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  1. Sounds like the battery has dropped a cell to me. Stop buggering around and just replace the battery. Don't remove the battery from a running car either.
  2. Just as a followup, grabbed one of these from M10 and there are a couple that stretch over nicely. Shame to spend $30 for one seal, but ill use the others at some point. https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/swordfish-flat-rubber-washer-assortment-725-piece/p/337199
  3. Also note a stuffed battery can read OK until its under load, where it will fall on its arse. Could be a combo of faults.
  4. Oh no, I just doomed myself. I've been looking at the primer on all the panels and thinking "hmm, it look really thin and appears to just be over the original paint". Well, I touched a scrap of wet and dry 800 grit to one bit and the primer basically wiped off So for the next 5 mins I continued on with said little scrap of 800 grit.... Theres certainly some mint Bold As Brass under there. There are also some small stone chips, and some thin filler. I think the PO used filler to plug the stone chips and then just rattle-canned primer over the lot. There is a white
  5. Good thinking. Totally missed that on the wiring diagram but yes it does appear they are also doubling as reverse lights. I was mentioning to my Wife last night that it was weird it has a reverse light switch, and wires coming from it, but no reverse lights. Guess thats yet another Aus only feature. It could well be the switches. I havent checked them, or touched them short of pressing them to see if the light goes on or off. I want to find a replacement light before I go too much further as the other there is turning to white dust. No, I wont be refitting the trailer wiring. I ma
  6. One thing I love about buying old and neglected cars is getting all the electrics working again. The Marina is no different. Much like the Mini and the TVR there were a few things that weren't working. None of the lights work, the wiper motor is disconnected, the washer motor doesn't work and the horn is silent. Basically, anything that is electric, didn't work. Before jumping into the wiring I had to fix one thing thats been bugging me. The boot latch and lock. When the car arrived the boot was tied down with string because the boot lock had been removed and was missing. As it
  7. Anyone know where in NZ to buy a rubber washer for my radiator fill plug? ID is about 18mm OD 30mm. Would've been about 2mm thick. Its probably imperial too, so maybe 3/4".
  8. Overhead cam with buckets and shims, cant see any reason it should be tapping. Also no skids until i free up the clutch and replace the center bearing.
  9. Blows my mind, it runs so well. Quiet too, no lifter/pushrod tapping like a B series.
  10. After picking up the new battery, I couldn't help myself. It still cranks the engine fairly slowly, but after starting it a couple of times with Start Ya Bastard, it started to run on its own fuel. Not only that, but after a cough and splutter, it now runs as smooth as a modern engine. It's amazing. It even starts easily and runs with no choke. The oil pressure and charge lights are off, indicating good oil pressure and the alternator is even charging. I'm well chuffed. So much more work to be done, but knowing the engine seems to be in good shape is a huge
  11. What more is there to say? It's not even the weekend yet and already the achievement is unlocked. I popped down to the garage this morning not so much to work on the car, but to test the theory that adding a ground to the starter might help. It didn't, but having the battery in the car again also allowed me to check clearance for the battery and order the Marina its own one. NS60SMF, the same as the TVR but with the terminals swapped. After cranking a few times the poor jump pack just couldn't keep up, so I resorted to hooking the Corolla up with jump leads and giving it a boost.
  12. Do i need the rear seat in my coupe for a WOF? No seatbelts because 70s YOLO.
  13. Today has been the first real day of work on the Marina. I got some important prep work out of the way, and had a good look around under the car. The first task on the list for today was to remove what was left of the interior and give it a vacuum out. I had to wait for the muck to dry first, and now that it was nice and dry I donned my gloves and mask and went to work. The boot got completely stripped. The carpet was old house carpet and was rotting. Thankfully the metal under it is in good shape. Cleaning the boot also showed where the rust is. The worst rust in the rear gu
  14. I know the ins and outs of it, and not even I'm that much of a sicko.
  15. I'd quite like to see an EFI conversion too, but we'll see what happens. Im after the TC for a few more bits than just the engine and carbs (mainly interior parts). Oil filter ordered, hopefully have it running by next week.
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