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  1. Vintage Grumble

    kpr's starlet

    The many sounds of a good 4age through it's rev range, are so awesome. You get an amazing mix, trombone, bath emptying, plane crashing, chainsaw, bees and so on. Great stuff.
  2. Vintage Grumble

    EURON8's Lada 2103

    I'd just like to point out it's 2019 too
  3. Could it just be how the mix transfers up to the combustion chamber? Might just come up one side easier or something?
  4. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    It's already been snapped up sorry, the new owner will hopefully make something chur out of it. Back to boring modern cubs for me!
  5. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Would anyone like to take the 1969 C50 cub deluxe off my hands? It's got a years rego, doesn't need wofs, and will be like sub $40 a year to rego from here on in. The motor was fucked, and has been discarded, so slap in your favorite China motor and off you go! To cover the cost of the bike + rego + plate I would like $250. Regards, VG.
  6. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Ha, we actually bonded over our dislike of retarded customers, as she was having trouble with some local specimens trying to get a bike licence with no ID.
  7. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Oh sweet, so you just take away the suspensions ability to droop by filling the gap essentially? Nice. Yeh he's out of stock ATM, due first week of Jan he said, will put my name on one.
  8. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    So I tried to register this in Kawerau, but they wanted to involve the testing station after ringing the LTSA, nopenopenope. So I tried in Whakatane, with great success! Huge thank you to all the people I harassed via PM about this. Now that I have a plate, I will get stuck in. I hear shores 50's are the place to go for cheap Lifans? I think i'll go for a semi-auto 125, as I like the look of the std handle bar surround/no space for a clutch lever. Also, I've overheard talk of a modification you can do to the front forks to stop them riding up under braking? Where would I find info on this? You guys are the best. Regards, VG.
  9. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Yeh i'm not that boned up over keeping the plate, i'm more boned up over not paying motorbike rego. I'll attempt to acquire a new plate when i'm in town tomorrow.
  10. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Ahh excellent, I might get in on that action too if you don't mind.
  11. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Excellent. May I ask where you got the stickers? @GuyWithAviators
  12. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Ha, strangely enough the engine number is very close to what I can see of the frame number. Guess I'll clean the rust up as best I can, and see what I can see. I guess re-registering it would be the logical first step in the project. Hopefully they don't let it go through, and then send me a letter demanding I de-register it, like they did with the GT50. Mind you, C50s should be in the NZ system as scooters.
  13. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    If it comes up on carjam as "has never been registered" I'm assuming people at rego places won't be able to find trace of it either?
  14. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    The start and end of the frame number has rusted off, so I'll have to be quite vauge, haha.
  15. Vintage Grumble

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    So J5 sent me a link to an old Cub, and for reasons unbeknown to myself, I purchased it. I collected it today, turns out it's a C90, and @Raizer mentioned it's a deluxe. I have no idea what year it is (would quite like to know out of interest if anyone knows how to tell?) I don't really have any plans, mebbe slap another motor in it, powder coat the wheels and leave the rest ratty? It was last registered in 88, so would assume the plate is no longer in the system, and it's old enough not to have a VIN number, so I wonder if it could be registered as a classic scooter?