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  1. I think Dave Strong rallied one years ago. He now has a more modern Jazz/Fit with a v6 in the boot
  2. The rock auto one looks to be for a 4 speed. I will have a look in shed tonight and will come out with either a mount or a part number. I have also seen the top holes slotted
  3. My tank is under the floor so probably can't get away with that
  4. What is the legality of mounting in the boot? I might need to do something similar in my lancer
  5. I have some VR4/Evo coils if you wanted to run them
  6. I hadn't heard of one before. I would gamble on the bellhousing being the same, Mitsi seems to just have the wide and narrow patterns on the early stuff
  7. I got told that valves are allowed as long as both modes are under the noise limit
  8. Mine says head 95nm Rods 52nm As @fuel said, you may have a late model manual
  9. Quick look through my workshop manual doesn't say to replace them
  10. I might have a driveway spot in whangarei if you get desperate
  11. You didnt tag me but im working on getting it past financial controller
  12. Im a maybe, would have to land in chch late and rental car to hanmer
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