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  1. Kiwibirdman

    Kiwibirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon

    Have been plugging away at the car. Latest job is spraying fish oil into all the seams and cavities. I am not popular with the rest of the family, the smell has wafted through the whole house. 2 coats done, one more tomorrow.
  2. Kiwibirdman

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Problem with running down the inside of the draw bar is it's another hole to let in water. Not an issue if the trailer is hot dip galvanized.
  3. Kiwibirdman

    KiwiBirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon

    Thanks Mate. It is a great leap forward. I'm pretty slack about updating the build thread. Lots of half finished bits that only need a small push to get finished. I promise to do some more regular updates, it is pretty close. Put it together, get @cletus to certify and get it registered. Easy, should be done in no time!
  4. Kiwibirdman

    Kiwibirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon

    The satin black is a bastard to keep clean so its kept under the plastic sheet. I hit the car with a McGuires product that is for satin finishes. It took a whole day to fit the grill to the front panel, each slat had to be individually made straight then bent to line up. I got pretty good at it by the last one. The front panel got bolted on. Even though it had been together this is the first time all the bolts had been put in. I ran a tap through the threads which made life a lot easier, all the captured nuts were full of paint. The passengers side wasn't too bad, it was the original guard going back on, drivers side was a guard of another car so needed a bit of persuasion. Need the stick to hold up the bonnet. The extra weight of the die cast badge and bits of trim was enough for the bonnet to not stay up. I assembled the hatch and tail gate locks first after it was painted. The tail lights were some I bought about 6 months ago and are really good.
  5. Kiwibirdman

    Kiwibirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon

    Since my last update there has been a bit of progress. The car went to the paint shop in July for a 3 -4 week turn around. It sat.......and sat....... and then one day out of the blue I got the call, come and get it, its painted. That was December. Out in the sun it just blew me away.
  6. Kiwibirdman

    Chrome bumper bolts

    If you want nice new ones people like classic industries in the US have them for all sorts of cars. The prices are usually pretty good as well.
  7. Looking forward to a Burger tonight. Trust there will be some others to eat with and talk shit about old cars.
  8. Kiwibirdman

    Muffler Tech

  9. Kiwibirdman

    Trailer brakes

    Yes they are the single piece ones. The don't look to different to some old LH torana ones I have lying around.
  10. Kiwibirdman

    Trailer brakes

    Sorry to Hi Jack this, I have the MK 2 calipers on my caravan, are new discs available, the VTNZ WOF guy got excited about the minor pitting on the disc face.
  11. Sick kids, not going to make it. Bugger
  12. Wife is out of the country, might be able to duck down for a quick bite between being a taxi for the kids.
  13. Kiwibirdman

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    I saw the car at the Painters when I was down there a couple of weeks ago. Looks really good. Are you local to Birkdale?
  14. Stress, when the mind over rides the bodies desire to stay next to the fire and go out into the fucking cold and look at old cars and talk shit. I will be there.
  15. I may be in the Ellerslie area and need a Burger.