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  1. Me and a mate are going to be in Chch on 1st October driving my new car up the country if anybody wants to organise something
  2. I will be going through chch with a car at the end of the month. Happy to transport bits
  3. @sheepers is the resident 4m expert around here
  4. Sally @rb drifter and I are going anyway. Will try to organise it with more notice for next month
  5. @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ruff kunt automotive @Duddley @kpr @dave @mk2marty @WhangareiKE70 @ESKIN8R Anybody keen? Or should we pull the pin cos of covid
  6. Time to do this again. First post updated. Limit of 10 this time because fuck covid. Same deal as last time, let me know if you are coming and we will lock it in closer to the day
  7. We have booked for 7pm, we said 5-10 people and they are interested in hosting us for a monthly meet. We said we will confirm numbers early next week
  8. Time to get this going again, we are going to try Jimmy Jacks Ribshack on Bank St @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ruff kunt automotive @Duddley @kpr @dave @mk2marty @WhangareiKE70 @ESKIN8R Sally is ringing them today to find out if this is doable, if we can get a better idea of numbers that will help You don't need an old car running to attend, so you can't use that as an excuse
  9. Dad changed his horse/house truck rego to motorhome to get around needing logbook etc
  10. I'm sure that between me, @rb drifter and @ruff kunt automotive we can make it go