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  1. They also have track cruising and skidpan open
  2. bigfoot

    Northland boys, meet?

    Bbq at yours then?
  3. bigfoot

    Northland boys, meet?

    I'm back up at labour weekend, we should organise going to the pub
  4. @rb drifter @WhangareiKE70
  5. 5 years since the first one of these I took Sally to in a rusty old mitsi, suppose I should come to this one
  6. bigfoot

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Take the skyline and confuse them
  7. Potentially my partners avensis. Or my wagon
  8. We should have a spare vehicle
  9. bigfoot

    Battery chargers

    +1 for ctek, Ive had some pretty fucked batteries (0v) that I brought back to life
  10. Bring mitsi parts, I will bring moneys
  11. bigfoot

    chrisr's g20 van

    Seatbelt services in Industry Rd(I think) in Onehunga for your belts. He did the scorpion ones years ago. Also had sprint cars in the workshop
  12. bigfoot

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    Decent bulbs and wire in relays for full voltage to bulbs will make a huge difference
  13. bigfoot

    Jesses lada sharn thread

    This ^^^^^^^
  14. I may also happen to be in ellerslie around that time