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  1. Lots of performance cars used torsion bars - Valiant Charger, E-type Jag, Porsche 911. Very low unsprung weight with torsion bars and lever arms.
  2. August 1984 in the Ital.
  3. Rover went to the GM180 for the SD1 V8, and then to the ZF 4HP22 in the V8 RRs. Either of those should make an easy swap for a broken BW35 behind a Rover or Leyland V8.
  4. Of course, pretty much the only non-GM option in Aussie, England or South Africa at the time. Standard in the Rover 3500, Leyland P76 and all flavours of Marina. The Aussie Marina also had the same Borg Warner Model 68 diff as the Aussie Datsun 1200, Toyota Corolla and Ford Escort. All part of the local content requirements.
  5. sounds like that would be good for lubing the channels on the windup windows too
  6. Time to install the rubber "hinge blocks" into the B-pillars for the rear quarterlight windows. Any recommendations for the best lubricant to help the 40 year old rubbers slip easily into the slots?
  7. Rover had to limit the torque output because the Honda gearbox wasn't strong enough, it was only designed for the 2.7 V6 iirc. One of my wife's uncles was involved with setting up L.E. Perie in NZ during the 1970s, they manufactured LEP lights on the upper floor of the family auto electrical business in Frankton, Hamilton.
  8. How about a Ford Coyote V8 swap, with a T56. here's a bolt-in kit https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=26576
  9. Sounds like the Austin Allegro, jack it up from the rear subframe instead of the jacking point, and the rear screen would pop out.
  10. What type of electronic unit? Possible it might need a minimum "reference" voltage?
  11. @kws Performance Wheels are making new Hotwires, perhaps drop them a line about the best nuts to use? https://www.performancewheels.co.nz/product/hotwire/
  12. Agreed, have managed 170k from a Honda Jazz cvt with no mechanical dramas. It's the VW dual clutch trans that seems to have the worst rep, although a trans guy I spoke to reckoned any auto after 2005 was rubbish. He drove a 60s F100 so might have been biased.
  13. They'll all shit their gearbags inside 16 years, cost more to repair than to buy a later model Jap import, keep the average fleet age down.
  14. Can you use the "reuse of plates" option? https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/licensing-rego/number-plates/ (scroll down to "Re-issuing number plates") ... although that would be re-registering the car.
  15. Personally I think the square shape of the Hunter would suit Mk2 Escort flares.
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