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  1. Damn boy, that sexy. Looks much better all red I reckon. Also, good to see crazy Neil's car in the retro pics. That thing hasn't moved in 7+ years now, RIP.
  2. Well it makes more sense that it was a std yaris, not a GR to begin with. I was very confused there for a second.
  3. @98cc that is so friggen sweet! Amazing job on the car, and so jealous of your involvement in that world, so many amazing machines.
  4. Ok that's enough, first the range hood, now this, leave some blood in my head ayy.
  5. Wholey moley, more info please!!
  6. Yoza, I'm trying to organize having my wheels re-banded by Pine, but he doesn't have the step lip barrels my current rims have, and has offered a reverse lip. In the pic he sent me, the rim is so fucking shiny I cant tell what the shape actually is, its making my eyes go cray cray. Has anyone had a set redone by Pine with the reverse lip barrels? If so, would you be able to post up pics from different angles so I can try understand the shape? Cheers!
  7. Yeh so the final drive shafts were the same, just different in the dingus length. Swapped that over and bam, matching wheels. Also wanted to run the correct muffler, which involved changing the gigantic bracket they hang off. The skywave muffler has 3 bolts vs boomermans 2, and sits on a very slightly different angle, so also had to change the little header pipe. (Note finger in shot, like a legit boomer) Then I put it all back together using the best bits of both bikes. Note $17 AliExpress shield extension, and burgman forum badge. I dailyed it to work for a couple of weeks, goes hard for what it is, but sadly I'm too tall for it, it just owns my legs and back, because I can't get my ass back far enough (note removed lumber support in attempt to move ass back) so I'm going to have to move it on. Bit of a PITA, but hey, what's a brother going to do? I had a bit of free time, so started playing with the skywave. Determined the fuel pump was not dead (as last owner was told by mechanic). It had spark, so figured out the wiring for the pump and sender (had been chopped off) and wired it up. Then after a bit of fooling about figured out it was just a bung relay stopping the pump and injection. Changed the relay out and bam, started straight up. Stoked. I went back later for more mending, and every time I hooked the battery up, it would blow a fuse (had a few blown fuses before I started playing around) after blowing a few more, I discovered some wires shorting out. Sorted that and no more blown fuses. But now it won't run, dumb. It's flashing the F1 light, which I think is basically the check engine light. Also the dash lights flicker randomly, so something somewhere is not happy. While trying to find a wiring diagram, I found the actual bike on another forum. Good to see it has a long history of wiring faults, lolols. https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/neppi’s-an250-2004-skywave-burgman-misery.1421380/ Hopefully I can sort it out, as I have to flick this one off too. I might even be able to break even, ha.
  8. I'm disgusted I didn't find the build thread earlier. This is so far up my alley, it's touching a lung.
  9. I can't imagine how fast the 650s are, must be nuts. Edit: apparently with the correct technique, they can do 0-100 in 4.6 seconds. Edit edit: last night I found out why the back wheel of bike no2 was never changed to the OG wheel, the later model motors have a way shorter output shaft, and the OG brake/wheel combo doesn't fit. I'm going to yank the final drive shaft out of the bung motor and see if it will fit in this one, because I'd like matching wheels. Not the end of the world if it doesn't, but worth a go.
  10. Sooooooo, I purchased a running and legal burgman from a chap in Te Puke, as that seemed easier than fixing the first one. The Te Puke one runs well, and rides ok, but is a bit rough around the edges. It's been dropped a few times, so the front plastics were pretty haggard, and had been repaired with cable ties/fiberglass/bog/screws and steel brackets etc. The plan was to put all the good plastics from bike no1 onto bike no2, and have one running tidy-ish bike, and sell off what I don't need/use to recoup some cash. But bike no1 is a much lower k bike, so I've decided to do an engine swap rather than a body swap. Some of the features of bike no2, Barry spec back rest, The ruff-as-guts plastic repairs, The sanded windscreen, apparently he was trying to polish it? And for whatever reason it has a later model rear wheel, and muffler from the skywave (I also got a 2004 EFI skywave with bike no2, more on that later) I rode this thing back from Te Puke, and to work once, and it goes pretty well. The 0-80ish acceleration is crazy good, and it tops out at 130, but gets there pretty quickly. The only problems I have is my height, I need to get my bum back a bit, and the windshield is exactly the right hight to direct all the air into my helmet, so it sounds like you're going 300kmh at 100kmh. Duck down behind the shield, and it's crazy quite, so I'll get an extension for it. Having not had a big scoots before, I thought the rear wheel set up is slightly interesting, and different between the burgman and the later model skywave. Burgman has splined disc and wheel, skywave spec is splined hub with bolt on disc and wheel. Anyways, I ripped the motors out of both, cleaned up the good bike and motor, and will soon slap them back together. I will whip the rocket cover off the new motor and just make sure it's not about to have a cam-tastrophe like the dead engine. Also, note wrecker writing on engine, this is not the first time this bad boy has played around. Regards, V-AN250s are my life now-G. Edit: I just clicked, the rear wheel will have come on the wrecker engine, hence it being different/from a later bike.
  11. Haha, yep he mentioned you a few times. You should be safe, he no longer has any small bikes. He was a nice, but slightly odd chap.
  12. This is all your fault @DB8-TypeR
  13. Back in my day, everyone was using those mud & snow tyres that come in on jap cars, are they still a thing?
  14. That is pretty damn tempting. I wonder how different the injected motors are to the carbed? Might be able to slap the whole skywave motor in mine, but with carb n shit.
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