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  1. sweet no hurry - it's been there for less than a month so should be still around for a while
  2. anyone? don't make me order from japan! (something about carbon footprint..)
  3. Can anyone pick a part for me at Pick-a-Part in Wellington? Should be a real simple 5 minute job - A reverse light off a facelift Y11 Nissan AD van (car number 482 - it's incorrectly listed as Y12 Wingroad) Open the tailgate, rip out the tailgate trim panel, undo 10mm nut then free the U shaped retaining channel (spread apart the open end then it can be pulled from inside), the lens assembly can be pulled from outside. Will need the lens assy, retaining clip, the retaining nut and the bulb holder to go with it. It should be free of defects like cracks or chips but I can live with small scratches. Cheers.
  4. the hamburghini burger combo s quite nice. almost as nice as ascot.
  5. is lower radiator cross member considered structural? would surface rust on it fail wof?
  6. I'll read up later - wikipedia page has a bunch of chemical symbols so that put me right off. too hot to read that right now...
  7. I'm doing reverse electrolysis on a bike tank at the moment - it's all coming back to me now, what a pain in the ass it is... lol So does Evaporust pull the rust off and leave fresh metal surface? Or is it one of those that turn it to black-ish stuff?
  8. hey about de rusting your tank, so did you just "slosh" around 5 litre of evaporust a few times over 2 day period?
  9. i understand that it wouldnt be roadworthy once accident happens (well, the type of accident that would render a vehicle a write-off) but does registration (or is it vehicle licencing) come in to it?
  10. i thought it is written off when insurance co doesn't wanna pay for the repair which exceed the value of the car insured. beyond economic repair in beancounter speak but anything is repairable if you have enough money.
  11. when insurance co writes off and sell a car (as a wreck obviously), do they dereg it first because they can't meet the less-than-30-day-old WOF requirement?
  12. my mags didnt come with shouldered bolts either so bought from some mag wheel/tyreshop in manukau ages ago - they were so very expensive.
  13. check out this siiiiiiick 125 lol. i didn't like ward all that much in the end (actually those are imitation ward). i did dig 40 year old rock hard fire stone with white letters. front one came with the car but if i had a choice i d rather have factory steelies.
  14. ward mags use shouldered bolts, not tapered ones?
  15. hmmm sometimes i wish i kept mine...
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