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  1. that brings back fond memories of my mum’s old 121 bubble car, it was the undefeated king of the hill. It’s good that you have a nice reliable Japanese shopping cart to daily so you don’t get distracted from your project car.
  2. Looks good. Now in the spirit of the original scooter project, why not put an electric motor, servo and r/c gear in it?
  3. Yellow car! Red punch buggy!
  4. In a few years when all the first gen leafs have a 50km range they'll be worth nothing. Then all you'll need is a motor controller, bms and some big lithium cells from aliexpress and you'll have a cheap electric car.
  5. I've had good results with this stuff
  6. Worth holding on to, gen 1s are worth about 10k in America now. I'm glad mine is under a roof now, it rusts much slower.
  7. I dunno, the one with no soul. I just googled and it's a TS. Thanks all, I stuck the charger on it and the and the gauges now work. Charging at 14.1V but if the battery voltage is low on startup, the gauges stay off. I really need to get the brumby back on the road. Is your one still alive J5 or disassembled?
  8. Pour it into a jug. If you do it in one slow movement you can get pretty much all the beer out without disturbing the sediment.
  9. Battery is old but starts the engine fine. I might put the charger on it just to be sure. It runs with the gauges on the back seat so the immobilizer isn't there
  10. My newschool 05 astra gauges all stopped working a week before wof day. The next day they started working again but a couple of days later they stopped and haven't worked for a week. I tried disconnecting the battery and I pulled the gauges and plugged and unplugged then as few times but they're still not working. The tacho motor just quivers whenever it has power. I'm thinking I'll head to pick a part and get another cluster. Can I just swap them or will the ecu fight me? Anything else I should try?
  11. @Unclejake I used to own a London ambulance that had airbags and leaves on the rear, and the ride was lush.
  12. I bought one of their original kits that came as a bare pcb and components, and it worked well.
  13. Makes sense I guess, not for the OCD cyclist though. Sheldon said that 90 degrees was quite common but I don't think I'd like that in the corners.
  14. That's them! Makes sense as the bike was bought in Seattle. I'm hoping this guy is right that magura pads can be easily made to fit. https://m.pinkbike.com/buysell/1752648/
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