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  1. Despite being side tracked with work family life in general there has been some good progress. All the side window are in. I had a problem with the left rear door, the channel that the rubber goes in was missing. This was a door I bought to replace the original. I bent up a channel and pop riveted it in. From the factory this was spot welded but since I have nice new paint the welder was staying far away. The next job was the rubbers and channel then drop the window in the hole. the whole process felt harder than the other side I did a while ago. When I went to put the quarter window and channel in I found the gap was 5mm too small. Managed to carefully spread the door using a couple of small pry bars. Managed to scratch the paint on the inside of the door on the first go, second go worked like a charm. Spent hours making up hard fuel lines. The rubber bits joining the hard lines have been done.
  2. I'll be in. Be good to catch up, have a burger and come up with excuses why the car isnot finished.
  3. This is the cold airbox I built. It has a pipe that comes from beside the radiator which feeds the box. It isn't totally air tight but I'm working on the principle that air pressure while driving will make positive pressure so the engine will get cold air.
  4. I put the hoodlining in myself. It looks better in real life but with 20/20 hindsight I should have put it on a trailer and taken to the professional. hopefully overtime it will tighten up a bit.
  5. Here are some photos The bumpers look pretty good, the front and end of the rear are new reproduction ones, the front overriders and centre of the back were re-chromed. Bought this flaring tool the other day for the fuel lines, works really well, $55 off trademe.
  6. The story of the gutter trim. The gutter trim on a EJ wagon is about 2.5 metres long and nice ans flexible. I had spent about 2 or 3 hours cleaning it up. knocking the dents out and polishing. It was getting late and I was hell bent on getting it done and on the car. I had had a couple of warnings that the trim was getting flicked off the wheel, trying to get to the edge on the bend at the front is a bit of an art. Should have stopped but ........... I was lucky, one bruise on my are and only the trim turned into spaghetti. I still haven't worked up the nerve to do the new one.
  7. A relay or 2 are probably going to be needed. Hoping some smart bugger already had the answer.
  8. I have bought a VN commodore wiper motor to put in the EJ. I also have an EH 2 speed wiper switch, so far so good. Where I need help is sorting out the wiring. Green = high speed Red = low speed Black = earth Brown = Ignition Yellow = Park I understand to make the motor work on low speed it need power to red and earth to black. High speed = Green and black, easy enough. To get the park to work it needs power to Brown (which can be live anytime the ignition is on) and yellow and red looped together. The circuit between red and yellow is broken when the motor is in operation. Is this correct and does anyone have a simple wiring solution to make this work with a simple 2 pole switch.
  9. Being a bit useless at keeping updates on track I realised that it's nearly 6 months since the last update. In short, the roof lining is in, looks 7 out of 10 and I should have got it done by someone who knows what they are doing. New reproduction bumpers bought and fitted (over-riders in the front and centre section of the rear are the originals re-chromed). Cold air box built and installed. Steering installed, rack fitted with new boots, cleaned and painted,with the original bus sized steering wheel I don't think the steering will be too heavy. I am having a couple of days away at Ohakune with the family and took a trip up to Horopito and got a replacement gutter trim to replace the one I destroyed with the polisher (that will get its own post), knobs for the heater and vents for the demister. Time now to start knocking off the half finished jobs, run some fuel lines and sort out the wiring. Make noise!!!!! Photos to come.
  10. Kiwibirdman


    If you have gone to the trouble and expense of getting a 9 inch with all the good gear, don't stuff round with trying to use a secondhand drive shaft. I had the one on my Holden built with new everything except the yoke into the trans, 3 inch shaft rated to more horse power and revs than the 5 litre Holden will ever get near for $750 including tax. One busted drive shaft will do more than $750 worth of damage.
  11. What is the general condition of the engine, I would do a compression test on all cylinders. Less compression will make the fuel air mix harder to fire.
  12. Its an injected 5 litre out of a VT commodore. Should start theory. At least it doesn't have the fuel evaporation issues that my Firebird has when left to sit for a while.
  13. I was thinking about this, the commodore the motor came out of had everything that opens and shuts, my car has the bare minimum. The big worry for me is having enough grunt to turn it over. Mounting in the boot is an issue being a station wagon, the spare wheel well has gone for the fuel tank.
  14. I am looking for a small sized but reasonable CCA (500) battery to put into my EJ Holden. The commodore the engine cam out of has a 550 CCA battery so I want to keep close to that but I don't have a lot of space in the engine bay. What have other people used where they are squeezed for space?