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  1. Wanting to borrow something local if possible Cheers Kane 0275717123
  2. Have you considered a 2ZZ?
  3. Nice work. I thought it was suspiciously quiet with February approaching. Looking forward to the next posts.
  4. This have gave me a good push to sort my road steed. Hopefully summer produces some good riding days.
  5. Il 'll be there with my ning na na ning ning ning ning ning
  6. Because Datsun he will slide his hand up and down on said dick
  7. They are and the purple G comes out of the taps up there.
  8. Hmmmm Datlow mentioned this to me over the weekend. What do i have to do to get involved?? Gotbikes, got a trailer and got some rowdy family in gizzy.
  9. I got parts if you need anything. Scored a the red one that came with another 2 bikes.
  10. Shit. Next meet il be there. Was good seeing y'all on Saturday night at the train station.
  11. I didn't with my x71 doing the same mod to the subframe and certed fine.
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