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  1. Guypie

    Tortrons GN

    I just did stroke length x rpm but thats probably 50% what is should be cause I'm a dum dum and 1 rotation =up and down Also, sorry for spamming all over your loverly GN thread Tori, carry on as you were...
  2. Guypie

    Tortrons GN

    Its not about rpm so much as piston speed. 4age @8000rpm -616,000mm/min GN125 @11000rpm -536,800mm/min CBR250 @18000rpm -608,400mm/min the slowest revving engine of those 3 has the highest piston speed. Also spends the lease amount of time doing that speed in all fairness. Bearings and whatnot are a different story but I really don't think the revs are going to hurt the gn
  3. Guypie

    Tortrons GN

    A wise man named @Geophy once told me the break in process for a new lifan 125 is a 4th gear burnout. Pretty sure the man is a mechanical genius.
  4. This one is tintable and a bit cheaper. The tinting costs money too though and I will need to check out coverage and m2 of the car to figure out how much of what I need to get the job done.
  5. @KorbsIm pretty sure there an internal thread on the flywheel hub and you get a flywheel puller tool to suit your thread. sometimes reverse thread if I remember correctly. something like this:
  6. I'm looking at getting a new mig soon, I want something in the 180-200a range. Budget is around $1k though could stretch if needed. Would prefer reliability over having bells and whistles. I already have a old hf start ac/dc tig so it only needs to mig, though most stuff in the price range seems to be multi process. Currently thinking this is at the top of my list: though at a bit of a stretch there is this: which has much better duty cycle, but doesn't appear to have adjustable voltage. I have never had adjustable voltage so don't know how that works. Probably just another thing for me to adjust incorrectly. Any suggestions?
  7. I have a crappy old lathe of decent size, very minimal skills though. You are welcome to come over and try to make something on it if you like, no payment required
  8. Last weekend me and @hampie were clearing out a bunch of junk at the dump and I spotted the back end of an fa50 poking out of the crap for sale section. Heather being a fan of all things scooter was on it in a heartbeat and we ended up lugging the poor old thing home. It is pretty beat up and missing a few parts so I jumped on trade me and bought a second hand piston and barrel (probably rooted but worth a shot), foot pegs and kickstart lever. Hopefully I can get it running without much drama. I am still missing a exhaust and ignition key/barrel so if anyone has one lying around hit me up! Plans at this stage are 1: Get it running 2: Make it legal 3: Seat cover replacement and general tidy up 4: Try make a spanny and general performance tinkering
  9. Is Bunnings still the best bang for buck on getting a welding bottle? Just got rid of the boc ball n chain bottle last month and will probably need some argon for a project in a few months
  10. Mark had one on a velobike with a briggs and stratton. Was a bit of a beast apparently. Cant remember his screen name but you will probably find something in the two wheels section if you look hard enough
  11. If its a little bit down the line I will be keen for taupo track 3, but have to repair my car and move house somewhere in the middle
  12. My dad had one back in the day. I think there was a big following for them in south africa? Probably not the easiest thing to find parts for but they are cool sounding machines. Will ask my Dad if he knows anything about where you can source parts, probably not though.
  13. its a clear/pink tinted lens on a pinky red opaque housing, that emblem adhesive sounds like the go.
  14. The tail light lens on my car has popped off the light housing on one of my cars. Is there a urethane sealant or something similar that is transparent and will reliably stick to plastics? It looks like it was originally heated to fusing temperature and stuck together without any glue in the factory. I think I will probably only get one shot to get it right so just wondering if anyone has any experience with gluing lights back together. The glue will need to be clear as it will be visible otherwise
  15. I have a Niftsj. That being a nifty fifty with a suzuki sj50 engine. Goes real well for a scooter! will have a looksee if I can find some pictures edit: heres pics Long wheelbase: