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  1. Been sharing these around a bit. Looking forward to a drive in the sun and a spin of the back wheels.
  2. Would love to Allan and also feel free to get in touch for a looksy. We can almost see where you live which gives us the perfect viewing point for max revs down the motorway.
  3. I dont really have much to say. Just putting all the pieces back on again for the final time.
  4. Spent some time on this over the weekend between jobs. Kayne came over on friday to fit panels and will align when the bonnet goes on next week. All the lights are now fitted and now working on the inside which is almost done. My dads been pining pretty hard and has detailed the badges which is pretty sweet. I will get pics of the exhaust while im fitting the gas tank as thats next.
  5. Got my home boi home and onto putting it back together. Kayne has done an awesome job, so many details have been put into the car its becoming a pleasure to put back together. My personal favorite is the color between dash pad and windscreen being a paint match to what was factory tan instead of the colour of the car.
  6. Its been a busy week and Kayne sent me this. Im fizzing hard to have a look and the car comes home next week to be put back together.
  7. Checked car today. Its fuckin mint.
  8. I will try my best. Hoping to have some extra hands to get it moving and all im looking for is a running car for the wedding.
  9. When I get it back I will have 4 weeks to get it ready for our wedding. Pretty unlikely deadline now but will give it a good nudge/thrust in the standing up/laying down position/london bridge.
  10. I have been below the radar lately but shit the cars getting close. Asked Kayne for a photo before I head out on Sunday so heres a teazer he sent me. Cant wait to have a look before it heads off to get painted with it coming home around the 17th of Feb. I kept the engine bay original as the paint cleaned up really well (except the panel in grey) and I found a cheeky penis drawing behind the strut tower so that had to stay.
  11. Nice work on saving this and wonder what happened to PIEs. I have one of his old cars and still see his re-reg thread going strong.
  12. Lifes been pretty busy this year with planning 2x weddings, promotions at work and buying a house and squeezing time in working on the car. Its been sent off for panel and paint and I plan on spending a day with Kayne helping strip and taking panels away to vapour blast at work. I have labelled and boxed a shit load of parts so the reassemble should be easy puhuhuhu. Pining pretty hard to have this done for my wedding and hoping to have a special guest from the Hawkes Bay attending.
  13. Dont sell it before our wedding and bring it along.
  14. Got my manifold back and sitting on the car which got me pining. Started fitting the body looms back in the car then found that the drive shaft I gave away was the one I had set up for the car and forgot I removed it so that sucks. Also fitted up a steering wheel from an unknown year corona coupe (gift from my cuzzy) which looks good.
  15. Been chipping away at this thing so getting the small jobs out of the way. I now have a Link G4 storm and my intake has been started so should be be back soon.