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  1. kws


    Think I'll go for durepox, but do you wait for it to fully cure before applying bog or do it while it's still tacky ?
  2. kws


    On the rail, above the front door, between top of door and roof, before the B pillar. It'll get wet with rain, but no road grime. Had been repaired before, but rusted from inside out and I popped the bog pimple and stuck the screwdriver right through. Its since been cut out and new patch welded in, but the previous repair used a couple mm bog to shape the rail properly, so ill need to bog it again since I ripped all the old bog out (and im not so flash on shaping patches). I suspect the old bog was straight onto metal as around where the rust popped out the metal on the outside was all really badly pitted too. I have zinc-it here, as well as etch and high build primers. I dont have a habit of doing body work, so chances are anything I buy will sit on the shelf until it goes off and gets thrown out, after being used once.
  3. kws


    Thanks, but having never done bodywork before I have nothing, so will do as below And go here and buy some. Its only a small area, so bushing sounds like a good plan. Thanks lads.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. Sorry, forgot there was a paint thread. Have been to the paint suppliers and grabbed some paint, clearcoat and filler. I suspect the previous repair was done over bare metal and moisture got under the bog as the metal was very pitted.
  5. kws


    Anyone know where to get epoxy primer in a spray can in NZ, or is it not a thing? Want to use it under filler, instead of just filling on straight bare metal, but cant seem to find cans of it anywhere. I dont have a spray gun, and dont need a lot. When I asked the bodyshop supply place i got the filler and paint from they recommended just etch priming it first, but the internet says thats not a good idea?
  6. Ive just welded some patches in to remove some rust, and need some bog to smooth out the fuck up from the previous person that tried to fix it. I've never used bog before, so what is the go? I need to fill and level out where the patches are, and its currently bare metal. Some sort of rust inhibitor would be nice, but dont know if thats a thing? Do i zinc paint it before bog? Im not filling/bridging any holes, so I guess a normal "filler" is ok and I dont need metal or fibreglass? Just this ? And then its a case of sand sand sand, prime, sand, paint?
  7. So in other words, not worth the money. I suspected as much. Thanks guys.
  8. These disposable welding gas bottles, are they any good? Do they last any sort of reasonable time? I have a couple of small patches of rust I need to weld, and have no gas/regulator at the moment and thinking of changing from flux cored to solid wire for this job just to have better/cleaner welds. I know the bunnings side D bottles are good value, but $129 + $240 (plus regulator) is a bit much for me since I use the welder once every couple of blue moons.
  9. I dont believe there is a demould line, but the donor I have is a good 35 or so years old, been painted and a bit haggard. Originals are very hard to come by, and the reps you buy from the UK are apparently shit.
  10. If i wanted to make a mould and copy this spoiler, what would be the best way to do it? Its currently a big solid slab of foam rubber. Would be looking to make carbon versions eventually but probably start with fibreglass for cost/practice. The basic shame seems fairly simple. Fill the cracks, coat it in something and then lay fibreglass to make a mould? A bit like this I guess Ideally I want it to have a flat base, and hollow. Would it be best to make it in two pieces, the top/sides and the bottom and then adhere them together at the end? This would make it easier to affix studs into the base if I wanted to.
  11. Might be marginally better than the wanker I saw in the BMW SUV speeding and cutting up traffic, with canvas showing on his rear tyres. Maybe she was on her way to the ski fields..... for some mad offroading in her Volvo.
  12. There is a turbo 2NZ IST on facebook currently. Really high mount turbo and interesting pipe runs, claims its a Greddy kit.
  13. Aliexpress engine damper to help with rocking?
  14. I love this thread. True trial and error modification at its best. Keen to see what happens you open up the exhaust too.