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  1. Made this next week instead of this week because I'm useless/shit weather etc. Park at the beach somewhere, bring meat, I will put my bbq in the boot
  2. That looks similar to the hose most efi mitsis have from filter to fuel rail
  3. Me and Sally are in. I sent the link to John and Corey too, il check with them
  4. 1st post updated. Sounds like a plan. @MACKAZ @rb drifter @mk2marty @ESKIN8R
  5. That time of the month again (next week) Who has ideas for the meet
  6. I have some 16 inch wheels in 5x114 if you want them just need tyres
  7. Il see what I can do over the next few months while my arm is in plaster
  8. Good to see more Starions/Mitsis appearing on here, almost tempted to put some of my lancers up
  9. @WhangareiKE70 @MACKAZ @ESKIN8R @rb drifter @mk2marty @Dudley @dave @kpr
  10. After discussing this with @rb drifter this month will be a bbq at my place. I will be giving my bbq a birthday over the next few days. Sally and her sister will be building burgers. Byo camp chair and beer
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