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  1. Got the engine bay and front grille into colour I've reassembled the front suspension, car kinda rolls now. No steering components yet. Next plan is to pull the diff and exhaust and start to tidy up under the car.
  2. Got the engine bay into high build primer, first round of sanding under way. Also been working on a horn button for it. It's got an aftermarket steering wheel with no horn button. Quite like the steering wheel, so I'm going to 3D print one
  3. Since my last update, I've got a bit done. I've finished cleaning up the roof, treated the minor surface rust with some Brunox, brush painted the interior with some satin black. I've painted the suspension components with epoxy primer and 2K gloss black. I've also done the inner guards with 2K gloss black, will do the underside and boot when I get around to them. Next step will be to get the engine bay into high build primer ready for top coat.
  4. I know nothing about 1Gs, but are you sure your battery is charged? The radio is not wired to turn off when you use the starter, the voltage drop from the starter motor load causes the voltage to 'brown out', dropping so low the radio will switch off. Sounds a bit like the when you go to crank there is not enough charge in the battery to provide enough current for the starter to crank, but the voltage will drop enough to turn the radio off. Check the battery voltage, perhaps stick it onto the charger.
  5. Hey mate. Can't remember how I managed to get it off sorry, been a while. I managed to find a section of a manual, nothing comprehensive though sorry Interesting project, you should put up a post on it!
  6. Haven't forgotten about this. I got the shocks converted to gas strut, pretty hapy with them so far. Been bare metalling all the other front suspension bits, will paint with epoxy primer and 2K black once it gets a bit warner. Also removed all the sound deadening from the roof. Wee bit of surface rust, nothing too serious. Will clean off and paint with brunox.
  7. Benno

    Sound deadening

    Did you get 50mil or 80mil?
  8. Benno

    Sound deadening

    I have heard good reviews for kilmat, purchased from amazon. I haven't used it myself yet, but plan to at this stage
  9. From my research, it seems capri rotors are similar. The height of the rotors is off by 2mm and the centre bore is a bit too small, but could probably be machined to fit. Unsure about the PCD, but the Zephyr discs are also 4 stud so could be redrilled if necessary. I think I'll get the existing rotors skimmed and see how bad they are, should be good enough to get me through revin at least.
  10. My Zephyr brake rotors have some fairly deep rust pitting. I have tried to find new rotors, without any luck. I have spoken to someone who could machine some for me from billet steel. Would these be legal, for re-vin and WOFs? Apart from accelerating wear to the discs, would there be any issues from remaining pitting if I got my existing rotors machined to at or near the minimum manufacturers tolerance?
  11. I've got an Accuspark in the escort. No problems with it, so much smoother and less maintenance than the points were
  12. Fixed the small rust patch in the floor and filled the holes that had been drilled to install the bucket seats. All the rest of the rust came off with a wire wheel. ' Sanded off most of the paint, especially on any areas which looked like there might be any surface rust. I've painted it using Brunox to catch any last bits of rust
  13. I also have one of those, I'm happy with it. Works well for both MIG and arc welding.
  14. Still chipping away at stripping and sanding the floor pans. Decided to blow off some dust with some compressed air, I was surprised at how much crap came out when I poked it into the sill. I used my aliexpress special inspection camera, which worked surprisingly well. Rigged up a hose on the vacuum cleaner, worked a treat to clear it out. Fortunately no serious rust, once I've got them painted I'll fill it with cavity wax.
  15. Stripping the floor pans. Using a strip disc, wire wheel and 80 grid sandpaper. Running low on materials, so might need to go on hold soon until after quarantine is lifted. I'm going to use brunox and a satin black top coat. Eventually I will lay down some Kilmat (or similar) before carpet, but planning on taking through Revin first.