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  1. Got the fuel tank painted in 2K black. Took the front and rear windscreens out and doors off. Fortunately no rust around the window frames which I was a bit worried about. Now working on the boot area. While I'm removing paint, sound deadening and rust I've got some of the diff mounts in the electrolysis bath to clean up.
  2. Got the fuel tank back. First pic is before it went to the radiator shop. Had the remainder of an existing liner in there, so he had to split it and sandblast to get the new liner to stick. He also knocked out the worst of the old dents, so I am happy with the outcome. Stuck some brunox on there and have got into epoxy. Found some denting on the sills which is a bit annoying. Guessing it has fallen off a jack at some stage, unfortunately it's got similar damage on both sides. Not sure what I will do here yet, I think it is within the VIRM spec so I might see if I c
  3. Nothing concrete. I put a post on facebook and several others also had the bolt though the piller. I think it must have been an NZDM thing, hence it didn't make it into the workshop manuals. Let me know how you get on please.
  4. Got it back, pretty happy with it. Needed quite a bit more work than a quick dip and liner, but he only charged me $400 for the lot. He ended up having to cut open the tank, sand blast it and weld back up. He also fixed some dents and re-welded a baffle while he was at it. Would trade again.
  5. Haven't got it back yet, the liner didn't stick. They reckoned there was an old liner in there, which wasn't obvious and wasn't removed by the acid. I said I wasn't in a massive rush to get it back, so they've still got it to sort it out. Not sure what their solution is going to be next.
  6. Thanks. I am using PPG Epotec 408 primer
  7. Finished removing the underseal. What a shit job, lying under the car scraping with a chisel. Only a bit of surface rust, cleaned up no worries with a strip disc and wire brush. Gave it a coat of Brunox, scuffed up with scotchbrite and brush painted with epoxy primer. Not mint, but good enough for the underside. Just need to move the stands and do the same for the jacking points now. Getting the fuel tank dipped and lined, rear brake cylinders sleeved at the moment. Next, I will tidy up and paint the diff and fuel tank.
  8. I've got mine getting dipped, cleaned and lined at Hornby Radiator shop at the moment. Should get it back next week, will report how it went when I get it back.
  9. Argoshield, the gas n go bottles are labelled as MIG GAS at bunnings
  10. Slowly but surely getting on top of the rust. Got the boot floor patches all welded in and painted with epoxy. Been working on getting the outer edge sorted. Wasn't keen to section the whole length to get the curve right. Got myself a shrinker/stretcher which made things much easier. My first attempt was to make a jig which had the right curve, bend a right angle then hammer to form a profile. Results weren't great, so back to square one. Cut, bent and welded some box tubing to get a curve the same as the boot. Welded and clamped on the bent and stretched angle, hamme
  11. Benno


    If you want a quick and easy, but effective rust kill/coating Brunox is king. Can get a brush-on or spray on coating type. Grind off the CRC shit, Brunox over the rust, hit with 2K epoxy primer and live happily ever afterwards.
  12. All sorted, found someone with one. Thanks anyway
  13. Thanks mate, wee bit far to justify though I reckon. Cheers
  14. The check engine light has come on on the daily (2007 ford mondeo), has anyone got an OBD scan tool I could borrow? The one at supercheap didn't work for some reason. Cheers, Ben
  15. Got the boot floor repair patch sorted, made a wooden template and hammered the side to suit. Cleaned off as much rust as I could in the boot strengthening crossmember, treated with Brunox. I will paint the areas I can with some epoxy primer, will get some cavity wax down to the areas I can't before I weld the floor path in. Started making a patch for the boot edge. Started off with my high quality sheet metal brake Clamped and welded to some SHS, hammered to get the right profile Fairly happy with the end result, will still need some min
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