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  1. Pull out the speedo drive pinion and check it's not damaged and is seated properly.
  2. Could you get the look you want with higher profile tyres? 195/60x14 has 28mm taller sidewall, so you would only need to lower 20-30mm to get guard in line with the tyre, and would give you more wriggle room to keep 100mm under the sill and crossmember.
  3. WAER have just done my Marina engine. Little British engine next to the big block mopars, looked like the puny guy in those old Charles Atlas ads.
  4. Selecting the correct needle and spring probably has less to do with engine capacity, and more to do with the expected power output, cam timing, etc. Do you know the cam timing and power curves for the Toyota engine? If it's running ok when warm, is the choke working when it's cold? This is worth a read https://tecb.eu/onewebmedia/Tuning_SU_Carbs.pdf
  5. SU damper oil is SAE20, but any light engine oil should work ok.
  6. There's a spreadsheet of Pinto cams here https://www.classic-ford.org/cfp/tm.aspx?m=20701 There are only two cams listed with 308D inlet and exhaust (neither match your other codes), but could give you some ideas for timing.
  7. Could be useful if the dipstick is hard to get to when installed in the Thames?
  8. If all else fails, try the P76 or Marina Facebook groups, HS6 was standard on the Aussie Marina, Tasman and 6-cylinder P76.
  9. If the electric power steering doesn't work out, there are a few cars that have had a combined alternator and power steering pump https://xks.com/i-7150766-jaguar-alternator-kit-mk-ii-mk-ix-with-power-steering-28-0397.html http://www.accuspark.co.uk/dynamatortype4.htm ... and quite a few that had an alternator and vacuum pump, that could possibly be cobbled up to do power steer or ac pump.
  10. Sweet. Holbay head, twin Webers and an overdrive. Perfection.
  11. https://www.minicranks.com/apps/webstore/
  12. Has anyone had experience of Powerspark electronic distributors, do they have a good reputation? Thinking of getting one for the Marina (which is missing the original Lucas 29D). About $200-$250 delivered with the correct advance curve. https://simonbbc.com/why-fit-powerspark-electronic-ignition/
  13. So does the Honda Jazz, Emergency Stop Signal in Honda parlance. And quite a few others https://www.caradvice.com.au/316242/emergency-stop-signal-explained/