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  1. If modern cars are anything like my old crap, the p/s steering column may be a different length to allow for all the hydralic bits
  2. We are due for another meet Going to burger fuel as per oldschool tradition now they are open @MACKAZ @ESKIN8R @WhangareiKE70
  3. Injected or carb? I'm keen on the weber setup if you get rid of it
  4. For the brake pistons, thread a grease gun onto the caliper and hydralic them out. Messy but effective. Compressed air works if they not totally stuck
  5. Made this next week instead of this week because I'm useless/shit weather etc. Park at the beach somewhere, bring meat, I will put my bbq in the boot
  6. That looks similar to the hose most efi mitsis have from filter to fuel rail
  7. Me and Sally are in. I sent the link to John and Corey too, il check with them
  8. 1st post updated. Sounds like a plan. @MACKAZ @rb drifter @mk2marty @ESKIN8R
  9. That time of the month again (next week) Who has ideas for the meet
  10. I have some 16 inch wheels in 5x114 if you want them just need tyres
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