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  1. Hey Northlanders, my boy is taking ages to finish his ke20 and needs a run-about in the mean time. He has his eye set on an modern-ish Impreza in Paihia. However we're in Napier. PM me if you can help kick it's tyres and give it a good test for us, before we buy. Will shout beers etc. Cheers
  2. Here's the E21 rear trailing arms getting modified for future coilover goodness Before removing the old shock mount After removing the old shock mount Ground back the dodgy old welds Ready for adding the new coilover mounting tabs *Missing photo of endless cutting and grinding of the two tabs so they'll fit. Yawn Tacked on Here's another I prepared earlier Not a bad days effort. Will mount everything up and test fit it all before welding everything on properly. Then get all this pesky suspension stuff powdercoated! Yay progress yay
  3. Long time coming update time. Have been doing things on this in no particular order so here goes Reinforcin' stuff Before After Common problem on 2002s is the engine mount on the passenger side is prone to cracking. This should fix it. Another problem area, especially on earlier 2002s are the control arms. Boxing them in either side should do a world of good Finished fixing dings in the bonnet and is now primed Looks like this on the car Getting there at snails pace but at least it's something right? Chur
  4. Hey team, quick question - getting ready to weld some strengthening plates to the ol' subframe of this thing.. Do I need a professional to weld these on for certification purposes or does that not matter as long as the welds are strong?
  5. Hey ladies. Would anyone have a M18x1.5 tap they could lend me? Was welding in a threaded bung for an o2 sensor but welder decided to throw a shit and got blobby on inside of the thread damnit.
  6. Thanks Sprak, will be investigating what to do with the clutch in the near future. I'll be using the clutch I currently have (thanks Brockzilla) to test everything works and moves freely once the work has been done to the engine. Have also thought about getting the clutch refurbished as well and see whats involved there. Exciting That'd be awesome man. I'm in need of the fiddly bits you mentioned. I think I'm good for cam and the valve stuff as I still have the worn stuff from the m20b25. But yeah, will PM ya about the other stuff. Boom!
  7. Finally have all the grubby bits needed for the 2.8 stroker This includes (from bottom) a M52B28 2.8ltr crank from a 328i, 130mm conrods from a M20B20, clutch, flywheel, M20B25 pistons and 885 head as well as a 5 speed Getrag 245. Not pictured is the M20B25 block and other boring stuff the engine needs to go. I also have the crank oil seal that needs to be machined to suit this build. Will get to that in a future post. The 130mm conrods are a perfect fit for the 2.8ltr crank as they're 5mm shorter than the rods from the M20B25 and means they're a perfect length for the top of the piston to meet the top of the block, like so Piston on the left is connected with the 2.5ltr rod and is 5mm taller than the top of the block. The piston on the right uses the 130mm rod and will be perfect after it's all cleaned up. Now I can take this stuff to a good bugger and get it tested, machined, cleaned up and then work out what to do next. Stay tuned
  8. Tickets bought and pad to snooze acquired We'll be all up in that place and your face
  9. Hey hey, finally update time. Something worthy of update anyway.. This might look like a typical dreamy fitment But this is testing out the e21 323i rear trailing arms with disk brakes! What a flash bugger eh Big thanks to Brockzilla for sparing these. The trailing arms literally bolted on with no modification. However I had to source some slightly smaller ID outer bearings for the trailing arm which matched the ID of the inner bearing so I could use the original stub axle from the 2002 so it could mate up with the half shaft from the diff. The hard to find bearings ended up coming from some new Honda bike gearbox! A side effect of running e21 trailing arms on a 2002 is they make the wheels sit 5mm to 10mm wider This means I'll have to pull and roll the guards a bit.. Or demon camber!!?!?! Nah, but it will mean I'll get cool kids points for sure. Other stuff I've been messing with is amassing all the bits needed for a 2.8ltr stroker conversion for the m20b25 and have also picked up a 5 speed gearbox. I have the 2.8 crank as well as the crank oil seal and am waiting on the 130mm conrods from a 2.3ltr engine I'm collecting from Brockzilla some time soon. Then will take all the engine bits n' pieces to get cleaned/machined up. I've also continued to work strip and paint the other front guard and other stuff around the car, but nothing worthy of an update yet. But a 2002 with disk brakes all round is something I've always pined for! Bloody beaut
  10. This guy here on TM http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1137506192 When I say a supplier, I shoulda meant a bloke on TM who has his own store. He lists them as Mazda wheel studs but I'm 99% sure they're useable for our oldschool bmws as well. 12x1.5mm thread should be spot on.
  11. Could be worth hitting up Camel, Sheepers or OldNathan maybe? They've all diddled with toyota boxes
  12. Ignore me. Just found a supplier. Herp derp. Looks like they can! I remember reading in a few forums that W55 to W59 are all the same case but the guts can be different. Hope it's true!
  13. Hey chaps, I'm dumb and can't figure out where to get thread-in wheel studs locally (within NZ)?! Who can I hit up to get sommin like these?
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