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  1. Viva/Torana upper column bush $69.95 https://www.speedspares.net/7800269_p/7800269.htm Could be worth finding out if these guys have one. They list one for a late HA Viva. http://vauxhallgreenparts.com/viva.html
  2. Ooh, I've got one of those in my slot car set. Looks like you got a bargain there @d.p.n.s
  3. https://www.hobbycity.nz/collections/cars/products/fujimi-035468-1-24-nissan-march-g-ak11
  4. Know Ken and his builds from the Marina club forum and FB groups. @The Dude is the other Marina foamer.
  5. https://mpg.webix.co.uk/5-litres-to-mpg/ 5l/100km = 56mpg (Imperial)
  6. https://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/holden_identification
  7. An Aussie guy is doing just that.
  8. Sure would. On the future upgrade list. RV8 might have been cheaper than rebuilding the 4, would be tempted to do a V8 van if I had the room and money (and could find a good one).
  9. All the missing parts have finally arrived, and been delivered to WAER. Dropped box at the COVID barrier at the front door, rang Eric to let him know, then had a brief socially-distanced discussion about the next steps. Waved to @piazzanoob when he walked out into the workshop just as I was heading off. Marina was sent off for a new exhaust, as the front pipe had rusted out and the rest of the system was heading the same way. Decided not to get too carried away, as the biggest restriction is probably the outlet from the stock cast iron manifold, even though it has a 4-2-1 layout. Did a bit of research on what MGB folk recommend, as it has a similar power range, and my cam is similar spec to a fast road MGB. Consensus was that the stock 1 3/4" was too small, and that 1 7/8" gave the best drivability and throttle response, but 2" gave a slight boost at the top end. Anything larger was found to give less power. Should give a little more power and a sportier exhaust note, as Leyland fitted the same piddly exhaust to the TC as they did to the single carb 1500 and 1750. Might have to save up some pennies to put it on the rolling road and see how it compares to the stock 90bhp at the flywheel.
  10. If Burlen get their SU injection to market, 6 of these would look cool.
  11. Isn't that how the TSI engines work? 1 litre triple with 170Nm of torque from 2000-3500rpm or 2 litre with 320Nm from 1500-4500rpm.
  12. Hard to get parts for. Only 300-600 cars sold per year between 1958 and 1971. Assembled by Motor Holdings in Otahuhu from 1958-62 (alongside VW), before Campbell Industries took over and assembled in Thames from 64-71 (alongside Peugeot, Hino, Datsun and Toyota). Rambler assemblers at Motor Holdings Otahuhu in 1962.