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  1. What I have done with my ramps before is jack the car up and drop it onto the ramps. Easier than stands, and you can drive off them afterwards. Bugger using bits of firewood though lol. When you said "wood as ramps" I thought you meant planks of wood laid on top of each other. Bits of cut up pallet is mint for that (and awesome for getting jacks under low cars for free)
  2. They're very steep. I believe you can get extensions to make the angle less, which might help. You can also get grippy things that attach to the bottom of the front edge, but I tried a few things to stop them sliding and have only ever managed to drive a car up them once without them scooting along the garage floor. Polished concrete floors dont help either.
  3. Better off jacking it up TBH. My ramps (supercheap ones) were a complete waste of money. As mentioned, they have a tendency to shoot out from under the car as you drive up them, so i never use them now.
  4. kws

    Slideways' Purvis

    They sound like an Evo... Not always a good thing.
  5. Or maybe has other things to do in life than post on a forum? Just sayin. Pretty weird thing to troll about, and not like the normal bot posts you see.
  6. No schraeder valve sadly, just lines tucked up under harness on firewall. Would've made life easier. S50b30 engine.
  7. I need to test the fuel pressure on my BMW to see if the FPR is working properly, but getting to the fuel hoses at the rail is a real pain. Is there anything stopping me from testing the fuel pressure down at the fuel filter under the car?
  8. Any thoughts on this? I know its a weird question, but i'd be interested to know if its a doable thing.
  9. You're a legend @cletus
  10. kws

    Slideways' Purvis

    Gosh, i lost some brain cells reading the comments on that post on FB.
  11. kws

    re-registering a vehicle

    Also see the post I quoted in this post, in the original post. Lol.
  12. So in my case, the engine is literally on the 50% increase mark (190hp to 286hp), but the drive shaft is from the M3 (and is labeled as such on the shaft). No added turbos etc, just more NA power. Still able to scrape by without one?
  13. kws

    Slideways' Purvis

    I cant find anything about them now and cant recall how long ago it was (must've been late last year), but there were a pair of Eureka for sale with a bunch of parts. I think one was a rolling shell and the other just a shell. One had been modified for custom rear lights. Both were in bits and rough, but i think there were enough parts to make one good car.
  14. kws

    Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    That's the same as an SD1... The Vitesse dropped to 0.36 by adding the front and rear spoilers. Racekar.
  15. kws

    Slideways' Purvis

    I love this project. Such a weird car, and so ambitious considering its state. Most would've run a mile! I was tempted to buy the pair that were on the tards for ages but never had the balls.