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  1. Nah I'm just screwing with ya, I completely lost my mind and purchased another boat, An equatence of mine built this 4ish years ago, and about a year ago he mentioned he may sell it, I expressed interest. Then like the week after I got the red boat, he told me he was definitely going to sell it, so for the last couple of months I've been pestering him, and finally sealed the deal a few days ago. It's a 3m wattscraft hull, UHMWPE lined, grunty stainless intake grill, has nozzle trim, and has had reverse fitted too. It's pretty much exactly what I want, for the river exploration I wan
  2. Now that the motor runs beautifully, let's replace it! Got this bad boy, its near on 800cc, makes 110hp, and best of all, NO CARBS! It's from a 2005 Seadoo 3D, and goez hrd 4 wat it iz.
  3. Boat launching, so you can miss out the boring stuff at the beginning, and get balls deep into the goooooooooood stuff. I was yarning to a dude yesterday, and the jet boat Barry's say the upper Whakatane is a perfect place to learn skinny water driving, as there's lots of runoff, and no big rocks. Barry's reckon if you can do the upper WHK, the Motu is easy(ish)
  4. Is there still a way to get to the river by the rail bridge? Might have to investigate.
  5. I hinged my bets by using blue, red and silver top parts in mine, so as long as black tops aren't judged to be the best, I'm covered.
  6. So have you decided RWD big ports are actually the best engines?
  7. Suuuuper keen to try get up the Nukuhou River/stream at some point. Guess you would have to start an hour or so before hightide? I was quite surprised how quickly the water fucked off.
  8. If the bearing is chooched, I know a guy that can get four point/QJ bearings for reasonable prices.
  9. So I got this ^ pump from @datlow (chur my bay) which arrived overnight, and I slapped it on in a temporary fashion for testing purposes, AND ITS FUCKEN FIXED IT!!!!! Praise be to Allah, it ran beautifully. We drove up to a bridge, and I did a few laps of some farmers paddock, and then we drove back, all without issue (until it ran out of gas, as in tank was bone dry) such a relief, I'm so happy I could shit a rainbow. @keltik should have some media for your viewing displeasure. Regards, V "fucking stoked" G.
  10. They did look super cute together, and that's the most important thing. Pity J5 didn't get the Jimny in green as he originally wanted, that would have been adorable.
  11. Hopefully I can find a 3/16 or 1/4 one, most mowers are about 5/16 I think?
  12. So the two spare motors had little diaphragm pumps on their intake manifolds, so I cracked these open to see if they were OK. One was turbo fucked/perished, but the other looked OK, just felt a little hard. I gave the good one a jolly good scrub up, as it was a bit grot, I slapped it on the boat and ran it, but it doesn't seem to pump at all, the diaphragm and one way flaps must be too hard. I also confirmed 100% that the choke sticks, and that it starts very well with a dab of engine start. So yeh, pity the pumps poked, I'll have to try the toat tank idea, and
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