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  1. locost_bryan

    KwS's TVR

    Found a parts catalogue online, although it doesn't give details for the wiper :- https://www.theseacpages.co.uk/media/wedgemanual.pdf Always liked the Tasmin.
  2. locost_bryan

    KwS's TVR

    Re the wiper arm - Mk3 Fiesta 1988-95 - discussed here https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=12&t=816540
  3. locost_bryan

    Fault codes - help

    Probably. Iirc, it was tucked away down on the gearbox and they had to remove some the engine plumbing to get to it.
  4. locost_bryan

    Fault codes - help

    Yeah, brother-in-law just had the trans control unit replaced on an early Mazda 3, gave a similar code, occasionally wouldn't change up from 3rd, but would run normally after stopping. Took a while for the problem to get frequent enough for him to note the circumstances/pattern to describe it to the Mazda workshop.
  5. It's the Old School stamp of approval. Now, what were you talking about before someone said "LD28"?
  6. P76 4.4 V8 and Borg-Warner 3-speed manual (or P76 2.6 SOHC inline-6 and same gearbag but column change).
  7. locost_bryan

    re-registering a vehicle

    Sorry, meant to say search the engine number, not chassis number. If you're lucky and it has the original engine, and the number was recorded correctly...
  8. locost_bryan

    re-registering a vehicle

    The NZTA still have the details for cars that were still registered when the records were computerised, but that list only has the live plates. You might have to contact the NZTA and pay for a search of the chassis number. I have a similar issue with lapsed rego - carjam brings up the rego details, but the chassis number is not in the NZTA spreadsheet. Fortunately I have the black plates and the chassis tag matches, so I can go through the re-registration process.
  9. locost_bryan

    re-registering a vehicle

    I like them. On the NZTA website, there is a downloadable list of pre-1990 rego details - iirc engine and chassis numbers, colours, rego date, body style, but not plate numbers. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/new-zealand-motor-vehicle-register-statistics/new-zealand-vehicle-fleet-open-data-sets/ You could probably trace the engine number for Avenger wagons registered between 1975 and 1977, and then ask NZTA to trace the rego number and tell you if they had both been owned by the same old dude.
  10. locost_bryan

    whos our rover expert

    Good ones seem to be $5,000 to $8,000. A bit more if really good.
  11. Is it that time of the month already?
  12. locost_bryan

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    2011 Focus RS - 130mm longer, 250mm wider, 60mm taller, 625kgs heavier.
  13. locost_bryan

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    Mantis from The Avenger comics?
  14. locost_bryan

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    Perhaps a variation on the rocker covers of the Sunbeam Tiger - "Tiger powered by Chrysler"
  15. locost_bryan


    Looks amazing. How much would that have set him back? (If it's not confidential)