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  1. Looking forward to this, will prob come for sat morning and try find some swapmeet gems
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys! The hill climb went well today, got a bit of heat into the pipe! hopefully the VCC will be able to keep running the event as I hear it's getting harder and harder to organise
  3. And a big pic dump... As mentioned earlier I have been working on another project. Here's a teaser pic, project thread to come....
  4. The Bantam is finally finished. Took longer than it should of to get the final details sorted as I've been distracted by another project... I am going to be riding it at the Chelsea hill climb run by the VCC tomorrow. Levers back from the chrome platers Turned up some foot pegs Made up a couple of rod ends for the rear brake linkage The seat upholstered thanks to Stus trim and sound, I was very lucky to find a nice piece of cream leather in the scrap bin just the right size for the seat Little bracket to support the twin front brake cables.
  5. Cheers Maxted and and Kimjon! Have been distracted by another project but finally finished off the last details yesterday. Will put the finished pics up shortly.
  6. No worries! Looking forward to seeing your vast collection of reel mowers one day!
  7. I have never replaced a UJ but can bring out a full tool box and jacks and stuff and give it a go?
  8. Cheers nacnud! I have a couple of minor things to finish off and then I will put some pics up here.
  9. As of tonight the bike is about 95% finished and loaded in my van. It has been a week of midnighters to get it to this stage but im extremely pleased to have it all together for the show this weekend. It was to dark in the shed tonight to take any pics but i did get one earlier of the carb trumpet, another high performance Austin 7 part from my dads special This is a really good event and heaps of cool stuff turns up, i will probably be hanging around there for most of the weekend.
  10. Yes just an open megaphone at the moment, have just styled it off that picture a few posts up. I would like make a proper tuned pipe for it in the future though.
  11. Pipe finished, only forgot to put the nut on once before welding on the megaphone haha Wheel trued up pretty easily The trimmer sent me a pic of the seat today. Really pleased with how it's turned out, will chuck a pick of it up tomorrow once I get it
  12. 3 days to the show.. Might be pushing it but i think i can get there. Original exhaust was pretty pitted so got some tube to make up a new one, The megaphone was off my dads Austin 7 racer he built in the 80's. It was so loud that he had to take it off and its been hanging around ever since. Hub parts painted And wheel laced up with the new stainless spokes, will try and true it up tomorrow night I also got some of these rubber ties from a bantam place in England, should be a bit nicer that zip ties to hold the cables to the frame
  13. Front forks and rear suspension all assembled up. I masked up the tank tonight so will get the tank insert painted tomorrow. Have dropped the seat off at the upholsters, hopefully that will be ready early next week. Also Tom Morris from wheel and spoke services has made me a set of stainless spokes for the front so will lace that up next week. Have just realized that the classic bike show is in a couple of weekends time so if i can get this looking some sort of finished i might take it along
  14. Top coat on, terrible phone pics but you can get the idea... Sat the engine in And all the bits have come back from the platers. Thanks to Phill at Electroless Coating Systems Next up is getting the front wheel sorted, Seat covered and the cream insert painted onto the tank. Then the fun part, bolting it all back together!!
  15. Kimjon, good question! I've given that very little thought so far haha but sould be able to make something work. They are single leading shoe, with a single trailing shoe. It might involve moving the pivot point of the shoes to mirror the other (original) side. Thanks Karl! Do you ever get out Ardmore airfield way?