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  1. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    I welded this bit in last night. The welds are a bit shit, I think I had a bad earth on the ground clamp, but didn't realise till I was finished.
  2. KustomKreeps 49 Hudson - Discussion

    AFAIK, it's "Gusseting". Triangles of metal welded in corners to make them stronger. They do the same thing and use the same word in clothing... just with cloth, not metal. "Gazetting", sounds similar... but, I had to look it up, means something like "publish". Don't mean to be a dick or anything. /Spelling nazi
  3. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    When the two guys pulled my sheet off the stack and put it in the trailer I saw double. I'm like "I think you might have grabbed two sheets there". Guy was like "If there are two, it's your lucky day". Just unloaded now. Must be my lucky day. Two sheets sticky stuck together with whatever oily stuff it is they protect the sheets with. Should have bought a lotto ticket.
  4. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    I got a sheet of 0.8mm cold rolled, cause @Spencer said it was nicer to weld. I think it was $50 something... I got a few things and didn't get the invoice back.
  5. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    I found a blog of a guy doing the same sill repairs and he has takes lots of photos which will help me reconstruct areas that had rusted into oblivion.
  6. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    Stuck the inner sill panel on. Feels much more solid now.
  7. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    I made the inner sill panel that closes off that big hole. But I didn't take a photo and now it's got wet paint on it. I also made the flange for the end of the outrigger.
  8. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    BZZZZT BZZZT BZZZZT It took longer than you would expect to make this patch cause of a bit of a rib in the floor.
  9. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    Yeh, I'll try that. I've read a few things that have said the same. Hopefully I don't just make it worse.
  10. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    I also made a start on recreating the end of the 'outrigger'. 2mm is so much more forgiving to weld. I made the shape by banging a block of wood on the end of the outrigger to leave an impression. Then cut along that line with a jig saw(I cut it a little too big, should have been smaller), so I ended up with a little block. Then I clamped the metal to the block in the vise and hammered it around the profile of the block. It worked quite well. The top flange is not quite right, I cut and shut/ trimmed it a bit afterwards, but didn't take more photos.
  11. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    So I thought, I'll just do an easy quick patch. LOL. Small holes Big hole Patch the edge of the .... filler hole bowl. Grind weld back. Weld in patch. Grind down welds. Realise I went too fast and hot with my welding, so it shrank and pulled the rest of the panel in causing a crease/dent down to the top of the wheel arch. I'd like to fix it rather than fill it because my straight edge makes the dent at least 5mm deep and about 200-300mm wide. I'm not sure of the best way to fix it... Cut a vertical slit through the patch and hope it relieves the tension, then weld the slit up much slower? I can sort of access to back through a hole big enough for my hand with a dolly. Could I panel beat it flat? Or is this too advanced for a beginner and it just get worse???? Help!
  12. tripleo's 1966 Mk1 Triumph 2000

    Progress? I'm doing the same rust repairs on my MK2
  13. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    Only took five attempts. The one on the right is the rusty original. 2nd from right is the closest I could get it. I made the up-bump on the bottom by bending it 90 degrees, then trying to un-bend it again. To do the folded over lip, I used a 8mm plate as an anvil and hammered the edge over, then kept hammering until I got it flat. I also made it long enough so I have enough for the other side of the car.
  14. Or do you guys use inches in Canada? it's like 1/32th...1/32nd
  15. If they are really 2mm discs, I'd recommend getting some 1mm ones.