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  1. I got failed on headlights being selective yellow (gotta have yellow on French cars eh) - virm says it's gotta be substantially white or amber. I had spare bulbs anyway so I swapped out rather than arguing about.
  2. right that sounds so obvious - do they always have an off button?
  3. How does a compliance dude know if a car is equipped with a functioning electronic stability control system, which is supposed to be mandatory? Cheers
  4. Thanks boss - would you say masking tape good for it or something else better? cheers Also, does it matter if any of the identifying part marking etc gets obliterated?
  5. say, with minor surface rust on shocks, can I just media blast and paint the shock body? do i mask the chromey thingy rod with masking tape or something and give it a blast? cheers
  6. that sounds bogus man but maybe easier to pull it out than argue about it. it's like the time my car got failed for "excessive" emergency foot brake pedal travel. it didn't matter that it was within the manufacturer's specification.
  7. probably too late for you as it's agains the record but can you just wind the window right down and pull fuse - window winder operation is not wof requirement, is it? anyway, do they have some sort of measuring device to check VLT?
  8. If it's at the buckle end and integral to the seat then I'm pretty much out of luck eh?
  9. what do people do with seat belt pre-tensioners when putting aftermarket seats?
  10. So what's the deal with WOF inspection up to 2 weeks prior to expiry is allowed without bringing forward the next expiry date in case of pass? I don't see the point of it???
  11. So if a cop pulls me over and runs WOF check, it should be still cool then? What about insurance cover? Cheers
  12. If I take a car for WOF well before its expiry and it fails, is the car legal or not?
  13. I'm fckd then - I have no interior padding of any sorts whatsoever....
  14. Yeah I've seen plenty of people have fully opaque overlay but VIRM does say it has to be transparent but then later on it says print should be no lower than 100mm from the top edge so they seem kinda contradictory to me. The other one was about where the OE visor line is from outside or inside - that was a bit of a dumb question but I was trying to understand the intent of that particular rule.