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  1. I've started collecting and making parts for this POS, to convert the rear to independent suspension, upgrade the front to the braked hubs, and get long travel shocks all round. Bits for the spool/centre drive thing, new taper lock sprocket, front disc off a CB250, and a flex plate and starter from a MAZDA 3. Also a 30mm shaft and bearings for it to live on, I got some MX5 axles and hubs too. The axles are quite small and light, and have a flanged end, so perfect for this, The chunk of hollow bar is to make new hubs, as the MX5 hubs are too big to fit in the quad bike rims. So I machined up some hubs that use the MX5 bearings, and will make doofers to connect to the suspension arms. I also made some adapters to go from the MX5 4x100 pcd to Yamahas ATV 115x4 pcd. I found some I had started making (can't remember what for?) out of 6mm plate, so hopefully they are strong enough, I also got a few 16 and 20mm rod ends for the front end, as that's how the barracuda hubs attach, Still lots to do, but slowly chipping away at it.
  2. @johnnyfive may also have a bed going spare both nights, as I won't be befouling them.
  3. If you deal with seal imports Hamilton, and get a guy called Shane, ask for someone else. Just trust me on this one. SPAM.
  4. Excited about trying to keep up with the MX Post guys again.
  5. I could get the wife's pocket bike going for back up bike?
  6. I have customers who have done shit tons of k's on KTMs and had no trouble at all, and then others who have endless trouble, so it seems to be luck of the draw. I loved riding my 640SM, but the electrical problem that me and the previous owner couldn't sort, drove me nuts, SUCH AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER.
  7. It will be hard to identify "the man who touched me on the penis" after spending a few nights around the foamers.
  8. I want to attempt this with NBC's at some point, NBC220 V-twin, zeow! Waiting for him to show how he widened the casing, I assume he moves the mag/stator side over and leaves the clutches etc alone?