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  1. Thanks for hosting my ass and the help on the day @Flauski I'm stoked we got to go for a drive together and can't wait for the next hoon
  2. So I got to do hoons around manfeild with the Circle Jerk Crew a week back. I expressed some interest, they said sweet so I wrote a list and got into getting it ready. I drove it heaps leading up to the event (not legal and seen lots of cops with no issues) and on the day the alternator frizzed itself and i thought we were done. Thankfully @Flauski made some calls and we found a replacement and got it sorted and back out. Car went well with speedo touching 170kph (how accurate this is I don't know) and eventually the brakes got spongy and power steering squirted under the bonnet. Drove it to and from the track and even got a lap in around feilding. Was good seeing familiar faces and meeting others from here and else where.
  3. Sweet, havnt cleaned anything so will do that and then poke around the ECU control if I get time. Currently it drives fine but this will be a day of driving which I havnt don't yet. It's all temporary stuff while waiting for rewire.
  4. Need some advice 1jz vvti n/a with 5 wires making it run, water via the throttle body is not connected and figure this forms part of the cold start. Car starts like an old carby car and once warm, goes good. Idle stays high (2ish k) and assume it's got something to do with it. If I can't get some pipes in the next week, what issues could there during a day at Manfeild?
  5. Decided to get another 2 mesh wheels in the same sizing as the fronts rather than barrel swapping my 9s to 8s. Intake manifold is in design stage and I've had a few sneaky shots and it's looking tasty. Got the one mirror base I had scanned and a bunch of new ones made, super happy with result and just waiting on a mounting plate before they can go back on. Been driving it heaps and it's so good. Had a family party for my birthday and after some pressure from the kids I dropped a garage skid dressed as the blue wiggle. Gave the interior a wash and it's come up primo. Plans to get out the the next welly meet if it's local and there's no coppers about.
  6. I didn't even drag out the Ansen Sprints I had under that old Ford.
  7. I got it from @piesand yep its been owned by all you OGs. First drive felt so good as guessing you guys got it as a non runner?
  8. Shizer it's been a while and cringe at my old posts. Anyways, I chucked a blanket over this and shut the garage while I did other things for a couple of years. Lockdowns meant pulling the blankets off, I got it running on the factory intake so was motivated again. Rear screen rubber in, stainless trims fresh and polished, random clips from russia and its now airbagged using accuair control with airlift struts. It drives well around the hood and I'm slowly getting more confident on going further. I never drove this car so was a big moment. Next on the list is sorting my rear wheels as they are a bit wide for frame laying and then a bespoke itb manifold from Mr Whitley tune. Pic courtesy of Simon when it was picked up a few weeks ago. Il take some when I get the trims back on.
  9. Oh yeah I might sniff around here for a bit. Got a capable bike now and will feel shit if I don't make it this year.
  10. I got some side skirts for sale, they are rubbery and have RS logos and serial numbers on them. They came from a series 1 Sierra. Let me know if interested
  11. Wanting to borrow something local if possible Cheers Kane 0275717123
  12. Have you considered a 2ZZ?
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