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  1. I should put my hand up for a ride too
  2. That, and this came up cheap/means I can sell falcon
  3. Discuss
  4. Discuss/tell me I should lower it more
  5. Aquired wof and wheel alignment yesterday and went for a drive today Drove over a bridge And through a long arse tunnel Credit to my other half for the phone photos. The weather has been crap the last few days so no outside pics yet
  6. So i bought another car Specs are: 87 Sigma 2.6 wagon Has had the 2.6 replaced with a 4g63 at some point Front suspension is s13 hubs and coilovers with a31 arms. This needs to change for a wof I havn't looked under the back end yet It will end up being my daily once I sort the suspension (lift it slightly) And finally a pic of half my fleet
  7. I have 4 stud/4 spoke cragars. 13x7 (pair) & 13x5.5(set)
  8. Got offered new job this morning. Good thing i mentioned time off for this at the interview on monday
  9. Can't see from where I can get to in shed, but it has fans still on it so I'd say so
  10. I still have my starion radiator if you want to grab that to try. I'm not going to use it anymore
  11. After some facebook stalking, it turns out I used to work with the guy who bought your old bug
  12. Do what I did with my mitsi: factory loom through factory routing, efi loom other side
  13. If you aquire said car, i would also like to aquire some parts