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  1. from memory will need to load up a suitable XDF file in tuner pro 1st so it knows how to use the bin file data
  2. chuck the new ecu in and monitor the same datastreams as the old one 1st and see if it gets any weird errors, it should be completely functional just wont start due to vats initially. id doubt wiring issues if the car hasnt been apart too much, I have seen faulty diag aldl cables before, when reading the ecu make sure the battery is fully charged same with laptop, and save save save the master file otherwise no going back (personally i save 2 separate read bin files from these incase one read fails)
  3. using OSE flash tool you will be able to read the ecu for its bin file, the bin file can then be edited in tunerpro to turn the vats flag off then flash edited bin to the ecu using the OSE flash tool again, id recommend reading both your current ecu and the new one and save master files, should be able to plug then new ecu into the car to read and write it, vats should be the only thing stopping it from starting on the new ecu
  4. iv got a bunch of wiring diagrams for them , what in particular do you need? flick me your email in a PM and can send them thru
  5. well the stock car guys do just weld a 2 barrell holley to the top to pour fuel in and just power up the coil on fixed timing with a three speed hq box, if ya get stuck with it Im in hamilton and can have a look at it, been messing with holden wiring for years now
  6. so Trevor reckons could have a corrupted temp table in the pcm (possibly caused by a spike from the DFI rare but does happen) he said be careful trying to clone the pcm the flash ones are a pain and easy to brick, and it will need OSE flashtool to write, prob worth spending the $$ he does them for me for $85 and getting him to program the new PCM and pair it to your BCM and throw a tune on it at the same time, hes done a lot of these for my conversion setups
  7. Could be a cam sensor problem i can't remember what code they throw, vs on they run a cam sync sensor as well, the codes and data stream issues in AED are odd, could be worth setting up tunerpro adx diagnostics and see if same stuff comes up, iv flicked a message to my tuner guru mate Trevor at Holden diagnostics as well
  8. @Muncie also what's the issue your having when its cold?
  9. in tuner pro v5 need to load the XDF (and suitable ADX if needed) file for a vy v6 flash pcm and then read the bin file from the ecu (or use equivalent bin file and write to ecu) from there the vats flag can be set to disable
  10. Vy are all flash based pcms except the L67s, edit using tunerpro over aldl data line, not eeprom writing like the older memcal ones, delcowizid on the pcmhacking is the guru on v6 pcms
  11. vk327

    FiTech EFI

    fuel is fine just need enough of it really where efi helps with the delivery basic link atom runs it mint , i run gull 98 now but have run z 95 previously with no detonation issues just a tad less timing than 98, starfire rods = black motor rods mine is running the original black motor ones with arp bolts, stock pistons in the black motor are utter junk they split thru the oil ring and the skirts fall off without a turbo also really thin thru the gudgeon pin area. Iv had several all with the same problem, red and blue motors used to split the tops off too thru the compression rings
  12. th700/ 4L60 ex vn vp commy or an 80s camaro fit quite well , iv got a built th700 behind an ls1 in my HQ sedan all hooked up to the factory column shift using a b&m cable able to get the full shift travel down to 1st I had to clearance for larger billet servo housing but not by much, just chopped up a factory crossmember to suit, running a 3.55 diff sits about 2200rpm at 100k
  13. vk327

    FiTech EFI

    black motor comp is fine for turbo wont need to decompression plate will need better pistons and valve springs tho, Im running 11psi thru my black engine on a set of hypertec pistons on stock starfire spec rods
  14. efi works well on the old 202, mines turboed running a link atom have a look at my vk build thread, iv used a 36-1 crank trigger on the balancer, deleted the dizzy and using an AU falcon coil pack wasted spark setup, pair firing the injectors, injectors and fuel rail is easy if the throttles have injector bosses, just need an efi pump and fuel reg to feed it. would need sensors for coolant temp air temp and TPS, can use a MAP sensor if you can plumb all the throttles to a small manifold, usually ends up using the TPS as the load value rather than map due to cylinder fluctuation and lack of a plenum
  15. @robbie frew you will be best to talk to delcowizzid then being its not running a 3.8 or 5.0 , the basics of it will be getting familiar with the tuner pro software with the right bin files and definiton files to run the NVRAM it will need to be a custom setup bin file to suit the application you are wanting to run, its not an easy process and wouldnt recommend it for a 1st timer on a custom efi setup, myself and Trevor have been messing with these for years and still have issues with custom programming them. the aftermarket options like link and even megasquirt & speedduino have so much more user friendly interfaces