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  1. A link to the project thread in the first discussion pot would be great brocky
  2. Agreed, especially given that it's going into a pre-airflow two door
  3. Yeah/nah/I dunno. I almost gave him a ring last week but work/failed land deals have left me with almost zero free time. I shall call him soon. He only has two doors though. I need to get him two more
  4. It just goes on, and on, and on, and on Much like this Mercedes project.
  5. Proof! BA wagons are the ultimate BTW
  6. He's cleared a space inside for the job. This has been pending for several months. Admittedly he can only do two doors at a time in his 490 sqm shed, but it's a start
  7. OK. I admit partial (and I mean only partial) defeat The doors are going to a panel guy on Wednesday morning. Many of you will be familiar with The Pinga/Mr Miyagi. I trust him comprehensively. He will do as good a job as I would in getting them perfectly straight... but I think I will do the painting as that's not his strong point. I am so time poor these days it's staggering though. Gah! Wednesday is still April BTW, and not May. Kisses. UJ
  8. Good werk son. I did not know about this. You continue to impress. As luck would have it I saw a dude riding a black one up Willis St today. I can't recall the last time I saw an Indian under its own steam. It must be fate
  9. I'd try paint stripper. I'm pretty sure I've done it in the past but I can't actually remember for sure (I've had a lot of past you see) EDIT: Oh, you mean the outside of the barrels? In that case oven cleaner is pretty good and relatively cheap/easy
  10. With a bike you could probably just tip it upside-down to protect the engine from carbon ingress when scraping at stz
  11. Spanny? I must be getting old. I don't even... Edit: Expansion chamber(s)? Yeah probably. I'm figuring on some stretch too... but all that can wait for its own thread so I won't spam this one further.
  12. UJ registers his interest in this particular build, and hopes to gain sweet tips of parts sources (etc.) in the coming months. Also: Going wire wheel was the best move ever IMO.
  13. OMG I laughed. Well played Mr Bronze. Well played
  14. Hi. It's another year on and UJ didn't do dick. My bad. Lubs yew all. If I die Mathers and Cam can fight over the Mercedes carcass, but someone send Ned the stereo plz as it's pretty choice TBH. Danger and Uterus already know to fight over my rifles...... but no one can have Shaz <3