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  1. 3/8 unf for the manifold studs, i think the fuel pump is 1/4bspt might be npt cant remember which thread tape will make up the gap its only low pressure
  2. Fyi those bosch 3 chanel ignitiors need a decent sized heat sink, i cooked one testing ignition on a small piece of ali, also be wary series 1 3.8 square coils are prone to failure. That efi throttle body setup off the falcon looks like it should work pretty good on the carby manifold. on another note i take it the trigger wheel showed up
  3. Switched to ground is pwr mode un grounded is eco mode. From memory your ecu has a performance tune loaded with a modifed trans tune
  4. https://www.efihardware.com/products/2344/Injector-Boss-Screw-In-Aluminium
  5. be better to weld or tap in injector bosses above the ports and not have fuel dropout issues that throttlebody injection has, efi hardware in ausie do a bunch of different style bosses and also individual injector rail fittings (PS the crank trigger will be on its way as soon as the courier actually picks it up)
  6. Commodore ones would work but a pain to wire up as they are designed to fit down on the dfi module base with tabs sticking up on the base for the connections, the au coil has a nice 4pin plug and about $90 new for a bosch one
  7. Au 1 falcoon coilpack is the go for a wasted spark setup, along with a bosch triple channel ignitior from a volvo makes an easy setup, nounted my coils on heavy ali angle with the igniter bolted to the bottom using the ali to heat sink, also used a ba falcon VR sensor for the crank pickup, sensor type will depend what ecu you use tho, also check out thesonic injection throttlebody injection stuff for the 9 port 202
  8. @chris r i have a spare 36-1 trigger wheel for 202 balancer i used with my link atom on the vk build @flyingbrick done the cad file and got it cut for me, if you go that route with efi, flick me a message if you wanna know more about the efi stuff on the 202
  9. Some custom purple pearl mix its got a red and blue pearl in it, gonna be a pain in the butt when i needa touch up the paint
  10. The guy we brought it off was an apprentice at a panel shop, was his 1st car, (he didnt wanna sell it but had it sitting for 5 years after being told he couldnt drive for medical reasons)wrote it off twice and fixed it both times, 2nd time he bare metaled the car inside and out and spent 11k on the paint according to the receipts we got with it,
  11. Go ahead ask build questions or comment here Build thread
  12. Bout time I put up a post for the on going evolution of this build, a few years ago discussed with the mrs what car she wanted to build and she wanted an hq, we put it on the 5 year plan... 3 months later im working out on site at one of contacts powerstations and got talking cars, got wind of an un finished project a mate of the site fitter had sitting in a shed, que a few calls and some $$ changing hands it came home with us, its been evolving ever since, initially we spent 8 weeks and plenty of $$ getting it back to roadworthy with the 202 and 3 on the tree, since then its had my 327 chev and a fully built th700 fitted, then i picked up a vz ss ls1 cheap so makes sense to ls swap it since i run CWS specialising in wiring them, so out came the 327 and in went the ls1 mid lockdown 4 weeks later iv just fired it up, will endeavour to post up more pics of the project build but heres a few of various stages from when we 1st brought it in pieces to how it is now with the LS1
  13. Post drag day have been daily driving to work, broken another 2 t5 gearboxes one blew a 3rd syncro the other sounded like an angry chipmunk so now running on a Frankenstein box made from 3 parts boxes, iv decided to splash out and get a jzx110 r154, waiting for my billet adaptor to gm bellhousing to arrive from the states and will be getting it fitted up and the clutch modified again, bonus is shifter in the right spot and cube speed short shifter off the shelf but need to make a new longer halfshaft, cue the i need a lathe for ....things talk with the Mrs (too late its already ordered) (also the you need another gearbox why?) haha
  14. Pics of the water heating and 32/36 on a redrilled hollley adapter