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  1. It will be hard to identify "the man who touched me on the penis" after spending a few nights around the foamers.
  2. I want to attempt this with NBC's at some point, NBC220 V-twin, zeow! Waiting for him to show how he widened the casing, I assume he moves the mag/stator side over and leaves the clutches etc alone?
  3. 360!? Better be doing a lifan swap maaaaaaaaaaaaate.
  4. It's now 2020, is this thing still around?
  5. Yoza, I'm hoping to come ride with ya'll for at least one day, prolly the first.
  6. @cletus do newly built trailers have to have springs? I was planning on going springless on my offroader trailer, but some old Barry I was yarning too told me you're not able to these days? XOXOX
  7. That's a good point, now i'm old and have responsibilities I can pretty much only do Tuesdays, lols.
  8. IF you can get more TGA people than WHK people to come, i'm sure some of us might come over again?
  9. In reply to your text, for the life of me, I cant remember what I did to get mine to work sorry. It wont light the std headlight at idle, but comes on when you give it a bit of a rev. The stator is friggen tiny in the 155z, so guess it just cant pump out the juice at idle?
  10. This was one of the churest bikes on the trip I reckon. I was right behind you when it decided it wanted to lie down and swing some O's by itself, lols.
  11. The first gravel road we rode on (Stanley rd) after leaving J5's house was also part of the WRC back in the day. I got to go to a night stage there when I was a kid, with my oldest brother.
  12. Thank you to everyone who participated, you're all top blokes. Huge thanks to the back up crews, you guys are even topper blokes! I feel Google map master J5 out did himself with the route, it was ace! And thanks to the friendly team at doozi for the quick sticker printing, sorry I was a bit slow. I'm proper wrapped about the lack of mechanical failures, serious crashes, and instances of death, good work guys!