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  1. I'l be in plaster and not allowed to drive so the mrs will be driving the ute. Maybe @MACKAZ can set a date Edit: or drive my car for the photo ops
  2. The cordias/sigmas of the era were the same design
  3. Makes cool honda noises
  4. Its not a car, its a box to keep the engine safe until you need it
  5. I flew down south 2 days after the last meet for a road trip, you have no excuse lol
  6. @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ruff kunt automotive @Duddley @kpr @dave @mk2marty @WhangareiKE70 @ESKIN8R Next week guys
  7. I won't be able to race (again) this year due to my arm/wrist being chopped up 2 days before raceday
  8. Awesome night. I think @Ixplods brain exploded driving @h4nd car
  9. That covid church is in Auckland, I left that place behind last year Bring the dai, my mate would love to see it
  10. My new mitsubishi doesn't leak, it has less kms than my modern mitsi
  11. My best laptimes around Pukekohe and Hamptons were on supercats with way more power than your starlet ^^^^ what he said
  12. Me and a mate are going to be in Chch on 1st October driving my new car up the country if anybody wants to organise something
  13. I will be going through chch with a car at the end of the month. Happy to transport bits
  14. @sheepers is the resident 4m expert around here