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  1. I have had repairs go through wof just in primer before I filled and painted it
  2. Anybody is welcome, 3 of the regulars dont have old cars that run anyway
  3. First post updated @cypressphil @MACKAZ @ESKIN8R @WhangareiKE70 @rb drifter that is a possibility but we are allowed inside I think
  4. Must be a side effect of the lift kit in yours, we changed a starlet gearbox on the side of the road only jacking one side
  5. It will be Burgerfuel until somebody comes up with a better idea. Of course it all depends on Aunty Cindy letting us out to play
  6. Short answer: no they wont, totally different port spacing/bolt patterns/engines. Easiest way would be to put a 32/36weber downdraft on with an adaptor plate. Otherwise custom manifold
  7. What was the radiator you got out of? I have a low km auto trans in my shed in whangarei if you want it for a spare
  8. Nope, the main thing is attendance/talking shit and eating quality burgers
  9. Tomorrow night, short notice because I'm slack @cypressphil @MACKAZ @rb drifter @ESKIN8R @WhangareiKE70 @gibbon no boozy zoom meetings this week
  10. They added in something about increasing fuel pressure, probably because of @ajg193
  11. There is a gmb electric pump on rock auto that seems to work ok, I had one on my sigma wagon for a while. Alot cheaper than the carter one, I'l see if I can find the part number
  12. Shame they don't know what they doing @yoeddynz that bill is taking the piss
  13. https://www.bunnings.co.nz/move-it-125mm-100kg-black-rubber-swivel-plate-castor-with-brake_p3940326 I got mine for an engine stand, they didn't have these ones when I got mine. 3 on each end should be heaps
  14. I just bought 3 castors rated at 50kg each from bunnings for $30ish. They had bigger ones there too
  15. From what I can figure out from posts, it looks like @gibbon is in Whangarei too. Come along, mitsi/all foamers are welcome
  16. Overdue, I've been too busy/useless to organise it.Make it next week? First post updated
  17. Snow tyres are utter shit in the wet, 18yo me got 3rd gear spinning in my 1.1l laser on snow tyres
  18. We have a few of these ones at polytec, nice to use
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