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  1. rdaum

    Ryan's Fiat 500D

    Time for a smol update on the fiat. Have been chipping away with making patches and buying parts/paint stripping etc. Gave the mrs a wind up about getting motivated to finish it and she pushed me in to actually buying parts. Parts are in the country but the a holes at customs forgot to process the gst invoice so I'm back to bodywork.
  2. rdaum

    Ryan's Chopped 62 Thunderbird

    Cheers- Hope shell come up grouse with a paint job etc.
  3. Another thread for my Tbird if anyone has any questions etc...
  4. rdaum

    Ryan's Chopped 62 Thunderbird

    Got the clock going tonight, strange place to start but the clock comes out and the shed is cold... Some pics of inner workings,the solenoid winder and the front of the clock which still needs a polish up.
  5. Used to have a 64, sold it to buy a house. Sold the house bought another house bought another Thunderbird because had more space. Has been chopped about 3 inches which makes some annoying but also some cool. Needs quite a bit of a tidy up but its had a disc brake conversion and a bunch of other coin spent by someone else which is cool. for yarns
  6. rdaum

    Fiat 500D-Any tips tricks or advice

    Fiat got a shed mate. 17hp of grass cutting weaponry. Also a roof chopped 62 Thunderbird. Probably also only 17hp.
  7. rdaum

    Fiat 500D-Any tips tricks or advice

    Valid point. Would love to put a silly donk in it but needs to be re registered so may be too hard basket. Also it's for the mrs.
  8. rdaum

    Fiat 500D-Any tips tricks or advice

    Nothings specifically luckily, just if someone found an easy way of doing something after doing it the hard way.
  9. Been chipping away at this gremlin for a while. Any one that's restored or worked on one and has any tips have a yarn here. I'll post my fails here too...
  10. rdaum

    Ryan's Fiat 500D

    Bought a Fiat 500D a couple years ago for the Mrs. Was supposed to be a quick panel and paint, re reg and enjoy. Had beers with angle grinder out. Discovered many cancers. Got depressed. Moved overseas and forgot about it. Moved back to NZ and it hasn't turned itself in to dust so I decided to get it done. Hopefully making a thread will motivate me to finish it.