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  1. Guypie

    AMR300 and AMR500 talk

    Mark had one on a velobike with a briggs and stratton. Was a bit of a beast apparently. Cant remember his screen name but you will probably find something in the two wheels section if you look hard enough
  2. Guypie

    OS trackdays?

    If its a little bit down the line I will be keen for taupo track 3, but have to repair my car and move house somewhere in the middle
  3. Guypie

    Auto union dkw masters needed

    My dad had one back in the day. I think there was a big following for them in south africa? Probably not the easiest thing to find parts for but they are cool sounding machines. Will ask my Dad if he knows anything about where you can source parts, probably not though.
  4. Guypie

    Transparent urethane sealant?

    its a clear/pink tinted lens on a pinky red opaque housing, that emblem adhesive sounds like the go.
  5. Guypie

    Transparent urethane sealant?

    The tail light lens on my car has popped off the light housing on one of my cars. Is there a urethane sealant or something similar that is transparent and will reliably stick to plastics? It looks like it was originally heated to fusing temperature and stuck together without any glue in the factory. I think I will probably only get one shot to get it right so just wondering if anyone has any experience with gluing lights back together. The glue will need to be clear as it will be visible otherwise
  6. Guypie

    Blizzo's NifDio AF18e powered Nifty 50

    I have a Niftsj. That being a nifty fifty with a suzuki sj50 engine. Goes real well for a scooter! will have a looksee if I can find some pictures edit: heres pics Long wheelbase:
  7. I moved to Imgur when photobucket started being useless for image hosting. You can get it to scale the photos when you upload them too. may be worth looking into. Awesome progress on the car, might have to swing by wagnats to see the finished product!
  8. Guypie

    Blizzo's FA/FZ franken thinng

    Got given a nifty 50 with a blown engine so put a suzuki sj50 engine in it and it goes nuts. Have the spare nifty engine in parts if you're interested in them.
  9. Guypie

    Valve seal replacement

    Yeah I used the plasticy yellow rope that doesnt tie a good knot.
  10. Guypie

    Valve seal replacement

    I have done the rope trick on a mini before cause I was super clever and forgot to put the seals on when assembling the head. It worked mint, and I learnt a lesson on checking my work.
  11. Guypie


    From my experience every time there has been a bubble there is a hole hiding underneath.
  12. I have an oldschool 80's shoei and a openface metallic red jobbie if you get real desperate enough to drive to Hamilton to pick em up
  13. Got a wheel alignment today, very happy I got this done before the trackday. Check out the toe! I asked them to tweak it a bit to handle better for the trackday so they said the dialed in a smidge extra toe out on the rear and in on the front I think they said? anyways they said it should help with the turn in. If you have a good idea of what you are reading and have an opinion on the setup let me know in the discussion! //
  14. Here's the list of issues I put in the discussion: Still working through a few little issues: -creaking noise from the rf under braking, gets worse the harder you brake. probably one of the pad shims out of place/touching the rotor or something Pulled both front brake calipers off today and had a look, couldn't find anything wrong. Put it all back together and the noise was gone. Score! -when its cold it has a terrible flat spot from 1k to 2k rpm. It got a little better when I turned up the idle mixture potentiometer, prob just needs moar rich. Still there, only when cold though. -It has a loose wire to the lf bumper indicator, the bulb is fine but only goes intermittantly Also unresolved, have not even looked -It has a bit of a tick under accelleration, probably has a exhaust leak from the header flange, might just need nuts retightened. Put CRC on the nuts for future adjustment, also confirmed the location of the leak. will try re-torquing if that doesnt solve it I guess I will need a new gasket -the big one is that the radiator fan does not seem to switch on automatically like it should, which means I cant take it through traffic at the moment. Matt/Gnarleydude came over and he had just resolved this exact same issue, unlike my car his had the sticker on the cover of the relay box so he could figure out what relay was missing. Funnily enough mine was missing too, jumped the connection and the fan came on. Sweet! After that we too the cars to the frankton overbridge and took a few pictures of the sweet sweet 80 series goodness