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  1. MACKAZs 22 buick rat

    I still have the cover for that shifter. Will try remember to bring it next time we head up there
  2. I did make that comment before I realised there was a build thread. I change my vote to some kind of small datsun
  3. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Give us a yell if you want a hand tonight (assuming its at the lockup)
  4. Firebrand's 1983 Mitsubishi Starion

    While the box is out, replace the rear main seal. I made that mistake on one of my cars, the fucker leaked almost straight away
  5. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    I may have to come see you to get my mop of hair sculpted into a mullet
  6. Bigfoots Sigma Wagon

    Anybody want a box of worn out engine bits
  7. Bigfoots Sigma Wagon

    All finished
  8. Bigfoots Sigma Wagon

    All done but, not without issues. Noticed smoke from under the bonnet, pulled over and saw this: Oil pouring from the rocker cover gasket. Got it home and pulled the cover to find this When I put the cover on, the gasket moved and pinched. Car goes way better than it did with the old motor and doesn't smoke. Not bad for my first full engine rebuild
  9. Bigfoots daily wagon of slam

    I mean the jetting might be too big, the mounting is possibly the same. I'l bring one to next burger meet. Sounds like the issue with your engine might be more related to it being a mitsi engine built to korean tolerances on a british chassis
  10. Bigfoots daily wagon of slam

    It might be a bit big for your 1.6, I can sell you a carb though, or a complete engine.
  11. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Mk4 and mk 5 are pretty much the same anyway
  12. Bigfoots Sigma Wagon

    Gave the engine bay a quick clean and swapped the crossmember for one that wasn't bashed up by the road and the painted, unbent one fitted
  13. Bigfoots Sigma Wagon

    Engine has been getting more and more tired lately, and started smoking/running rough yesterday, so last night and this morning I did this