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  1. @rb drifter @ruff kunt automotive @dave Lets get the old crew back together
  2. My purple car came with pins, not a huge fan but they are better than empty holes in the bonnet
  3. Last time i had one die, I changed the distributor (on the side of the road) and it worked. Resistor getting hot would suggest its doing its job (resistance=heat)
  4. Not the electronic ignition module in the dizzy is it? I have had a few give up on me over the years
  5. Barra turbo into your SS ute doesn't count as an older engine
  6. Yes and yes/need a car that works too
  7. @dave is/was just round the corner from the kamo one
  8. I am offically back in whangarei. Lets get meets going @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ESKIN8R @ruff kunt automotive @WhangareiKE70
  9. Nope, just live rego. All of mine show up. No wof/reg on hold/no worries
  10. This will be my last one for a long time and I can't even bring an old car. Somebody make a burger fuel in Whangarei plz
  11. What was your alternator from? As far as I remember, it was only the really late alternators (evo 8 on) that were ecu controlled. Mine was from a n23 rvr, plenty available and bolt straight on. Also keeps it simple
  12. I have an RVR alternator on my LB. Used the 2 wires that went from the alternator to the loom(instead of the external reg) Works well so far, pumps out 14.7v to battery in boot
  13. Alot of those ones are not baffled/the filter directly above where the breather ports go in. I got one with a removable top and fitted a plate just under the vent and steel wool inside to 'catch' the oil vapour, intake stays clean even on my tired old motor
  14. Not sure on rules, but both of my running 4g63s have the hoses running to a baffled catch can