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  1. No update in years but have done quite a bit of work. Rear panel had rust around the tail lights so has been sorted, other bits and pieces sorted, new tail lights, some new rubbers around screens etc... put some different wheels on. Has been in the shed for a year or so now and just pulled it out for some assembly. Really need to finish it off, take engine out and paint engine bay as it is still original silver. Then drive!
  2. That turbo. Looks like someone chucked a handful of bolts into it at full noise. Love the project good luck.
  3. A53c? Wow cool project. I’ve got a few a57c parts but shipping would be killer. Good luck! edit: thanks mod my bad.
  4. Ah guts missed this! Please post some pics. Will have to remember next year.
  5. You are a sick c*nt. There are literally 7 people in NZ that like oldschool Mitsi’s. (They are probably the wisest 7 people in NZ but).
  6. After keeping my eye out for a good one of these for a while this 1973 Mitsubishi Galant GTO popped up on here a couple of months ago and it now resides in my garage. Big thanks to forum member Runamuck who got me in touch with the owner Basil. Had a bit of a chat with Basil, liked what I heard so we agreed on a price and I posted a cheque down to Basil and Captain Transporter bought the GTO up to Auckland where I picked it up and drove it up to Whangarei. It drove perfectly and was a bit more powerful than I expected. The engine has been reconditioned relatively recently and doesn't use any oil or water which is a first for any Mitsubishi I have owned. The interior is pretty good . Could possibly do with some new carpets but not urgent. Has the original AM radio so listened to talkback all the way home. Was relatively enjoyable so I think the AM radio will probably stay. The paint is not too bad. It's definitely not perfect with quite a bit of brushed on other shades of yellow in areas where surface rust was obviously treated. The passenger door is a slightly different shade too. I wasn't that sold on the yellow when I saw the original pics and the plan was/is to respray back to original silver but the yellow has grown on me. A respray, if it happens, will be a few years down the track. It's had a few little nudges over the year, the original wheels have been painted silver, the front grill has a few cracks and there are various other little bits that need attending to but all in all it's a bloody honest little car and a real credit to the previous owners. Plans? This will be relatively slow. Need to find a couple of badges that are broken, I want to take the rear screen out and check a leak going into the boot (I think there may be some rust around the screen), then get the dents taken out of the bumpers/rechrome and basically tidy her up. The skinny rear wheels on her can be a bit frightening powering through corners so maybe a set of wider wheels but I don't really want to ruin the originality of the car. Maybe some Advan A3A's and a little bit lower might work. Feel free to comment or maybe even tell me where I can get an air filter for her. The paperwork included with the car seems to indicate the mechanic couldn't find one to replace the dirty one in there at the moment and I haven't got around to looking! Discuss/Comments - //