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  1. This was one of the churest bikes on the trip I reckon. I was right behind you when it decided it wanted to lie down and swing some O's by itself, lols.
  2. The first gravel road we rode on (Stanley rd) after leaving J5's house was also part of the WRC back in the day. I got to go to a night stage there when I was a kid, with my oldest brother.
  3. Thank you to everyone who participated, you're all top blokes. Huge thanks to the back up crews, you guys are even topper blokes! I feel Google map master J5 out did himself with the route, it was ace! And thanks to the friendly team at doozi for the quick sticker printing, sorry I was a bit slow. I'm proper wrapped about the lack of mechanical failures, serious crashes, and instances of death, good work guys!
  4. I think the ones I have are L or XL, I know they don't fit my giant 12XL knoggin.
  5. I'm not sure, but I think there's a lake up there somewhere ....
  6. I managed to get that to work in my geo tracker app, good work guys!
  7. SHARN: I learned to rind on an ER185, it was our orchard bike, it putted around for about 7 years on said orchard, we then moved into town and dad traded it on a 1988 NV400. Was out on the new bike the day dad got it, and a mechanic from the shop we did the trade with, went through an intersection in front of us at full speed, full revs, and fully committed. The 7 or so years of sweet two stroke oil/scum that had built up in the pipe from gentle toodling was burning off, and fuck me sideways, never before, or since, have I seen so much white smoke. It was a truly glorious sight to behold. I want an ER now.
  8. I'm seriously considering going full Barry, and getting a sheep skin seat cover.
  9. Yeh, we really didn't think this many people would want to come on these rides, but its been great so far! We were blown away the first year, that we got 14 riders, now what are we up to, like 42? KRIKEY.
  10. ^ That's pretty sweet! My bike got a WOF, dude noted down a few things to keep an eye on, completely missed the head set bearings are toast and sound like they are full of rocks. Oh well, that's future VG's problem now.