outcome. Stuck some brunox on there and have got into epoxy. Found some denting on the sills which is a bit annoying. Guessing it has fallen off a jack at some stage, unfortunately it's got similar damage on both sides. Not sure what I will do here yet, I think it is within the VIRM spec so I might see if I can just get signoff for it, then bog it up later on.
  12. Nothing concrete. I put a post on facebook and several others also had the bolt though the piller. I think it must have been an NZDM thing, hence it didn't make it into the workshop manuals. Let me know how you get on please.
  13. Got it back, pretty happy with it. Needed quite a bit more work than a quick dip and liner, but he only charged me $400 for the lot. He ended up having to cut open the tank, sand blast it and weld back up. He also fixed some dents and re-welded a baffle while he was at it. Would trade again.
  14. Haven't got it back yet, the liner didn't stick. They reckoned there was an old liner in there, which wasn't obvious and wasn't removed by the acid. I said I wasn't in a massive rush to get it back, so they've still got it to sort it out. Not sure what their solution is going to be next.
  15. Thanks. I am using PPG Epotec 408 primer
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