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  1. Yeah, the otira gorge was a bit slow but made it all good. Stoked with all the bits, thanks!
  2. Nah, factory colour seems to be beige. Will be painting it Oxford Blue eventually
  3. A guy on facebook was giving away some motors and parts, after finishing his project. Drove over to Greymouth to collect them. Now got 4 parts motors, so should hopefully have enough good bits when it comes to building a motor for it. Finished stripping the engine bay, removed suspension and cross member. I have made a start removing the underseal from the guards, only been finding some light surface rust so far. Will continue removing the undereseal and make a start bare metalling the engine bay next.
  4. Been making some slow progress on this. Go the guards and front valance off and engine bay nearly stripped now. Just got to take the steering box and column out now. No nasty surprises so far which is nice. In more exciting news, I've got my hands on some triple carbs for it. Not sure what the condition of the SU's is like, but externally they look all good.
  5. Starting to chip away at the paint on this. Bare metalled both sides of the bonnet, treated with some phosphoric acid then painted with epoxy primer. Didn't take any photos once I'd finished bare metalling, below is after the paint stripper starting on the bits close to seams and cavities. Got the first side done, will flip it over once the paint has dried and do the other side. Few wee runs, but generally happy enough with how it has come out.
  6. Benno


    I'm starting off with prepping and painting the bonnet. It's easy to get to and will hopefully be easy enough to spot if there is any returning rust. I'm planning on carefully taping off the seam at the front giving myself around 20mm to the seam. Is seam sealer paint stripper resistant? I have some turgostrip from RJP, it's pretty powerful stuff.
  7. Benno


    How careful do I need to be with paint stripper and seams? I am planning on paint stripping (clean off with water), treating with phosphoric acid (wash off with water), rubbing back with scotch-brite/prepsol then painting with 2K epoxy primer. I was reading some threads online that recommended maintaining min 20mm from any seams to stop the stripper tracking. Provided I wash the stripper off carefully with water, is this something I need to be concerned with? How about with the phosphoric acid, do I need to do similar with this?
  8. So if a car did not have rear seat belts from factory but is de-registered, it would require rear seat belts to be installed for re-vin?
  9. Got the dash all finished off, pretty happy with how it looks now. Got a colour matched rattle can and a can of matte clear. Looks fairly close to the original. Found someone on facebook who had adapted a factory manifold to suit a weber 32/36 carb, similar to a geddes speed one. I think I'll give it a crack, I've got a couple of spare manifolds so doesn't really matter if I screw one up. Plan is to cut off the raised mount, make a new carb flange out of 10-12mm Al plate, get that welded on then have a go at matching with a die grinder.
  10. Stil haven't got much major progress on this, ticking away on the little things. I've been slowly working on cleaning and polishing the trims by hand with some autosol, most of them are coming up nicely. The original dash had been hacked up to take a head unit. The car came with a replacement, but it had some rust. Cleaned that up, painted with some Brunox and got a colour match can and some matte clear. Also made a new tray, will cover with some vinyl. Came with a set of extractors that had a couple of rust holes. Welded up the holes, cleaned off the surface rust and painted with some hi-temp paint. Doubt it will last long, but will hopefully keep the surface rust at bay until I get the car up and running.
  11. Thoughts on this one?
  12. Could be an option. Otherwise I have a twin choke Weber off the escort I could probably make a manifold up for
  13. Three, it shares inlet ports between 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 but something like that could be the go if I decide to keep the zephyr six motor.
  14. Keeping a casual eye out for a twin carb manifold, something might crop up. I'm yet to decide if I'm going to stick with the original motor or do a barra swap, so not too keen on sinking big money into bits for this motor yet. Will see how it runs once I get it on the road.
  15. Just been doing little things on this. So far I've rebuild the starter motor, windscreen wiper motor and a carb with the best bits from several. Found a wee bit of rust on the guard, fixed that. Fixed the transmission tunnel, someone had cut it out for a floor shifter with what seemed to be an axe