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  1. STA parts look cheap - those guys always seem to have sour mood though for some reason...
  2. Hi, I need to make up some braided lines. I made up a few lengths of stainless braided lines a few years while ago but I forgot some details so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. 1. The fittings are re-usable, right? The stuff I have looks like Russell full flow fitting but probably some non-brand stuff. (it doesn't have any Russell logo) 2. Are the fittings are interchangeable with different manufacturer's hoses etc? 3. Is it ok to connect a fabric braided hose with a stainless braided hose using a union in between? 4. Where is a good place to pick up a fa
  3. what do they do if your nose is completely blocked, do they pick your nose first?
  4. is this thing on tomorrow? im bringing some random door handles if anyone is interested.
  5. Speaking of Wendy's... There are all sorts of other stuff like, hot drinks, cold drinks and chillis training videos on YouTube - singing makes everything fun
  6. Bummer - when I was there last lockdown the queue was snaking out the main road so I gave that a miss. Wendy's used to be pretty nice joint but not any more... By the way, do you think we'd attract more interest in the meet if I offer a free can of Double Brown (I have a 18 can box sitting in the garage not being drunk any time soon) or would it put people off...
  7. I think 10 people limit is still subject to the nature of gathering, like weddings and funerals - so someone will need to drive a wedding car or a hearse (and appropriate passengers/cargo).
  8. if we all go for drive thru burgers and shout across the carpark for yarn, maybe...
  9. yeah i got stood up so i can make it this wednesday - but jacinda says i shouldn't. just as well weather looking rubbish anyway.
  10. sorry something else came up (hot date! jokes) will have to pass both citroen and OS meets,
  11. I'll be probably swing by as I have Citroen club meeting earlier in Penrose anyway.
  12. Number plates have this reflective finish and some sort of hologrammish thing on them, right? Anyway, mines are all falling apart - about 1/3 of the plate is flaking off and just about to fall off. Can I just strip and paint it white? (then paint the letters black) I don't think WOF guys are too fussed about that but police might be different if they spot it after dark and it doesn't show the reflective finish...
  13. supposedly 730 i think but most of them were fashionably late last time.
  14. i hope i get well enough by then - i've been ill all week this week.
  15. I remember playing this about 15 years ago at work - always seem to live in the past, for some reason. Then we had some computers hooked up on private LAN and played CS 1.6 & CS:S during lunch time. Speaking of which, I had a go at CS:GO the other day as it's free to play, (I had to upgrade the graphics card first) it turned out that I can't handle the jandal any more...
  16. A silly question - is there a reason why rego sticker is bottom left of the screen and wof top right? Or is it just random? The reason I ask is I want to put overlay on the top of the screen but if I do that the wof sticker will have to come further down from the top right corner. I'd rather have wof sticker out of line of sight, along the bottom corner of the screen etc.
  17. MPV and sliding doors are cool - or maybe he should get on upmarket version, like Toyota Alphard - apparently that's how they roll in Singapore and thereabouts these days... Alternatively I hear CHC or South Island in general is the home of good AU coons so...
  18. Just some random thoughts. I've never been to one but I wonder if you get a decent look at the screen sitting at the back? I also wonder what they do with seat belt exempted old schools.
  19. speaking of sick, im feeling off colour, I'll have to bail... next month hopefully. hope you guys enjoy.
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