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  1. I done the concrete myself, im on swampy ground so has 5x 3.6m piles concreted in under the center area with a 200mm thickening and 200 thick ring beam footing around the edge of the pad, was almost 4 cube of concrete which worked out about $900, hoist is a motorex base model $2100 delivered, So far been mint just keep it lubed well with spray grease, made a weather cover for the hydraulic pack and is all good
  2. So after a few hours sleep after nightshift, got keen and stuck into pulling the sump since another new tool arrived the engine support beam made this way easier than having to pull the engine. Got the k frame out, sump off, welded in a couple breather fittings and went to town with the rtv and new gaskets. Pics tell the story better, also pic of how iv done the external 5/8" oil pickup in the sump. Fingers crossed this sorts the leaks. Bring on drag day
  3. no idea on 1/4 time but will be interesting to see, just needa get the oil leak sorted and should be good to go
  4. Well back on the dyno at protune yesterday, made some good power (175rwkw 445nm at 11psi) but found an oil leak, seems like this car just dont like dynos haha, at least i was only cleaning up an oil puddle on the dyno and not engine pieces Got home and checked it out, pulled the clutch dust cover...bonus its not the rear main rope seal. Waiting on an engine support bar to arrive and il drop the sump clean it up Gonna weld in a couple of sump breathers and go to town with the rtv Oh and all before drag day...
  5. @Truenotch Im keen for caffeine & gasoline, gonna be heading up there anyway in the kingswood for hq muster
  6. nov 24th is also the HQ holden muster at hampton downs, will be a busy day up there with caffeine & Gasoline on as well
  7. VDO pump specs VDO Universal Engine and Transmission, Differential Oil Pump This small 12 volt pump is designed for pumping gearbox and/or differential oil. It has also been used for pumping oil to motorcycles fitted with Turbos. Can be used as an oil cooler circulation pump. Can also be used as a Turbo scavenge pump for low mounted Turbos to better drain oil and avoid oil blowing through seals. Features & Sizes - Voltage 12V ONLY - 160 Litres Per Hour - 4 Bar Pressure (58 PSI) - 100 to 150 Degrees Celcius working Temperature - 16.0mm Diameter Inlet - 7.8mm Diameter Outlet (Straight) - 9.0mm Lip - 127.0mm Overall Length
  8. VDO do a nice electric scavenge pump, will find the details and post it up
  9. Had a rocker adjuster come loose sounding like an angry dwarf with a pickaxe stuck in the top end, easy enough fix didnt break anything and was just down the road from home. Decided to throw some more $$ in the because turbo bucket, brought a new 50mm wastegate to sort out the angry boost pixies, Booked for back on the dyno the week before drag day....
  10. assuming its got the standard 25d4 lucas dizzy (like my old 73 had), you can buy off the shelf electronic conversions for the factory dizzy as they are the same internally as every other mini blmc etc 25d4 dizzy, nice and easy swap to ditch the points
  11. Thanks, already got that one it dont show detailed enough assembly of the throttle valve and valve body, all the pieces fell out when we pulled it apart.
  12. Hey All got a broken 83 corona decorating my lawn at the moment, my mate brought it with a blown auto (previous owner rotated the rear tyres too rapidly). we have replaced the burnt up clutch packs and steels in the trans, now have somehow stuffed up the valve body/ throttle valve and it drives but wont shift out of 1st. (it shifted before we took it apart) anyone know their way around these transmissions or have a decent schematic of the valve body transmission is an Aisin warner 03-50 A40D 3 speed + O/D pic of actual car, (may be for sale soon)
  13. Cheers, was super happy with how it went, I had only driven it about 400km and dyno time (and about 10km on the replacement gearbox) before doing gumboot. will be good to see what it can do once i sort the wastegate out, the valiant do the whole run no problems?
  14. @Shakotom And to think i had started work on a particular HZ ute... its a good thing I returned the HZ back to Chris and done this one instead
  15. Sure goes alot better than it used to, lots of $$ add up fast tho doing an engine thats not commonly boosted Turbos A TA3410 (t3/t4) AR 0.70 compressor and 0.48 turbine housing, spools up nice and fast