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  1. So been chipping away at some tear down. Had a real oldschooler to give me a hand even, @chris r and I pulled off the drivers door and fender. I knew I had a rust hole but as normal it was worse Need to grab a wire wheel and strip off all the old underseal. What I scratched off with a screwdriver had good metal underneath. it appears that the heater core hasn’t ever leaked which is ace Even found some of my missing upholstery And a spare key of all things. Would have rathered a valuable rare coin but eh guess I’ll take what I get
  2. Anybody still holding ya breath? so ya never could get the brakes apart and I realized this project needed more time and money than I had at the moment. So off to the weed patch while I built myself a house and spent every penny I’d ever saved and some I haven’t yet. Best part of that is I now have a nice warm shop and needed something to tinker on. Pulled the Rambler up and evicted a few mice, holes in the floor are maybe a tad bigger but no real new problems. I’ve been thinking of finding a donor rig for a repower. The Rambler is leaf sprung rear wheel drive so I’m thin
  3. An here I thought someone was guna build a car outa a fridge
  4. Had a Barry swear by lpg injection into his 7.3 Powerstroke. Always been a little to fond of mine to experiment much.
  5. Hmm I did have a perv at some airline tickets a coupla days ago. And there’s a perfectly good passport hiding under $20 or so of NZ coins in my lockbox. May have to raise a beer in yuallls honor from here tho, cheers
  6. So I ordered a carb rebuild kit and new plug wires with the objective of seeing if I could make her run. Carb was a bit sketchy, the instructions showed a washer that I never saw on tear down. But cleaned out a ton of varnish an junk an slapped er back together. It's a one barrel Carter carb feeding 196 ci FLATHEAD STRAIGHT 6. Yep 90 ponys! so the plug wires were a bust. Way wrong. Oh well, took em back an got a universal diy kit. Till then we made due . Fed it with a portable boat fuel tank and shorted the starter with a screwdriver, as one does. She fired up straight off and idle
  7. Hey oldschool, first let me say yuall are a terrible influence on a simple American. Been pining for something old to tinker with. Have a few dream projects/rigs I want someday but mostly for now was looking for something cheap and different. Saw this Rambler American 220 on Craigslist, shot 'em a text an actually got a reply. It was 1.5 hrs away which is purty close for us but was busy so never pursued it further. Week or two later they text back an went down 50 bucks. Now it was a bargain so I jumped on it. Supposedly was running when parked, 20 years ago. We hand winched her up on my trail
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