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  1. THis thread is incredible Dave . im extremley interested in this whole 3d printing in metal thing. I legit just want to make a noodle man in paint and get it metal printed just because. how cool is technology!. stink about your valves thouygh
  2. Here is a photo of me feeding lpg into the system , it would fill the glass with liquid and id just wait until it all evaporated and the pressure stabilised and put in more. after everything was said and done the vent straight off the evap was sitting at a solid 10 deg C and the core was condensing water mint , accumulator was cool but not cold and you could feel the liquid blasting into it. perfect! so there you go.
  3. Holy long time batman . well not much has been going on tbh, just sitting under cover. anyway im currently playing around with refrigeration and as a result have started collecting all the gear to work on the stuff. finally this week the vacuum pump showed up , some people in spam might have seen me just send some lpg into the a/c system and seeing what happened , amazingly it worked and not too bad. but i had no idea what was in the system prior and had not vac'd it down so with the pump now in my hands i vented the system and then put in under vacuum for an hour and then left it sitting while i went off on a mission inland. came back and needle had barely moved after 6t hours , sweeet. i had picked up some camp stove bottle with a Butane , iso-butane, propane mix , which with all their vapor pressuresw and boiling points should work mint. ( something like @ 1 bar butane is 0 deg c , iso is -12 and propane -42 or something like that. anyway pretty much used 480 grams and that got it unfrozen, at 20 psi low side and just starting to rise, so hopefully should have enough liquid in the system to stay happy , i could have calculated it but tbh im having a play and getting a feel for how thing react is what im doing it for . Im blown away that the system still work on this vehicle . like i remember driving it back from melbourne when i bought it and it kept losing power in a cyclic fashoin, i didnt click until i had pulled over for a piss and heard the a/c kick in and went" the a/c system is degassed. so the thing was pumping for hours with no gas in it. so thought the pump would be fucked. nah oil coming out was clean and no unhappy noises. stoked! anyway photos
  4. Hey @RUNAMUCK. I just read your post about the weekend in spam.
  5. Legit tho what beauty country pretty jelly
  6. Setting a reminder in exactly 2 days for Bart.
  7. I know exactly what you are talking about https://laidtex.com/collections/liquid-latex
  8. Had Hitachi to start with but decided to switch to Milwaukee around 17' Nothing wrong with Hitachi but I reckon maybe it was going through the transition to hikoki so the range wasnt that great hence going to Milwaukee. man i rate Milwaukee hard, good batteries ( had a couple issue with the 6ah 12v and 12 ah 18v but they were replaced under warranty) the skins have all been mint. ive dropped them from multi metre height and they dont give a fuck. only downside is the batteries where if they take too much punsihment the tiny screw posts crack and the top seperates from the bottom. easily fixed by using some plastic weld. Also every store seems to have milwaukee so support is pretty easy. i have like 20+ skins now. pretty happy with them tbh
  9. Hemi

    diesel spam

    Need that death rattle on cold start up that can only be delivered by a mech pump direct injection
  10. Hemi

    diesel spam

    Yeah the measurement is just so you get x amount of stretch in the bolt , can do it 5 degrees at a time if you want
  11. Hemi

    diesel spam

    Not really my area of expertise tbh, maybe worn valve guide seals? hard to tell without seeing eveything. @Yowzer might have a better idea
  12. Ok cool, so im nub as. wh9ch is cool, because yeah.
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