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  1. A fair bit has been done since the last update. I spoke to Trevor at Holden Diagnostics. We agreed that the tune was causing the issues, and he could sort it out. The guy who did the original tune has been known to have trouble with VT engines. I had a bunch of people coming round from work on Saturday night and wanted the car running. Trevor sent me a spare memcal and said send your old one back when all is good. Thursday night I fitted the new for the water pump. The old one looked pretty tired. I put the throttle body and everything else back together and fired it up. Then swapped out the Memcal and all good. I spend a lot of Saturday working on the car. a couple of hours went into getting the wiper motor fitted. I had made up an adapter plate ages ago which was fine. The challenge was getting clearance for the motor body on one side and the actuator arm in the plenum chamber on the other side. Using a couple of washers under one side of the adapter plate did the trick. Sorry no photos. I also put in my Dakota Digital interface box to make the speedo work. This is mounted behind where the kick panel will be. Hopefully it wont be annoyingly loud. To night, June 30, had been my goal date to have the car finished. I finished off the wiring for the wiper motor back to the switch, installed the instrument panel, and went for a drive. I consider this a win. It has got some real get up and go, the brakes actually work pretty good and the steering is OK. The exhaust is too loud, so a balance pipe will get made, the engine idles at about 1200 in drive, I'll have to work that out, and there are still lots of finishing off things to do. Not to mention registration and certification. Here is the view from the drivers seat
  2. Probably a dumb question but why not find the injected intake off a black 202, or better still the whole motor? They used to be around and not much money, of course that might have changed.
  3. As long as you have the right bolt pattern on the block everything else is good to go.
  4. Wife and kids are away so I am free. Have plenty of extra seats in my truck.
  5. Here are a couple of photos from last weekend when I put the tank in Filler tube. It the original extended to meet the tank And the breather. The wiring at the top of the photo is the power and fuel sender to the tank. Reusing the original fuel line hole through the body.
  6. Here is a photo of the H4 Headlights, I'm happy with how they look I spent ages yesterday getting the front indicators working, the lower panel is a bolt on and all the flash paint acts as a really good insulator. An earth wire to the drivers side lights made the passengers ones go as well. One bulb in the back and I have tail lights and indicators. At the moment the indicators work back to front, indicating left gives right, should be right at home with all people on the north shore who don't have a clue. Next thing I learn't today is VT commodore alternators don't work unless there is a warning light connected. Another wiring job is done and we have 14 volts while running. The tiny battery has started the engine at least 7 or 8 times, driven up the road and had the lights on for about half an hour and still been good. I also pulled the throttle body to get to the temp sender which is buried under the intake. It isn't reading right according to my cheap Dick Smith multi meter but it doesn't look like it is the problem. After swapping a couple of messages with @vk327 it looks like the tune on the computer is the problem. It wasn't a wasted exercise because I found my water leak, th e little hose from the water pump to the intake was loose and well ready to be replaced. The throttle body got a good clean while I had it off
  7. Thanks Drew. I'll have a play once I can drive it a bit more.
  8. Does anyone know if earthing the PWR/ECO mode on a VT commodore 4L60E puts it into PWR mode or ECO? In my drive round the block the trans felt like it was in PWR mode with the wire not earthed.
  9. The EJ Holden moves under its own power, probably for the first time since 1994 and possibly 1990. Managed to get round to my mates place about half a k away and back. Found a water leak from it looks like the lower radiator hose. The brakes have a reasonable amount of travel and need a good shove but work OK. I'm going to have another go at adjusting up the rear brakes tomorrow. The steering isn't too heavy, not power steering but not bad. Lots of little but time consuming things to do. The electric fan is on all the time, I suspect the temperature sender has died, it's buried under the throttle body so that has to come out to check the sender. I installed my new H4 semi sealed beam headlights. They are flatter than the old fully sealed beams but worth it for the brightness. Lots still to do but massive step forward. I think this car is going to be lots of fun.
  10. Great to see everyone, been far too long
  11. It runs, going to Ellerslie to have a burger and celebrate with people who understand!!!!!
  12. Got the injectors to play ball, the last one decided that it was going to need a beating to get it going. All have had plenty of carb cleaner spay through and the spray patterns look ok. Putting the injectors back in the fuel rail and took a chunk out of one of the O rings. I have to go to Pakuranga tomorrow so will stop off at Seal house and get a fresh set of O rings. Burger night tomorrow so maybe not getting it back together. I might finish work early and get it together.
  13. Right. Number 7 decided to work OK after a bath in carb cleaner for a couple of hours. The last one wouldn't play ball. I belted it against the wooden bench a few times still no joy. Though fuck it, nothing to loose now, smacked it against the vice half a dozen times. Applied power and Click it went. Thanks for the advice @sheepers.
  14. Let me find a bigger hammer and I will report back.