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  1. I wonder if something like this could be made to work? https://veethree.co.nz/product/fuel-level-sender-unit-universal/
  2. MB487477 is only going to be available as NOS as the status with Japan is obsolete/cancelled and no longer in production. Your best bet for something like that will probably be ebay or other owners.
  3. Lol, just print the photos in the first post of the build thread off on an inkjet printer low on ink. Would look legit as.
  4. https://www.amayama.com/en/part/toyota/4529752020 Maybe an option. Partsouq for that matter is showing 1x of the supersession 4529752070 available too.
  5. Checking Partsouq, it looks like the "intermediate shaft" is different power/manual. https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Toyota&ssd=%24*KwE-ChsCOWJDYlNkOU0NHmZyUlVLOjU4OSs1B3cvfik2L1AqeXkkLjc4dnJ4Y2wVIGVvZG4pNj8mKjMyIy43KD85PTsqeXkuYi8wKTg4OTtnb2Vxc3xiaE1xKjY4ZTYtKDo9Pzk5ZXlrLC9jfy43KioFGhVNQCgnLC9na3dhZy5DSVs9PVglFBwKXkZbKSAtKH42eX0sY39nYCEqKjMyIy43KjNxAAAAAAP7h9E%24&vid=0&cid=2&uid=4535&q= It MIGHT be PN 4529752070
  6. Out of curiosity, is there a reason you'd use rubber hose instead of a length of hard line?
  7. Shit, it'd be lucky to do 30k in 10 years once I get it on the road Thanks for the help lads, will go with the Rockauto ones with pointy nipples.
  8. Cost/Availability is the thing, its cheaper and easier to get ones with grease fittings from the States, but they dont list sealed ones.
  9. My Marina drive shaft has three universal joints. Two are sealed with no grease fitting, one has a grease fitting (they're all like this stock). Im replacing all three, is there any reason I shouldnt use the same part for all three and have them all greaseable? They appear the same otherwise.
  10. Recently swapped out the master on my corolla with one that was completely dry, even with ABS it sucked fluid through fine. Same with the one on the Marina (resleeved, completely dry), but thats a single circuit system lol. I'd try vacuum it through since you have a vac bleeder. Just hook it to the closest brake to the master and suck suck suck.
  11. Is bench bleeding necessary? I've always just sucked fluid through with a vacuum bleeder (cheap hand pump type), haven't had an issue.
  12. Finally, it's been a long time in the making, but for the first time in many years the Marina has brakes. In the previous post, I refurbed and reassembled the rear brakes, but in the meantime I had also been working on the rest of the system. Unfortunately, things like this take time and money, both of which are a sticking point for me at the moment (mainly time, I'm waiting over a month for parts from the UK). Even further back I started to strip the front calipers, which after some creative work with my compressor, I managed to do. First, I reinstalled the old pads, with a pry bar
  13. kws

    DIY Electroplating

    And to think, that was one of many chemicals I used to work with as an electroplater when I was a teen, with no more PPE than an apron and some long gloves I do know that the liquid in the cyanide tank was very bitter to taste.
  14. kws

    DIY Electroplating

    Keen to follow this too. Been wanting to plate things for ages, but the kits either arent available here, or are expensive. The closest I have found is this kit, in AUS, but they will ship to NZ. https://www.caswellplating.com.au/store/store.php/products/copy-cad-or-zinc-plating-kit-6-litre
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