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  1. re: work lamp, is it pretty much anything goes as long as the switch is independent of any other functional light switches? like it doesnt have to be diffused, mounted anywhere, pointing any direction etc etc?
  2. yeah the queue was double that when i went to my local yesterday 4pm - i wonder if it'll be better during work hours though.
  3. bumper part is easy - just the supermarket experience, more than half the time you are waiting to get in or for the cashier, then they have hardly any good stuff once you are in there. no steak and cheese pies!!! my neighbour seems to do ok online, i'd better check with them.
  4. I think I'll be fine until lockdown is over - I went to supermarket yesterday, don't want to repeat that experience so will be trying for online...
  5. fairly subjective though? this is what mine looks like.
  6. Is the removal of rear bumper plastic and/or bumper steel legal? I'm currently driving around with neither on a temporary basis while getting the towbar sorted (which will be after the lockdown - I can always put the bumper back on, yes). I have looked at virm, it doesn't specifically mention rear bumper but does mention hooking vehicle/person & injury to person and frontal impact. LVVTA doc states it's fine if frontal impact is not affected (not specific to rear bumper). Normally you don't get up to high enough speed to cause damage to vehicle/person while driving backwards (but can happen I suppose). Opinions? Cheers
  7. the are a few on TM https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/interior/lights/listing-2562577075.htm?rsqid=a0b324b7a56a4f6fa89a06552825c16d-002 how do they bloody pass wof... i had a couple of citroens which activte hazard light on heavy braking which may be useful
  8. are strobing lights legal? i was stuck behind this suv with strobing brake lights the other day - that was beyond super annoying. to be honest, bicycle strobing lights drive me psycho too.
  9. which is annoying because it is required per WOF. what's the point eh. or what's the point of having reflectors. i see trucks and that have offside tail light on - do they have different rules?
  10. slightly off topic - it's illegal to park a car on a street and put a car cover over it, hence rear reflectors are obscured, right?
  11. Looks good but no a/c in muggy Auckland summer? No way man...
  12. I was hoping to turn up but had to work late - where is this place anyway? Oh XJS has fallen out of favour from my MLC list but still would like to check it out...
  13. I'll upload a photo of some of my "better" welding "work" for your amusement - thanks for your confidence in me though
  14. it would be mainly for rear end protection, with very occasional towing. i can cut alright, but I'd probably leave the welding to someone with less shakey hands...
  15. I had this towbar on my car but keep whacking my shin into it, so took it off. Also have this random one with removable tongue. How tricky would it be to chop off the centre section and graft it on?