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  1. I got some nice leather seats from an Alfa 156 for my triumph. But they have airbags. What do I need to do? EDIT: I've since worked out how the upholstery is removed and managed to wangjangle the airbag unit out of one of them. Guess I just need to snip off the "Airbag" tag thingy?
  2. I would have made an attempt to bash the original valance into shape with a cheap set of hammers and dollies. Or even cut out the REALLY mangled bits and make little patch panels. Remaking the valance from scratch with all those curves in it is some advanced level shit. This guy who talks funny has good videos on making up patch panels. You should watch every single one of his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6JPmJ_aicru8XPWr3EvJnw
  3. I had some areas of bare metal where I had made repairs or modifications. They kept getting minor surface rust, so I thought I should really get around to painting them with epoxy. The prep around the firewall was awful. All the seam sealer was bituminous tar stuff. So there was many hours of heat gun and scraping and rags soaked in kerosene and manual wire brushes to remove it. Then I needed to remove the paint because there were areas with surface rust and others where rust was creeping under the paint. So that was more many hours of knotted wire brush on the grinder. And the 3M abrasiv
  4. Adoom


    No thinner because I was intending to brush this bit. I also don't have a gun that I trust not to be total shit. I would hope it's not lost its mojo, I only just bought it from panelstore.co.nz about 3 months ago.
  5. Adoom


    It eventually did go hard after about 4 days. Even the leftover in the pot has turned into a solid block. It hasn't been particularly cold. I don't think it dropped below 9 in the shed over night. It's 25 in there now. I didn't wait after mixing. I'll try that next time. It still needs at least one more coat.
  6. Adoom


    Got some Epotec 408 primer. Mixed it real good with a wooden stirring wand because it had separated. Didn't stir the hardener. Used the cup and mixed it 4:1 like the sheet said. Stirred it good in the mixing cup. Brushed it on. Just one coat, not real thick. Definitely needs another coat for full coverage. It still doesn't feel hard dry. I made too much so there was about 15mm left in the cup and that has gone real thick and goopy. Sheet says 16 hours to hard dry. But it's been at least 48. Did I do it wrong?
  7. I bought a ToolShed linisher/belt grinder/sander thingo a while back. It had mediocre performance and it was easy to stall the belt. It came with a 1HP 1400rpm motor. Boooo! There! I've fixed it! YAAAAAY! Three times the power and double the speed should do it. The belt guard is off here. It's a bit shit and rattles and vibrates. It's almost as if they forgot to add fasteners to that lower bracket. I'm gonna sort that out. Should be able to flatten my exhaust manifold flange now.
  8. It will be WAY easier to get at from the back.
  9. I'm having difficulty imagining this thing you describe.
  10. I'd aggressively scrape at it with a screwdriver you don't like much or some other sharp pointy thing so you can see how bad it is. If it's just light surface rust you could clean it up real good and paint over it. Epoxy if you have it, but something like hammerite is probably good enough. If there is any pitting, and definitely if there are pin holes, I'd want to cut that out and weld a patch in. But I've had a bunch of practice welding panel steel.....
  11. Trying to fix rust in that area is a pain in the arse. Take out the dash or just the glove box and access it from the back. Mine looks a bit different because it has the heater inlet holes blocked off because racecar and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  12. Leak test identified that the rear v-band on the drivers side was not sealing. I tried cutting and realigning with no luck. I changed the design to use only one v-band. Hopefully it's all good now.
  13. Done. I suppose I should do some kind of leak test since there are eleventy billion welds on this thing. I also learnt that if you use the cordless drill on the nut for the v-band clamps, and there is no lube, and they are stainless, the thread eventually galls and welds itself on. Fortunately, my original design was going to use more clamps, so I had a spare. But still, they aren't cheap. I put a drop of oil on the threads now.
  14. Sprayed myself with sharp metal filings whittling the hole out with the die grinder. I also welded it on the back side of the head flange. But it was shit and bubbly... probably should have cleaned it. I'll have to grind it out and do it again.
  15. Managed to fit it all in. I had to put the v-band flanges in the lathe to make it shorter. Need to scribe around it, then cut those spot welds and whittle out a hole
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