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  1. Could be keen. Can me and @gibbon bring tiny humans? I think @DriveBy and @Tele29are up this way too
  2. I know that in the previous shape lancer/mirage, the springs are interchangable (put mirage lowering springs into evo for max slam)
  3. I have a early maf here (sold), I'l dig it out tomorow and have a look at it for comparison
  4. If you blow back against the reg, no air will pass. Best bet will be to take return line off outlet of reg and blow back into tank
  5. Fuel pressure regulator good? If the return line is restricted/blocked it will make the fuel pressure creep up. 50psi seems high to me, later mitsi stuff runs 42ish psi
  6. Most vehicles that have factory battery in the boot seem to have some sort of fuse, battery in engine bay is such a short run its not worth it
  7. I have a rocker cover from a red top sr20 in my shed if you want it
  8. Next month BBQ at the beach? Should we go 8th or 15th? Any suggestions welcome
  9. @rb drifter @WhangareiKE70 @MACKAZ @morkster @gibbon Also invited a few non members with sweet cars
  10. I put a 7m alternator on a (fwd) 3sfe so there might be something to that rumor
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