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  1. Last time i had one die, I changed the distributor (on the side of the road) and it worked. Resistor getting hot would suggest its doing its job (resistance=heat)
  2. Not the electronic ignition module in the dizzy is it? I have had a few give up on me over the years
  3. bigfoot

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    Barra turbo into your SS ute doesn't count as an older engine
  4. bigfoot

    Northland boys, meet?

    Yes and yes/need a car that works too
  5. bigfoot

    Northland boys, meet?

    @dave is/was just round the corner from the kamo one
  6. bigfoot

    Northland boys, meet?

    I am offically back in whangarei. Lets get meets going @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ESKIN8R @ruff kunt automotive @WhangareiKE70
  7. bigfoot

    re-registering a vehicle

    Nope, just live rego. All of mine show up. No wof/reg on hold/no worries
  8. This will be my last one for a long time and I can't even bring an old car. Somebody make a burger fuel in Whangarei plz
  9. What was your alternator from? As far as I remember, it was only the really late alternators (evo 8 on) that were ecu controlled. Mine was from a n23 rvr, plenty available and bolt straight on. Also keeps it simple
  10. I have an RVR alternator on my LB. Used the 2 wires that went from the alternator to the loom(instead of the external reg) Works well so far, pumps out 14.7v to battery in boot
  11. @The Dude or @rich1179 may know
  12. bigfoot

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    Alot of those ones are not baffled/the filter directly above where the breather ports go in. I got one with a removable top and fitted a plate just under the vent and steel wool inside to 'catch' the oil vapour, intake stays clean even on my tired old motor
  13. bigfoot

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    Not sure on rules, but both of my running 4g63s have the hoses running to a baffled catch can
  14. bigfoot

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    I call sigma lol