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  1. Could skip it, it's only food trucks and wanker beers in a downtown warehouse. Do we have a venue?
  2. A lot of cars have privacy glass from new, so you're tinting tinted windows.
  3. Autocar road test from 1 Jan 1965. https://www.flickr.com/photos/triggerscarstuff/albums/72157646375923746/with/14907323742/
  4. Commonly used Whitworth or B.S.F to SAE / A.F (inches across flats) sizes and conversions to metric and decimal inch dimensions. http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk/tools/conversion charts.htm
  5. Good source of ADO16 info and parts https://www.facebook.com/groups/ado16.info/
  6. Very nice. The Americans might have invented the drive-through, but the Brits invented the cupholder to make it civilised.
  7. Wonder if it was an Embassy car between '65 and '71? I think they had special plates that were assigned to the Embassy, rather than to specific cars (I could be wrong). Lovely car, great project. Have seen a few recently on the ADO16 facebook group.
  8. Quietly sporty system to suit '70s Pommie four banger with 100-120bhp - 2" pipes big enough, with a couple of Coby-style mufflers, or a two-box at the front and a resonator at the back?
  9. If I replace the original static 3-point seat belts with inertia reel belts using the factory-fitted anchor points, does that require a cert? (Pretty sure someone's asked before, but search didn't find an answer)
  10. Possibly worn trailing arm bushes or the pivot pins, never had that happen to mine, but think I've heard mention of it causing clonk sound as the arm moves under weight transfer.
  11. A poster on JalopyJournal.com commented "sent them to Barry at Autolign in Christchurch . Rebuilt and back within a week" https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/lever-shock-rebuild-down-under-nz.1079345/
  12. Nice car. My sister had one back in the '80s. Do you have the original seal, or is it missing? Basis in Blenheim would be a good starting place for rubber seals https://basisnz.co.nz/ - they don't have the 16L listed, but they really know their stuff. Listing for seal 322.030 here http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/MITSUBISHI CHRYSLER GALANT GA-GB-GC-GD 1971-77.htm Same one is mentioned for GTO boot in this thread
  13. Reading between the lines, the Tasmin changed considerably over its seven years, as the Ford and BL donor vehicles changed, and the online discussions amongst the Wedge enthusiasts suggest there were a few variations of the wiper arm length and shape. All part of the fun with handbuilt cars.
  14. Found a parts catalogue online, although it doesn't give details for the wiper :- https://www.theseacpages.co.uk/media/wedgemanual.pdf Always liked the Tasmin.