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  1. Thanks, already got that one it dont show detailed enough assembly of the throttle valve and valve body, all the pieces fell out when we pulled it apart.
  2. Hey All got a broken 83 corona decorating my lawn at the moment, my mate brought it with a blown auto (previous owner rotated the rear tyres too rapidly). we have replaced the burnt up clutch packs and steels in the trans, now have somehow stuffed up the valve body/ throttle valve and it drives but wont shift out of 1st. (it shifted before we took it apart) anyone know their way around these transmissions or have a decent schematic of the valve body transmission is an Aisin warner 03-50 A40D 3 speed + O/D pic of actual car, (may be for sale soon)
  3. Cheers, was super happy with how it went, I had only driven it about 400km and dyno time (and about 10km on the replacement gearbox) before doing gumboot. will be good to see what it can do once i sort the wastegate out, the valiant do the whole run no problems?
  4. @Shakotom And to think i had started work on a particular HZ ute... its a good thing I returned the HZ back to Chris and done this one instead
  5. Sure goes alot better than it used to, lots of $$ add up fast tho doing an engine thats not commonly boosted Turbos A TA3410 (t3/t4) AR 0.70 compressor and 0.48 turbine housing, spools up nice and fast
  6. Passed clean sheet thru cert so stoked with that, brought myself a new toy so wish i had done it sooner. Took it up to Protune to chuck on the hub dyno... and my waste gate is too small, spiking 18psi of angry boost pixies at 3500rpm, aiming to run 7psi base with control up to 12psi to avoid splitting the crank from the block, ah well least the tune is now safe till i can fit up a larger gate. Oh also the camaro t5 gearbox i had fitted was stuffed so in a week had a commodore v6 t5 input shaft modified to fit, fabricated a new mount, bolted that up last wednesday and drove 1200km around northland for gumboot rally over the weekend, which Im super happy with how the car went, super responsive and torquey down low even with a low MAP/RPM limit, plus all the Spooley turbo noises
  7. got it all pieced back together and running ready for Cert and a tune, also picked up a mint set of 16x8.5 &16x9.5 Vette wheels
  8. finally got a use for my VS HSV seats, painted the bay, and wired up the factory dash to be fully functional
  9. had to move a bunch of wiring so rewired with an under dash fuse box , had the whole setup fitted to the old 270000k engine, made 168rwkw and 598nm of torque, annnd 3 days later blew the rear main seal coming back from kumeu in january. since then its been torn apart new rebuilt engine painted bay and a whole lot of other little things
  10. Since iv entered this thing in OS drags this year, its about time i chucked up a post about one of my latest money pits.... 1986 VK Royale (vk and a half efi 3.3) After a palmy swap meet road trip a couple of years ago in this VK my mate Chris offered me this... so it came home with me. I drove it for a while as is fixing a few issues and decided to sell off my other VK as a rolling body (kept the 327 for our HQ more in that some other time) also kept all the good bits for this one (suspension seats etc) then came the decision to do something different... and so it all started with a cheap second hand gt35 turbo off facebook (which turned out to be rooted) then came the Garrett turbo and the turbosmart bits and the link G4 and the gearbox, clutch, driveshaft and the full engine build.... and into the pit of $$ this car goes to save me rambling on Ill let the pictures do the talking.... also discuss here: