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  1. I replaced front springs and shortened my shocks then reset rear leaves, no blocks from memory. Can take some photos of stance and see if it is to your liking then provide details?
  2. No update in years but have done quite a bit of work. Rear panel had rust around the tail lights so has been sorted, other bits and pieces sorted, new tail lights, some new rubbers around screens etc... put some different wheels on. Has been in the shed for a year or so now and just pulled it out for some assembly. Really need to finish it off, take engine out and paint engine bay as it is still original silver. Then drive!
  3. That turbo. Looks like someone chucked a handful of bolts into it at full noise. Love the project good luck.
  4. A53c? Wow cool project. I’ve got a few a57c parts but shipping would be killer. Good luck! edit: thanks mod my bad.
  5. Ah guts missed this! Please post some pics. Will have to remember next year.
  6. You are a sick c*nt. There are literally 7 people in NZ that like oldschool Mitsi’s. (They are probably the wisest 7 people in NZ but).
  7. Whoops my bad yes. The earlier engine is considered a better engine by all accounts.
  8. Check out this link. http://www.galantgto.net/number.html Has chassis numbers for various models. Yours appears to be a GSR but 1973. Has the corresponding early engine too (dizzy is out the head = early 4g52). What's it registered as on Carjam? I have a couple of GS models and those chassis numbers are accurate for those.
  9. Congrats she looks great. Saw that pop up and wondering if it was a 2+2 but obviously not. Good score!
  10. No help on the russian deal but have you tried Thailand if it's Mitsi parts you are after? I have ordered one seal from them that is NLA from Mitsi Japan/NZ and waiting to see if it turns up. Will let you know if you want and quality etc.. Supposedly OEM Mitsubishi.
  11. Awesome. $505 is an awesome score. I use to race starlings and sunbursts in my younger years and use to think it would be great to cruise around in one of these "when i got old". Good effort.
  12. Headed to Auckland and spent a bit of a mission weekend picking up this parts car. Car had been sitting in a barn for 15 or so years, hard up against a wall, rear brakes locked on, all tyres flat and the shed was at the bottom of the steepest driveway ever. My brother got his work van stuck, we broke the winch on the trailer getting it on. Tow car was probably not the best - an old auto e36 328i and the transmission was stinking by the time we got to the top of the Brynderwyns. Got home eventually: Had a good look over it and it appears to be pretty solid. One bit of rust in the passenger A pillar, a bit in the right rear, boot is rusted through, other bubbles coming up here and there but nothing serious. Rubbers are all shot, sunroof is crap and the roof has been walked on at some stage. Has obviously been kept dry for the last 15 years. Everything is there except the engine which was blown up causing the car to be put in storage. The car had been dismantled and we chucked the doors back on just to get her home. Front guards are fibreglass and all the rest of the panels are present including a front fibreglass spoiler which is relatively rare. Too good for parts so will become another project. Thinking repower with a SOHC 4g63t just because they are easy and will give a bit more power. Oh it was rolling/not rolling on what I was told were old cheviot mags but when I got there I was pleasantly suprised to find they were actually on 13 inch Hayashi Streets. Missing one of the front ones though which I will need to get hold of. Plan is to roll them as is. Even down to the white writing balloon tires. Still on the look out for a parts car too!
  13. New wheels - Got a set of Advan A3A's in 14 inch. Rears are 6.5 inch and fronts are 6 inch. Offset +6. There is more room in the rear to go wider but will need guard rolling. Front has no more clearance to the guard but could fit another inch or so toward the strut. Rears running 175/65/14 and fronts 165/65/14. Surprised how much better it stops than it did with the 165 supercats on the stock 13 inch wheels. Any serious brake application use to result in more tyre squeal than stopping ability. Have had a couple of hairy moments. Pic of wheels: And a pic in front of a suitably old school backdrop Not sure what's next have been mulling over getting a pair of sidedrafts and learning about carbs. There is a poorly listed sidedraft manifold on trademe that should fit but it has no linkages so not sure if it's worth buying bits and pieces or just bite the bullet and order this: I was going to start tidying up the body but I have come to like some of the poorly handpainted patches and dings etc. May just get the big dings out of the bumpers if it doesn't mean rechroming and try and find a front grill as the one on it is a little bit rough. Any opinions/thoughts - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42845-drivebys-1973-mitsubishi-galant-gto/
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