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  1. Vintage Grumble

    oldschool drag day 2019 discussion

    Oh yeh, guess that's me and J5 out too then. This isn't going to help J5s hate of weddings.
  2. Woo I wonder if they will have twister in their games selection.
  3. Vintage Grumble

    Tube Notcher for old mate VG.

    I wish I had a lathe, but unfortunately I do not. Yeh that's how I have been doing it, but trying to set up some angles is near on impossible. Also the chuck has a tiny bit of play, which reeks havoc on the holesaws with certain cuts. Yeh I think that's what I will get, well the HAFCO version, its exactly the same but cheaper. We get a small discount from MH, I wont use it a lot, but will be super handy. I want to get more accurate cuts so I can tig things, as mig can be a bit/lot messy on tight tube bends. Thank you gentlemen.
  4. Vintage Grumble

    Tube Notcher for old mate VG.

    Good day gents, I would quite like to acquire a small tube notcher, has anyone got one they can recommend, or any info or ideas on what to look for or avoid whence purchasing one? Thank you. Regards, VG.
  5. Goooood ol adventure NBC again for me. But without panniers this time. Them big ol boxes too heavy, made gravel riding grotesque.
  7. Not too late at all. I'm sure someone can accommodate you, as long as you like snuggling.
  8. As long as he's dressed as a power ranger, it's acceptable.
  9. That thing is amazing at climbing insanely steep shit with that gearing, blew my mind.
  10. /unless you actually managed to talk @stillway into coming?
  11. @johnnyfive I guess we have one bed free too?
  12. Vintage Grumble

    Unclejake's 64 Fintail Mercedes

    You can talk propeller boy, puhuhuhu.
  13. So they don't fall off the trailer?
  14. Vintage Grumble

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    These have plastic front guards don't they? Sad to say, but I remember smashing a few up in my days at a Honda wrecker. My brother had one of these when they were only a few years old, he told me the ladies loved it. Good to see one being saved, I haven't seen one on the road for many years.
  15. We didn't discuss this at the meating, but I assume we will run a $20 entry fee to pay for support vehicle gas and food, as we did last year. If anyone has a decent 5+ seater vehicle (with internal storage would be ace) that can tow a trailer (I can supply a decent tandem most likely) and is interested in being support crew, please let us know. You will be worshipped as the god you are.