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  1. In that case, i have little to no idea, more something @OSM Garage has experience with
  2. Is it front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? You will need:(off the top of my head) Clutch cable (may be available new) Pedal box Cross member Clutch (available new) Crossmember Gearbox -probably narrow block, so sigma or early l200, l200 has different output shaft Driveshaft with yoke to suit gearbox Cert
  3. I have had repairs go through wof just in primer before I filled and painted it
  4. Anybody is welcome, 3 of the regulars dont have old cars that run anyway
  5. First post updated @cypressphil @MACKAZ @ESKIN8R @WhangareiKE70 @rb drifter that is a possibility but we are allowed inside I think
  6. Must be a side effect of the lift kit in yours, we changed a starlet gearbox on the side of the road only jacking one side
  7. It will be Burgerfuel until somebody comes up with a better idea. Of course it all depends on Aunty Cindy letting us out to play
  8. Short answer: no they wont, totally different port spacing/bolt patterns/engines. Easiest way would be to put a 32/36weber downdraft on with an adaptor plate. Otherwise custom manifold
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