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  1. If the electric power steering doesn't work out, there are a few cars that have had a combined alternator and power steering pump https://xks.com/i-7150766-jaguar-alternator-kit-mk-ii-mk-ix-with-power-steering-28-0397.html http://www.accuspark.co.uk/dynamatortype4.htm ... and quite a few that had an alternator and vacuum pump, that could possibly be cobbled up to do power steer or ac pump.
  2. Sweet. Holbay head, twin Webers and an overdrive. Perfection.
  3. https://www.minicranks.com/apps/webstore/
  4. Has anyone had experience of Powerspark electronic distributors, do they have a good reputation? Thinking of getting one for the Marina (which is missing the original Lucas 29D). About $200-$250 delivered with the correct advance curve. https://simonbbc.com/why-fit-powerspark-electronic-ignition/
  5. So does the Honda Jazz, Emergency Stop Signal in Honda parlance. And quite a few others https://www.caradvice.com.au/316242/emergency-stop-signal-explained/
  6. I'll take the Jag along on your behalf. The least I can do....
  7. Recaros look good. Some MGFs have red leather seats, or part leather. Probably not as sexy as Alfa seats or Recaros.
  8. One number out on the rego... (I see NU36 is on a red XJS 3.6)
  9. Yeah, sorry about that, work do was better than expected. Will definitely be there for January's meet.
  10. Could skip it, it's only food trucks and wanker beers in a downtown warehouse. Do we have a venue?
  11. A lot of cars have privacy glass from new, so you're tinting tinted windows.
  12. Autocar road test from 1 Jan 1965. https://www.flickr.com/photos/triggerscarstuff/albums/72157646375923746/with/14907323742/