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  1. Eeeewwwww
  2. Welded the rest of the patch in after turning down the power to stop blowing holes. Need to sand down the welds and make the box section thing that goes over the top of this.
  3. Tacked this patch in.
  4. Reposted all my photos in this thread loading them up to OS for hosting.
  5. I have one of these. Makes spot weld drilling easyish. I've drilled maybe 30 spot welds and I'm still using the first side of the cutter dealie. You get 11 cutters that you can use both sides of, so 22... You need to center punch or drill a little dimple, or the drill just fucks off and makes scratches. Start slow and don't push hard till it's started cutting, or, the drill just grabs and fucks off. Desic spot weld drill on trademe link thing
  6. Welded on a tiny patch. Got pretty good penetration. Unfortunately my dog is shit scared of the noise of mig welding and goes to stand in the furthest corner of the garden and pants like crazy. :/ I have to use treats to get her to come back. So I feel bad when I weld and don't get much done. Hopefully it's better when the house is done and I can put her in there where she should not be able to hear the welder. This patch is next. I need to drill some holes in it, for making spot welds, first. Then I make the big patch that goes behind it. Shouldn't be hard, it's just a rectangle with a bit of a curve.
  7. Got a couple more axle stands to use at the back. Couldn't find any as big as the ones I had at the front.... It will wobble a bit if I push on it, but I think it needs to wobble a fuck ton to actually fall off. Cut some more bits off. I can/could start making repair panels for the top of the guard now and start putting metal back in.
  8. My bench is a real sturdy motherfucker, so heavy.
  9. Most of the patches I need to make are simple shapes. A bunch of straight bends, no compound curves. A lot of it is out of sight so it doesn't have to be exactly the right shape. I'll need to make a sheet metal bender. They are stupid expensive to buy. But freight for stuff that size must cost a fortune.
  10. I got the channel off. This is rusty. These are bits I have cut off and need to use to make templates for repair pieces. Cut that off. The inner wing panel behind it also need to be replaced, it's pretty thin in lots of places. An outer sill was BRAZED, over the old rusty sill, so that will have to come off too. Need to make a new end for this box section thing. Still more cutting to do before I can start putting new metal in, getting a bit hard to fit the grinder in... Might have to switch to the reciprocating saw. Maybe the plasma cutter, but I'm wary of cutting through more than one layer. I would like to replace the rear half of the wing/guard as mine is full of bog. Anyone got anything? Front half of the guard appears to be okay,
  11. I've looked further down the guard and didn't see any more horror.
  12. And the guard has been damaged in the past, beat back into shape, then skimmed with about 6mm bog. Balls, more rust up there. Bye bye guard. I need to make another one of these. I need to replace part of this gutter, and it needs to come off so I can fix the rusty thing under it. Most of this thing needs to be replaced... there is also a small hole behind it that has been bogged over.
  13. Passenger sill. I can shove a screwdriver through this gap. I removed the dodgy patch welded on with bird shit. And.... To get behind the guard I'm going to do something that scares me a little.
  14. I got power to the shed on Friday! Lights and powerpoints are coming on Wednesday! My 1UZ had a hydraulic pump for the fan, wtf is wrong with an electric one?!?! I'm only running an alternator, so don't need any of the other idler pulleys. If I just remove them, it leaves big holes exposing the timing belt. So I adjusted them with the hack saw and angle grinder to remove the bits I don't need. I also removed some brackets from this that were for the AC or PS pump. This tensioner thing no longer served a purpose other than filling in a hole, so I cut the shaft off.
  15. Left rear quarter window rust Right rear quarter window rust Under the parcel shelf rust Left footwell/sill rust Right footwell/sill rust Right sill/wheel arch end rust Shitty looking patches on left sill end/wheel arch Rusty left rear seat belt mount/wheel arch